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Fourteen's Thank You Thread

FourteenFourteen Posts: 257 Member
edited August 2019 in The Sims 3 Store Gifting
Hello everyone! My name is Jessica and my favorite number is 14, hence my username. I'm still playing The Sims 3 since June 2009 and my goal is to have all EPs and SPs except Kelly's Sweet Treats SP that I unfortunately missed it. I enjoy building and designing a lot than playing the gameplay, hah. I love some sets from TS3 Store, but I'm picky about what I prefer. So, I'm not planning to own all sets from the store, and I am so close to complete my wishlist. I usually gift them back if they give me an item or few. I want to say BIG thank you to TS3 fans for your gifts! I truly appreciate that!

Here's the list that I thanked to those wonderful people:
(NOTED: In ABC's order.)

@5W33TH34RT for:
Kingdom of Cambodia Bedroom- The King's Sleep Double Bed

@Aaronsims for:
String of Inspiration (Wall)
Happily Hippie Patchwork Pouf

@AriyAriy for:
Haute Hacienda Dining Room- Artful Adobe Fireplace
Africa Inspired: City Side Braids

@CoolBlueJay902 for:
Haute Hacienda Dining Room- Papi's Sombrero
The Titanic Toy Machine

@Duissane for:
One with Earth Garden Gazebo

@Eddessa for:
Athletic Dress

@Exagie for:
Happy Rabbit Toothbrush

@Howmanychairs for:
Ahoy Here!
Beady Tankini
Linen Leafs Shirt, with Lei!
They Don't Build 'em Like They Used To Desk

@LadyGreenEyes for:
Love Seat Retreat

@jooliea for:
String of Inspiration
Simple Idea Lantern

@KittyKat8103 for:
Wonderfully Woven Hanging Chair
Dainty Dress and Jacket

@KramYraelo for:
MultiTab 6000

@lisasc360 for:
Faire Ceiling Lamp

@MariTomKaulitZ for:
Once Upon a Time Cottage- Better than Golden Eggs Sculputure
Higher Tech Cake Plate

@melaniet1020 for:
Cuddly Critter Couch
Go Bananas Swingset
Puffy Pachyderm Slide
Wily Wilderness Tower

@MemoriiValentine for:
One Love Rose in Vase

@Merelhyn for:
Mature Linen Leafs Shirt

@Nevills for:
Haute Hacienda Dining Room- Look at my Gecko Sculpture

@Nomiko13 for:
Loitering Luggage

@NyssaLee for:
Kingdom of Cambodia Bedroom- See a Little Light Window Covering

@rachelt405 for:
Milkin' It Dairy Corral

@Sally_thesims for:
Beary Baby Bottom

@stringcircle for:
Le Cinema Plumbob

@Tahera for:
Simple Beach Chair
Getaway Lounge Chair
Getaway Dining Chair

@Teegers for:
Simple Idea Lantern Hanging

@vef426 for:
Timeless Tulips

@venomistress for:
Faire Tale Shell Vase

@Xanthina_Mae for:
Tropical Grass Skirt
She Put the Lime in the Coconut Top

@Yoschi334 for:
Mature Linen Leafs Shirt, with Lei

If I miss anybody or haven't gift you back, please let me know! Thanks again. <3

- Fourteen
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