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I thought that I would start a thread where Simmers can post rooms that they create based on a particular theme that is chosen for that week. There will be a theme given for the week, and during that week simmers can post rooms related to that theme. Come to this thread and post pictures of your room! It will not be a contest where there is a winner. The simming community is the winner because we all then have new rooms to download and use in our games/builds ! I just want to encourage everyone to post rooms. Your rooms will all be very warmly welcomed here! It will be interesting to see the different rooms that sims create based on the chosen theme! It will also give us new furnishing and design ideas!
More information in the next posts!
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    These posts contain links to the rest of the week's themes

    The theme for the first week was :
    "Grandma's Kitchen"
    Design and furnish a kitchen that a grandmother would enjoy cooking in!
    Link to post that contains entries

    The theme for the second week was:
    A Colourful Little Girl's Bedroom"
    This room is for a little girl who has been in hospital having surgery and the hospital walls were white. She has now come home, and her parents have made her bedroom very colourful! The little girl likes lots of colours in her room! When she was in hospital, she had her favourite teddy bear with her to keep her company. This teddy bear needs to be in her bedroom! ( There can be more than one teddy bear in the room )
    Link to post that contains entries :

    The theme for the third week was :
    "The Annual Florist Dinner Party"
    Fiona is a Florist. She enjoys working with flowers and plants in her career as a Florist, and this is reflected in her home which contains a lot of flowers and plants. She is a bit concerned though, because this week is the "Annual Florist Dinner Party"... and it is her turn to hold the event! There will be Florists coming from everywhere in Willow Creek and Oasis Springs, and she is quite nervous! She wants her dining room to look very nice for all these Florists, and especially needs to contain flowers and plants.! They all enjoy eating in dining rooms where they are looking at flowers and plants. Fiona would be very happy if you could please create a dining room for her. She doesn't want the kitchen a part of the dining room though. She likes to cook in her kitchen on her own, in a separate room, and then she doesn't need to worry if she makes a mess on the benches whilst cooking. She doesn't need you to design the kitchen, because that won't be on display.
    She would like a dining room where she can host the Annual Florists Dinner Party.
    Link to post that contains entries

    The theme for the fourth week was :
    The theme is : A Study for a retired gentleman
    Colin is an elderly gentleman. He used to work as a clock and watch maker, but he has now retired from his work. He loves his wife and they are the best of friends, but sometimes he just wants to spend some time on his own in his own study. He would like you to design a study for him. He enjoys listening to music. He also would like to be reminded of his clock and watching making career whilst in his study.
    Could you please design this study for Colin? He would be very grateful!
    Link to post that contains entries:

    The theme for the fifth week was: A Wedding Reception Room.
    Alison and Timothy are very excited! They are soon getting married! They have been planning all the details of the wedding, and what they are going to wear. They were just about to send out their wedding invitations... when they realised that they hadn't organised a room to hold their reception after the wedding ! They are getting married indoors at a Chapel, and so have organised the wedding ceremony area. They just need a reception room to go to after they have had their wedding photos taken, where they and their wedding guests can enjoy dining. Will they be able to dance there too? Or listen to music? They will leave that to what you decide to include!
    Could you please design a reception room for them? They don't mind if the room is an indoors room or an outdoors room. They are so looking forward to their happy wedding day!
    Link to post that contains entries :

    The theme for the sixth was : A Dream Bathroom.
    Katie always dreamed that one day she would have her dream home. It would be designed and furnished just the way she would like it to be. At the moment though, she is unable to have this dream home. But she has had a great idea! Although she can't have her dream home, she will instead renovate the bathroom in her own current home and make it just how she would like it to be! She would like it if you could design a dream bathroom for her! It can be any style of bathroom, and any colour scheme.Your idea of her dream bathroom may be different to another simmer's idea of Katie's dream bathroom, so it will be fun seeing how you approach the design and furnishing of the bathroom!
    The link to post that contains entries

    The theme for the seventh week was : A Bakery Room for Bethany
    Bethany is sooo excited! Her dream of opening a bakery is almost becoming a reality! Ever since she was a little girl she dreamed that one day she would open her own bakery store ! She has been cooking and cooking endlessly to perfect the recipes, and to be able to sell yummy, delicious food! Her grandparents, family and friends all have been taste testers and they all like her food! She now just can't wait to open up her bakery store and sell her baked goods to other sims now too! But... there is a little problem. She has been excitedly preparing for the opening of her bakery by doing lots of cooking...but she forgot that she really does need to have a bakery room to sell her food in! She is very skilled in cooking but she is not very good at setting up a bakery room to sell her baked goods in! She would like you to design one for her! She would like it to include tables and chairs where customers can sit and eat the food. Also she would like her customers to be able to enjoy reading a book whilst they are eating there, so there needs to be a bookcase in the room. She will leave it up to you what else the bakery room includes! You may decide that Bethany would like to also sell other items in her bakery room that are not food items too. You are very welcome to make that a part of her bakery room too! It can be a combined bakery and other goods shop room! I will look forward to seeing your bakery rooms! You can enter the challenge whether you have GTW or not. You can use items from GTW if you would like to!
    Link to entries :

