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The Pink Plumbob Completionist Club

EnchantedpreyEnchantedprey Posts: 676 Member
this name is based on the pink ladies in grease

Welcome store owners and those that aspire to be store owners:

The purpose of this thread is to bring us all together to discuss store completion
Things that we would love to be posted along with general chit chat

1. Lots that use lots of store items that would generally require large amounts of the store to be owned - please 1 post per lot
2. Contests and give a way thread links (lets us completionists know places that would like sponsors)
3. process towards completion if you are a future completionist

1. Be kind and thoughtful of others
2. This is not a place to post your wishlist in hopes of gifts sorry there is numerous other thread for that
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The Pink Plumbob Completionist Club Thread
Why yes I do own the store!


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