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Are you the builder Sims in River view Needs ? (The winners are)


  • cianeciane Posts: 16,672 Member
    Love the way you did the uni pendants. I hope you get the password thing sorted out.
  • SilvakristiinaSilvakristiina Posts: 444 Member
    Thank you @anettesb :) And thanks ciane, I got already in but it kicked me out after refreshing the page. The EA help phone closed just half an hour ago, got to wait till tomorrow :/ I may not be able to participate with all my buildings, I've got only one more uploaded. But they're the ones I liked atleast :)
  • SilvakristiinaSilvakristiina Posts: 444 Member
    edited May 2015
    Username: Silvakristiina
    Madame Amandine's Fortune and Charms
    Entry Type Number: 4
    Lot type: Elixir Shop
    Size of the lot: 30x40
    Lot value: 45 301
    Spawners: Yes

    This, umm, unique Elixir Shop is quite like it's owner Madame Amandine with personality and character. Madame Amandine offers you her best elixirs and charms and lets you know your fate if you're brave enough to look to the chrystal ball. The shop has a nice little garden where you can get your herbs and groceries for your own recipies. With little treasures hidden, this shop adds a little something to your neighbourhood when needed.


    Link to more info and pics might be added later
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  • anettesbanettesb Posts: 39,166 Member
    click siggy to take part.

    old my-page here you find my uploades and about me
    but please no friend requests,

  • cianeciane Posts: 16,672 Member
    I did do a rabbit hole coverup.
    Username: ciane
    Entry Type Number: 2
    Lot type: City Hall (Coverup of Rabbit Hole using Lunar Lakes one)
    Name of lot: Sim City Hall
    Size of lot: 20x25
    lot value: 38,802
    DL link: http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=8644228
    Spawners: None
    Short descriptive story about the lot: City hall is often a pretentious building with a lot of stairs that supposedly elevate it from the masses. We wanted a city hall where all Sims are equal! With lots of room for protests and official ceremonies, the city hall now faces the theater and abuts a couple parks. No more blocking traffic with demonstrations! The old saloon was lost to provide room for the new city hall; but trust me, it wasn't much of a loss. ; )
    Five pictures:



  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 155,802 Member
    Madame Amandine's Fortunes and Charms is a very nice store ! @Silvakristiina :) The exterior design of the building is so very nice! The tower and the roofing is very nice! Very nice outdoors areas! It looks very nice how you have placed the trees in the build. The fortune telling and crystal ball section is great! It looks nice how you have placed the crystal ball on a table under a tent. The moon dial and the tree with the lights looks nice there. Very nice furnishing of the interior! The grassy texture of the art and games room looks great. It looks very nice how you have placed the windows in the room! Sims have fun playing chess at the table or enjoy painting on the easel, whilst looking out through the windows at the outdoors views. The fireplace rocking chair sitting area is very nice! Sims will enjoy sitting resting there reading a book, warming up near the fire.It looks nice the types of and how you have placed the curtains and the ceiling light. The cuckoo clock is a nice touch on the wall. The bottles look great on the side table. The floor rugs suit the type of build well. Very nice outdoors sitting patio! The fireflies lights and the pots of plants look very nice there. Sims will enjoy sitting outdoors in the air.
    It is a very nice build :)
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 155,802 Member
    Your makeover of City Hall using the Lunar Lakes rabbit hole looks great! The exterior of the building looks nice. The windowed dormers look nice, and the grey brickwork texture of the exterior suits City Hall. It looks very nice how you have placed the windows in the build! It looks very nice how you have done the floor patterning in the front area of the build! The diamond water features add nice touches to the outdoors area, for sims to enjoy seeing when coming to City Hall. The flowers look nice on the front edges of the building. The balcony is nice.
    It is a very nice City Hall :)
  • geneticbitsgeneticbits Posts: 251 Member
    Is the deadline late tomorrow or early (as in a few hours?) I have an entry I've been working on, but I have a few more details to add and I don't think it will be finished tonight. I'll definitely get it in tomorrow, I just hope it's not too late.
  • cianeciane Posts: 16,672 Member
    I planned to a festival lot tomorrow to finish up my Riverview remodel. Hopefully we still have 24 hours left.
  • okesterokester Posts: 4,135 Member
    Username ; okester
    Entry TypeNumber ; 13
    Lot type ; Commercial (Visitors Allowed)
    Name of lot ; Ever After Cottage
    Size of lot ; 40x40
    lot value ; $82,391
    DL link ; http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=8644442
    Spawners ; Yes
    Short discriptive story about the lot ; Every Sim dreams of having the perfect fairy tale wedding. Now they can! Once upon a time, this was a quaint little cottage and orchard. A few magic words later and this simple home was transformed into a fairy tale themed wedding destination! Not fond of weddings? The attic has many magical skill items to aid you in ruining your rival's happily ever after. Having trouble finding a prince or princess to marry? Ask the wishing well and your dreams will come true!
    Five pictures ;