    The theme for the eighth week was: Twin teen boy's bedroom
    John and Jeff are twin teen brothers.They are identical in looks, they have grown up wearing the same type of clothes, and they have names that both start with J! But... it is easy to tell them apart when you have been with them for a little while because they differ in what they like doing.
    I will tell you a little bit about them. John likes to go to parties. Jeff prefers to stay at home, reading a book. They both enjoy listening to music, but John would prefer singing and dancing to the music whilst Jeff instead prefers to play the musical instruments. Jeff is very interested in dinosaurs and outer space . John has lots of fun playing sports and spending time outdoors.
    Their family has just moved to a new home, and the twins are going to be sharing a bedroom together. They would like a bedroom that suits both of them!
    Link to entries :

    The theme for the ninth week was : A fruity kitchen!
    Felicity is a gardener. She grows a variety of fruit in her garden. They taste delicious and very flavoursome! She makes yummy fruit salad in her kitchen! She enjoys spending time in her kitchen! What she would really like, is for her kitchen to resemble the colour of her fruits! Could you please design and furnish a kitchen room that is based on two fruits! The colour scheme of the kitchen will be based on these two fruits. It doesn't need to be fruit that is in the sims game. When you enter this week's challenge could be please also tell us what the two fruits are. You can either include them in the title of the room, or list them separately. I will look forward to seeing the fruity kitchens !
    Link to entries :

    The theme for the tenth week was : A toy/play room
    Heather and Harold are young children, and are sister and brother. They are moving to a new home! They are looking forward to making new friends in their neighbourhood! They plan to invite their new friends to their new home to play after school. Their Mother and Father said to them one day that they had a big surprise for them! The surprise was...they could have their own special toy room in the home! They could invite their friends there to play, as well as of course play there anytime they would like to! They are so excited! Their parents would be very grateful if you could design the toy /play room for them!
    Link to entries :

    The theme for the eleventh week was : A retirement village living/ dining room.
    Nancy and Bert are an elderly retired couple that are moving to a retirement village. They have found that their big family home is too large for them now that their family has grown up. They are going to buy a smaller unit in the retirement village. The unit will have a combined living and dining room. They are looking forward to furnishing their living/dining room. They are not too well, and are unable to cook their own meals, so for each meal they go to a community kitchen on the village site and collect a cooked meal to have in their own unit. Sometimes the meals are delivered to them. This means that they don't need or want a kitchen area in their unit. But...they do like making their own cup of tea or coffee in their own unit. There is nothing like drinking a nice cup of tea or coffee! This means that they would like a coffee maker or tea maker in the living/dining room.
    Could you please design and furnish their living/dining room for them?
    Link to entries :

    The theme for the twelfth week was : A music room.
    The Simworld is very excited! Sims from all over Willow Creek and Oasis Springs are waiting in expectation! The news is that ...Maxi's Marvellous Musicians Band is coming to perform in the worlds! Sims everywhere are preparing to attend the musical performances! There is just a little problem. They need a music room to practice in. They have already booked a venue to perform in, but they need a room in the home where they are staying at so as they can practise. They are very grateful to the sims household whose home that they are staying at, so they would like to also put on a little performance for them there in the house , but it will only be for the members in that household and perhaps a few friends , which means only a few sims. Could you please design a music room that the sims can practice in as well as provide a small performance?
    Link to entries :

    The theme of the thirteenth week was : A chocolate and strawberries teen bedroom.
    Melissa is feeling quite stressed. She is a teen and is studying hard for her exams, and the pressure is quite hard on her. Her parents have decided to surprise her by making over her bedroom. Melissa likes chocolate dipped strawberries! Her parents decided that it might make her laugh if they made over her bedroom with a chocolate and strawberries themed! Chocolate snacks can help your energy levels when studying , and so having a chocolate and strawberry themed room may help her studying! She has a study nook as a part of her room, so that after she stays up late studying, she can go straight to sleep after she gets too tired.
    Could you please help her parents redesign her room? Thankyou!
    Link to entries :

    The theme for the fourteenth week was : A 21st Birthday party room
    Happy 21st birthday Amy! Amy is celebrating her 21st birthday at home. The invitations have been sent, and her birthday date is nearing. She is quite excited! Her family wants to set up a room in their home where she, her family and her friends can celebrate her 21st birthday together. They plan to have food for the party guests to eat and they would like the guests to be able to have a drink at the party. Could you please create a party room for her? It will be a special 21st birthday party for her to always remember!
    The rooms need to be posted by Tuesday 26th May Midnight PDT
    Link to entries.

