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Entrepreneur Challenge (requires GTW)

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This is a rotational play challenge. The idea is that your sims will get everything they need from stores run by other sims in their town. I'm playing with 8 sims, but you can increase or decrease the number as you wish.

Each of your sims will need 2 empty lots -- one as a residence and one for their store. You may bulldoze existing houses and community lots to accommodate your sims. If you have Outdoor Retreat, you can send them to the campground to pick up some things from the ranger's station --a tent, firepit, chair, lantern, and cooler. Or you can set one of your sims up as an outdoor supply store.

No money cheats allowed, but you don't have to get rid of the money you start out with. The basic $20,000 start fund is about right.

These are some suggested stores, but you can have as many or as few as you wish.

1. Plumbing, lighting, and bedding supplies
2. Clothing
3. A bakery (also sells tables and chairs)
4. Appliances and electronics
5. Kids' stuff
6. A bookstore (also sells office furniture)
7. An art gallery (also sells easels, wood-working table, and musical instruments)
8. An athletic equipment store (also sells landscaping).

Sims will live at their businesses until they have a child, at which point they will have to move to their residential lot.

Initially, all buildings will be 8 x 8 square, and made with a flat roof. Sims can live either above their stores or in a basement below. Each time your store reaches $50,000 in funds, you may expand your stock, increase the size of your store, add landscaping, etc. Store owners must start with the basics (cheapest toilet, refrigerator, bookcase, etc.)

Sims may get furniture and other things only from the stores, from career rewards, and from the wood-crafting table. Exceptions are made for items which cannot be sold in their stores (planter boxes, for example). Buy mode is accessible to store owners only for what they stock. Sims must start with only one outfit in each category in CAS and buy the rest of their clothing from a clothing store. Sims may not own wardrobes. Sims may have jobs in addition to owning their stores.

This challenge can go on as long as you wish, but one endpoint might be when each of your starting sims has made $1,000,000 in profit.

I have a story based on this, After the Plague on Carl's Forum. The link to my story is in my signature.
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    While playing this, I've been learning things that can't be sold in shops. Here's my list, which I'll update as I find things:

    Build items (doors, windows, landscaping)
    Planter boxes
    Fish bowls
    Kitchen counters
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    I've written 25 chapters so far, but here's a recap of my starting 8 characters.

    This is Benson Dahl, proposing to his co-worker Bristol. He is a clumsy geek and bookworm, but also a quick learner with the entrepreneurial trait. He has the Nerd Brain aspiration, works as a scientist and runs the store Dahl's Basic Needs. After this picture was taken, Bristol gave birth to a daughter, Lucienne.


    Olivia Spencer-Kim-Lewis shortened her last name to Lewis and married Johnny Zest. They have 5 children, Geoffrey, Jack, and the triplets Erica, Alicia, and Nancy. Olivia is a goofball, romantic, good, and a collector. She has the Outdoor Enthusiast aspiration and runs the store Lewis & Zest Outfitters.


    Shayna Bagley was adopted by Elaine Joy when a meteor destroyed her grandparents' home in Riverview. She is an active bookworm and collector who loves the outdoors. Her aspiration is Freelance Botanist, and she owns Bagley's Bagels. Here she is ringing up customers.


    This is her teen-aged daughter Elaine, who is the daughter of Armando Boyle. He was a lazy and non-committal glutton who Shayna kicked out of the house. Elaine is active and outgoing, physically gifted with a high metabolism. She has the Body Builder aspiration.


    Alexander Goth married a townie, Janessa Jeffords. He is a romantic and family-oriented bookworm, with the aspiration Successful Lineage. He runs Child's Play and works as a scientist. He and Janessa have two daughters, Isobel and Cornelia.

    Here he is with Janessa and Isobel.


    Bill Pancakes is the son of Bob and Eliza Pancakes. He is a creative bookworm and goofball, a muser and creative visionary. His aspiration is to be a Best-selling Author and he runs Bookcakes. His son Robert lives with him. Robert's mother is Cassandra Goth.


    Stacy Lee is the daughter of Liberty Lee and Travis Scott. She married an alien, Waldemar Ma, and they have twin daughters, Qatzi (at the back) and Qimi (steering). Stacy is a genius, ambitious, and cheerful, with the aspiration to be a Renaissance Sim. She owns the appliance store, Steampunk, and will start working soon as a doctor.


    Stacy's twin brother Peter is an active geek and bro with high metabolism. He has the Body Builder aspiration and runs the athletic equipment store Work It!

    He's the one examining the cupcake.


    Cassandra Goth is gloomy and creative, a muser and an art lover. She has the Musical Genius aspiration and runs Goth Gallery. She's the mother of Robert Pancake and also Gunther Goth, whose father is a townie.

    Here she is playing the violin with Gunther.


    That's the bunch. If you want to read more about them, my story is over on Carl's Guide and Form. The link is in my signature.

