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100 Baby Challenge Coffee Corner-CLOSED DONT POST

rosiep2010rosiep2010 Posts: 247 Member
Hello everyone! I just started my 100 baby challenge on the Sims 4. I would love to hear about everyone else's baby challenge on either Sims/2/3/4.
I think here is a good place to talk about the children, give advice and share accomplishments!

(*Here is your free muffin)
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  • iButterfreeiButterfree Posts: 2,043 Member
    Just out of confusion, didn't you already start The 100 Baby Challenge Parenting Corner? :confused: That one is still active, so I don't think we need two threads with the exact same purpose.
  • rosiep2010rosiep2010 Posts: 247 Member
    *Blank moment

    @iButterfree‌ do you know how to close this one down? I had a bit of a blank moment.
  • iButterfreeiButterfree Posts: 2,043 Member
    Haha, it's alright :blush:
    I guess just no one post after this, and the thread will get pushed down into obscurity. Changing the title to "Closed- Don't Post" or something like that would get the point across too if you feel like it's necessary.
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