    The theme for the fifteenth week was :A games and entertainment room for the holidays!
    It is school holidays! It is work holidays! The whole Simmersville household of sims are home together...and they need a family games and entertainment room for them to have fun playing games in or enjoy entertainment together! Friends are coming to visit too! There will little children, teens, young adults, adults and elders there too! Could you please design a games and entertainment room to suit all ages?
    They look forward to spending fun family time together!
    Link to entries :

    The theme for the sixteenth was :A combined gym and study.
    Edward is a bank officer. Every day he helps bank customers with their financial transactions. But...he knows that there are much more important things to life than owning money. He wants to keep his body fit and also keep active in his mind. Trying to maintain his health is important to him. His job can sometimes be quite stressful. He is planning to have a special room in his home. It is going to be half a gym, to help his body health, and half a study, so as he can use his mind to keep that active. He would be very pleased if you could design this room for him!
    Link to entries :

    The theme for the seventeenth week was : A Baby room!
    Hannah and Timothy have just become parents for the first time ! They have just had a little child! They are looking forward to bringing their child home, but a little bit nervous too! Hannah is a little unwell after the birth and the baby was born premature and needs to be monitored. This means that they need to stay a few days in hospital. Whilst Hannah and their child are still in hospital could you please help Timothy to create a special baby room to surprise Hannah and the little child? I will leave it up to you whether they have had a daughter or a son.
    Link to entries :

    The theme for the eighteenth week was : A Summertime outdoors dining area.
    Mary and Michael enjoy inviting family and friends to their home for meals. In Summertime, they enjoy cooking outdoors and serving the meals outside, so as their guests can either enjoy the sunshine through the day, or the evening air at night time. They would like to have an outdoors dining room where they and their guests can enjoy cooking and dining together. They would like a bar so as their guests can have a drink. They would be very happy if you could design an outdoors dining area for them!
    You do not need to have the Perfect Patio stuff pack items to do this room. Of course you are very welcome to use them if you do own this new stuff pack!
    Pools, ponds, and water features are excluded from being in the rooms.
    Link to entries :

    The theme for the nineteenth week was : a guest bedroom.
    Doris and David often have guests staying at their home. If a friend is traveling near their home, they always know that they will receive a very warm welcome when visiting their home! Doris and David have decided to set up a special guest bedroom for their visitors. Their guests are usually couples or a single, and they don't have children. They would like their guests to feel at home when visiting their home. They don't want to have a bar, food or tea/coffee facilities in the room, because guests always enjoy dining or drinking with them. Could you please design a guest bedroom that Doris and David will be happy to have their guests staying in? It can be any style of bedroom.
    Link to entries :

    The theme for the twentieth week was : a flag themed coloured kitchen
    Claire enjoys traveling to countries all around the world! She enjoys meeting new people, making new friends in the countries, visiting tourist attractions, as well as enjoying tasting new food dishes! She sometimes travels by cruise ship, other times by plane, and also travelling by train or car are other modes of transport. Of course, she also enjoys returning to her own home too! Travelling is fun, but home is a very nice place to be as well! She enjoys cooking in her home kitchen. She was preparing a meal one day, and all of a sudden an idea formed in her mind. She decided that she would like to have a kitchen that resembled the colours of the flags of one of the countries that she has visited! Could you please design this type of coloured kitchen for her? Take the colours of a country, and use that for your kitchen! Could you also please tell us what country you decide to use the colours of the flag from. Claire will look forward to seeing the kitchens!
    Link to entries:

    The theme for the 21st week was : A multipurpose ballroom and dance studio room.
    Jennifer has a very nice home! Her husband and herself enjoy throwing parties and so every weekend they have guests visiting their home for a meal. After Jennifer, her husband and their party guests have enjoyed a happy time of dining together, Jennifer has always wanted to have a room where they could all enjoy dancing together. Her dream is to have a ballroom in her home. Her guests could then dance the night away! Could you please make her dream a reality? They have already eaten their meal, so they will not be wanting to dine there. There is another "small" detail to mention! Jennifer is a dancing teacher. Through the week, she would like to teach her child students in a small section of the room. This section needs to have child themed furnishings that are bright and happy for the young children to see when they dancing! She wants to be able to use the ballroom all through the week!
    Link to entries :

    The theme for the 22nd week was : A wellness room.
    Suzanne and Ryan are a married couple who have a busy life. Suzanne works as a librarian and Ryan is a car mechanic patrolman that is on call for when cars break down in traffic. He travels to where the car has broken down and tries to get the cars working again. Their jobs can be quite stressful. They enjoy coming home and just spending time relaxing in their home after a busy day. They also have family members who are unwell, and whom they are supporting through difficult times. They have decided to set up a " wellness room" in their home. It will be a room where they can just take time to rest, and have a break from pressures, worries and stresses in their lives. Could you please set up a "wellness room" for them? I have chosen the theme this week in case people would like to use items from the new Spa Day Game pack. You do not need to use those items though! You can decide what type of wellness room you would like to design. It can be any style that you decide! Perhaps you will set it like a spa room? Perhaps you will design it like a bathroom? or it may be a like a gym? or it may be a place surrounded by flowers? Or it might be a place with books or a music room? There are a variety of ways that you can create a Wellness room! It just needs to be a place that helps the sims either in their minds or bodies when they spend time there.
    Link to entries

