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Tell us your Magic Moments from the last 15 years

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Hello Simmers! This February 4th marks a big milestone in Sims history. 15 years of Sims! We will be spending the whole of February celebrating all the great moments from the last 15 years.

One thing we would like to do is put up a blog on the main TheSims.com site with some of our players favorite moments over the years. So, we would like to ask for your help. Tell us something funny, something sad, something amazing, something life-changing, or simply a magic moment. We will take some of these and put them into a blog.

Now, the rules and legal disclaimers:
  • If you submit a moment, we do not guarantee to use it.
  • If you submit a moment, you are giving us permission to use it in a blog on TheSims.com, and to promote that blog via our social channels.
  • If you submit a moment that needs a screenshot to illustrate it, we will contact you by PM and ask you to email us the highest possible resolution version of that screenshot.
  • If you would prefer us NOT to reference you by your name or ID in the blog, please state that clearly in your post.
  • Please do not post anything except your Moments submission to keep this thread as clean as possible.
  • DEADLINE: please submit your moment by Friday January 30th 2015.
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  • blewis823blewis823 Posts: 9,046 Member
    I have to say Sims 2 was the highlight of my simming life. I was stuck to it, dreamed about it, tried all types of game play and thoroughly enjoyed every moment I played. I have gone back to it, just taking time to set up the world to my liking. I take a while doing that. :) The best game in the Sims series I have ever played, really wish some of those game play was implemented in future packs of Sims 4, but it I don't think it's part of the "vision". :disappointed:
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  • altad1altad1 Posts: 1,091 Member
    There's been so many :)

    Sims 1, because it was so new the only game like it so it will always be special

    Sims 2, I used to try to make my sims do chores when they were tired just so they would give me a dirty look and refuse, I loved that.

    Sims 3, gave me the opportunity to help the architect who was remodelling our home, even although I told him there were no routing issues, he didn't seem to appreciate it.

    Sims 4, when my teenage sims mother died, she sat in the park and her facial expression and quivering lip were just so sad.

  • MiffoShortMiffoShort Posts: 1,901 Member
    Well February 4th is my birthday and I think for my 12th or 13th birthday I actually got The Sims 3 base game, so that was quite a magical moment for me :) And before my grampy died he used to throw money on the floor when we went up to see him and I was allowed to keep the money, with it, I bought The Sims 3 High End Loft Stuff :D

    Both of those are really good memories for me :)

  • Joey2eyeballJoey2eyeball Posts: 1,792 Member
    That beautiful moment when I realise how much joy and happiness The Sims has brought me.
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  • MoodbeamyMoodbeamy Posts: 1,510 Member
    That moment when...

    I got my Mum's partner to stay up for the entire night trying to get 'The Sims Superstar' working on the computer because it didn't install properly the first time. Struggling to sleep for whole night and then rushing downstairs as soon as the sun began to rise, to find that the PC was sat there and the loading screen was up. I spent the entire day playing it non stop, it was nigh impossible to tear me away!

    That moment when...

    I pre-ordered 'The Sims 2 Seasons' KNOWING that it wouldn't work on my PC, then saved up every penny I had for the next eight weeks to earn enough to buy a worthy computer. Finally loading up the game and exploring each season, spending hours at a time building snowmen and the like.

    These are my most memorable The Sims moments, I've never been so excited to play before!
  • ScobreScobre Posts: 20,665 Member
    edited January 2015
    Wow I can't believe it has been 15 years already. I started playing the series when I was 12 with Sims 1. I was sad that I was starting to get too old to play barbies and then I saw the game advertised on television and I couldn't resist to get it. I became hooked right away. The Sims 2 is still my favorite game of the series. I've played all four games and some of the side games. When I started playing the series I was able to run and walk and do a lot of things. When I turned 14, I became handicapped after an accident falling down the stairs doing laundry. I'm not longer able to run since then and I have random days in which I can walk and can't walk. So with the Sims anything that I am unable to do in real life, I am able to do with my Sim self in the game. The Sims do inspire me to make my life better. Like when the Sims 2 university came around I thought, "If my Sims can graduate university, so can I." I still have a bunch of other goals I wish to achieve now too after finishing college.

    I guess I could tell the moments I had with the Goth family throughout the series. With Sims 1 I didn't know Michael Bachelor and Bella Goth were siblings, so she kind of had an affair with him. The kids were really cute and the graveyard felt massive in that game. It was interesting seeing all their relatives in the backyard. In the Sims 2 I was devastated that Bella Goth had gone missing. I tried every possible way to get her back, but I think I was only able to get her clone back. With Bella Goth missing, I became interested in Cassandra Goth's character. I had her leave Don Lothario and marry Darren Dreamer. She had a very happy life with him and many children. In the Sims 3 I got the chance to experience Bella and Michael growing up. It was quite sweet seeing them share fond family moments together and play together. In the Sims 4, I get to experience Cassandra growing up a bit again and so nice to have the whole Goth family together again. Cassandra ended marrying Malcolm Landgraab. The only thing is I think she ended up going a little crazy after marrying him and she cries a lot. The Goth family was always a big part of her life I think and why she's sad about being married off to someone just for his money. I hope that someday that she can meet Darren Dreamer again and have babies and toddlers with him someday in the Sims 4.

