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Have social moodlets deteriorate slower, please make them shut up and eat lol!

I have a Sim family of 6, two parents four kids! But even before there were kids, the two parents can't get to work on time because they spend 3-4 hours eating. They take one bite in between social dialogue that doesn't move their social up very much and you can't stop them. If you make one move to a different room, the other one (or whole family) will follow them, thus prolonging the meal even longer. The only way I can get all of them with high moodlets is to leave them sleeping in the bed, and wake them one by one, making sure to only have one eat at a time, and usually have to start this the night before school/work. And inevitably somebody is always at school or work and they are all red because they didn't pee when they should have etc. I spend all my time on basic needs, forget about whims or working on skills.
I also do not like that you can't have two family members at the gym, and check back in on your twins unless your two at the gym go home. On TS3 you could check up on your maid, and check on the babysitter to make sure they didn't neglect your kids or their duties, much better in TS3.
Thanks for listening to me gripe! :)


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