An Obnoxious Psychosausage tests the boundaries of the Sims 4 emotions

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So, Sims 4. They have something new that all other sims games don't have - emotions. Now I've been playing with some fairly rounded happy go lucky arty/musiciany type sims, but this month I added a robot maid and an evil genius supervillian and have been pretty underwhelmed by the lack of any difference emotion and action wise between these new members and their existing family.

So as a bit of a laugh I thought I would go out of my way to create the most obnoxious, evil and annoying sim - and let him loose on a family of squeamish, snobby, hot headed people to see if these really are the smarter sims we've been told about.


So Mr. Sausages knocks on the door of the Tense family at 4.30 am waking them all up, (they didn't seem to mind this complete stranger doing this but maybe they were up anyway doing push-ups - who knows, they are all invisble until I open the door) and then once inside, I make my meat and bap based chap rudely greet them all then treat them all to the delightful aromas of his his stomach contents for 10 minutes, I make him tell everyone he's a criminal mastermind, he yells, insults, and generally wazzocks about to raise his mischief level...

screen45.jpg he can start destroying their plumbing.


I was onto the third sink - when oh oh, here comes trouble, looks like I've been busted. She might be smiling- but I bet it's an angry smile. It looks like I'm in for a rough ride, and that cheeky grin is because she's just thought of an evil satisfying punishment for my tom-foolery...


any second now...


...oh, she just wanted to eat in the toilet, fair enough - who am I to judge.


Tired with all this anti-plumbing, I thought I would get some rest. It was a big mansion with loads of places to rest my head, but Mr. Sausages knew the bed he wanted.


Excellent, by simply clicking the bed and selecting 'sleep' The sleeping mother Sim happily accepts being turfed off her own bed without me even having to wake her up first, and lets her despised new visitor, sink destroyer and serial flatulator get a well deserved sleep in her favourite bed.
It's very possible her snobby squeamish hot headed traits would have kicked in but she had been resting. I know if I'm disturbed by a trouble maker just after I've gone to sleep after a tiring and stressful day, I too can sometimes leap off the bed smiling, and walk off instantly to play a computer game.


So now, fully rested. Mr. sausages goes downstairs to see the one of the family staring at something - not sure what as I couldn't pin point it, but it must have been interesting. More interesting than that boring old broken sink anyway.


I was about to greet her with a gust, but before I could - Mr. Sausages wanted to complain about the mess that the kitchen was in - silly sausage must have forgot it was his doing - then Bam - She put her fist through his stomach. At last some aggravation I thought.


...Ah no, my mistake, she was just chatting too close to him resulting in clipping


I needed to up the stakes, not one of the family had decided to pick a fight with my cheeky chum. I needed a fight. Not just any fight - but a fight in front of her own mother.


At least she is watching the fight, I thought as the scuffle commenced....


...Oh, she was just waiting to talk to me about her career.


When I then throw a drink over her daughter, she got up...Oh, it's to do push-ups. Maybe she is getting fit so she can fight me better.


So both tired now, they go and (for some reason being as there are 8 beds) sleep in the same one together. Close family I guess.


So I think it would be a good idea to raise my mischief level. I send a chain letter. But because I don't know anyone, I only get the mother and daughter as an option. I do it anyway thinking it will be a nice surprise for them in the morning...


Oh silly me. I forgot the technology is that advanced in Sims 4 that people can receive and reply to emails directly in their dreams. Time to try some prank calls - ha that will wake them up...




So after that, I left the family to dream about onions and decided this experiment hadn't really lived up to my expectations. Unless they are storing up all their negative emotions and will take their revenge tomorrow, which is a shame because I will be making a child hating, squeamish, loner sim and put him in a house with 7 crying babies and no door instead.

They will just have to wait to kick Mr. Sausages' bin over.


Part 2 : Mr. Sausages Feels Warm

Part 3 : Mr. Sausages Gets to Work

Part 4 : Mr. Sausages Sneak Peak

Part 5 : Quick Update

Part 6 : The Early Adopters

Part 7 : Grinding the Evil

Part 8 : Of Hate

Part 9 : Anger Management

Part 10 : Bin Done

Part 11 : A Change of Air

Part 12 : The Second Wind

Part 13 : Unlucky for Sim.

Part 13b : The Other Place

Part 14 : Take Art

Episode 15 : Let's Go Shopping

Episode 16 : Mr. Sausages Plum Job : Part One

Episode 16 : Mr. Sausages Plum Job : Part Two

Episode 16 : Mr. Sausages Plum Job : Part Three

Episode 16 : Mr. Sausages Plum Job : Part Four

Episode 16 : Mr. Sausages Plum Job : Part Five

Episode 16 : Mr. Sausages Plum Job : Part Six

Episode 16 : Mr. Sausages Plum Job : Part Seven

Episode 16 : Mr. Sausages Plum Job : Part Eight

Episode 16 : Mr. Sausages Plum Job : Part Nine

Links to Downloadables


Glasses and Posters

T-Shirts and Caps


@greenXen has made some wonderful emojis


and can be found here...