    For those that haven't tried any of the games yet, if you want your dream job, mate, children, house, and health. It's all possible in the Sims games. Sometimes the fantasy on the Sims lives can become a reality in our own lives. With both worlds, the sky is the limit.
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  • 06Bon0606Bon06 Posts: 11,614 Member
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  • JimilJimil Posts: 4,443 Member
    I reenacted a Wild West theme in Sims 3 using a player-made world and enough mods. Riding horses into the sunset like in RDR. Wooden houses and saloons in the desert. I thought it was magical.
  • DonsvlinderDonsvlinder Posts: 312 Member
    The most magical moment I had with The Sims was when my little sister and I started building a houses together. We switched turns every 15 minutes and shared and showed our ideas with each other. Those houses eventually became unique and magical themselves!
  • MasonGamerMasonGamer Posts: 8,851 Member
    Ugh I don't have any yet, :s maybe in another 5 years I'll celebrate 20.
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  • Sha2520032003Sha2520032003 Posts: 2,251 Member
    I have been playing Sims since Sims 1. However, Sims 2 is my favorite game in the Sims series. I would start playing at noon and before I knew it, it would be 6pm. And it's like wow....did I just miss lunch and almost dinner? What I loved most about Sims 2 was how each neighborhood was so integrated with each world. It had the family-style play that I love....where I can remember the parents swinging the kids around and the children singing the nursery rhyme with the toddler. Once Open for Business EP came out, I was even more hooked. Some of the funniest moments would be when you had a cashier at badge level 1 and a line full of annoyed customers and they would start sighing and finally dropping their bags. Those were definitely LOL moments.

    Recently, I just got Sims 2 The Ultimate Collection and even though I had Sims 3 (& all EP's) & had the new Sims 4, I was eager to jump back in and play Sims 2, as I hadn't played since 2006. What a rush when I played again....it felt like a brand new game. I was back on my 4-6 hour play time. My favorite Sims 2 family is Pollination Tech in Strangetown. One of the things that I never did back when I was playing years ago was experiment with different life states with exception to alien. In my current game Pollination Tech, got nibbled by a werewolf. Two of the funniest moments in this game: 1) Savage - I have never seen this before. I love it, how they just fight the person and turn them into a werewolf; 2) Hybrid State Children - Pollination Tech married a witch. Lets just say that their children look a little bit "odd"....with the alien eyes that are blue, with bright red hair, green skin, and sparkly witch skin.

    I will ALWAYS play Sims 2 regardless of what other games come out. It has brought so much joy and happiness into my life. & now that I know there's things I didn't 'experience' the 1st time around like different life states, it's like playing a brand new game!
  • PlayPlay Posts: 704 Member
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    The Sims became such a massive part of my life. I used to sit day in, day out playing The Sims/The Sims 2, and was addicted to the BBS over on TheSims2.com. I met some amazing people in the Community back in the day, and I even still speak to someone from when we met on the BBS in 2007... That's almost 8 years we've known each other, and still speak! Mindblowing. So many memories, I wish there was a BBS archive so I could cringe at all my old posts from my immature teenage self. :|
  • burntcheese223burntcheese223 Posts: 1,157 Member
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    The Sims 2 - It was a magical moment when my simself became the owner of her very own toy store.

    The Sims 3 - I got very emotional when I seen the first trailer. Someone opened the door to the world and there were endless possiblities. So wonderful.

    The Sims 4 - I had a sad moment when someone shut that wonderful door or "semi shut" the door... But a good moment I had was when I found out just how wonderful and full of life the sims themselves are.. Build mode is amazing too by the way.

    I would like to remain anonymous please :)
  • fullspiralfullspiral Posts: 14,717 Member
    When my first sim pet died in sims 2. I was so sad, almost in tears. I had to shut the game off and couldn't play the rest of the night. :'(

    And then when I went tomb exploring in 3, the music kept me on edge and I ran when I opened sarcophagus's because I didn't know if there was a mummy in there or not.

    And then when I got supernatural, I would make sure all my sims were indoors at home with the doors locked by 6PM when the full moon rose because I was scared of the zombies. lol (I learned over time they couldn't do anything)
  • Thebookthief24Thebookthief24 Posts: 1,327 Member
    My most memorable Sim moment is when I was 8 years old and had just gotten The Sims 2 Double Deluxe. I made a married couple , and had them woohoo , not knowing what to expect. When it was over I was like:

    "Well that was a bit disturbing..."
    "Clearly , I have made some bad decisions."
  • ratsrbestratsrbest Posts: 579 Member
    edited January 2015
    I bought my first ever laptop in January 2003 and used to notice some of the Sims eps in the shop. They immediately attracted my interest but were no good to me as no base games were available.

    I remember the day when I walked into the Game shop and saw a huge Sims display and it included the base game. I was overjoyed and have been hooked ever since.