    The theme for the 23rd week was : a seasonal kitchen
    Melody lives in the Northern Hemisphere and she has many friends that live in the Southern Hemisphere. She often chats with them over the Internet, through emails or by phone. She is sooo excited because she has just discovered that some of them will soon be going on a trip around the world and they will be visiting her! They will be able to speak face to face! It always feels strange to her that the seasons that her friends are experiencing are totally the opposite in weather conditions! When it is Wintertime and she is feeling quite cold and it is snowing outside, her friends are experiencing very hot weather and are enjoying spending at the beach in the sunshine because it is Summertime! Just as orange, red and yellow leaves are appearing in Autumn/Fall, pretty Spring flowers are appearing over the other side of the world! Melody has decided to design her kitchen in preparation for her guests with a seasonal theme. She hasn't decided yet if she will choose her current season or the season that her guests are experiencing at home or choose neither of the current seasons and do one of the other seasons! Could you please create either a Summer, Autumn/Fall , Winter or Spring themed kitchen for her? Please tell us which season you choose to do.
    Link to entries :

    The theme for the 24th week was : An indoors gardening room.
    Glenda is a gardener. She really enjoys doing gardening, because it calms her mind , gives her body some exercise, and she enjoys looking at her flowers and fruit and vegetables growing. She is delighted when harvest time arrives! When Wintertime comes though, she finds it too cold to be out in the garden. She is sad because she will miss doing her gardening. But... then she had an idea! She will design an indoors garden room for her home! It will be a room in her home that she can go and do her gardening in! She will be able to go there anytime and do gardening without getting cold. Could you please help her by creating this indoors gardening room for her? She needs to have a little area in the room where there are seats so she can sit and enjoy looking at her flowers and plants and enjoy the setting. She always brings a cup of tea outdoors with her to enjoy after her gardening, so she also needs a teapot or a teaset or the tea maker in the room. She doesn't like having a drink from the bar. A cup of tea is her favourite drink!
    She would be very happy if you could design for her an indoors garden room!
    Link to entries :

    The next themes are in this post :
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    The theme for the 25 th week was : a dressing room for a celebrity.
    It is very exciting! The well known TV celebrity , Monica Maxisimmerville is visiting the sims worlds! She is going to be doing interviews and appearing on the local simsTV station. Of course, with such an important celebrity visiting the TV station, there needs to be a dressing room prepared for her so that she can get herself ready for the interviews! Could you please design a dressing room for her? Her one demand is that there needs to be a wall speaker, or stereo or music player in the room so as she can listen to some music to relax her before her interviews.
    Link to entries :

    The theme for the 26th week was :a kids bathroom
    Kate and her family are moving to a new home! Kate is a young child and is sooo excited! Her mother has promised that there will a bathroom just for her! She can't wait to see her new bathroom! Her teddy needs to be in the room too! Kate likes bright colours! Could you please design a bathroom for Kate? She will be soooo happy if you are able to do that for her!
    Link to entries :

    The theme for the 27th week was : My Simming room.
    Sally is a simmer. She enjoys spending time simming in the evenings, as a way of having a break from all that her day has held. She enjoys playing the game, but her favourite part of Simming is designing rooms and homes for her sims to live in. She decided that it would be fun to make a simversion of the room where she sims! The theme for this week is a bit different. Instead of designing a room for Sally, you are invited to create a simversion of your own real life room where you sim! It may be your bedroom, or a study room, or a special computer room or the living room! It is just where you enjoy simming!
    Just a little reminder, it needs to be uploaded as a room not a lot.
    Link to entries

    The theme for the 28th week was : A golden wedding anniversary dining room
    Betty and Alan will soon be celebrating their Golden (50th) Wedding anniversary! They have been through hard times, happy times, sad times and exciting times! They have a daughter, a son and grandchildren. Their family are arranging a special Golden Wedding dinner for them. They would be delighted if you could help them to design a dining room for them to enjoy eating. They don't want it to include a kitchen. The dining room is going to be in Betty and Alan's home. They are staying for the day at their daughter's home, then will return to their home that day for their special dinner! This allows their family to get the dining room ready!
    I will look forward to seeing the dining rooms!
    Link to entries :

    The theme for the 29th week was : a Sims 4 four item room!
    Happy first birthday to the Sims 4! This week is one year since the release of Sims 4! It has been fun playing this new version of The Sims, using new build tools, furnishing homes and venues with new buy mode items, and watching our sims live their sims lives in new worlds! To celebrate the occasion, choose a room, choose a particular item, and in that room place that particular item four times! It needs to be exactly four times, no more than that or less than that! The room can be a bedroom, a bathroom, a dining room, a living room, a laundry, a music room, a study, a kitchen...any room that you would like to use! The room also needs to have a plumbob theme. There needs to be at least one item in the room that is plumbob themed. It may be a plumbob picture, or lamp, or table or a plumbob designed floor mat or any other plumbob themed item.
    Please also post what is the item that you are using four times. The item that you choose to place four items in the room doesn't need to be plumbob themed.
    Link to entries :