    Origin ID: Okest3r_13 Check out my Sims 4 creations!
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 155,802 Member
    Ever After Cottage is very nice! @okester :) The exterior design of the building is so very nice! Very nice Tudor style patterning on the exterior. The roof covered sections on the front exterior look very nice. The floral arch gate entrance to the lot is pretty! The greenery on the exterior adds a nice look to the building. The wedding area is pretty! Sims will enjoy having an outdoors wedding. The flowers look nice either sides of the arch. The fairy themed chairs for the wedding guests to sit on and watch the ceremony suit the build well! The flowers either sides of the wedding area creates a very pretty setting to get married! Very nice kitchen and reception areas. The wooden texture of the furnishings looks nice. The fireplace will keep the room warm whilst the sims are dining at the table. It is great that you have placed the baking stove in the build for sims to enjoy cooking food in. The pigs and utensils on the kitchen wall shelves and the jars on the counter are nice touches in the kitchen. Sims will like having their fortune told at the table in the attic. The books and bottles look great on the side table there.
    It is a very nice place to get married :)
  • SilvakristiinaSilvakristiina Posts: 444 Member
    Thanks everyone for their kind words :)

    @okester, adorable wedding venue!

    I can now get in to the Store again, but Launcher and my game won't sign in -.- I have two buildings ready to go in my Layncher, I just can't upload them to the Exchange. I might try again later on in the evening if I have the time, otherwise my entries are done :P Good luck to everyone!
  • cianeciane Posts: 16,672 Member
    Good Luck @Silvakristiina. Your game shouldn't need to be logged in, just your launcher. Try restarting your computer to reset everything and then opening your launcher before opening anything else. Sometimes other programs that were open affect another program, even if they were closed out first.

    @okester I love it! Very, very nice.
  • oiswiseoiswise Posts: 482 Member
    Teegers wrote: »
    oiswise wrote: »
    I also managed to get my fairy Gaea Fayette (who has been having a ball getting to play with the fairies shown as well as ones by illusie, SandraKB, and sharonxyz) up on the exchange. http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=8635838
    Gaea is wearing her formal :)

    Well over 100 paintings were made (if only all of them had come out as I had hoped there would have been less) and several hundred photos snapped in game.

    I LOVE to recolor every little thing and its killing me to choose my battles on what I HAVE to recolor. I cringe looking at that photo because the photo frames are not recolored and the floor and wall are what came in the house, sigh.

    Your artwork is lovely! How do you recolor the frames? I've wanted to do that since I first got the game. Oh, duh, I just figured out that you're probably not using in-game photos or in-game created art work, so different frames. :)

    Your fairy is lovely. I'd love to hear the backstory to her (and add her to one of my towns). If you wouldn't mind sharing, here's the link where I'm collecting sims and storylines. :)

    I look forward to your upload - I can't wait to see all the artwork you've done. I'm amazed already! :)

    Thank you so much. I am making all this art as a gift to all my fellow simmers who would like to have it. Please feel free to use any of the art I make in your own game or in your future builds.

    As for the art... it is all MADE IN GAME. There are both photos the sims took with their cameras and paintings they painted.

    Its important for me to point out that if you want to upload a build with a sim made PAINTING on the wall... DO NOT FRAME your PAINTING. If it is framed when people download they will not have your painting in their copy of your build. The first house I did was FULL of paintings and I framed them all... lol so that is important to know. Because of this I never frame any painting in my game, so I don't know if they can be recolored.

    If you want to recolor the frame of a PHOTO you do it in buy mode, like any other object, hit the paint palate symbol near the hand etc in the left bottom corner. The hard part is getting the thin little frame highlighted instead of stuff near it like the wall. Then you can change the color and or texture of the frame.

    I'm not sure what you meant but of course I would LOVE you to have Gaea or any of my sims that you want. Let me know what you want me to do if anything with link. Did not go to it. I am still trying like crazy to get this gallery done in time for deadline. I just need to change it to community lot and get it photographed etc.
  • SilvakristiinaSilvakristiina Posts: 444 Member
    Username: Silvakristiina
    Breezy Laundry Laundromat
    Entry Type Number: 3
    Lot type: Laundromat
    Size of the lot: 20x30
    Lot value: 62 236
    Spawners: No

    Twinbrook's old-fashioned and laime laundromat came in to new life when it was moved to Riverview and renovated a little. Now it is colourfull, fresh and updated to fit the needs of sims with dirty laundry who want to get rid off it easily, fast and cheap. With all machines life-guaranteed not to broken, this is a must to your little towns. The walls were painted, the tower was raised to proper hight and the indoors got new appliances and upstairs got something more than just dust on the floor.

