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What NPC's would you like to see? - Old and New!

Hi All,

I don't know about you but I really liked the NPC's in Sims 1-3. I'm so glad we have maids and pizza at least in Sims 4. Do you think we will see more NPC's return? What ones would you guys like to see?


  • PlayerSinger2010PlayerSinger2010 Posts: 2,610 Member
    Firefighters (especially if we can marry them)
    Police + burglars
    Adoption agents that bring the child to you
  • mortiamortia Posts: 1,155 Member
    Burglars & Police
    Newspaper Delivery (yes, I liked the newspapers)
    Stripper Cake!
    Does Mrs. Crumplebottom count?
  • ScobreScobre Posts: 19,608 Member
    Firefighter, gardener, police, burglar, nanny, babysitter, newspaper deliverer, social bunny, therapist, tragic clown, repairman, butler, bonehilda, gardening gnomes, janitors, carpool drivers, school bus drivers, taxi drivers, Mrs. Crumplebottom, Unsavory Charlatan, hula zombies, headmasters, bigfoot, yeti, babysitter, bouncer, mummy, and a social worker I can actually see.
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  • mikmakermikmaker Posts: 2,145 Member
    edited April 2015
    Mrs crumplebottom
    Newspaper delivery
    Social bunny
    Adoption workers
    Social worker
    Ghost busters
    Mr. Big
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  • ULIBABA66ULIBABA66 Posts: 1,634 Member
    Police with police cars
    Firemen with fire trucks
    Nannies (like in The Sims 2)
    Taxi drivers
    Star agents (mentioned in Sims 1 Superstar, but they didn't actually exist) if Sims 4 Superstar will be released
    Fortune tellers (like in Sims 2 Nightlife)
    Social workers
    These are only some of my suggestions ^.^
  • gothprincess4evergothprincess4ever Posts: 2,120 Member
    edited April 2015
    Gardeners, Burglars, Repairmen, Fortune Tellers, Nannies.
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  • ldmarkoldmarko Posts: 5,383 Member
    Babysitter, firefighter, police. I'd really rather they kept NPCs to a minimum, especially with the population limit.
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  • ULIBABA66ULIBABA66 Posts: 1,634 Member
    ldmarko wrote: »
    Babysitter, firefighter, police. I'd really rather they kept NPCs to a minimum, especially with the population limit.
    Why can't they fix the population limit thing completely? I don't want my favourite Sims and families getting deleted. They should increase the population cap to a higher number, create option what Sims we want to keep and what will get culled, option to stop the automatic spawning of NPC Sims, etc.
  • Rrriot_KittyRrriot_Kitty Posts: 167 Member
    → Gardeners (oh please! Not every family wants to have to cultivate these skills, but every family needs some of the benefits!)
    → Social Workers (could cover both adoptions and the erm, removal of children from poor parents, as in past versions)
    → Burglars (adds such drama and fun, plus challenging marriage material for legacies!)
    → Firefighters (everyone wants them!)
    → Police (be awesome if random employees from GTW ep were pulled to come to your house)
    → Nanny (for working parents!)
    → Babysitter (teen, for a ''night out''!)
    → Repairman (everyone also wants these!)
    → Repoman (if you don't pay your bills, and your electricity, etc is shut off, and STILL don't pay, need the good ol' Repo-man!)
    → Butler (could add extra skills like cooking as well as childcare, to keeping the home clean, for richer sims!)
    → Newspaper delivery (if we can't get this as an NPC, it would be awesome to make it a job for children in the neighborhood, where if you have a child/children enrolled in it, you'll see that child/children deliver papers, maybe divided by neighborhood?)

    Also a return of some of the aspiration failure NPCs from Sims 2 would be awesome, such as:
    → Social Bunny
    → Psychiatrist

    Lol, Outdoor Retreat did miss a big opportunity for a Bigfoot, didn't it?