    Sadly for me my laptop died some time around May that year and had to be sent off for repairs. I'd lost all the games, and there were many, that I'd spent so many hours each day creating. I loved building houses in particular and to switch on my laptop only to be confronted with a black screen was devastating.

    The laptop was due to be away for a month and I really tried to do without my game but I caved in and bought another laptop before the old one came back :)

    I have so many happy memories of playing my games but the truly magical event is when someone comes up behind me and asks if I want a cup of tea or if I'm ready for my dinner yet. Yes, yes I am ready for refreshment after a couple of hours of hard playing and aren't I grateful when I don't have to drag myself away from my game in order to prepare it :D

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  • TrowiciaTrowicia Posts: 2,025 Member
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    My favorite (and most terrifying) moment is when I got robbed by a burglar in TS1 and the tune scared the knickers off of me. To this day I can hear the tune just playing with every moment I get to think about The Sims.
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  • Shadecaster101Shadecaster101 Posts: 1,343 Member
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    One of the most memorable moments from over the years was with the Open for Business expansion pack in The Sims 2.

    I remember I made this family of three: a mom, dad, and teenage daughter. I also had Nightlife installed, so shortly after I moved them into their small home, I sent the mom downtown to buy a cell phone. What I did not expect was for her to run into a vampire! It was a Friday night, so she had time to spare to talk to this strange Countess. She ended up biting her, turning her into a vampire as well.

    I sent her home, and in the next couple of Sim days, she had converted her husband first, then her daughter. Their beds were replaced with coffins and soon they were living the good life, with no reflections, red eyes, and the ability to turn into bats.

    But the fun was ended come Monday. The school bus arrived and it was time for the daughter to go to school. As usual, she strolled out in the morning sun to get there, but this time, she collapsed into a pile of dust on the pavement!

    After a quick return to the game without saving, I realized that she could not get to school. More importantly, her parents couldn't get to work, and they were running low on money already because of their new coffins!

    So the answer was obvious. A home business. In no time, they had a stylish, shelf-lined basement filled with completely random merchandise, ranging from toy nutcrackers to refrigerators.

    But there was one issue. The customers decided that most of them would rather come in the day than night, and my Sims being vampires, naturally didn't like that because it didn't fit with their nocturnal schedule. To fix this, I added another woman to the household. A caretaker, of sorts.

    The woman helped run the shop during the day and business was slowly starting to become more successful. I eventually ended up with a line of customers that went out the door (possibly due to bad cashier skills).

    Their life was spontaneous and hilarious, and with a lot of hard work, they made their unconventional situations thrive. To allow their daughter to age up (as a vampire, she didn't age), I sent her to college, where she met a matchmaker who was willing to sell her a potion to return her to a human state. What I did not expect from it was the best of both worlds. Although it was a glitch, she was able to still look like a vampire, but go out in the day! Through her I was able to experience campus life, but that's for another story.

    ETA: I also fondly remember the magic from The Sims: Makin' Magic. I enchanted my lawn flamingos and gnomes. The flamingos became FlaminGoGo dancers and started doing the craziest dances! Meanwhile, the gnomes ran around trying to ruin my Sims' life, kicking their shins and destroying their stuff. I also remember being able to turn my Sims into monsters using charms, pets into humans, and giving my children ghostly imaginary friends that were almost as creepy as the tragic clown! However, I had to get a lot of pixie dust to do get these imaginary friends, and I remember the children had to play with some specific toybox to get it. I was always amazed every time little fairies came out of that box and lifted my Sim into the air. Makin' Magic also brought aging to the game, allowing children to be turned into adults. I can't believe how much that blew my mind back then.
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  • Wadebabe8Wadebabe8 Posts: 16 Member
    Ah, I remember it like it was yesterday.

    Midway through my Sims 2 career, I had a goal, no, a DREAM. It would take patience. It would take ingenuity. It would take one man's well-sculpted goatee. With my plan in action, I began my task.

    After weeks of effort, countless hours of "Tell Joke" and "Hug", and mountains of grilled cheese, I had finally done it. Don Lothario had Try for Baby'd every woman in town and had been successful. Over twenty children in all! When Don had finally settled down and retired from Chief of Staff, he had Woo-hooed 44 different women. This, I believe, was what he found to be his biggest accomplishment in life. Yes, he set a precedent in my town. No man would ever be able to beat that record (if only because they were now related to all other citizens of Pleasantview!).
  • SuRihtanilSuRihtanil Posts: 1,456 Member
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    I waited on the sims 1 launch for a year. While I waited I visited every game site I could find to read information and possibly view new screenshots. I purchased the game from software etc. in my local mall soon as it came out. (RIP software etc.) I have never been so excited to play a video game. It was magical moment when I opened the box and installed the game for the first time... I stayed up almost all night playing the sims 1 as Bob and Betty Newbie.

    Since the sims 1? I have purchased all the sims titles. Stuff packs, store content, expansions packs basically day 1 since year 2000! 15 years I have been here buying, following, supporting the game and the staff. I am 31 now with kids who play also! I can just hope to have another 15 years of simming under my belt come year 2030. I am unsure what the future my hold but its been a good ride being a Sims fan... the sims are and always will be a big part of my life.
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