CT's Stories - Another Legacy - Gen 2 Begins! 01/13/22

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Find my stories at Cathy Tea's SimLit Anthology.

Rambles through field and meadow

Cocoa Tea Kids

The surprising adventures of Cocoa Heish-Pigglewiggle and Animal Hat CT's surprise twins!

Jack Bivouac rolls into town, and instead of rolling out, stays.

Dr. Jasmine's Casebook
Dr. Jasmine Gooding retires to a suburb on the edge of town, where she finds her neighborhood is full of sad, angry, and bored people. Can this good, cheerful, outgoing Sim bring a bit of life to an otherwise dreary town?

(My short stories written for the Short Story Challenge are part of Casebook.)

Emerson Institute
This story, an orphan challenge, takes up where Walden Once More left off.

Goofy Love - Complete!
A Pinstar Legacy

Harrington's Wonder Child - Complete!
A Wonder Child Challenge

A Houseful of Hippies
A Roomies Challenge Experience

Skill U - Complete!
This story comes from my test-play of Muse's Ultimate University Challenge.

Summer Camp - Complete!
Join Sim kids from Simmers all over for adventures and fun at Summer Camp in this collaborative project.

Townie Town
A neighborhood rotation in game founded solely by game-generated Sims.

Walden Once More - Complete!
Henrietta Davida Thoreau receives an endowment from the Emerson Foundation to live and write at a small cabin. (A Room Challenge)

Where I'm From
Silduun Siltuunde finds herself on this planet, with discovery and experience as her goals.
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Dragon Name: Hywicoes | House: Ravenclaw | Wand: Dogwood, Unicorn hair 11 ¼" , Suprisingly Swishy


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