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I would LOVE to see yoga return to the game!! Also meditation and Tai Chi. Please!!?!! It would be really great if your sims could lead a class at their home or place of business (yoga studio in GTW, anyone?) Also, being a vegetarian and eco friendly would be a nice comeback, I really liked these in the sims 3.


  • 2HubbiesNLove2HubbiesNLove Posts: 658 Member
    That would be awesome. My Sims definitely need a form of meditation and relaxation. Maybe they'll make a fitness game pack which will include Tai Chi. I also wouldn't mind seeing my Sims take spin class and they would add exercise bikes to the game.
  • SimBuscus7SimBuscus7 Posts: 82 Member
    I miss martial arts and meditation. I hope it will be include in next game pack also.
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  • AcaciaCEJAcaciaCEJ Posts: 23 Member
    :) Would love to see yoga back in the game!!!
  • MarianneSimmerMarianneSimmer Posts: 1,113 Member
    Yes to Yoga.
  • JhulieJhulie Posts: 37 Member
    I would absolutely love all of this.
  • SharlaSedaiSharlaSedai Posts: 56 Member
    > @SimBuscus7 said:
    > I miss martial arts and meditation. I hope it will be include in next game pack also.
    I know!! I would always put a martial arts academy in all of my towns so that my sims could go to it.
  • SharlaSedaiSharlaSedai Posts: 56 Member
    Just a little bump. ;)
  • SharlaSedaiSharlaSedai Posts: 56 Member
    Does nobody else want this? :'( Yoga was one of my favorite things from the sims 2 and martial arts from the sims 3. I would really like to have all of these things back. :(
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    I love yoga and I also like Karate it's something like martial arts
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  • agent_bevagent_bev Posts: 1,313 Member
    I would love yoga back! It would be cool if we could finally be able to teach yoga classes and have our own studios. Kind of like this, except this was totally fake:

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