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Step by step instruction on how to get rid of unwanted sims

mcruddmcrudd Posts: 8,226 Member
Do you have unwanted sims in your house after you went travelling or after you had a party. Sometimes someone you don't even knows comes over and sleeps in your bed, eats your food, uses up all your computer time, How dare they and why on earth are they doing that? Its simple really, since the last update all houses are reset to generic, which means your home is no longer your own residential home, Oh no, now its almost like a community lot and free for all :expressionless:

So what to do, I will show you a very step by step tutorial on how to change your lot from Generic back to residential and get rid of those pesky little parasites living in your house ;)

Step 1
Make sure that they are indeed people that just moved in and not an actual visitor, you can always ask a visitor to go away and leave, but not someone that is visiting your generic house, as you can see in my pic, the option to chase them off is not available, some of them my sim has never even met, how dare they?

Step 2
Click on the three dots in your upper right corner and then select manage worlds from the pop up

Step 3
You will be asked whether you want to save and manage or just manage, I suggest saving

Step 4
You will be taken to the world map. There you hover the mouse over your property and then click on the three dots to get more options

More steps continue in next post as to not overcrowd one post with lots of pics ;)
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