The Sims-a Visual History!

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This is a cooperative thread-created by @PsychYourMind08‌ @06Bon06‌ @blaznfalcn and I, @sparkfairy1‌ :)

We thought to celebrate fifteen years of our beloved sims we would create a special thread to take us through a visual history of the game. We were inspired by the comparison thread a little while ago and decided to create a elaborate post which takes us on a journey with visuals, experiences and facts to share with you all.

Some of us have been lucky enough to follow since Sims1 but we know many of our fellow simmers started later so here's a thread to share our favourite aspects of all four games to share wonderful memories or show the games history for those of you who joined later :)

This has been a lot of hard work for us-we don't claim to be experts in any way so please be kind about this! ;)
We chose games to represent (but it's not a comment on favourites, just to split the work!) @PsychYourMind08 represents The Sims, @06Bon06‌ represents The Sims 2, @sparkfairy1‌ represents The Sims 3 and @blaznfalcn‌ represents The Sims 4.

We decided to begin with a pre made house in The Sims 1. @PsychYourMind08‌ decorated it and then shared the images with us. We had to build and decorate as close as we could manage to the original. None is perfect and we will be sharing our stories of creating and experiences of what was easiest and most challenging about creating in our respective games too :)

Feel free to share your favourite memories of all four games, anything interesting you noticed and we haven't mentioned yet, share personal stories from your simming history and your hopes and dreams for the future of the sims. But nicely please :)

This is a thread for love of the game. We ask you to respect our vision for a loving, tolerant and kind thread for everyone to enjoy-we encourage people to ignore those who may seek to derail or disrespect the thread or each other and to report. We ask you to remember people only speak for themselves and opinions are subjective-they are certainly not to be mocked or argued over.
If you have an issue we would like us to address you can pm me or the others for help. We are here to help :)


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