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Sims 4 Time Lord Challenge (Updated November 2021)



  • nastyjmannastyjman Posts: 1,211 Member
    edited November 19
    After a long hiatus, I came back playing Sims 4. Tried some legacy challenges and just playing normal, but I always return to my Time Lord. I think I have this fantasy of being a time traveler and being immortal.

    Anyway, with a good month replaying and taking notes of how it's keeping me engaged this time around. I noticed that restricting money cheats for this challenge was a mistake. There are already objectives tied to the challenge that makes it worthwhile, and money is easy to make in this game anyway. So with that, money cheats are allowed once again.

    Because money cheats are allowed, I also modified the Temperamental TARDIS rules. Instead of gaining or losing money every billing cycle, you are now penalized with low-level furniture. So one week you'll be stuck with an uncomfortable bed and next week maybe a low-grade shower and toilet.

    Finally, I revised the rules for the "Likes and Dislikes" feature added to the base game. At the start, you don't have any likes or dislikes. During the course of the challenge, when the game asks if your Time Lord likes or dislikes something, then you must accept. When regenerating, likes and dislikes are once again reset. This has been fun since you get to see your Time Lord's preferences evolve.

    All these changes had "testingcheats" in mind. You'll notice that the rules won't need testingcheats to be on anymore.

    So, in summary
    • Money cheats are now allowed.
    • Temperamental TARDIS is revamped. Instead of losing or gaining money, you are now penalized with low-level furniture based on your dice roll.
    • Revised rules for "Likes and Dislikes" and added section for it in the rules.
    • Removed "testingcheats on" step from Regeneration Phase.
  • nastyjmannastyjman Posts: 1,211 Member
    Minor clarification on the "Companion" and "Companion Story Arc" sections in the Roleplaying Guide. Re-Traiting potions are usable by companions. This works great, especially when you get companions from the Unplayed Sims pool who grew up and got negative traits.
  • nastyjmannastyjman Posts: 1,211 Member

    The Likes and Dislikes had made this challenge a bit more funny and exciting.

    So my Fourth reincarnation got the High-Maintenance trait, which is a pain in the fretishay. When they got Very Angry, I told them to meditate on it. Just my luck, the game asked if my Time Lord dislikes Wellness, which I have to accept because the rule says so.

    Now I tiptoe around my Time Lord, trying not to make him Angry. And when he does, I quickly get him to meditate without them getting very Tense.

    It's a pain, but a hilarious outcome on my expense. At least they have 6 days remaining before the next regeneration. Hopefully they'll be manageable on the next reincarnation.
  • nastyjmannastyjman Posts: 1,211 Member
    I have to say, the Likes and Dislikes have made the game interesting, especially when regenerating. If you want to add variety to your game, I suggest clearing out your Sim's Likes and Dislikes whenever they age up.

    Anyway, this new update on the rules had kept me playing. Usually I'd get bored by now and play another game, but so far I bought 3 expansions this time around (with the discounts, of course).

    So here's my current Time Lord:


    First Counselor

    Second Counselor

    Third Counselor

    Fourth Counselor

    Fifth Counselor

    Current Mementos of The Counselor
  • nastyjmannastyjman Posts: 1,211 Member
    Neighborhood Stories incoming!

    Now my Companions don't have to move out and live an unfulfilling life dictated by the cold algorithm.

  • nastyjmannastyjman Posts: 1,211 Member
    I recently bought the University Pack and Return to Batuu Pack. Gotta' say, I appreciate the Batuu Pack for the ceiling light which ties the look of a TARDIS control room together. Also, the door from University Pack is a great door for the classic Police Box look.



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