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  • Baby_Wolf_16Baby_Wolf_16 Posts: 1 New Member
    what do u do on this site
  • sunman502sunman502 Posts: 18,298 Member
    what do u do on this site
    Hello, and Welcome to the Sims Forum. On this particular thread, we celebrate the anniversary of The Sims franchise, and post about some of the fond memories of some the things that we did in past Sims games. In other threads on here, we talk about things that are Sims related, and try to help each other out when one of us encounters a problem with the game.
  • simsologistsimsologist Posts: 23 New Member
    i was born the same year the sims was born and weve been besties since birth
  • EmerySnickettEmerySnickett Posts: 39 Member
    I remember Playing the sims Castaways on the DS and just, absolutely living for it. I miss that game sometimes
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