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Sims 4 Generation Type EP (What I think should be in it)

WoefulFewWoefulFew Posts: 230 Member
edited April 2017 in The Sims 4 Ideas Corner
Call it TS4: Milestones
Things that should be in it.
2.Changing tables and being to bathe your babies and toddlers.
3.Toddlers should be able interact with each other.
4.Toddlers through elders can interact with toddlers.
5.Kid through elders should be able to teach the toddler skills. (My sister helped me learn to walk and she was 10 at the time)
6.More teen/kid interaction
7.More detailed family tree. (Great-great-grandparents,granduncles,step-cousins/uncles/grandparents,2nd cousins,1st cousins twice removed,etc)
8.Kids can feed babies/toddlers.
9.Highchairs and the baby swing and The DangleMaster Deluxe
10.Strollers and the baby walker
11. Homeschooling and private schools
12. Playable toddlers
13. Being to make cousins and half relations in cas
14. family graveyards and public graveyard (unplayed,unrelated sims go to the public upon death.)All related sims share a graveyard.
15. Different headstone depending on whether or not they completed their life goal,and a super special one finishing more than one.
16. Story progression,and the option to turn it off.
17. Sewing machines (could tie in with retail shops)
18. Imagery friends
19. Bigger groups for photos
20. Being able to take family portraits with all life states.
21. Huge group photo for family reunions
22. Family stories
23. "Tell story about dead relative" and "Ask about dead relative" options
24. Family legends passed down through the generations.
25. Unplayed sims marrying and having kids with sims that they have chemistry with.
26. Better genetics, like if your sim is blonde and marries a black haired sim, they could still have blonde grandkids even if their black haired kid marries a redhead.
27. Adopted children listed as adopted on family tree, and ability to see their birth parents.
28. Teens can get engaged.
29. Mrs.Crumplebottom ruining dates
30. Longer last name limit
31. Being to change last name after marriage
32. Bring back chemistry
33. Not culling unplayed relatives
34. Increased population limit
35. Ivf/surrogacy for same sex couples or single parent by choice
36. Group selfies
37. Being able to chose your sims poses
38. More hair,especially for the guys (I have some ideas, but I don't know to post pics)
39. Babies are not locked to crib
40. More baby outfits,including unisex long and short dresses
41. Unisex toddler dresses
42. Pre-teens
43. Canes and walkers
44. More death types
45. Cousins become friends faster than unrelated sims
46. Daycare profession
47. Prom
48. Graduation
49. Family reunions where all related sims come
50. More pregnancy interactions
51. Being able to sleep with a teddy bear
52. Funerals
53. More kids clothes (especially for our little boys)
54. More toys to play with
55. Pool toys for everyone, but mainly for kids
56. Teaching toddlers to swim
57. Home movies
58. Sleepovers for kids
59. More traits: Natural cook, natural caregiver,good with kids
60. Teenage social interactions (secret crushes and secret admirers, writing diaries, sleepovers, prom....)
61. Interactions exclusive for elders (telling long family stories, showing old photos, knitting for grandmas,passing down heirlooms etc.)
62. Genealogy skill
63. More special teenage/parent interactions (parents teaching teenagers to cook, sew, clean,drive...) But grandparents can do this as well.
64. Playpens
65. A world with 8+ houses
66. Rocking chairs
67. Empty nest syndrome
68. Tutors
69. Sweet kiss
70. Cheek kiss for kids
71. Kids can have crushes
72. Daycares
73.Thumb sucking
74. Tuck babies/toddlers/kids in bed like the sims 2
75. Elders get paid retirement.
76. Family members can babysit
77. Part time jobs for adults
78. Self feeding skill for older toddlers
79. I want to have short teens again
80. Fundraisers
81. Charity
82. More children games and interactions such as board games, playing with "hotwheels" trains or dinosaurs playing cops and rubbers, cowboys and indians, children pretending to be doctors cooks rocket scientist teachers actors etc
83. Younger sims (some crazy adults too) should be able to slide down a railing, jump on furniture, swing on ceiling fans, hang off window curtain rods, color on walls, spill things, purposely/accidentally break things, track mud through the house, try to cover up what they did
84. Great grandparents pride icon and Grand children can have a wish for their own children be born in time to meet their grandparents. grandparents could have a wish to stay alive to meet great grandchildren
85. Ttoddlers children and teens can make parents (depending on parents personality) go through many emotions proud, happy, love, embarrassed, angry frustrated going insane (example evil sims can be embarrassed if their children are nice Good sims would feel embarrassed if their children acted bad/cruel)
86. Toddlers, Children and teens behavior could range from somewhere between snooty don't care to get dirty proper children, to playful excitable yet well behaved children who occasionally need of re correction to out of control wild naughty rebellious border line evil children.
87. Depending on how the parents raise their child praising/disciplining/ignoring would result in how the children behave.
88. Rewarding children for cleaning up good grades would be great
89. disciplining toddlers children teen would be great from time out chairs to losing game or tv time to being grounded
90. It would be cute if the baby would sleep in different positions, cuddle a blanket, suck a pacifier or its thumb.
91. singing lullabies to babies through teen or reading a bedtime story.
92. kids falling asleep on another sims lap and being able to be carried to bed (adult sims could carry adults sims too and accidentally drop them if their body skills are low to none)
93. multitask with their babies by having them in an infant/toddler sling. Cooking house chores helping kids do homework all while carrying and interacting with the infant/toddler.
94. older family members bathing babies toddlers and children and playing with the kids who are in the tub (rubber duckies sail boats splashing)
95. parents able to nurse, rock babies and sing to them while carry on with they were doing
96. Infants toddlers and children could sit on their parents lap and be hugged bounced cuddled all while parent multitask doing whatever they were doing and interacting with their children
97. Picture a sims carrying their infant and sitting down to watch tv all awhile feeding the child playing with the baby or rocking it to sleep
98. Multitasking involving younger sims. how nice if toddler and infant interaction with their family would go smooth instead of only occurring by a player command
99. more comfort/loving options for family members such as Patting on shoulder, leaning on sims, putting arm around sims or putting their heads down on the other one's shoulder, high fives, sims slapping bottoms, Sims coming over from behind hugging or kissing the other sims.
100. multitasking interactions such as "nag" "insult" "mock" "joke" "good morning" "good night" "I love you" "how was your day?" "how was work?" "how was school today?" "you know what I did today at work/school!" "do you need me to help you" "do you need something
101. multitasking interactions such as "nag" "insult" "mock" "joke" "good morning" "good night" "I love you" "how was your day?" "how was work?" "how was school today?" "you know what I did today at work/school!" "do you need me to help you" "do you need something
102. multitasking! Complete with multitasking settings which gamers can choose multitasking free will mode or multitasking by command mod
103. Check for monsters under the bed for children.
104.Nightmares for children and the ability to sleep with their parents.
105. The ability to kiss goodnight and tuck them in.
106.After school activities. I miss ballet!
107. New social events like baby shower, engagement party, bachelor party, sleepover for children and teens, funerals, graduation party for teens.
108 Doctor's appointment for pregnant sims where we can take an ultrasound and know the gender of the baby if we wish.
109. Dishwashers
110. Parenting skill
111.College/University/Community College (sims can stay at home and go to cc)
112.short teens