  • mariesummersmariesummers Posts: 598 Member
    • Firefighter <3
    • gardener
    • police and burglar
    • Butler ones that work the maids suck
  • CallaCantDiscoCallaCantDisco Posts: 113 Member
    edited April 2015
    Claire the bear, please. She was a real riot. She even cried if your sim had a bearskin rug & raided picnic baskets like a true bear boss.


    FlaminGoGo dancers too, you could get them by casting a spell on a pink flamingo decoration, and they provided real quality entertainment.


    And lastly, a hoorah for Tragic Clown because he's still the sunshine in my world.


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  • king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 24,970 Member
    an all singing, all dancing tragic clown with attitude who also does backflips where ever he goes. One who sings and rhymes and can walk across the ceiling and can also fly
  • DianaTheMadDianaTheMad Posts: 38 Member
    Mrs. Crumplebottom & the Unsavory Charlatan :)
  • mariesummersmariesummers Posts: 598 Member
    o and the cake dancers
  • JoyceM8JoyceM8 Posts: 75 Member
    edited April 2015
    I would like firefighters, cops/burglars, gardners, nanny's, headmasters (if you'd like to join a private school), repairmen.
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  • CinebarCinebar Posts: 32,310 Member
    edited April 2015
    I would love to have groceries delivered again. Because you know what, I don't want to go search for tomatoes,potatoes, carrots, etc. etc. with every Sim. Nor do I want them to grow them. So, I hope they consider bringing a farmer to my door, lol, who is selling his products. This would have to be done in person, since you can't trust what you would buy over the pc, right? LOL....so if there were a farmer going from door to door to sell his goods, I could choose normal tomato, or a more expensive excellent tomato.

    Or (when they may) open up the public spaces to have more than they do, have a few farmers running a farmers market so I can buy up veggies (shopping!) by their product excellence, and I won't have to grow them all. How about it EA? One little NPC who sets up and runs a farmer's market so I can buy veggies instead of searching for them or stealing them from my neighbor's yard.
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  • EuanSimEuanSim Posts: 2,345 Member
    The Stripper Cake was gold. I want it back!

  • AstroAstro Posts: 6,144 Member
    Stripper cake, and tragic clown. ;)

  • Prink34320Prink34320 Posts: 5,078 Member
    AstroX1424 wrote: »
    Stripper cake, and tragic clown. ;)

    Yes... heh... love your profile pic!

    I'd love Bonehilda to make a comeback! She is my favourite NPC!
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  • AvianatorAvianator Posts: 188 Member
    o and the cake dancers

    Yes the cakedancers were really fun.
    I'd love to see them return.

  • yunagarnetyunagarnet Posts: 417 Member

    “Honestly, we didn’t meet player expectations at launch, and that was a difficult pill to swallow,” - The Sims 4 executive producer, Rachel Franklin.
  • Mstybl95Mstybl95 Posts: 4,972 Member
    I was actually kind of hoping to move past NPCs. I'd love it if those were actual career choices that could be filled by townies and our own sims. I was kind of hoping that we could be burglars and pizza delivery guys. That we could own or work at a pizza parlour and deliver pizzas around town. Or that we could break into sims houses and steal stuff and sell it on the black market. I'd like to be able to be a nanny and show up at houses that have children and take care of them and teach them stuff. The possibilities of this game are literally endless...it's just that Maxis doesn't push it as far as it can go.

    I always wanted to have my sims be the burglars, delivery guys, nannies, gardeners, headmasters, firefighters, paperboys, etc. That would be one more thing that would bring my world to life and make it seem like everything is interconnected. And I really always wanted a garbageman. I really want to ride around town in a garbage truck picking up garbage. LOL...I thought it would be a fun career minigame.
  • mariesummersmariesummers Posts: 598 Member
    yunagarnet wrote: »


    totally for got about her
  • simmer4life3simmer4life3 Posts: 102 Member
    i miss Mrs crumplebottom
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