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Have you ever cried over something that happened in your game?



  • PatiPatouPatiPatou Posts: 46 Member
    I cannot say I did cried, but when my first sim had a baby it moved more than I thought it was possible.

    I used to only do buildings in the game, so she was my first sim and I put a lot of time into her development. When that happened, wow, I was truly touched. :blush:
  • MythicBiscuitMythicBiscuit Posts: 32 Member
    When one of the pets on the game died. :( I can handle sims dying, but not their pets!
  • bluelightingbluelighting Posts: 665 Member
    I played sims 2 had a couple they went out to play in the snow. then he went in and she was running to the house and she froze. at first i panicked. he went out to try and help her finally he got her unfrozen.
  • thesimmer77thesimmer77 Posts: 33 Member
    No, don't think I ever cried over game....................well, maybe once. There was a technique in Metroid where you go into the wall and go up, but if you got stuck you had to turn your game off because there was no way to end it (you couldn't die) I called nintendo game counselors and the guy said "Well, it sounds like you are going to start crying on the phone" not a very nice guy, I think I just hung up.
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