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Design Julia's wedding dress CAS contest! Gifting done, Feedback page 9 :)



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    RockleyfamilyRockleyfamily Posts: 5,730 Member
    Glad you like the pics guys.
    They girls didn't like behaving or smiling or looking the right way when I took the pics so it was just a flying trip in game to get the pics.
    Gona have to figure out how to use pose player for the wedding. :)
    I'm gona try do the bachelor and bachelorette parties in game today, then we'll be ready for the wedding :)
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    RockleyfamilyRockleyfamily Posts: 5,730 Member
    Kayla currently has a terrible case of bowl hand so I've needed to fix that in game instead.
    There was also a vampire death, trick or treating and Marlanas prom date wore an alien mask for all the photos. (I think he was "condescending the mainstream")
    Hopefully kayla will be feeling better tomorrow and parties can happen haha.
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    RockleyfamilyRockleyfamily Posts: 5,730 Member
    I had been writing a story with my family, a very long time ago. It got seriously abandoned, I'm terrible I know.
    I decided to make a few new chapter of it though, to show off the wedding and a few other things.
    If you wana check out any of the updates, have a look here

    The wedding isn't up yet, there's a few updates to go before I'm ready for that.
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