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The Prison Challenge

KatsGamingKatsGaming Posts: 52 Member
1. You start off with 25,000 dollars for a starting budget.
2. Prisoners cost 1,000 dollars to have (basically you buy your prisoner).
3. You will gain 500 Simoleons (a.k.a your Government Money) when the bills are due per prisoner. Ex: If you have 5 Prisoners you would get 2500 Simoleons.
4. You can use the money cheat to set your starting budget and to get your Gov. Money. And you can also use the sims.spawn cheat.
**Note** You can't edit their Prison Uniform once you go beyond 8 Sims.
5. You can teleport your Warden in and out of the prison, and you can teleport a Prisoner into Solitary confinement.

Warden's Quarters - This is where your Warden will go.
Prison Cell - This Cell MUST contain a bed and a toilet.
Shower Area - You must have one shower for ever two Prisoners.
Outside Area - This outside area can be as big as you want it.
Workshop - This is where your prisoners will make money to help run the prison. It's also where they will be rehabilitated.
Cafeteria/Kitchen - This is where your Prisoners eat their meals.
**Note** You can connect the Warden's Kitchen so the Prisoners don't make meals all willy nilly!
Solitary Confinement - This is where a Prisoner will go should they wrong the Warden.

1. Once you get more than one prisoner, you are only allowed to control one Prisoner per day. (A day is 12am - 12am Ex: 12am Mon. - 12 am Tues)
2. Your Prisoners CANNOT die while under your care.
3. Prisoners must be rehabilitated through a skill (Painting, Handiness (wood work), Comedy, Fitness etc.) And maxing that skill.
4. You MUST set a Prisoner free once they've maxed on skill. You can move them out/evict them, or kill them if you so please.
5. Child Prisoners are NOT allowed, Teens however are okay. >:)
6. Computers are NOT Allowed in the actual Prison, this is to avoid Prisoners from escaping! (So no Writing. :D Sorry)
6. When you get 5 Prisoners you can control 2 per day. When you get 10, you can control 3. Every 5 Prisoners you have you can control 1 extra prisoner per day. :)

1. Have up to 15 Prisoners at ONE time.
2. Rehabilitate 10 Prisoners.
3. Have up to 60,000 Simoleons at one time.
**BONUS CHALLENGE** Keep Aging On! - This adds a difficulty, alternatively, you CAN have a Rehabilitated FITNESS Sim, take over the prison if you're willing to sacrifice 10,000 Simoleons to wipe his/her record clean. >:)

1. Have up to 30 Prisoners at ONE time.
2. Rehabilitate 35 Prisoners.
3. Have up to 100,000 Simoleons at one time.
4. King of the Prison Yard! - Have Your Warden Win 10 Fights.
5. Start 15 Prison Fights amongst Prisoners Only.
6. Have 10 Prisoners rehabilitated in different ways. (This is Possible without the Writing Skill!)

1. A Prisoner dies before rehabilitation.
2. One of your Utilities get shut off (Electric or Water).
3. If you fail to pay for your Prisoner.
4. Your Warden Dies (if you have Aging on)
5. You cheat in more money, Objects or Prisoners/People.

Do you have ideas for Challenges/Rules you DON'T see here? Leave a Reply! These Rules were inspired by The Sim Supply and his rules (I basically tweaked it). If you have any ideas let me know! :D
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    BallintleaBallintlea Posts: 4 New Member
    edited October 2015
    I will give this a go with my brother. I will post my progress (if I can!) Oh and also didn't The Sim Supply use cheats in his let's play?
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    Eidolon23Eidolon23 Posts: 175 Member
    You can't have 15 sims in a household???
    "The worst thing you can do is tame the chaos in you. It is like being told not to feel when you are thrown in the fire." R. M. Drake
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    pammiechickpammiechick Posts: 12,262 Member
    Eidolon23 wrote: »
    You can't have 15 sims in a household???

    You can use the larger household mod.
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    lmkiturelmkiture Posts: 1,206 Member
    I was just watching the Sim Supply play this :smile:
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    Songwolf666Songwolf666 Posts: 141 Member
    lmkiture wrote: »
    I was just watching the Sim Supply play this :smile:

    He's actually picked it back up - did a new episode yesterday!!
    EA Account: SunReiShin
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    TaikaJamppaTaikaJamppa Posts: 14 New Member
    lmkiture wrote: »
    I was just watching the Sim Supply play this :smile:

    He's actually picked it back up - did a new episode yesterday!!

    Watching his play at the very moment! Although because I hate Sims 4, I'll try this on Sims 3 instead! XD
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    quietnoise916quietnoise916 Posts: 4 New Member
    Just started playing this challenge. Seems super interesting. I actually had to lock the warden's area from the prisoners
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    EBearCatEBearCat Posts: 4 New Member
    Is there any place to put screenshots on?
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    iluvchoklateiluvchoklate Posts: 197 Member
    Starting this challenge now :)
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    iluvchoklateiluvchoklate Posts: 197 Member
    edited November 2017
    Very useful cheats for this challenge

    The ones for build mode:

    bb.moveobjects on

    Live mode:
    sims.modify_funds +(amount)
    sims.modify_funds -(amount)

    No mods are needed to add more sims to your household. With sims.spawn it will spawn a random sim and add it to your household. I currently have 10 prisoners, 1 warden, and a prison cat in my household just using this cheat.
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    dopaminedroiddopaminedroid Posts: 169 Member
    I started this challenge recently and I found the mccc mod really useful. When you use a mod for larger households, you can't edit their clothing in CAS without losing all but 8 Sims. Mccc lets you edit Sims individually instead of loading the whole household into CAS. That way you can have all your prisoners wear a prisoner's uniform without a problem. Makes the story feel more real. I do have glitches now and then because of the large household, so I have to reset sims sometimes. Sometimes just hitting pause and play again helps to get all Sims moving again.
    -OneGrilledCheese @ the gallery-
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    dopaminedroiddopaminedroid Posts: 169 Member
    Also, you can use the mccc mod to stop the prisoners from autonomously using their phones. When placed in solitary, they would otherwise just be playing on their phones, which isn't realistic or a punishment at all.
    -OneGrilledCheese @ the gallery-
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