For the college part:
1.Bring back bubble hookahs and juice kegs
3. Resurrect-O-Nomitron
4. Vending machines
5. Greek, Punk and '60s themed stuff
6. Sims can get pregnant at college
7. Secret societies
8. Greek houses
9. Zombies
10. Secret hand shakes
11. Hacking your grades
12. Bring back influence
13. Dorms
14. Parties
15. Dares
16. Majors (I would like there to be drama majors)
17. Arcades
18. Apartments
19. Murphy beds
20. Theatres
21. Social groups
22. Non rabbit hole classes
23. Protests
24. Bonfires
25. Sims can chant the college song and "perform school cheer"
26. Traits: Avant Garde, Irresistible, Socially Awkward
27. Skills: Street Art,Social Networking
28. Death by Death by Blunt Force Trauma and Death by Ranting
29. Masquerade and Toga Parties
30. Online school
31. Heck week aka finals week
More teen interactions:
2.Vandalize things
3.Set things on fire
6.Play pranks
Kids,preteen,teen stuff:
1.School events
2.Trick o treating
3.Girl/boy scouts
Rocking chair interactions:
1.Breast/bottle feed baby/toddler (instead of doing it standing).
2.Tell/read stories (including bedtime stories).
4. Sing to them.
5. Rock them to sleep.
Well, that is all I can think of for now, feel free to add your suggestions.
I love this!
I would add some notes about issues and/or fixes that must go in:
→ Names/info must not disappear from tombstones even if the sim is culled, if we have graveyards (and would you be able to raise that ghost?)
So maybe, no culling of any sims whose tombstones/urns are in the public graveyards?
→ Culling of ghosts will have to be addressed, too
→ Family tree bug will have to be fixed, so the wonderful info available won't be lost

I like a lot of your other ideas, but some I wouldn't want to see limited to one age stage, like the punk styles, I think certainly teens, and YA, Adults, and some things even for kids would be good, not just college-age; and I really like some of the things you include like the vandalism, and pranks, setting things things on fire, but I'd like to also see those things expanded for multiple ages as well.

This is a great thought-out list, thanks!
mwyatt139 wrote: »
I love everything that has been said! Great list. I'd like to add a better memory system like they had in TS2 with the green for good memories or red for bad. Like some memories could be self explanatory. Like cheating is obviously bad (in my opinion) But may add a color like purple or orange or something and let it change colors so that could be something the Sim can decide without the game or player actively deciding
anettesb wrote: »
tribike for toddlers to ride inside/in the garden or at the park

boardgames that family play toghter... either on the floor or at a table... and be bought with you in the sim inventory.. or place on the lottable/floor just like the ball in sims3
Idk if anyone put this because I didn't read much but it's here if not. So in a resent poll there was a go to school ep and I think that would work well combined with this ep. Also add a jealousy system so if you break up with your boyfriend/girlfriend they knock of your trash can and hate you. Another thing that would be cool is to have it where pregnant sims aren't automatically thin again after birth. :) Hope I helped
Is marriage counselling and gossiping about the local scandals on there? :D
mwyatt139 wrote: »
I love everything that has been said! Great list. I'd like to add a better memory system like they had in TS2 with the green for good memories or red for bad. Like some memories could be self explanatory. Like cheating is obviously bad (in my opinion) But may add a color like purple or orange or something and let it change colors so that could be something the Sim can decide without the game or player actively deciding
That is a great idea. And also I think a sim can get over a bad memory, like a sim gets cheated on and its a bad memory, but then they get another successful relationship and that memory goes from red, to a blue(to use your color system). I think it would improve emotions a little, make them more real.

I like these ideas, but hopefully there will be a non colored visual cue as well. I say that since more than half of my cousins who play the sims are colored blind.

More refined life stages:
This is how I think the stages before young adult should be
Stage 1: Baby (birth to 18 months)
Stage 2: Toddler (19 months to 2 years 11 months)
Stage 3: Preschool age (3-5 years)
Stage 4: Child (6-9)
Stage 5: Preteen (10-12)
Stage 6: Young teen (13-15)
Stage 7: Teen (16-19)
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