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Wanna Party Like it's 2000? Come Join the Fun!



  • SmellincoffeeSmellincoffee Posts: 94 Member
    Saw the original Sims 1 trailer when installing SimCity 3000 Unlimited and bought it with my allowance as soon as I could, within the first month of release. I've loved this series since. :D
  • shaylap76shaylap76 Posts: 23 Member
    I've played this game half my life. 20 years of playing variations of GOD! Muuhhahahahhaha!
    Life well spent!
  • SophsieBSophsieB Posts: 3 New Member
    i first played this in 2009/10 when i wasn't even in school yet/starting school, now look at me! I'm in high school and still love the franchise!
  • I_Honestly_Cant24I_Honestly_Cant24 Posts: 28 Member
    Having flashbacks to being younger and watching all my older cousins play sims haha. I'd always be intrigued and want to join in
  • greenwoolhatgreenwoolhat Posts: 28 Member
    > @CrackFox said:
    > Happy Simmerversary!

    petition to bring drew carey back to sims 4
    My Legacy Challenge

    Currently playing as ~
  • MACDesignMACDesign Posts: 43 Member
    I just want to become a full member so I can join in on build comps! Check me out on the SIMS4 Gallery as MAC_Design ! I'd love some feedback and stuuufff :)
  • TheLostNightshadeTheLostNightshade Posts: 33 Member
    It's a party? OK, let me put on my Freezer Bunny shirt, tie, shoes, pants, and hat.

    Here's a Simoleon for a wonderful invitation letter.
    What? You-- I-- That doesn't even make any sense! Of course, Miles and Kiki have a great sibling selfie.

    TheLostNightshade: My best fwiend.
  • jamie_pauly9682jamie_pauly9682 Posts: 87 Member
    1 more year and we will be at 20 years. I love playing Sims 4. I think I might get playing and throw a party for fun! Happy playing everyone!
  • KeturahKittyKeturahKitty Posts: 22 Member
    We got the game free with our first home computer forever ago haha. I think I was about 10 at the time and I've loved the Sims ever since. Seriously, my mom had to kick me off the computer to use the dial-up internet because I was always playing lol.
    Side note: Has anyone noticed that the S4 neighborhoods kind of look like the Original? Or am I remembering wrong lol
  • spongebob1245spongebob1245 Posts: 14 New Member
    happy birthday!! thanks for making my childhood amazing!!
  • BourbonStKateBourbonStKate Posts: 20 Member
    > @jamie_pauly9682 said:
    > 1 more year and we will be at 20 years. I love playing Sims 4. I think I might get playing and throw a party for fun! Happy playing everyone!

    I felt old the other day when I was at work and a customers year of birth was 2001!!!! I wondered how I could assist a baby? Before realising that this meant they are 18..... but THIS has me feeling old. I remember the very first Sims games when they first came out. Joy. 20 years! Awesome!
  • MagsIsAwkwardMagsIsAwkward Posts: 49 Member
    It's so amazing to think that this game has been so popular for so long and there's still new content coming out for it
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  • Jameseydude_101Jameseydude_101 Posts: 15 New Member
    I love how sims has been such a succesfull game. 19 years of sims, that is more than me!
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