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Things you didn't know!


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    lanlynlanlyn Posts: 5,031 Member
    My Cleaner-Bots can remove dust and climb stairs! They even removed a dust bunny. 👍
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    Perti23Perti23 Posts: 71 Member
    My socially awkward Sim became a one star celebrity and he got a tense moodlet because he doesn't like being in the centre of attention. I think it's pretty cool. A little bit of cross-pack compatibility.
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    Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 2,992 Member
    lanlyn wrote: »
    Something I've either never noticed, or it's new. On the Springfest Easter Egg Hunt, my latest household found real eggs on their hunt, not just the collectable eggs. And most were special eggs: rainbow, chocolate, blue, etc. I don't think I've ever had sims find real eggs. Is this normal or have I missed it all these years? 😮

    Also, I've had a couple of my sims switch traits with the expanded trait system, but I thought it was interesting that my Socially Awkward sim got a notice saying he could switch from that to Insider! Almost an opposite personality. Pretty cool. 😎 Of course, he also has the Cringe trait, so he still struggles around others, Insider or not. 🙄

    It’s been a thing since Cottage Living I think. At first there was a bug where “real eggs” were the only type found and the “egg hunt” tradition didn’t fulfill. It’s been fixed now thankfully so finding any type of egg fulfills the tradition.
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    lanlynlanlyn Posts: 5,031 Member
    @Lucy_Henley Thank you. 🙂 I remember, now that you mention it, I had put a mod "fix" in my game but took it out not too long ago because I saw the issue had been fixed. Maybe that mod removed the possibility of any real eggs, so I wasn't getting any back then. 🤷‍♀️
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    LeucosiaXLeucosiaX Posts: 1,771 Member
    I didn't even know we had a lighthouse in Tartosa until just now.

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