    The theme for the 30th week was : A library room.
    Hannah and Joel have two young children, a daughter and a son . Hannah's mother Mary lives with the family as well. They have decided to renovate one of the rooms in their home, and turn it into a library. Their children enjoy having their parents read a story to them each night before going to bed. Mary likes catching up on the news each day by reading the newspaper in an armchair. Hannah and Joel both enjoy reading a variety of types of books, as well as reading online blogs on the computer. Could you please design a library that suits all the members of the family?
    Link to entries :

    The theme for the 31st week was : A creatively designed Art Studio room.
    Lisa is a very creative Artist and Designer. She enjoys painting and interior decorating . She would like to have an art room to do her painting in that expresses creativity and is unique! She would like to have a room which has floor rugs used to create shapes, or patterns, or symbols! Or flooring that looks creative. She would like wall decor or paintings placed on the walls in creative ways! She doesn't need a large art studio room. Could you please design this room for her? She will enjoy doing her painting work there!
    Link to entries

    The theme for the 32nd week was: A tea room or parlour
    Elsie enjoys drinking cups of tea. Her favourite times of the day are morning tea and afternoon tea! She delights in asking her friends to join her for a cup of tea...and of course there needs to be a piece of cake, or a cupcake or a baked item to enjoy with the cup of tea as well! She is excitedly planning to use a room in her home as a tearoom or parlour where her friends and herself can enjoy chatting and drinking their cup of tea. She doesn't want a tv in the room, because she and her friends will be talking instead! She does like background radio music though. Could you please help her to create this room?
    Link to entries :

    The theme for the 33rd week was : A classroom
    Tracey home schools her two daughters. Tracey, Colin and their daughters live in a remote country area, which would be too far away for the girls to travel to a school and back again each day. Tracey has decided to set up a class room in their home where she can teach her daughters and they can do their schoolwork. A few times each school term, other students who are home schooled will be coming to study with them at the same time, so there needs to be more than two desk tables in the room. Could you please create a classroom for this family? They would appreciate you doing that for them!
    Link to entries :

    The theme for the 34th week was : A living room for a blind lady.
    May is blind. She has no sight at all. She has a guide dog which is her constant companion. Her sight has been gradually declining and it has now deteriorated to the stage that she can't see at all. Could you please design a living room for her that suits her situation? She needs space to walk so as she doesn't fall over. There needs to also be a special section in the room for her special guide dog to call his own.
    Link to entries :

    The theme for the 35th week was : a kids kitchen!
    Jemima is soooo excited! Her Mother is going to help her learn to cook! She is going to have lots of fun baking yummy food and then she can enjoy eating the results! Jemima and her mother are going to cook together, but the kitchen will be furnished/decorated to suit her! She likes bright colours so she would be happy with that being reflected in the kitchen.! Jemima is going to invite her teddy to watch her cooking so could you please include in the room either a big teddy or a heart teddy too! Her family isn't going to dine there so they don't want a dining table. The room can though include a bar stool counter. Could you please design a kids kitchen? Thankyou!
    Link to entries :

    The theme for the 36th week was : a bedroom or a bathroom with a particular type of flower as its colour scheme.
    Rachel and Thomas have just moved into their new home. They are having fun busily furnishing the rooms, and setting things up to how they would like the rooms to look. Rachel is a florist and she enjoys working with flowers. She has decided that she is going to furnish their master bedroom and bathroom with a floral theme. But...her floral plan is not to have a variety of flowers in the room. What she would like instead , is for you to choose a particular flower then use the colour of that flower as the colour scheme of the room. She would be delighted if you could design a bedroom OR a bathroom using that colour scheme. Could you please tell us what particular flower that you have used for the room. She would like you to choose just one of the rooms to do, not both of the rooms. You can do either a bedroom OR a bathroom. Because one of the room choices is a bathroom, she doesn't want an ensuite bathroom as a part of the bedroom. The other room option that you don't choose may be a part of a future challenge, so that is why she wants you to choose just one room.
    Link to entries :

    The theme for the 37th week was : a dining room for royalty.
    The sims world is very excited with the news that Princess Katrina and Prince David are coming to visit the neighbourhood! There is much anticipation for this Royal visit! They are coming to perform a variety of ceremonial tasks, such as opening the new library. They have requested that they would enjoy having a meal in a Sim's home! There was a contest run to see who would have this privilege! The winner was... Sarah! She is very excited ...but a bit fearful as well! It will be a big occasion to have royalty having a meal in her home! If you could help to relieve the pressure from her by designing a dining room that would suit royalty, she would be so happy and relieved! She can then focus on cooking delicious food for them!
    Could you please design the dining room to suit the Princess and Prince? Sarah doesn't want them to see her cooking, because she is nervous, so a kitchen can't be a part of the dining room.
    Just a little reminder, it needs to be uploaded as a room not a lot.
    Link to entries :

