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Share your book titles!



  • RagnvaldRagnvald Posts: 45 Member
    edited July 2019
    One of my Mystery writers have released a series of Mycroft Hastings novels.
    Mycroft Hastings - Assisting the SOE
    Mycroft Hastings - Death on the Cruise Ship
    Mycroft Hastings - The murder of Isaac "Two Shoes" Melchior
    Mycroft Hastings - And the Simcago Gangland Wars
    Mycroft Hastings - 1001 small cases
    Mycroft Hastings - The Mysterious Hercule Watson
    Mycroft Hastings - The Secretary Mrs. Lime
    Mycroft Hastings - The Death of Mr. Haverforth
    Mycroft Hastings - The Danbridge Manor Mystery
    Mycroft Hastings - The Anoying Neighbour
    Mycroft Hastings - The Case of the Poisoned Scones
    Mycroft Hastings - Every Boy in Town
    Mycroft Hastings - The Sittadodge Mystery
    Mycroft Hastings - Murder in the Art School
    Mycfoft Hastings - Contemplates committing the ultimate crime

    And another Mystery writer did a series of Hemlock Jones novels.
    Hemlock Jones - The Hounding of the Basket Villains
    Hemlock Jones - The Talley of Tears
    Hemlock Jones - A Study of the Red Spectrum
    The Memoirs of Hemlock Jones
    The Adventures of Hemlock Jones
    The Case-Book of Hemlock Jones
    The Return of Hemlock Jones
    Hemlock Jones - A Sign of Before
    Hemlock Jones - His Last Violin

    And finally I have a writer/author that has released a number of books with titles that wouldn't be appropriate to mention here :wink:

    [edit for spelling]
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  • NindigoNindigo Posts: 2,764 Member
    Grabbing My Burrito

    By Caleb Vatore after an NPC stole his burrito at a food stall in San Myshuno. Later, I realized that the title could potentially be misunderstood.

    Origin ID: Nindigo79

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  • SummerjaseSummerjase Posts: 1,424 Member
    I write a lot of mystery novels. One time I was playing really late at night, very over tired, and very giggly. I started naming my books like "Where Did Dan Go?" or "Where Did Phil Go?" or "Where Did Dan and Phil Go?" (YouTubers ;)). The next time I played my game, I nearly died of laughter because of my oh-so original titles. Now it's just become a running joke in my game, so every book, mystery or not, gets named something dumb like "Where Did x Go?" and a whole lot of variations on that.
  • RIP-Troika-GamesRIP-Troika-Games Posts: 221 Member
    Nindigo wrote: »
    Grabbing My Burrito

    By Caleb Vatore after an NPC stole his burrito at a food stall in San Myshuno. Later, I realized that the title could potentially be misunderstood.

  • luthienrisingluthienrising Posts: 37,596 Member
    I seem to be always doing Children's books, and often as a side-gig or retirement gig. I had an astronaut who wrote exciting books like I Can Go to Space, Hello Moon!, and I Want to Be an Astronaut. Currently, Cassandra Goth has moved to Sulani (and become a mermaid) and is writing Children's books, starting with Fish! Fish! Fish!

    I'm so creative lol...
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  • RavenSpitRavenSpit Posts: 1,387 Member
    edited July 2019
    my titles are kinda boring or uncreative (?)...oh, well...

    so I got one writer who only writes poetry (and one romance book, but it's romantic poetry for me) so far, his books are called:
    Bad Dreams
    Good Nightmares
    Vicious Visions
    Inspiring Illusions
    Lovely Loving Love
    ...guess which one is the romance novell :D

    the other writer is gonna write at least one of each category, I named them after books I like in real life:
    Smoke and Mirror (Non-Fiction)
    Good Omens (Motivational)
    Fragile Things (Short Stories)

    seems like they really haven written that much...but I wrote each book twice to keep a copy.

    In general I name books, songs, lyrics etc. by a theme or by books, songs and so on that I like in real life...
    I once had a writer sim name all his poetry books a color and I have one sim now whos song/lyric titles are all songtitles by the band garbage.
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  • pjericksimpjericksim Posts: 89 Member
    Yeah, I had tried posting the file on tumblr.com and to go through those steps... still need some work till I get it right.
  • DaepheneDaephene Posts: 1,759 Member
    My author sim wrote a series of sci-fi books with Little House on the Prairie based titles - Little base on the Planet, Little Ship in the Big Fleet, Alien Boy, On the Edge of Plumbob Nebula... etc.

    Now he's writing a fantasy series about Barry Kotter in which one word of each Harry Potter book is changed to dragons. Then he'll finish it with a book called Welcome Back Kotter.
  • pjericksimpjericksim Posts: 89 Member
    pjericksim wrote: »
    3. With GTW, I could store my manuscript at my public lot, right?
    Based upon my most recent experience. (Your experience may vary.) This information applies to: 1) freelance authors and 2) the Expansion Pack, "Get To Work" [GTW], where you can establish a retail lot and sell stuff... specifically original content as related to books / manuscripts:
    a.) As explained in an earlier post, it makes sense to make copies of the original manuscript (prior to selling it to the publisher) and retaining at least one copy. Sell the original manuscript for the cash & ongoing royalties.
    b.) Place the copy of your manuscript at your retail store in a retail display bookshelf or other display shelving. The book, when appropriately placed on a display shelf (not a regular household bookshelf) will automatically position itself in a display position.
    1. If the book you generated and the retail lot are in the same game, when a cursor hovers over the displayed book, the copy of the manuscript will indicate: the title, the author and your description of the book, with a disclamer at the end of the description that this is a copy of the original and cannot be sold to a publisher.
    2. If you place the manuscript on a lot that you transfer through the galleries, when you download the lot from the galleries, the book on display will retain the title and the synopsis but the name of the author will be scrubbed and it will indicate "reference." There will be no indication that the book is a copy.
    3. (This is something I didn't expect...) When you select a manuscript and make a copy, you are charged a fee depending upon the quality of the original manuscript. When you set a book for sale on a GTW lot, the cost of restocking a sold manuscript is "1"!

    My apologies for having gone off topic. Thanks for your patience. Have fun in your game,

  • Amapola76Amapola76 Posts: 1,904 Member
    I'm not in-game right now, so I can't tell you the exact titles. But I will say, I play rotationally and have several writer sims, so I like to give each of them a preferred genre that I think fits their personalities, and the titles reflect that. For example, my journalist Sim writes only political thrillers and spy novels, my geeky sim writes fantasy books for children and YAs, my writer in Willow Creek writes what I envision as basically southern Gothic novels, and gloomy old Bjorn Bergsen (sp?) writes only incredibly morose poetry and screenplays.

    I also usually make 10-15 copies of every book before I publish. I like for each sim to keep at least one copy of their own book, put one copy in the household for posterity, give copies to all of their (present and future) children, give copies to their closest friends, and then stash a few at the bookstore (owned by Mortimer Goth, who also holds a book club).
  • PhillipaErdnussPhillipaErdnuss Posts: 66 Member
    Wonderful how much you care for the booktitles and their descriptions. *Applause to all of you*
    I did not care much about the titles for the few books I had made my sims write. But I promise I will do from now on. Your choices are an Inspiration!
    Thanks for that! :)<3:)
    Phillipa Erdnuss
    Mayoress of SimCity and all associated districts
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