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  • Ninjetter420Ninjetter420 Posts: 7 New Member
    @GeorgieGirl4 Reply to a thread** Not apply lmao oops
  • Mr_SlimstaMr_Slimsta Posts: 31 Member
    Happy birthday The Sims! I remember getting The Sims 2: Busted Out as my first game on PS2, had all the Sims from then on!
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  • CarerxCarerx Posts: 31 Member
    happy birthday!
  • countesskate324countesskate324 Posts: 83 Member
    I can't believe it's been 4 years since this thread was created :s

    The Sims was great in 2000, and it's still great in 2019! Happy almost 19 1/2 birthday!! lol
    Playing since 2002--The Sims, The Sims 2, The Sims 3, and The Sims 4!
  • TheLastStarTheLastStar Posts: 164 Member
    Soon it's going to be the big 20! I wonder what they'll do as a celebration?
  • DijaliciousDijalicious Posts: 23 Member
    Aww so many memories in one thread. I really wish I could play TS1 again. It would have been nice if they released the whole series for free like they did with TS2. *drops hint for EA*
  • ShadowyIceShadowyIce Posts: 18 Member
    happy (very belated) birthday!
  • GguyGguy Posts: 172 Member
    edited August 2019
    It was a simpler time...and no, not cause i was younger, but because the world had fewer problems.
  • badxwolfxrisingbadxwolfxrising Posts: 68 Member
    This makes me feel so old. It feels like just yesterday I was a wee 12 year old building houses full of of cheap kitchen appliances and seeing how long it would take for my Sims to catch themselves on fire. :D
  • PixellamaPixellama Posts: 30 Member
    Wow, it is so weird to think that this was almost 5 years ago!
  • LadyPenguinLadyPenguin Posts: 21 Member
    Who else misses the surfing in The Sims 2?
  • Cutie_Pie3074Cutie_Pie3074 Posts: 282 Member
    Happy early 20th sims!!!
  • Maus652Maus652 Posts: 226 Member
    Gguy wrote: »
    It was a simpler time...and no, not cause i was younger, but because the world had fewer problems.

    I fear it only felt that way.
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  • AyeffenAyeffen Posts: 258 Member
    Let's all set our reminders for 04/02/2020
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  • BridgetKWBridgetKW Posts: 4 New Member
    Congrats Sims. I can't quit you.
  • OraKholOraKhol Posts: 28 Member
    This post makes me feel old XD
  • OraKholOraKhol Posts: 28 Member
    [quote="LadyPenguin;c-17216281"]Who else misses the surfing in The Sims 2?[/quote]

    YES!! but I dont miss separate household aging
  • Specia1simSpecia1sim Posts: 13 New Member
    I started playing sims with the third sims. Ir was just amazing feelings :smile: I remember patch with weather-cheating, it was great. But all my "family" died because of the meteor rain... LOL
  • samarianuelsamarianuel Posts: 4 New Member
    Woooow 15 years, i remember having Sims 4 when i was like 6, it was the best game ever! I literally grew up on this game. <3
  • RumellKhan1RumellKhan1 Posts: 157 Member
    Library Party is how I like to celebrate it. It's fun to have a party when you are reading a book. Also playing Sims.
    24 hour Sims Challenge.

    1. Day 1. Create a replica of your home and you and those who live there.
    2. Day 2. Keep note of everything that your Sim does.
    3. Day 3. Do everything that your Sim has done.

    A timer would be a useful tool.
    Just standing in line for it's upcoming birthday in a few months, I gotta get some of the birthday cake before its all gone broski!

    Glad the game was released to consoles,despite the bugs and glitches that occur, still can put a lot of hours into one household alone!
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  • CBookCBook Posts: 87 Member
    Cant believe its almost the 20th
    Sims are Lit
  • epippi80epippi80 Posts: 9 New Member
    Yay! I'm glad I joined the forum just in time for the 20th!
  • ImagineMilesImagineMiles Posts: 9 New Member
    I bought Seasons for the anniversary! (And TBH because it was on sale)
  • originalpyrooriginalpyro Posts: 15 New Member
    I'm excited to see if they're gonna do anything surprising for the 20 years!
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