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Wanna Party Like it's 2000? Come Join the Fun!



  • SmellincoffeeSmellincoffee Posts: 113 Member
    Saw the original Sims 1 trailer when installing SimCity 3000 Unlimited and bought it with my allowance as soon as I could, within the first month of release. I've loved this series since. :D
  • shaylap76shaylap76 Posts: 23 Member
    I've played this game half my life. 20 years of playing variations of GOD! Muuhhahahahhaha!
    Life well spent!
  • SophsieBSophsieB Posts: 3 New Member
    i first played this in 2009/10 when i wasn't even in school yet/starting school, now look at me! I'm in high school and still love the franchise!
  • I_Honestly_Cant24I_Honestly_Cant24 Posts: 28 Member
    Having flashbacks to being younger and watching all my older cousins play sims haha. I'd always be intrigued and want to join in
  • greenwoolhatgreenwoolhat Posts: 28 Member
    > @CrackFox said:
    > Happy Simmerversary!

    petition to bring drew carey back to sims 4
    My Legacy Challenge

    Currently playing as ~
  • MACDesignMACDesign Posts: 45 Member
    I just want to become a full member so I can join in on build comps! Check me out on the SIMS4 Gallery as MAC_Design ! I'd love some feedback and stuuufff :)
  • TheLostNightshadeTheLostNightshade Posts: 35 Member
    It's a party? OK, let me put on my Freezer Bunny shirt, tie, shoes, pants, and hat.

    Here's a Simoleon for a wonderful invitation letter.
    What? You-- I-- That doesn't even make any sense! Of course, Miles and Kiki have a great sibling selfie.
    TheLostNightshade: My best fwiend.
  • jamie_pauly9682jamie_pauly9682 Posts: 113 Member
    1 more year and we will be at 20 years. I love playing Sims 4. I think I might get playing and throw a party for fun! Happy playing everyone!
  • KeturahKittyKeturahKitty Posts: 22 Member
    We got the game free with our first home computer forever ago haha. I think I was about 10 at the time and I've loved the Sims ever since. Seriously, my mom had to kick me off the computer to use the dial-up internet because I was always playing lol.
    Side note: Has anyone noticed that the S4 neighborhoods kind of look like the Original? Or am I remembering wrong lol
  • spongebob1245spongebob1245 Posts: 14 New Member
    happy birthday!! thanks for making my childhood amazing!!
  • ArchieAndVeronicaArchieAndVeronica Posts: 20 Member
    > @jamie_pauly9682 said:
    > 1 more year and we will be at 20 years. I love playing Sims 4. I think I might get playing and throw a party for fun! Happy playing everyone!

    I felt old the other day when I was at work and a customers year of birth was 2001!!!! I wondered how I could assist a baby? Before realising that this meant they are 18..... but THIS has me feeling old. I remember the very first Sims games when they first came out. Joy. 20 years! Awesome!
  • MagsIsAwkwardMagsIsAwkward Posts: 51 Member
    It's so amazing to think that this game has been so popular for so long and there's still new content coming out for it
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  • Jameseydude_101Jameseydude_101 Posts: 21 Member
    I love how sims has been such a succesfull game. 19 years of sims, that is more than me!
  • sansa357sansa357 Posts: 33 Member
    > @rosemow said:
    > The coffee party picture is great! @SimGuruRusskii :) It looks nice how the sunflower plant is wearing a hat with a plumbob on it.

    That sunflower looks like its happy its not in PvZ right now, haha
  • MewthMewMewthMew Posts: 275 Member
    Non existent
  • lzbthnndglslzbthnndgls Posts: 77 Member
    New simmer as of January 2019, but the first time I encountered the sims was in a sims music video of Avril Lavigne's Skater Boy. I watched that sooooooo many times. But also, in two years, the sims will be old enough to drink (by American standards) and we should definitely not be drinking "juice" on the rocks for that.
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