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Kingson Fam Gen 2 Update 8/12

RivieRivie Posts: 782 Member
Welcome to the Disney Princess Challenge with a twist. I'm using the princesses stories and their rules as a base for each generation but it has become into a story and I'm just keeping track of certain achievements for fun, not for points.


Here is the original thread for the challenge

My choices are:
Gender Law: Patriarchy
Bloodline Law: Strict Traditional
Heir Law: First born

I'm starting with a female sim (snow white) but after her, all the heirs will be boys.


The Abandoned Lot - Kingson family
The views expressed here are solely those of the characters and do not necessarily reflect my own.

Generation 1
Table of contents

Generation 2
21. It's a Hard Life
22. Home Before Dawn
23. Double the Muscle
24. Awaiting the Answer
25. Unfairness
26. More Responsibilities
27. Problems Everywhere.
28. Helping Out
29. Don't Trust Anyone
30. Beyond Our Imagination (part 1)
31. Like a Big Pizza Pie (part 2)
32. Life Plans
33. Happily From Now On
34. Home Sweet... Gnome?
35. Married Life
36. Don't You Cry For Me
37. ren Crespo Kingson
38. Truth Isn't What We Know

I wanted to give all the kids names related to the princess story but it's harder than I thought. I struggle when it comes to names so if you have any you recommend, I'll appreciate it.
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