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Favorite Singer/Band?



  • TetsuoShimaTetsuoShima Posts: 848 Member
    Would have to say Fabio Lione from Rhapsody Of Fire has the best voice.
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  • SummerjaseSummerjase Posts: 1,422 Member
    Um, whoever is the lead singer of Digital Daggers. Or Adam from the [old] Three Days Grace. Or Breaking Benjamin (not sure about his real name). Old-school Taylor Swift. Britt Nicole. Or Skylar Grey. YOU CAN'T MAKE ME CHOOSE MY FAVORITE.
  • daniellen18daniellen18 Posts: 117 Member
    I still love and can say that Taylor Swift is my favorite and i'm super excited to finally be going to one of her concerts in August
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 New Member
  • TashaGoesMewTashaGoesMew Posts: 47 Member
    The Cranberries, Dashboard Confessional, and Counting Crows are my top three favorites.
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  • DrewRowlandDrewRowland Posts: 2,057 Member
    My favorite band is Siouxsie and the Banshees. I guess my favorite singer would be Chelsea Wolfe, although Elizabeth Fraser, and Lisa Gerrard are pretty close too.
  • Rosie38Rosie38 Posts: 37 Member
    I really like Elvis and classic music =)
  • SjappielovePaulSjappielovePaul Posts: 4,794 Member
    WOOO!!! Music :D

    I love Johnny Cash (and June Carter with him ofc.), Elvis Presley, the Beatles, U2 and Green Day, I really love Green Day. When I put on their music I put it on loud, forget about my neighbours for a few minutes and forget about everything else and just rock it!!!!
    Also liking the way Five Seconds of Summer is going, they sound like it could become quite good. Also My Chemical Romance.
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  • DeKayDeKay Posts: 80,977 Member
    My fav singer is Dylan Anderson from a band called Of Machines. That's why I made him into a sim. :D He also has some solo stuff under the name Kakune.
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  • ArkaneArkane Posts: 20,214 Member
    Favorite band: I have many, but if I had to choose just one it would be TV on the Radio.


    Favorite singer: Again I don't just have one. Can't even choose with this category.

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  • MystsarkyMystsarky Posts: 55 Member
    Disturbed. They will always have a special place in my heart.
  • kayfay8kayfay8 Posts: 133 Member
    Korn! I watched Queen of the 🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸 when I was.... eleven? (Long time ago) I loved the movie and thought it was Stuartt Townsend's voice but realized it was Johnathan Davis and got into their other stuff.

    I need to expand my horizons! This thread helps. o:)
  • BromsiekatBromsiekat Posts: 96 Member
    The common linnets!
    I ❤️ Country music!

    On the other hand, I like house and techno.. 2 very different genres.. Haha
  • Ping YoPing Yo Posts: 1,263 Member
    Adam Young
  • LilacErinLilacErin Posts: 3,884 Member
    Lana Del Rey, Birdy and Tom Odell are my all time favourites. <3
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  • InfraGreenInfraGreen Posts: 6,685 Member
    [Sees TV on the Radio and Elizabeth Fraser mentioned]


    I've been a fan of Devin Townsend for a while because I like his music, but also that I respect how he can be silly with it when he wants to. He's one of the few guys in metal who always looks like he's having a blast with it.
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  • AnastaciasgemAnastaciasgem Posts: 246 Member
    Take a wild guess :D Anastacia is my babe
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  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 New Member
    ZapGirl wrote: »
    Lana Del Rey, Birdy and Tom Odell are my all time favourites. <3

    @ZapGirl Yessss Erin!
  • LilacErinLilacErin Posts: 3,884 Member
    edited September 2015
    @ZSims601 Hahaha it was kinda of predictable :D I love your siggy!
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  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 New Member
    @ZapGirl Hehehehhee, thanks. <3
  • AnfoxxyAnfoxxy Posts: 138 Member
    ♥ Favorite ♥
    Linkin Park
    Imagine Dragons
    Ed Sheeran
    Twenty One Pilots
    The Neighbourhood
    Maroon 5
    Fall Out Boy
    and more different singers and groups ;)
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  • MLPTSMLPTS Posts: 461 Member
    Olly Murs, Knife Party, Krewella, Skrillex and Jess Glynne.
  • SylvSylv Posts: 885 Member
    Florence + The Machine
    Of Monsters and Men
    And finally! Represent! Arkells
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