    The theme for the 38th week was :a bedroom for triplets.
    It is such a special time for Margaret and Matthew! Margaret has just given birth to triplets! They now have two daughters, Molly and Mandy, and a son, Mark! It is quite exciting! They will be kept busy caring for them! Could you please create a nursery for them? They would appreciate it very much!
    Link to entries:

    The theme for the 39th week was : a tv room.
    Tanya and Timothy Vision and their child, Tina and Tommy are getting ready to enjoy a weekend of watching tv! They have been at work and school through the week and are now looking forward to spending the weekend relaxing and watching tv. They are going to set up a room where they can enjoy spending time together watching the tv. They would like your help in setting it up! The tv is to be the main feature in the room because they will be spending a lot of time looking at it. They also enjoy listening to music so would be grateful if that could be included as well.
    Link to entries:

    The theme for the 40th week was : A nature themed kitchen.
    Lydia enjoys cooking in her kitchen. She tries to do what she can to help the natural environment. She is very eco friendly. She would like a kitchen that reflects the natural theme. Could you please design a kitchen for her?
    Link to entries :

    The theme for the 41st week was: A Christmas living room.
    Joanna and James, and their two children Timothy and Sarah are all looking forward to Christmas! They are all looking forward to decorating their living room, and making it look very festive! They are going to listen to the radio and sing along to the carols! They will enjoy spending time there as a family.
    Could you please design a Christmas themed living room for them? They would be very delighted!
    If you do not celebrate Christmas, instead of doing that, you are welcome to create a living room with a red and green or golden theme where the family can enjoy spending time.
    Link to entries :

    The theme for the 42nd week was: a dance and music room.
    Louise is getting ready to move into Windenburg! She is quite excited because she enjoys dancing and is looking forward to visiting venues there where she can enjoy dancing and listening to music with other sims! But she also wants to have a dance and music room in her own home. The room she would like to have would be based on a room at a dance club venue.
    Could you please design a dance room for her? Whether you own Get Together or not, everyone can enter the challenge!
    Link to entries :

    The theme for the 43rd week was: A Christmas kitchen or dining room.
    Alice is cooking the family meal for Christmas this year! She enjoys preparing meals for her family. She knows that it will a busy day for her, but she is looking forward to it! Could you please create either the Christmas themed kitchen for her to cook in or the dining room for them to eat in? Also her two children, Anna and Oliver are soo excited! They are setting up a nook in the room for Santa when he comes visiting on Christmas Eve! They are going to cook something for him to eat, because they know that he would be hungry! The room needs to have a little nook area for Santa to eat his food! He is very busy, so he can't stay too long, so it only needs a small space in the room, just for a quick something to eat.
    If you choose to do the kitchen, it won't have a dining area (except for Santa's nook! ) If you choose to do the dining room, it won't have a cooking area in it.
    Link to entries :

    The theme for the 44th. week was : A New Year's Eve clock room.
    Sally and her husband Samuel have invited friends to their home to celebrate New Years Eve with them. They will be counting down the hours to the new year of 2016! They thought that they would like a room where the focus is on clocks! Could you please design a room for them to spend New Years Eve where there is either one clock which is the focus of the room, or a room where there are many clocks for sims to look at and see the time counting down until the start of the New Year! They wont be dining there, so they don't want a dining table or food. It can be indoors or outside! It just needs to include a clock or clocks.
    Link to entries :

    The theme for the 45th week was : A boardroom or meeting room.
    Jennifer is soo nervous! Her home has been selected as the place where people from different businesses or careers are going to meet together and discuss business strategies! They have decided to have it in a home, because they felt that it might put everyone more at ease. Could you please design a boardroom or meeting room? They will need a table to sit at for the meeting. They would also like to have cup of coffee or tea whilst having their meeting. Could you please help Jennifer? She would appreciate it!
    You can create a boardroom or meeting room for a particular type of business or career such as for gamers or bakers or wedding planners, or book sellers or florists or doctors or toy makers or any other business or career ( if you decide to do that could you please tell us the business or career ) , or you can design the room as a general boardroom or meeting room.
    Link to entries :

    The theme for the 46th week was : a bedroom for an overseas exchange student.
    Bethany and her family enjoy having overseas students stay at their home whilst the students are studying at the local University. They like to provide a " home away home" for the students, whilst they live and study in a foreign country. Bethany has decided that the best way to make them feel at home is to design and furnish their bedroom to suit the country where they come from. It may be the colours of the country's flag, or it may be the type of furnishings used in the room. Could you please design and furnish a room based on the particular country that you choose ? Could you also please tell us what country you decide to base the bedroom on. Thankyou! :)
    Link to entries :