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    Near the end of Round Seven, here are my families:

    Benson Dahl with his daughter Lucienne:


    Jack Lewis, the teen-aged son of Olivia S-K-L and Johnny Zest and his brother Geoffrey taking care of the garden:


    Shayna Bagley helping her daughter Elaine with homework:


    Alexander Goth and others celebrating daughter Cornelia's birthday. His daughter Isobel and wife Janessa are at the front left, Cornelia is sitting on the couch with her Aunt Cassandra:


    Bill Pancakes at work, giving medicine to Peter Lee's daughter Qiberty:


    Stacy Lee returning from an alien abduction:


    Peter Lee with his daughter Qiberty, Olivia S-K-L, and his wife Janessa:


    Cassandra Goth helping her son Gunther with his homework:


    I plan to add two more households and go for the 10 households, 10 generations legacy achievement (although I do understand that thanks to the glitch in the Family Tree, it won't register).

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    In Chapter 42, Alexander Goth was abducted. His experience at the hospital in Chapter 43 had me in stitches (laughter, not sutures).

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    Here's a recap of who's who in my game, after Round 9:

    Recap II

    I plan to do a recap every few rounds so that if people get confused, they can come back to this and figure out who's who.

    The Dahls


    Benson Dahl
    Traits: bookworm, geek, clumsy, quick learner, entrepreneurial
    Aspiration: Nerd Brain
    Job: Scientist 5
    Married to: Bristol Muniz
    Child: Lucienne


    Bristol Muniz
    Traits: outgoing, goofball, alluring
    Aspiration: Serial Romantic
    Job: none


    Lucienne Dahl
    Traits: cheerful, childish, physically gifted, domestic
    Aspiration: Big Happy Family
    Job: Fast Food

    The Lewises


    Olivia Lewis
    Traits: goofball, romantic, good, collector
    Aspiration: Outdoor Enthusiast
    Job: none
    Married to: Johnny Zest
    Children: Geoffrey, Jack, Erica, Nancy, Alicia


    Johnny Zest
    Traits: outgoing, ambitious, goofball, gregarious
    Aspiration: Joke Star
    Job: Entertainer 6


    Jack Lewis
    Traits: good, self-assured, physically gifted, alluring
    Aspiration: Soulmate
    Job: Barista 3


    Erica Lewis
    Traits: mean, loner, creatively gifted, collector
    Aspiration: Angling Ace


    Nancy Lewis
    Traits: neat, foodie, creatively gifted, essence of flavor
    Aspiration: Master Chef


    Alicia Lewis
    Traits: squeamish, creative, creatively gifted, muser
    Aspiration: Painter Extraordinaire

    The Bagleys


    Shayna Bagley
    Traits: bookworm, active, loves outdoors, collector
    Aspiration: Freelance Botanist
    Job: none
    Child: Elaine Bagley


    Elaine Bagley
    Traits: active, outgoing, physically gifted, high metabolism, goofball
    Aspiration: Body Builder
    Jobs: Barista 3, Professional Athlete 4

    The Alexander Goths


    Alexander Goth
    Traits: bookworm, family-oriented, romantic, quick learner
    Aspiration: Successful Lineage
    Job: Scientist 5
    Married to: Janessa Jeffries
    Children: Isobel, Cornelia, Qagnes
    Grandchild: Mort


    Janessa Jeffries
    Traits: bookworm, perfectionist, foodie, high metabolism
    Aspiration: Body Builder
    Job: none


    Isobel Goth
    Traits: cheerful, self-assured, mentally gifted, gregarious, neat
    Aspiration: Friend of the World
    Jobs: Retail 3, Doctor 3
    Married to: Geoffrey Lewis
    Child: Mort Goth


    Geoffrey Lewis
    Traits: insane, snob, creatively gifted, business savvy, creative
    Aspiration: Fabulously Wealthy
    Job: Landscaper 3, Business 3


    Mort Goth


    Cornelia Goth
    Traits: slob, bookworm, physically gifted, quick learner
    Aspiration: Computer Whiz

    Qagnes Goth (alien)

    The Pancakes


    Bill Pancake
    Traits: creative, bookworm, goofball, muser, creative visionary
    Aspiration: Best-selling Author
    Job: Writer 2
    Married to: Cassandra Goth
    Child: Robert Pancake


    Cassandra Goth
    Traits: gloomy, creative, art lover, muser, creative visionary
    Aspiration: Musical Genius
    Job: Entertainer 2


    Robert Pancake
    Traits: cheerful, art lover, socially gifted, domestic
    Aspiration: Successful Lineage

    The Stacy Lees


    Stacy Lee
    Traits: genius, ambitious, cheerful, quick learner
    Aspiration: Renaissance Sim
    Jobs: Criminal 8, Doctor 3, Culinary 3
    Married to: Waldemar Ma
    Children: Qatzi, Qimi


    Waldemar Ma (alien)
    Traits: childish, foodie, gloomy, collector
    Aspiration: Angling Ace
    Job: Scientist 3, Astronaut 7


    Qatzi Lee
    Traits: loner, lazy, creatively gifted, collector
    Aspiration: The Curator


    Qimi Lee
    Traits: glutton, materialistic, mentally gifted, business savvy, family-oriented
    Aspiration: Mansion Baron
    Job: Barista 3, Business 3

