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It's not that bad and actually does have some cross EP potential

Renamed2002180839Renamed2002180839 Posts: 3,444 Member
Okay, just ignore the Katy Perry celebrity endorsement that I know is rocking your very soul with indignation and the folly of EA execs and really look at the pack itself. It's a great fantasy pack. No, not every piece is fantastic but if you were expecting that then this must be your very first time buying one. Decor for kids rooms, kids lots and backyards ect. A lot of the pieces can be used in business settings or even placed around the house and definitely it can be used during the holidays (I think I'll have Christmas in April to try it out) or for a "theme park" setting. As well, with some recoloring things like the "lollipop tree" could be worked into places like Oasis or Lunar Lakes. The clothes have somewhat limited appeal but I put them on one of my more far out Sims and I thought they worked great. I had her wear the cupcake bra to Egypt and then post a memory complaining about it being hot and hoping her frosting wouldn't melt. So, there's fun there IF you want it. In reality I think this set took a lot of heat because of the Katy Perry tie in. If it had been released as The Sims- Candyland or something I think it would have been better received and with that said I'd say it's good. My son would tell you it's great- he loves it!


  • ChimarkChimark Posts: 2,166 Member
    It's not bad, it was just first the price was $10USD more than a usual SP and the timing of it, made it seem like it was a rip off and should've been included in Showtime EP.

    I paid only $5USD and love it, but to be honest, if I paid more, I wouldn't like it nearly as much.
  • ldmarkoldmarko Posts: 4,921 Member
    I didn't like the clothing much, just not my style, but I loved the objects. Great for a little girl's room, and some of the lamps and décor also worked for holiday décor.
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  • GlasgowSmilesGlasgowSmiles Posts: 209 Member
    Never wound up buying it myself, but to be honest, I never understood why it was lambasted as the WORST pack-- all the cupcake stuff was cute, I just never ran into it in stock during a sale, and I only buy EPs when there's a sale going. I mean, just visually, the stuff appeals to me more than the Diesel pack.

    Like, if I was going to create a simself-and-family, I'd have to cover the sim-version-of-my-younger-sister's room in cupcakes, that's how she rolls. There's stuff it's useful for if you like cutesy.
  • 5782341b77vl5782341b77vl Posts: 4,901 Member
    If you build a bakery, this SP has items that would work perfectly! :smile:
  • NordicPhoenix22xNordicPhoenix22x Posts: 301 Member
    Yeah, I'm really not a fan of Katy at all since I'm a metalhead, but I agree! The SP is not that bad.
    You could use it for a themed café or a themed party, the outfits could work as costumes, and you could use it to decorate for a "super-sweet-16"-birthday party for your teen diva Sim. ;)
    Totally agree with the OP, you can have lots fun with it, if you want to!
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  • Savage_Patch_KiddSavage_Patch_Kidd Posts: 2,905 Member
    I just wish the furniture was edible or possible to be crafted :yum:
  • Cadh20000Cadh20000 Posts: 678 Member
    I just wish the furniture was edible or possible to be crafted :yum:

    Why did I just think of the witch's house from Hansel and Gretel?
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