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Hello! Come and introduce yourself!

rosemowrosemow Posts: 144,302 Member
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Hello! Welcome to the Forums! This thread is for new and old simmers to come and introduce themselves, and say a little bit about themselves. We can get to know each other, and welcome simmers to the forums. I look forward to meeting you all, and hearing a little bit about you.
Happy simming to everyone!
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  • shadowcat85shadowcat85 Posts: 5,219 Member
    rosemow wrote: »
    Hello @shadowcat85 :) You would enjoy having your pets in your household. Listening to music and reading comics are nice and fun ways to spend time. Enjoy gaming !

    My sims always have pets. :)

    In sims 3 I had alot of fun making comic book characters as sims and playing out stories with them. I entered contests with some of them and managed to win with 2 of them.
    I want to do that again with Sims 4 but I need to wait until someone makes some CC costumes for some of them.
    I am also waiting patiently for the return of Supernatural to recreate my witch legacy :)

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