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Building Problem, Help?

I have searched and searched through old forum discussions and topics relating to this one and have not found a single answer for my problem because the topic goes unanswered so I hope I get an answer here. I am having an issue with building on lots and apartments in Late Night, it's become really frustrating for me to become creative in making what I want to make. The problem is a PITCH BLACK ROOM, I know this problem has been discussed a few times but I have not found a direct and effective answer yet. Please Help!

Everyone in other forums suggest "add windows" "add more lights" "raise your brightness level..." and so on. That will NOT fix this problem, it has something to do with the room itself. For example, I bought a Venue and I wanted the entrance to have a bit more activity and color rather than walking in and getting on an elevator up to the Venue area. So as you may know, there is only one room in the center of the building (Elevator Room) and when I remove the walls and try to expand the room into the unused dark space, the ENTIRE room goes completely PITCH BLACK and Sims refuse to walk into the room, it only happens when I connect the walls to create the larger room. When I remove one slab of the wall the room illuminates to it's original self, but once that wall connection is made, it all goes pitch black and no amount of Lights or Windows solves this issue. I was somehow able to fix it (not knowing what the heck I did) but I had to do it bit by bit and expand the walls a bit every while. Now that I've bought a Bar known as the Waylon's Haunt, I want to expand it into the neighboring building. I know it's possible but the problem is the other building is of course PITCH BLACK and once I make the connection of these 2 buildings, the Darkness consumes the Bar and the extra building. I don't fully understand how the pitch black setting or bug or whatever it is, works, nor can I get around this one like I did for the apartment. Please help me find some solution to this pesky problem because I really want to create the biggest Bars and Venues of the city to upgrade their stars. I would appreciate any help, advice, tips, links, anything that will help me. Please and Thank You! :'( <3

P.S: I don't think it has to do with technical computer issues or updates because everything else runs super well and normal. This is the only in-game problem I have ever encountered.


  • Sketch793Sketch793 Posts: 711 Member
    I think that might have something to do with the room markers that came with Late Night. You can read about them in the game's readme file. I never figured them out, so that's all I can tell you.

    I found the readme file at Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Support
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    The pitch black rooms are usually just empty space with Hidden Room Markers in them. A hidden room marker will make any space in which it is blacked out and unusable for Player Sims. If you use the sledgehammer tool to break the wall between your apartment, and the space where a hidden room marker is, the room where you broke the wall will become part of the "empty space" and will black out and becomes unusable.

    To work with Hidden Room Markers, open the cheat dialog (ctrl+shift+c), type "buydebug" in it, and press enter. If you get an error message, first enter "testingcheatsenabled true" into the cheat dialog. You should now see what is in the "empty space". If there is a silver orb in the space, this is usually the Hidden Room Marker and you need to delete it to gain access to the empty space.

    Also, if you need to replace a deleted or moved Marker, head to Buy Mode -> Sort by category, and you should see a new tab with a question mark on it. Click on it and then go to Miscellaneous (three orbs). This category includes not only all the usable markers (Hidden room marker, Level skip marker and Public room marker - all of these are silver orbs, so make sure to hover on them so you can distinguish between them) but also a lot of other useful items not normally available through Buy Mode. Most of these are community objects and reward objects, but there are many useful ones as well (such as build-mode lights that are only visible when in build or buy modes, but completely disappear in Live Mode - the light they cast doesn't go away though, so they can be used to light large spaces with invisible lighting sources).

    You mentioned wanting to extend Waylon's haunt into the building next door. I personally have done just that with some common Build Mode tricks and the cheats "buydebug" and "placefriezes on". The building next to the bar contains a Hidden room marker and multiple level skip markers. Once you get the markers out, it is a really simple deal, and anyone with decent building skills can do it. The tops of the two buildings are constructed with friezes, a kind of a foundation piece on top of the buildings, to place this you need the cheat "placefriezes on" to be able to connect the tops of the buildings. After entering the cheat, a frieze can be laid on top of the building by using the foundation tool in build mode. After that, remember to turn off the cheat by "placefriezes off". After merging the buildings it's a simple deal of matching wall coverings and such. Also, if you don't want to extend the bar into the whole two buildings, you can replace the Level skip markers on the upper levels, so the game skips the top levels when "buydebug" isn't on.
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  • krustie3000krustie3000 Posts: 1 New Member
    HunterInShadow you are a genius my friend, thank you very much :) :) :)
    Worked like a dream!
  • Sterben861Sterben861 Posts: 1 New Member
    I had the same problem. But when I used the Mod Conflict Detector, it worked fine eventually.
  • igazorigazor Posts: 16,741 Member
    Sterben861 wrote: »
    I had the same problem. But when I used the Mod Conflict Detector, it worked fine eventually.
    Hi there. This thread and forum section are about TS3, not TS4. ;)
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