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Complete The Family Tree Challenge

AkramAAkramA Posts: 2,611 Member
This challenge is about having a sims to have every single one of the family member and have them captured using photography or still life painting in the wall of family


1. Make a single young adult Sims with any traits/aspiration you wanted
2. Try to have a sims to have at least one of the listed family member, one sims can only represent one family member, like cousin can't also be wife (and also eww!)



The Grand

The Step
Step Parents
Step Siblings
Half Siblings
Step Children

The In law
Sibling In law
Parents In law
Children in Law

3. If you have GTW expansion take a photograph of them or make Still Life Painting of them and hang it to wall of family. (See Photo/Painting Rules)
4. Have party where all of your family members are invited, you have to have the main sims to be the host of the party, it have to be a dinner party. Once the party is finished the challenge is also finished. Main sims is the one who completed his family member.
5. Once you're finished take a screenshot of the wall of family posted here with your score and achievements.

  • You can only make one sims
  • You are allowed to go to other househod as long as they are related to the to the first sims you made
  • You are allowed to use potion of life but only with the person’s personal lifetime happiness you can only use it on elders. Points will also be deducted from it. Any other live prolongation is not allowed but plead for the death is allowed.
  • You are allowed to change lifespan but only from “normal” to “fast” and you can do it back and forth. You can’t stop aging for any sims including household that you are not playing.
  • You are allowed to adopt but only in baby lifestage.
  • One sims are only allowed to move out of the household twice
  • Premature age up is not allowed, they have to age up when it’s their birthday
  • You are not allowed to see other sims family member via manage world
  • You are not allowed to use money cheats but marrying a rich man is allowed
  • You are not allowed to have dinner party if you don't want to end this challenge.
Photo Painting Rules:
You can do this anytime in the challenge. Even if you have get to work you can still do both Painting and Photograph. The one in the photograph/painting need to be alive when you capture it. Once you capture them put it in a large wall in the main sims.
Main Sims
Main sims is the one that collect the family member to complete the family tree, the main sims can be changed anytime until the dinner party. Whoever the host of the dinner party is, she/he's going to be the main sims.


+10 points for every member in the wall of family, though only one type of family member is allowed to be scored, (example: if has 3 brother only you only get 5 points)
+5 points bonus if you complete family member collection: example having all
+5 points for every members present at the dinner party, they have to be alive (no ghost)
-1 point for drinking potion of life
  • -Complete all the family tree with all the member listed
  • -Complete the challenge without using potion of life
  • -Complete the challenge using only fast lifespan
  • -Complete the challenge without rotating household
  • -more with achievements name


  • Katari15Katari15 Posts: 26 Member
    This looks like a really fun challenge! I definitely want to do it once I finish the challenge I'm currently working on :)
  • dshdsh Posts: 65 Member
    edited September 2015
    Fun and seemingly fast challenge! Quick question: is using food/music for the baby's gender allowed?

    Also I think you mean short by fast lifespan?
  • RawlaRawla Posts: 7,165 Member
    This looks like great fun! Nice challenge! :smile:

    Origin ID: Rawla
    Gallery hashtag: #RawlaCreations

  • norhanenorhane Posts: 31 Member
    I've just started doing this challenge, but am not sure if I did get it very well, so let me ask you this, I made a main sim, she's married now, when they have a baby it means that I have a mother a father and a son/daughter ?
  • norhanenorhane Posts: 31 Member
    > @norhane said:
    > I've just started doing this challenge, but am not sure if I did get it very well, so let me ask you this, I made a main sim, she's married now, when they have a baby it means that I have a mother a father and a son/daughter ?

    will anyone answer me :smiley:
  • shacoriashacoria Posts: 234 Member
    This looks fun.
  • shacoriashacoria Posts: 234 Member
    I am planning to do this, but I will be leaving off the "Step" category because I don't want to break up any of my families to accomplish that.
  • shacoriashacoria Posts: 234 Member
    > @norhane said:
    > > @norhane said:
    > > I've just started doing this challenge, but am not sure if I did get it very well, so let me ask you this, I made a main sim, she's married now, when they have a baby it means that I have a mother a father and a son/daughter ?
    > will anyone answer me :smiley:

    Okay, so I'm not exactly sure how this works because the OP is a little unclear. Like, if you start off and create just one single, young adult sim, there is no possible way for that young adult sim to have any grandparents or parents for that matter, if you just created one sim.

    The way I did it was to create a sim (Gen 1). Have that sim get married and have a couple of kids (Gen 2). Then have those kids get married and have kids of their own (Gen 3). I then took one of the Gen 3 kids and made that my "Main Sim," a.k.a the one who will be taking all the pictures and having the family reunion. That way, the Gen 1 sim that I created is the grandparent. Gen 2 is their parent. And then you can complete the rest of the challenge, just make sure to use that Gen 3 child as the 'Main Sim.' So, essentially, this challenge will take 5 generations to complete.

    Gen 1 = Grandparents
    Gen 2 = Parents, Uncles, Aunts, Main Sim's Mother & Father In Law
    Gen 3 = Main Sim, Main Sim's Siblings, Main Sim's Spouse, Main Sim's Cousins, Main Sims Brother & Sister In Law
    Gen 4 = Main Sim's Children, Main Sim's Nieces & Nephews, Main Sim's Son & Daughter In Law
    Gen 5 = Main Sim's Grandchildren

    I hope that clears it up. That's the way I am playing it.
  • LucidityLucidity Posts: 52 Member
    @shacoria - tysm for explaining this, I was completely lost! lel
  • shacoriashacoria Posts: 234 Member
    > @Lucidity said:
    > @shacoria - tysm for explaining this, I was completely lost! lel

    Yeah, I found the OP's post to be very confusing as well.
  • SimsFreak2182SimsFreak2182 Posts: 30 Member
    I also found that the OP's explanation was a little off, so I'm going to do a quick run through to get a feel for how this goes while taking notes on what works and what doesn't. This seems like an easy enough challenge. I really want to make this a story type thing the second time through and go slower to really experience it all. I'm excited for this and can't wait to try this one out, along with all the other ones that have peaked an interest with me as well! Haha!
  • aawbunnyaawbunny Posts: 1 New Member
    If anyone's interested, I added all the rules, as well as shacoria's clarification, to a google doc. The link is here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LoFi2YHVDmw2wVW99Z9PXRWeIEvfFkxZuM0Z6E0n0N4/edit?usp=sharing
  • Kaodng07Kaodng07 Posts: 1 New Member
    So I have added some of my own rules and here are them
    - When the main sim I played as turns into a elder I have to switch into a new sim
    - If any of my sims die I can’t bring them back to life
    - I can use testingcheats when I’m building my house but it can only be between 10,000 100,000 sim currency (I don’t know how to spell it) it might be a lot but then when you used it you are forced to go back to 1,000 sim currency.
    - It can have whatever job you want except criminal but if you marry someone whit that job already then that sim can keep it.
    - You can adopt cat and dogs but only when your first child is born or when before that.
    - They can have a hobby that can give them money like painting or writing ect but you cannot stay home one day just for doing that hobby.
    - It can marry any NPC sim they want too and you can add sims from the gallery.

    This is just rules I made and you don’t need to use if you don’t want too
  • littlehelplittlehelp Posts: 21 Member
    im on my 3rd generation. im planning on completing this challenge. ang getting up to at least 9 generations
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