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Wanna Party Like it's 2000? Come Join the Fun!



  • Ninjetter420Ninjetter420 Posts: 7 New Member
    @GeorgieGirl4 Reply to a thread** Not apply lmao oops
  • Mr_SlimstaMr_Slimsta Posts: 31 Member
    Happy birthday The Sims! I remember getting The Sims 2: Busted Out as my first game on PS2, had all the Sims from then on!
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  • CarerxCarerx Posts: 31 Member
    happy birthday!
  • countesskate324countesskate324 Posts: 83 Member
    I can't believe it's been 4 years since this thread was created :s

    The Sims was great in 2000, and it's still great in 2019! Happy almost 19 1/2 birthday!! lol
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  • TheLastStarTheLastStar Posts: 107 Member
    Soon it's going to be the big 20! I wonder what they'll do as a celebration?
  • DijaliciousDijalicious Posts: 23 Member
    Aww so many memories in one thread. I really wish I could play TS1 again. It would have been nice if they released the whole series for free like they did with TS2. *drops hint for EA*
  • ShadowyIceShadowyIce Posts: 18 Member
    happy (very belated) birthday!
  • GguyGguy Posts: 106 Member
    edited August 5
    It was a simpler time...and no, not cause i was younger, but because the world had fewer problems.

  • badxwolfxrisingbadxwolfxrising Posts: 60 Member
    This makes me feel so old. It feels like just yesterday I was a wee 12 year old building houses full of of cheap kitchen appliances and seeing how long it would take for my Sims to catch themselves on fire. :D
  • SimsLlinaSimsLlina Posts: 26 Member
    Wow, it is so weird to think that this was almost 5 years ago!
  • LadyPenguinLadyPenguin Posts: 21 Member
    Who else misses the surfing in The Sims 2?
  • Cutie_Pie3074Cutie_Pie3074 Posts: 196 Member
    Happy early 20th sims!!!
    Just some art I like...
  • Maus652Maus652 Posts: 200 Member
    Gguy wrote: »
    It was a simpler time...and no, not cause i was younger, but because the world had fewer problems.

    I fear it only felt that way.
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  • AyeffenAyeffen Posts: 123 Member
    Let's all set our reminders for 04/02/2020
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  • BridgetKWBridgetKW Posts: 4 New Member
    Congrats Sims. I can't quit you.
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