There's been some fantastic contributions by other Simmers in this thread with their own versions of Mr S. using Sims 2 and 3

@brainybee and @bobyo2001 have really gone the extra mile in recreating the same sort of scenarios I have in 4, and are great fun to see and compare. Splendid stuff, and (because I can't seem to link to the posts exactly)
those alternatives start about this page...

Quite surprised how this throw away thread took off really, I'll add further links to the other bits when they are done.

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  • king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 25,083 Member
    'Weirder stories' I guess
  • EmberDahlEmberDahl Posts: 332 Member
    Yes it's a little disappointing- it really took a long time for them to despise me too. I was doing that noxious cloud thing for ages, and most of the time the family was building up positives towards him. Even though the mother and daughter were snobby squeamish types. I don't really use the gallery bit @aktex I tend to turn off the internet bit to minimise the crashing potential. I can upload him for you if you really want him though - I gave up after mischief 6 - he has no other skills.
  • Gnarl_LeeGnarl_Lee Posts: 1,014 Member
    i guess the sims are just not prepared for this level of sausages kinda reminds me of some of the people here on the forums...spooky
  • Mashimar0Mashimar0 Posts: 1,770 Member
    SelenaGrey wrote: »
    Wow... that is disappointing.

    I'd actually really like a guru to read this and comment. What is the point of even having traits if they do nothing.

    Yes, some traits have some sort of an impact, but others have less. I was annoyed today when Pancake Bob, who is a lazy slob, autonomously decided to go clean, and then got a tense moodlet for doing too many chores. Sounds like a personal problem.

    sounds like an average married man, wanted to be lazy and watch ESPN, but got nagged by his wife and forced to do chores :#
  • ShepherdmoonShepherdmoon Posts: 1,486 Member
    Gnarl_Lee wrote: »
    i guess the sims are just not prepared for this level of sausages kinda reminds me of some of the people here on the forums...spooky

    If only the forum users here could ignore trolls like that... things would be different...
  • lissiealissiea Posts: 175 Member
    This is completely hilarious! On a related note, the only time I've seen a sorta reaction was when my good Sim met a mean Sim and got so agitated she went to kick a trashcan.
  • RoyaiChaosRoyaiChaos Posts: 905 Member
    Gnarl_Lee wrote: »
    i guess the sims are just not prepared for this level of sausages kinda reminds me of some of the people here on the forums...spooky

    And that is the problem with TS4's smarter sims, the earlier games with "fake" emotions would have responded appropriately. In TS2 there would have been a brawl after the first couple insults. I am really really really hoping they fix their emotions system before their EP release.

    I hope at least one guru reads this post and sees why some of us are complaining about smarter sims.

    I don't want a brawl after a couple insults either... Somewhere in the middle would be nice.
  • SimsweetieSimsweetie Posts: 562 Member
    How sad but apt. They just don't react to anything unless it's happening directly to them and even then its a toss up. And I agree, Mr. Sausage belongs on the gallery!
  • AndygalAndygal Posts: 1,280 Member
    edited February 2015
    That's just sad and depressing. But "Mr Sausage" is funny.

    Also, I hope you don't mind that I crossposted this on MTS for you.
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  • JCsS1MSJCsS1MS Posts: 1,148 Member
    Extremely disappointing. I've noticed this too. My Leigh will be fighting with Jeni and her mom doesn't even acknowledge it or care.
  • LarsEriksson68LarsEriksson68 Posts: 13 New Member
    > @LaAbby said:
    > The other thing .. the email/chat system thing bothers me.
    > Once my sim decided to chat to another sim via computer, and then all of a sudden outside I saw a sim have the green plus thing over their head. I quickly realized that's who he was chatting to while she kept walking past the house.
    > Was annoyed so I didn't even bother using that anymore.

    At least it had an effect on their relation. The email/chat system thing was a problem in TS3 as well. It did actually work for text messages, so that the recipient received a notification and checked his/her phone at the first opportunity, but not for regular phone calls. In both TS3 and TS4, even if it appears that you're having a long phone conversation with someone, it doesn't correspond to what happens at the other end.
  • IngeJonesIngeJones Posts: 3,247 Member
    Shaobun wrote: »
    Depressing just about sums this up. Major flaw and even more major fail on EAs part. They should've left the "emotions" to our imagination and focused more on... I don't know, whatever would make the sims respond appropriately.

    That's why I liked TS1. They may have had fixed mesh faces that didn't change with their emotions, but you could choose a face to start with that was already looking angry, sad, pleasant etc and give them personality bar points to suit. And the really DID respond to each other in a way that matched their personalities. And matched their interests, once the game included those magazines that gave them interests. And because of all that it was really easy to imagine their feelings.

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