    The Gunther Goths


    Gunther Goth
    Traits: self-assured, geek, creatively gifted, muser, creative, creative visionary
    Aspiration: Painter Extraordinaire
    Job: Painter 4

    The Peter Lees


    Peter Lee
    Traits: geek, active, bro, high metabolism
    Aspiration: Body Builder
    Job: Doctor 5
    Married to: Janessa Galvan
    Children: Qiberty, Javix


    Janessa Galvan (alien)
    Traits: perfectionist, outgoing, self-assured, collector
    Aspiration: Freelance Botanist
    Job: none


    Qiberty Lee (alien)
    Trait: perfectionist
    Aspiration: Artistic Prodigy


    Javix Lee
    Trait: glutton
    Aspiration: Whiz Kid

    The Dillards


    Rhiannon Dillard
    Traits: outgoing, geek, loves outdoors, collector, appraiser
    Aspirations: The Curator, Freelance Botanist
    Job: none
    Married to: Ismael Eller
    Child: Ian Dillard


    Ismael Eller
    Traits: creative, family-oriented, loves outdoors, alluring
    Aspiration: Soulmate
    Job: Painter 3


    Ian Dillard
    Traits: geek, cheerful, mentally gifted, collector
    Aspiration: Angling Ace

    The Goddard-Wans


    Hank Goddard
    Traits: self-assured, noncommittal, loves outdoors, gregarious
    Aspiration: Party Animal
    Jobs: Astronaut 2, Athlete 4, Detective 3
    Child: Henrietta


    Henrietta Goddard-Wan
    Traits: gloomy, creative, creatively gifted, alluring
    Aspiration: Soulmate

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    sounds awesome!! Subscribe to my YT channel, Awkward Anna, I Post Sims videos!
  • ShirviuShirviu Posts: 4 New Member
    Id like to try this challenge but the rules arent really clear t me. what do you mean by rotationl and 8 sims? what lifespans do i set it to? id like some more guidelines cause i dont totaly understand the challenge thanks
  • LegitUglyDucklingLegitUglyDuckling Posts: 84 Member
    This challenge sounds awesome. Pity I don't have GTW yet, but as soon as I get it I'll try it!!!

    I agree with @Shirviu you need to make the rules clearer. ;)
    Just lil' old me; the legitimate ugly duckling. I'll try to be a swan mummy, I'll try...
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    > @Shirviu said:
    > Id like to try this challenge but the rules arent really clear t me. what do you mean by rotationl and 8 sims? what lifespans do i set it to? id like some more guidelines cause i dont totaly understand the challenge thanks

    8 Sims: You would start with 8 Sims divided in to the families for the challenge (as the challenge creator said though you can increase or decrease the number of Sims to your liking)

    Rotational: You rotate what family you are playing for the challenge, usually trying to stay as balanced in play time as possible

    As for what lifespan, my general ruling on these settings is if the challenge creator doesn't state something, it's up to you unless it violates the spirit of the challenge, since this challenge seems to be based on a community building shops to help each other out the Sims' lifespan would not really be an issue.

    Let's see if based on what I understand (since the creator seems to have bailed on this) I can use their post to set some basic ground with that in mind


    1. Create a number of families of 1 Sim each, the number is up to you but 8 is recommended. You may choose the genders but the Sims must be Young Adult, you may set the Life span to whatever you wish (or even turn aging off if you are not aging a child).
    2. You will control each Sim for 1 day, the day starts the time the game begins (EXAMPLE the Sellsim Family started its first in game day at 8 AM, the day ends when 8 AM happens the next day) at the end of the day you must switch to the next Sim, if there are no more Sims in a family you must switch to the next family. This rule ensures all families get equal play.
    3. Each family will need 2 lots one for a store and one for a residence. Existing houses and community lots may be bulldozed as needed, those with the Outdoor retreat pack may go to the campground to get things from the Ranger's Station.
    4. Money Cheats are not allowed.
    5. Your Sim will live at their store until they have had their first child, and which point you will be required to move them to a residential lot.
    6. At first your businesses must be 8X8 with a flat roof, your Sim may live in the basement or in an apartment above the store. You must start your house with the cheapest items available.
    7. Once at each multiple of $50,000 in store funds (the first time at 50K the second at 100K and so on) You may expand that store by increasing stock amount, or the store's size, or add landscaping. You may do this until your store's funds drop to the halfway mark (so the first time you can do this until you drop to 25k the second time till you hit 50K and so on)
    8. You may only get items from a store, career rewards, and the woodcrafting table.
    9. Buy mode is available for 2 reasons only 1) restocking what your store sells 2) buying an item you can't get from an in game store normally (examples: Planter boxes, Fish bowls, Rugs, Kitchen counters, anything in build mode etc.)
    10. Your Sims only have the outfit they left CAS with or were given as they aged up, you must use clothing stores to get more and may not own wardrobes.
    11. Your Sims may have jobs as well as owning the shop.
    The challenge ends when your Sims' Stores' funds reach 1 Million Simolieans

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    Thanks @HMan526 , I like your rules!
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