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The Captain Who Stole My Heart - a Sims 3 fairy tale romance - Ep. 7

JimilJimil Posts: 4,443 Member
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This story is explicitly raunchy


A story about a young man discovering his true self as well as his inner desires as his unlikely chance meeting set course upon his fate. Only truth can set him free.

Sim's in-game bio: Teodor lost his resort plans and his lover, Florita, to Alfonso Alto. Now he struggles as single dad with no reliable income... will Teodor be able to turn his life around and win Florita back, or is it time to look for someone new?

  1. NC-17 rated
  2. Contains explicit content
  3. Intended for mature audiences only
  4. Homosexual Romance
  5. Picture heavy
More info:
  • This story can also be known as, Fifty Shades of The Little Mermaid. That sums it up pretty much
  • Updates one chapter a day
  • Cinematic Storytelling - a screenshot per scene - mostly
  • Episodes will be listed down below in the comments section as well as its teaser images :kissing_heart:
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