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[Tutorial] How to upload pictures to this forum

wolfkomoki1wolfkomoki1 Posts: 4,973 Member
edited December 2018 in Forum Ideas & Feedback
In order to post pictures to this forum, you must be a member. To become a member you need to have 25 points, 15 posts, and an account older than 24 hours. Now that you're a member, you can post photos to this forum.
Posting images to this forum isn't as simple as simply uploading a photo to the forum.
In fact, no such feature exists.

Well then how do I post a picture to this forum then?
Well my friend, that requires an image hosting website.

What image hosting website do you suggest?
I actually use two main websites for hosting images.
Update: Flickr is now limiting free accounts to 1,000 photos, otherwise you'll have to pay up to have more than that.

Can you show us how to use the website you listed?

When I first found out about imgur, I was very frustrated. When I was posting the image codes, they wouldn't load the picture. Instead they would post a block of text. Well, there's a reason for that, and I'm going to show you that reason. Once again, you don't have to have an account for imgur, but again, I highly recommend it.

Step 1: Uploading
In order to upload to Imgur, you need to hit the NEW POST button.
Now, at this point I figured that all I had to do was hit the copy button on the side, and put in the image codes.
Well let's see what happens when I do that.
As you can see, the image never loads and instead appears as a block of text.

So why does this happen?
The reason that this happens is because there's no file extension at the end of the link.
Example: .png, .jpg
This means that the picture will never load, because the link is broken.

Step 2: Getting a working link part 1
In order to get a working link you need to hover over the image. DON'T click the copy button! That's where I was messing up.
Instead you need to click the TRIANGLE button.

Step 3: Getting a working link part 2
Now that you've clicked the triangle button, you need to hit the GET SHARE LINKS button.

Step 4: Getting a working link part 3
Now that you've clicked the get share links button, you need to copy the BB CODE link.
Finally, you can post your image.
Personally I think all these extra buttons you have to click are unnecessary.

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