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August 16 - It's Patch Day for The Sims 4 on PC/MAC Patch notes here.

New Challenges Post *post your challenges that you made up here!* (sims 4 ideas 1)

* Cow Plant Challenge: Choose 1 sim (or make one) and place it in a maxis made house that it can afford; The house MUST be in oasis springs; the sim must have the gardening lifetime wish; make the sim fish in the magic fishing hole in the corner at the Park there; Fish until he/she gets a cow plant berry; The sim cannot have kids, or partners of any kind; take your sim home and plant the berry in the garden; keep tending your garden until the cow plant grows to adult size; feed the cowplant every sixteen sim hours until you are ready to lure a sim to be eaten by the cow plant; When you are ready for a sim to be eaten, do not feed the cow plant in 32 sim hours; when you see the cake sticking out, Invite a sim that has bad luck and will go to your cow plant to eat it; try to make the sim be eaten, but not your sim; if your cow plant dies, fish at the spring once again until you get 3 or 4 cow plant berries; plant those berries; if your cow plant did not die, and is in danger of death because the sim you are trying to lure to it is not coming, then feed it; if the sim was not coming, and you don't feed the cow plant for another 16 hours, the cow plant will die; make the best cow plant farm and make a small house fit for only one sim; DO NOT CHEAT; You will make money on selling your own plants that are not cow plants; raise your sim's fishing and gardening skills (you can use skill raising cheats without breaking the promise of the challenge, so you can, but if you want to do it legitimately, you can raise the skills by scratch with no cheats.

*this challenge is free to use, and maybe if you guys use it enough and mention it a lot, it will become an official challenge.
* Please post your ideas below!
* SPORE IS ADVISED! Help me bring Spore: Creepy and cute to the the Apple computer!
*Spore is advised 2! Help me bring spore: galactic adventures to the apple computer!
* Spore is advised 3! Help me bring the limited Techno parts back to spore in a non-limited fashion, as well as bringing it to the mac versions and making it be available on!
*Sims 4 Ideas 2 coming up!
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