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Level 8 of career already checked off, even though only at Level 4

MsPhyMsPhy Posts: 5,054 Member
@crinrict, I could not find my problem on the compiled list, and when I tried to read "How does this forum work?" it sent me to the first post (which says to read "How does this forum work?") Anyway ...

At the time of the December 16 patch, I had a Sim with the Public Enemy Aspiration. She was at level 4 in the Criminal career. The patch apparently changed the aspiration requirements and moved her from 2/4 to 3/4 of the aspiration. One of the requirements of 3/4 was to reach level 8 in the criminal career, and it was checked off as being already completed. I decided it must have been a quirk caused by the change in the aspiration requirements, and I let it go.

Today I had another Sim with the Public Enemy aspiration reach level 4 of the criminal career. She started the Public Enemy aspiration on December 21 and then started the criminal career on December 31. The final requirement of 2/4 was to reach level 4 of the criminal career. That put her to 3/4 of the Public Enemy aspiration. However, when she moved from 2/4 to 3/4, the requirement to reach level 8 of the career was already checked off.

I have read of numerous cases in other aspirations where there was a requirement to reach level 8 of a certain career, and it was already checked off even though they were only at level 4. I assumed these people got caught in the middle of the aspiration by the December 16 patch. However, my new case clearly shows that being mid-aspiration at the time of the December 16 patch is not the problem. The problem is somewhere in the coding of the aspirations themselves.


I'm linking some other folks who have experienced similar:



ETA2: @SimGuruBChick, I'm tagging you also, because I want to be sure someone sees this.
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  • cherparcherpar Posts: 2,056 Member
    Agreed, also happend to me for public enemy. I think the same happend on the culinary chef career, it registers early.
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