  • SilvakristiinaSilvakristiina Posts: 444 Member
    edited May 2015
    Username: Silvakristiina
    Boulangerie Amandine
    Entry Type Number: 7
    Lot type: Java Hut
    Size of the lot: 20x25
    Lot value: 32 754
    Spawners: No

    Have you ever heard of Madame Amandine? This cute cafeteria is her precius little gift to every sim in town. Come and find the most delicious cakes and drinks here to sooth your sweet tooth and relax by the well outside. Just don't come too often or you might find a need to exercise more.

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  • oiswiseoiswise Posts: 482 Member
    edited April 2015
    WOW lots of amazing stuff came in!! I am really hoping to be able to get my art museum done in time. Its pretty done just have to make it into a community lot, take pics etc.


    My computer keeps threatening to catch on fire and crashes if I try to color or move stuff around, mmm or blink too hard at it. My wife keeps begging me to let her do stuff to make it better but I am like just let me get x,y or z done first. (an I'm over tired pun, as her name on here is sharonxyz)

    WOW some amazing entries have arrived! Will def be looking at more in depth and recing after I get my entry in.

    A couple of good faith pics (see honest I really done a lot since I last updated you)...

    Downstairs bathroom:

    A room to jam in:

    Simfu & Ballet room:

    Okay my computer is back to barely warm so I am going in game. A big hug to all of you, O
  • SilvakristiinaSilvakristiina Posts: 444 Member
    @oiswise :O I LOVE those paintings and photos! ^^ You have done a tough job there :D
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 155,802 Member
    The Breezy Laundry Laundromat is very nice! @Silvakristiina :) The yellow colour of the exterior look sunny, and the tower is very nice! The windows look nice how they are placedin the build. The recoloured awnings over the windows looks pretty. Nice seat benches sitting area for sims to enjoy resting in the sunshine. Very nice layout and furnishing of the interior of the building! The flooring pattern looks nice. It is great that you have placed vending machines in the laundromat, for sims to enjoy having a drink or a snack whilst waiting for their washing and drying to be finished. It looks nice how you have placed and recoloured the sofa seating. The plants are nice touches of green and nature in the room. The blue half wall between the machines looks great! Very nice upstairs dining and coffee area! Sims will enjoy sitting at the dining table having a meal or a drink. The type of seats that you have used there look nice. Nice corner arnchair sitting nook. Sims will enjoy listening to the music from the radio whilst sitting resting or eating there. The teapot clock is a nice touch on the wall. The curtains look very nice.
    It is a very nice laundromat :)
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 155,802 Member
    Boulangerie Amandine is so very nice! @Silvakristiina :) The exterior design of the building is so very nice! It looks very nice the type of and how you have placed the windows in the build! The front porch is very nice! Sims will enjoy sitting in the sunshine at the umbrella covered tables, enjoying eating or drinking food and drinks that they have bought inside the venue. The flowers either sides of the front door , the flowers on the edges of the front of the porch and the hearts on the exterior look very pretty! The white colour of the building looks nice. Very nice furnishing of the interior of the store! Sims will enjoy cooking on the woodstove oven and preserving jams on the preserving station. They will enjoy buying food and drinks from the barista bar and eating them at the table. The cake and flan stands, cupcakes item , the hanging pots, the plates wall shelf and the crockery cabinet are nice touches in the room. It is great that you have a snowcone machine in the store. Very nice dining areas both on the ground and upper levels. The flowers look very pretty for sims to enjoy seeing when sitting at the ground level table. The type of seating and table suits the type of venue. Sims will enjoy reading a book whilst having a drink at the table. They will enjoy the sunshine coming in through the windows whilst sitting there. The blue patterned floor rugs are very nice. Very nice buffet table upper level dining area ! Sims will enjoy eating meals at the dining table that they have served from the buffet. The plant on the table top and the tapestry on the wall are very nice sights for sims to see when dining there.
    It is a very nice venue to enjoy having a meal and a drink! :)
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 155,802 Member
    Your art gallery is looking so very nice! @oiswise :) I hope that the finishing of your build goes well. The photo pictures look so very nice! The black , white and grey wall and floor tiling in the bathroom looks nice. Very nice music room! Sims will enjoy playing the musical instruments together there. It is great that you have a martial arts and ballet room in your build.
    It is looking great! :)
  • geneticbitsgeneticbits Posts: 251 Member
    I'm working on getting my lot uploaded, but I'm getting the dreaded "Failed to Upload" error. :( I've tried checking the box to run without custom content and my game won't even load the plumbob at the startup screen! I think it's because I have so much of the store installed. So I'm trying the DCCache clearing trick and hopefully that works. But my Sims 3 folder is 18GB so it's taking a little bit... :|
  • cianeciane Posts: 16,672 Member
    edited May 2015
    It's NOT dccache that you clear! It's a few cache files that are packages.

    You can also move out your screen shots folder and delete or move out files in your downloads folder that you have already installed.

    You might have to rename your lot and try again.
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