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Rosebud 500K Solitaire by EuphorialQueen

Original post Rosebud 500K Solitaire by EuphorialQueen
Rosebud 500K Solitaire by EuphorialQueen
Based on the Rosebud Achievement with similar goals to Rosebud Challenge (by EuphorialQueen)
Rosebud is an in-game Achievement that requires the household to have a total household Net worth of One Million Simoleons.
That is Simoleons on hand plus the value of the lot and furnishings. This can be tracked using the Wealth & Collecting tab on the Accomplishments menu.
The test run in my game has been completed successfully.
There will be one Sim only to reach the challenge goal.
The goal for a single Sim will be to reach a Net Worth of 500,000 Simoleons.
The Start: Single Sim - Empty Lot - Zero Simoleons
Fresh Sim from CAS with any traits.
If you wish to share you can use either of these hashtags.
This is the only Sim allowed in the household during the entire challenge until goal met.
If using a Male Sim he may Try for Baby but neither the Child nor the Mother can join the household.
*Aging is ON* Normal Lifespan.
This will keep the population fresh with new Sims added to replace Elder / Dead Sims.
Cheats are not allowed except as noted to reduce funds.
Exceptions: Once Sim is on empty lot use testingcheats on followed by Money 00000 to reduce to Zero Simoleons.
Glitches may require a cheat to resolve.
Additional guidelines: Must earn 500 Simoleons by collecting or creating before getting a job.
Purchases can be made only once per week. I chose Bill Day (Usually Monday) after the bills are paid.
You have 24 hours from when the bills arrive to purchase items or remodel the lot.
That includes any build / buy purchases.
Did you forget to buy something? It will have to wait until the next week.
Exceptions: Books, Repair Parts or Seeds which are bought via computer, bookcase or planter box.
Exception: You may buy an item to mark the day you use a Youth Potion. This is an unpredictable date so is an exception to the purchasing restrictions.
Aspirations are not set in stone. A lot of Satisfaction Points are going to be needed for a steady supply of Youth Potion.
So how do you survive long enough to reach 500K Simoleons? Youth Potions and lots of them.
They must be bought from earned Satisfaction Points.
Keeping track: I use the Wealth & Collecting tab on the Accomplishments menu to track net wort.
Time: Each week when bills arrive I buy a small decor item (same one for each week) and place it in a designated area on the lot.
Potions: A chose a different small decor item to represent each time a Youth Potion was used.
Travel and Businesses: Your Sim is allowed to travel anywhere in the game without restriction.
The Get To Work EP will be out soon. A business can be owned and run by your single Sim. Employees may be hired to help with the business as long as they are not Members of the household. You are allowed to stay on the business lot as long as necessary. Additional guidelines for this EP gameplay will be added once it is officially released.
Feel free to add comments or ask questions.
Exception: Alien abductions that result in pregnancy Will be an exception to the Single Sim/No children rule.
The child may stay in the household.
Update 06November2017
Coming Soon The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs - Release date 10 November 2017
Please feel free to add #TS4CatsAndDogs to your households.
Aspirations, Lot Traits and Veterinarian Career are allowed in this challenge.
Update 26 November 2017 :
Cats & Dogs EP
Start with either one cat or one dog with your single Sim.
Must have the appropriate items to keep your pet happy.
Food dish, pet toy and small bed (cat must have a litter box).
IF you start with a pet you can purchase the necessary supplies.
You may fill the pet dish once before reducing funds to Zero.
*Remember §§ are required to feed your pet or to give them treats.
Start as usual with a single Sim and Zero §§ on an empty lot with only a mailbox and trashcan.
You must earn enough §§ to buy pet supplies before adopting a stray.

Aspirations List for Base Game and All Current Packs Updated 10June2020
Aspirations June 2020 Eco Lifestyle
01 Animal - Friend of the Animals (Cats & Dogs)
02 Athletic - Bodybuilder
03 Creativity - Painter / Writer / Musician / Master Actor (GF) / Master Maker (EL)
04 Deviance - Public Enemy / Chief of Mischief
05 Family - Four choices (Including Super Parent & Vampire Family)
06 Food - Culinary / Mixology / Grilled Cheese (Unlocked)
07 Fortune - Wealth / Property
08 Knowledge - Three choices plus Master Vampire / Archaeology Scholar (JA) / Spellcraft & Sorcery (ROM) /Academic (DU)
09 Location - City Native (City Living) / Mystery of StrangerVille (StrangerVille) / Beach Life (IL)
10 Love - Serial Romantic / Soulmate
11 Nature - Botanist / Fisherman / Curator / Outdoor Enthusiast (OR Pack) / Jungle Explorer (JA) / Purveyor of Potions (ROM) / Eco Innovator (EL)
12 Popularity - Joker / Friend / Party / Leader of the Pack / Good Vampire / World Famous Celebrity (GF)

Note 10June2020: Challenge and comment threads by @EuphorialQueen {Me} are checked on a regular basis.
Rules for challenges are reviewed for potential updates each time new content is added to the game.
Please feel free to comment if you have questions.

Update 18April2019
April patch (16April2019) added Freelance careers to the base game.
Artists, authors and programmers earn money by accepting gigs and performing simple tasks.
All that is required is an electronic sketchpad (for the artist) and computer to chat with the client.
In testing with a household of three Sims they have earned over §65k in one week.
That makes me wonder .... how long would it take to reach the §500k goal?
Are you up to a new twist in this challenge?
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