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Wanna Party Like it's 2000? Come Join the Fun!


  • Hunter_CottoneyeHunter_Cottoneye Posts: 48 Member
    I started playing with The Sims but as soon as The Sims 2 arrived, I just enjoyed the game in a different way. I remember that parents were concerned about this game because during those years The Sims was the only human simulator. Today the society is different there is more freedom to play as long as you follow rules online.
  • ArmaniArmani Posts: 31 Member
    In before Prince puts in a lawsuit from the grave. :)
  • EBgBEBgB Posts: 15 Member
    Happy 18th Birthday to my favorite franchise!!
  • RazgrebRazgreb Posts: 113 Member
    Already the eighteenth year...
  • Piglet950Piglet950 Posts: 4 New Member
    I am late but happy birthday to the company that has made me happy for many yeras!
  • tthraolce17tthraolce17 Posts: 60 Member
  • night_tidenight_tide Posts: 112 Member
    Happy Birthday Sims!
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  • sheshysheshy Posts: 111 Member
    sims is older than me 0_o
  • storminmaystorminmay Posts: 137 Member
    I didn't realize until the official patch that The Sims was going on 18 years. I'm old enough to start having pangs of "Uuuuggghhh, I'm so old..."
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  • SipopSipop Posts: 166 Member
    I was 7 when Sims came out holy cow. The good days when I first started playing on GameCube. Baha.
  • luke25luke25 Posts: 7 New Member
    beautiful. Miss the times really :)
  • rosietea03rosietea03 Posts: 22 Member
    A small story I want to share for the "throwback" feels but I fell in love with sims when I watched my older sister play sims 3 and I begged my dad to play because at the time I was around 8 or 9 and I wasn't allowed to play M games, and he told me that I could play sims 2 until I was 10 so that's what I did, Lol. Now I play sims 4 religiously ahahah.
  • luke25luke25 Posts: 7 New Member
    sure we do
  • Casper613Casper613 Posts: 35 Member
    The Sims turned 18 last month! Or 37 days ago to be precise.
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  • caroline_simscaroline_sims Posts: 31 Member
    I LOVE THE 2000s
  • CassieRoseCassieRose Posts: 14 New Member
    I’ve been playing since I was in the sixth grade, now I’m almost 28 years old. It’s been my favorite game throughout the years and has been a great way to alleviate stress. Thanks Sims! And Happy Birthday!!!
  • perrycampbell456perrycampbell456 Posts: 4 New Member
    OMG I just gained 2124 simpoints for agreeing to a Service agreement is this the new free simpoints gain?
  • americniteamericnite Posts: 107 Member
    Really hard to explain...but the Sims make me happy, content, and literally and figuratively... in a whole different world! Happy Birthday Sims!
  • americniteamericnite Posts: 107 Member
    CassieRose...you are right!
  • destineepanicdestineepanic Posts: 20 New Member
    I thought there would be more popping in the Off Topic Chat! lol Everyone want to say their favorite part of The Sims 4 and then their least favorite? Fun to discuss and learn
  • PxneapplePxneapple Posts: 22 Member
    Jeez, it's hard to believe how old the sims really is... i remember just jumping into the game when i was younger and thinking how advanced it was for its time.

    Well, my opinion hasn't really changed much :D
  • Rinny_MaeRinny_Mae Posts: 2 New Member
    Woop! woop!
  • PorkahontasPorkahontas Posts: 27 Member
    I never played the first sims. Still though Happy Birthday TS!!
  • sunman502sunman502 Posts: 18,325 Member
    I have played the first Sims. :)
  • GamingTweetyGamingTweety Posts: 848 Member
    edited May 2018
    Oh congrats The Sims!!
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