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The Man From Pleasantview

angl2005151angl2005151 Posts: 149 Member
When we could get the Sims 2 Ultimate, I started looking for my old neighbourhoods. And I was happy to find the neighbourhood of the last Sims2 story I was making.

Before you start reading this story, I have to let you know a few things:

I started this story back in 2009, about six months before the release the Sims3.

I never thought of this neighbourhood, until I noticed I stored it on a disc. I decided to put in my new Sims2 game again and as I scrolled through the photo's I had already taken, the story came back to me and decided I wanted to share it with everyone.

Because of this, the first five chapters will consist of photo's I had taken in 2009 and from chapter 6 are photo's I have taken recently.
If the story moves on fast, blame that on my 2009 self, I just didn't wanted those photo's go to waste!

Also, English isn't my native language, so be warned of spelling mistakes.

As you will notice, I changed Juliette Capp, to Juliet Capp. I liked the spelling of that name better because of the history of it :)

You can read the first three chapters on:

Nicole's Sims Story's


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