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Premade buildings

Is there any way to acces the premade buldings again, if I delete one of the premade buldings (the museum for instance) and place a museum from the gallery. I really want to try out some of the beautiful creations in the gallery, but I am afraid I will lose the premade ones.


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    DianaTheMadDianaTheMad Posts: 38 Member
    No, there isn't. The only way to bring them back would be to save them before you replace them.
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    Wouter446Wouter446 Posts: 27 Member
    or ask them, people can just uplink them again.
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    xxLeilaaxxLeilaa Posts: 57 Member
    Pff, that's a pity. I really miss the sort of building library we had in TS3. With all kinds of houses and what not. But thanks for answering :)
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    colton147colton147 Posts: 9,663 Member
    You can find exact copies on the Gallery - I found many lots on it that was a exact copy when I needed the exact copy.
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