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List of Lottos, Challenges, and More

TeegersTeegers Posts: 816 Member
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For a while now, I've thought it would be really nice to have a list of all the lotteries and challenges on this forum. There are quite a few and they are always fun to enter, whether the prize is a new world or getting one of @rosemow's incredible reviews.

❤️ ❤️ ❤️ I haven't been very active on these forums for a while now, and as I get pulled more into RL business and have less time for Sims, that doesn't look like it's going to change anytime soon. So, I'm leaving the creative challenges and gifting lists because they don't end over time like the rest, and if you have a lotto, challenge, etc. please feel free to talk about it in the thread, the only thing that's changed is that the first page isn't the place to go to see everything at once. If someone else wants to start keeping a list, I'll gladly link to it here so others know where to find it. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Creative for fun:

@LadyEmillye's New Midnight Hollow
@InaMac69 Dream Homes Challenge
@cmbaker16 and @Shannen Spooktacular Gift Exchange
@anettesb's Create a Household Challenge
@itguyinsc's Join the Party, Showcase Your Best Work, Give Appreciation to Friends
@Anettesb's Help me rebuild Hidden Springs and get gifted
@Teegers' Create a Sim Story Challenge

Gifting Lists:

@VGryphon's Vgryphon's Gift Banners
@vampyrelucia's Complete a Set
@Reachsims' The Gifting Directory
@anettesb's I Spot a Squeaky Clean Wish List Nomination Game
@7410852963's Gift the Person Above You, Don't Post without Gifting; Grand Reopening
@JENiiEY's Post Your Wish List
@LadyEmillye's Black Friday Wishlist

Since I didn't think ahead and save an empty space, I'll use this spot for Q&A and other notes.

What counts?

If it's a place for people to sign up (whether to give/receive gifts, make items, join a challenge, etc), then it counts. I just wanted an easy way to share all the different things we have going on in the Gifting thread. :)

How do I register my event?

Just post here with who is running the event, the name of the event, a link to it (separate from the name of the event) and what category it should go in. If it doesn't fit a category that's already listed, tell me a bit about the event and what category you'd put it in. :)
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