    The theme for the week 47th week was : an animal themed living room for a Vet.
    Victoria is a vet. She enjoys working with animals. She is a very caring lady and will do all that she can to do to help animals that are unwell. It is a very stressful job that she has, with long hours. When she gets home from work, she likes to relax in her living room. She likes to be reminded of animals when at home as well. Could you provide an animal themed living room for her? She would appreciate if you could do that!
    Link to entries :

    The theme for the 48th week was : a writer's study room
    Sally is a writer. She also enjoys reading books. She would like a special study room in her home where she could enjoy doing her writing and could also read some books. She would also like to store the books that she has written there. Could you please design a writer's study room for Sally? She would appreciate it!
    Link to entries :

    The theme for the 49th week was : a playroom for grandchildren.
    Grandma Jessica and Grandpa Jeff love their grandchildren so much! They look after them in their home a few days each week whilst their parents are at work. The grandparents and the grandchildren enjoy so much spending time together! The children feel that visiting grandma and grandpa is fun! Jessica and Jeff would like to set up a special play room for the kids to spend time in when in their home. They need to have a sitting area in the room for themselves to sit there and watch their grand children whilst they are playing. Could you please design a playroom for the grand kids?
    Link to entries :

    The theme for the 50th week was: a golden themed room.
    This is the 50th room challenge! That is exciting! A 50th wedding anniversary is often called a golden anniversary. For this week's challenge, could you please design a room that has a golden theme. The room could have a golden colour scheme. It could have golden walls or golden furnishings or both. Or it could be designed to suit a golden wedding anniversary. Or any other golden theme!
    It can be any type of room.
    Link to entries :

    The theme for the 51st week was: An indoors outdoors garden living room.
    Annabel is an unwell lady. She is unable to go outdoors. It is Springtime in the sims world and she enjoys looking out through the windows at the nice sunshine. Her family would like to bring the Springtime outdoors garden inside instead! They would be delighted if you could create a Springtime garden themed living room for her to enjoy spending her days in. She can't go outdoors on to an outside patio, so her family would like to have an indoors Springtime garden living room.
    Annabel will be so very delighted!
    Link to entries:

    The theme for the 52nd week was : A chess room.
    It is the Annual Simming Chess Tournament that is being held this week! Chess players from all the sims worlds are gathering together in the one place to enjoy playing chess together! But...there is a slight problem! The Annual llama tabletop game is being held the same week, and the venue was double booked by mistake! Could you please help the chess tournament organisers and design a room where they can hold the chess tournament instead? Perhaps you could have chequered floors or walls? You don't need to though , it is just an idea. There can be a variety of types of chess tables or just one sort. The chess players would like to have a drink between games so either a bar or coffee/tea maker or fridge or other drink source needs to be in the room. I will look forward to seeing your chess rooms!
    Link to entries :

    The theme for the 53rd week was : A green and frog themed kitchen
    It is a leap year and this week includes an extra day, February 29th. Fiona wants to celebrate the leap year by having a makeover of her kitchen. Frogs leap , so she would like the kitchen to have a green colour theme! She would also like at least one frog on display in the room. Could you please design her green and frog themed kitchen for her?
    Link to entries :

    The theme for the 54thweek was : A musicians bedroom.
    Brett and Emily are a married couple who are musicians. They travel all over the sims world performing musical performances. They have just moved into a new home, and are setting up their bedroom. They are busily practising for their next concert and would be very pleased if you design their bedroom for them. Thankyou very much!
    Link to entries :

    The theme for the 55th week was: A foyer room.
    Susanna has moved to a new home. She enjoys inviting her family members and friends to her home. She is often holding dinner parties, or she just enjoys having her friends visit for a chat. The first thing that her family or friends see when they come in the front door is the foyer room,and so Susanna wants it to be a special room! Could you please design a foyer room for her? She isn't sure what style she would like the foyer room to be. It could be a luxury entrance. Or it could be a small homely foyer room. It might be a place where sims can sit. It can be whatever type of foyer room that you would like it to be!
    Link to entries :

    The next week themes are in this link post.
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  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 162,830 Member
    Your Homely Kitchen is very nice! @Quelsimmy :) It looks very nice how you have placed the kitchen cabinets in the room! The cabinets look nice how you have placed them around the fridge, and the display shelves item looks nice in the corner nook beside the cabinets. The knives block, fruit bowl, mugs rack and hanging pans are nice homely touches in the room.
    It is a very nice kitchen. :) Thankyou for posting the first kitchen for this week.
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 162,830 Member
    edited February 2015
    Just repeating the theme for the first week here. :) I will also link to the posts where simmers post there Kitchens.

