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Hello! Come and introduce yourself!


  • QueenOfNowhereQueenOfNowhere Posts: 29 Member
    Hello, I’m a long-time fan and player of The Sims games. I started with the Sims 3 which I played for hours and hours for years. I moved up to the Sims 4 when that came out and have loved the new additions and life its brought to the series, the graphics are different but I think it’s a good different. I like the creative tools as well. I write a lot of stories and also use the Sims 4 for my story making and writing ^^

    A little about me...: I have Autism. I’m passionate about writing, acting, collecting things, music (OMG I do sooo much singing) and I love watching movies and TV series. I spend most of my time singing, writing and acting... I love to be creative which I think is why I love the Sims games so much. I like doing Youtube videos, nothing big, just expressing my creativeness and doing video diaries.

    Here’s 5 facts about me:
    1. I’m from the United Kingdom in Wales, in the valleys.
    2. I play the guitar, piano, drums, violin and recorder.
    3. My song of the moment is Anti-Hero by Taylor Swift.
    4. My fav TV series is Only Fools and Horses.
    5. I recently turned 26 ^^
  • CharlieMitsukuniCharlieMitsukuni Posts: 1 New Member
    Hey guys!!
    I've been a fan of the game since the beginning, I remember sharing The Sims 1 expansions with a friend in school, I had all of them and I loved the game! I also had all of the expansions for The Sims 2 and that was the point when I became obsessed with the game :D
    I've never owned The Sims 3, but I played a lot at a friends house and I felt it was completely different from the others but in a good way :p
    Now I have The Sims 4 on PS4 and I'm completely obsessed with it, I try to play a couple hours a day, and I'm currently doing a few challenges and I'm having so much fun!! <3

    Couple of things about me:
    - I'm 29;
    - I'm from Portugal;
    - I'm a history lover;
    - I love cats and dogs (mostly cats ;) )
    - It's my first time at a Sims forum

    I hope you guys enjoy having me here and vice versa :*
  • ladyofthewindladyofthewind Posts: 2 New Member
    Hello everyone I am Zara. I have been addicted to Sims since Sims 2, I would have been so original Sims but my parents thought Sims was terrible <.< the whole woohoo thing xD. Anyways I figured I would join the forum because I keep having ideas and would love a place I can share these ideas. Doubt they will catch attention but hey worth a try ^.^
  • mboglesbymboglesby Posts: 18 Member
    Hello fellow simmers! I’m an OG simmer - I’ve played since the original game came out over two decades ago 😆 I had most of the expansions then moved up to TS2, then TS3 and now TS4 though I just started play TS3 again. I’d really like to be able to create a new thread so am trying to rank up from “new member” to “member”…as an OG player, I’m old and this whole rank thing is a little confusing. My favorite discussion topic is speculation and rumor! I also feel like I have tons of game play ideas so I’m hoping to find my ‘keyboard voice’ and start getting more involved on the forums instead of just reading everybody else’s wonderful input!
    Where are my other OG simmers in their 30’s and 40’s at??
  • RainKikoRainKiko Posts: 31 Member
    I new and totally lost and confused about how to post and stuff. But I know how to quote! I made my first sim4 youtube! But I cant make a custom thumbnail on youtube cause it says my phone has been used tooooo many times. Meh. Just started sims a week ago I'm late!
  • chackeechackee Posts: 4 New Member
    Hi, I'm Greta! :smile: I started playing Sims 4 in 2021 and to this day I remain addicted to the game haha. My favourite part of the game obviously has to be building. Just started doing YouTube videos as well so that has been a lot of fun too...
  • RitchieRitchie Posts: 107 Member
    edited February 4
    [...] A little about me...: I have Autism. [...]
    That's really cool. :) After fifteen years I finally took my childhood diagnoses seriously and will start treatment for autism and ADHD a month from now. Happy to know I'm not the only odd one out there! :)

    So I'm kinda sort of new here I suppose. Actually a refugee from the Dutch forums which got closed a few weeks (months?) ago, and only rarely showed up here in the last fourteen years. But I kinda like my username on this website cause I'm one of the few who got away with having their first name as username, so it'd be a shame to stop posting. :) So happy to get more active again in the international forums!
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