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The Sims 4 Apocalypse Challenge official rules

I hope you enjoy!

Find the rules here

And the getting started video here.

Good luck!
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    RawlaRawla Posts: 7,495 Member
    edited January 2015
    Thanks Pinstar!

    Edit to add: I look forward to seeing Let's Play videos on this challenge. And what a challenge it is.
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    dmama1314dmama1314 Posts: 262 Member
    This is very exciting! My favorite challenge!
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    Sketch793Sketch793 Posts: 1,218 Member
    edited February 2015
    Here's a few tips that might help if you're just getting started on this challenge.

    1. When you choose your home lot, make sure the neighborhood has some fishing spots. You need fish for cooking.
    2. You don't always have to buy the cheapest object of its type. Anything with the same stats as the cheapest object is okay.
    3. You can build a rocketship indoors (I did) but it's smarter to put them on the roof since Pinstar already changed the rules.
    4. Don't forget that the mailbox and outdoor trashcan (if you have one) have to be in the 8x8 area that you use for your house.
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    TetsuoShimaTetsuoShima Posts: 848 Member
    I decided to start playing the sims again, and I think I'll do this challenge because I like apocalyptic stuff. Specifically, there is a genre that I made up called necropunk, which is best described as a post-apocalyptic fantasy world with magic as well as some leftover modern technology and medieval themes. Here is the sim that I am currently making to be the sim that I control in this challenge.


    ~҉͝͏~́͘͘͞~̶͡~͏̧́͘~̡͜͢҉̴ ༄̸̛̛༅̛́͝҉༄̧͠͝༅̢͠༄̵̷̢̀༅̸̷̧͠͝༄̶̧ ̴̛͠༄͏́͏͏༅̵̵́͠͡=̵̧̕͞͞=̀͏̡͝≡̨͡=̵̨҉̶(•̀'_'•́メ)ა

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    I wrote this story.


    All of my dragons.
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