    The theme for the first week is :
    "Grandma's Kitchen"
    Design and furnish a kitchen that a grandmother would enjoy cooking in!
    It will be great to see the kitchens that you post! If you would like to write a few lines about the kitchen, you are very welcome to do that too!
    With this being the first week, there will be extra time because this is starting earlier than Wednesday. The rooms need to be posted by
    Tuesday 24th February 2015 Midnight PST

    Homely Kitchen (Quelsimmy )
    Grandma's Country Kitchen ( lovelylyssia095 )
    Grandma's kitchen (fullspiral)
    Grandmas kitchen (fatbat21)
    Grandma's kitchen (EmmaVane)
    Grandma's Kitchen (MegandtheMoon)
    Grandma Garlock's Kitchen (catmando830)
    Grandma Daisy's Kitchen (catmando830)
    Hip Mod Groovy Grandma's Kitchen (catmando830)
    Grandma's Fancy Kitchen (naniminna)
    Grandma's Country Kitchen (WrathofCath)
    Grandmas' Kitchen (EAfan99)
    Grandma's Kitchen (rabidkitty07)
    Grammies Kitchen (gmcrozier)
    Grandma's House (ems0309)
    Grandmas Kitchen (masajo)
    Grandmas Kitchen (I-Am-Unicorn-123)
    Grandmas Kitchen (SelenaGrey)
    Grandma's Domain (have2admit)
    Granny Bingham Kitchen (misscbong)
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  • fullspiralfullspiral Posts: 14,717 Member
    Great idea!
  • fatbat21fatbat21 Posts: 1,527 Member
    So in! I'll build it tomorrow! How do I post a photo here...photobucket doesn't work right
  • fullspiralfullspiral Posts: 14,717 Member
    I'll try to do up a grandma's kitchen tomorrow. Sounds like fun!
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 162,830 Member
    fatbat21 wrote: »
    So in! I'll build it tomorrow! How do I post a photo here...photobucket doesn't work right

    Hello @fatbat21 :) I"ll look forward to seeing your build! I have posted information about posting pictures in the second post of the thread. If you are having problems with photobucket, you could post them through imgur. I know that you do videos, so if you prefer you could do a short video of the room.
  • lovelylyssia095lovelylyssia095 Posts: 381 Member
    This is a great idea! Couldn't resist contributing :)

    Theme for the week: "Grandma's Kitchen"
    Gallery name of room : Grandma's Country Kitchen
    Origin id : avnewton
    Pictures of the room :

    A kitchen any grandmother would love. Comes with it's own cupcake factory and fresh ingredients to create any cupcake. This kitchen would be a great edition to any home.



    Link to Showcase

    Link to Gallery
    Origin id: avnewton
  • N0NoTToN0NN0NoTToN0N Posts: 1,024 Member
    So far, so good! These two are great @Quelsimmy and @lovelylyssia095!
    19172275569_bb0181ed75.jpgGingerThyme; by T Reece, on Flickr
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 162,830 Member
    Your room Grandma's Country Kitchen is very nice! @lovelylyssia095 :) The layout and furnishing of the kitchen is very nice! It is great that you have a cupcake machine in the room. Grandma will enjoy baking cupcakes using it! Nice curved bar stool counter. The fruit bowl, weights, mugs rack, knife block and teapot on the counters are nice kitchen touches in the room. Very nice brown colour scheme of the room. The gingham wall pattern looks nice. It is great that you have double sinks in the room. The eat in corner dining area is nice for sims to enjoy eating their meals at the table there. The plates decor looks homely on the dining area wall, and the produce crates are nice tiuches near the windows.
    It is a very nice kitchen :) Thankyou for posting it!
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 162,830 Member
    fullspiral wrote: »
    I'll try to do up a grandma's kitchen tomorrow. Sounds like fun!

    Hello :) I will look forward to seeing your kitchen :)
  • ems0309ems0309 Posts: 541 Member
    Oh great idea here, I only wish I could get the sunken kitchen from the lot i uploaded. The name of it is Grandma's House.
  • fullspiralfullspiral Posts: 14,717 Member
    Well, here's Grandma's kitchen. It's not fancy because Grandma and Grandpa were poor. I remember we spent many Sunday's down there for dinner in their small house and the card table came out for us kids to eat at while the adults sat at the real table. I remember she had a picture of the Prime Minister on the wall. She loved him. And I remember the old hutch that my oldest sister got when she died.



    It's not fancy, but it brings back many memories and lots of love. :)
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 162,830 Member
    Hello @fullspiral :) It is very special that you have built a room based on the real life kitchen of your grandparents home. It was nice reading about the kitchen and your family's happy times spent there. It is very special memories for you to treasure <3 .
    Your kitchen is very nice :) Very nice wall and floor pattern. It is nice that you have placed the hutch there, which was given to your sister when your grandparents passed away. The real life hutch would be a special item for your sister to enjoy having in her home and remember your grand parents. It is great that you have placed both the larger dining table that the adults sat and ate at, as well the card table that the kids sat at in the sims room. You have very lovingly represented your grandma's kitchen so well.
    Thankyou very much for posting the kitchen and the special accompanying details about it :)
  • fullspiralfullspiral Posts: 14,717 Member
    Thanks @rosemow. It's what came to mind when I decided to do it. :)
  • fatbat21fatbat21 Posts: 1,527 Member
    Working on it now!
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