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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


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    Mystery sim


    But who is she :#

    @Emily4331 She is normal no makeover required,but still take a pretty photoshoot though. :love:

    Off to take my friend to lunch,it's his birthday and gonna buy him lego sets since he is a lego freak.Have a awesome simmy day everyone.

    Hilda Bancroft

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    @ZeeGee If you see this just wanted to say Lolita Goth in your siggy vid is beautiful <3 <3 Love her with the dark eyeliner.Am a fan of her and Annabelle anyway my 2 favorite SV sims.

    Got the tag! This thread is so busy I had difficulty finding your post though! Anyway, it was so much fun doing a makeover on Lolita for that scene. She really is gorgeous. Thanks for the compliment and have fun with your friend. :kissing:
    The Destiny of Erik Darling

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    Messed around with a few more new patterns today...all are in my studio.



    I may work on this one a bit more tomorrow, that line is going to drive me insane!




    The dress ones on the wall...





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    @lisasc360 I have not seen the film myself but I can see the resemblance! :smiley:

    @CravenLestat No idea who the mystery Sim is?

    @Charlottesmom Nice use of the patterns :smile:
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    Alright everyone, here it is! :mrgreen:
    Gotta admit I am super excited to share this chapter and it was a joy writing it! <3
    It's a LONG one (you have been warned :p ) so take some time out to read it so that you can really take it all in. ;)
    Enjoy my friends. :blush:


    The Song of the Heart

    The days leading up to Friday came and gone as Sam cheered joyfully, greeting the morning with the fact that he still hadn't leaped.


    He did have the thought that maybe there was something else he needed to Right in Hidden Springs, so he had Al and Ziggy run a few scenarios. But most likely their results would be, no. Of course there was always the chance that he could leap this afternoon...or in the evening...Heaven forbid at Emma's gig! But he seriously doubted it. He had a feeling he was supposed to be there for his dear friend tonight.

    As much as he wished he could be up there singing with her, he found it a pleasure to just hear her sing this time around. Her voice was truly lovely, a rare sound. Not too high pitched and not too low, just the right tone. The kind of soothing voice a mother sounds while singing a lullaby to her child. There was no doubt in his mind that she would be a star tonight.


    Sam arrived early at the cafe that night, before anyone else arrived in fact. He wasn't sure why. Perhaps it was his excitement to hear Emma sing, or maybe it was the fact that he had nothing better do than sit around anticipating when he would leap, which was something he couldn't ever help. Just let it go already! he commanded himself, while taking a seat at the table facing the stage. Live your life and have fun! If it happens, it happens! In the meantime, quit making yourself miserable! He dropped his forehead into his hand and rubbed at it. Gosh, I'm beginning to sound like my dad.

    Within ten minutes more people arrived...


    ...and in that time the lady behind the counter asked Sam twice if he wanted anything to drink, to which he politely declined. He didn't feel hungry or thirsty. He wasn't sure what he felt at the moment. He just wanted to hear Emma sing.

    "Ladies and Gentlemen," the owner of the cafe, Helen, announced over the microphone. "I ask that you please take your seats and welcome to our small town stage once again," she motioned her hand to the side in introduction, "the singing of Miss Emma Simself!"


    Everyone clapped as Emma emerged from the dark hallway, lightly stepping up onto the little stage. A raised platform really, Sam noted, but that thought was quickly replaced upon taking notice of how gorgeous Emma looked; approaching the microphone in that stunning purple glitter shirt, which sparkled every second in the ambient light, and black skirt and heels. He felt himself gulp as his heart fluttered, seeing her smile down upon him. The joy in her eyes at his presence was quite obvious. He had to stop himself from shaking his head as he thought how is it that she'd always been this beautiful and he never noticed it?


    He smiled brightly back at her and gave her a slight thumbs up.

    Emma blushed as she held the microphone and said, "Thank you everyone. I'll be singing a song I introduced a little over a month ago and was asked by Helen to sing again." She flashed a grin toward the host. "So," she breathed, "without further adieu, here is, 'Fly.'"

    Sam clasped his hands together in his lap with anticipation as the music began playing. It started with a lovely piano solo. Man, I wish I could be playing that for her right now.

    Emma's heart pounded a little faster than usual on this night, but she took in a slow breath to calm it as she waited for the intro to end and braced herself for her cue.

    "Sometimes I swear I live with an angel,
    Sent from above to watch over me.


    He wears his love just like a halo,
    If he's not an angel, what else could he be."

    The memories she thought of the last time she sang this song, played out once again in her mind.

    "He wouldn't say he's anything special,
    Betcha that's how all those angels are,
    But when he comes around miracles happen,
    I felt the first one when he touched my heart.


    Though I've never seen him fly.
    On the wings of love he carries me,
    Heaven bound, I'm mystified,
    How with just one kiss...


    ...he made me believe, in angels.
    Though I've never seen him fly."


    "This mornin' he walked up,
    Smiled and I kissed him,
    I never let on that he's not foolin' me.


    Cause I think it's so cute how he says,
    He's from Bridgeport.
    I swear there's wings tucked up his sleeves.

    Though I've never seen him fly.
    On the wings of love he carries me,
    Heaven bound, I'm mystified,
    How with just one kiss he made me,
    Believe in angels.
    Though I've never seen him fly.


    Wha oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, ohhhh,
    Woo hoo, woo hoo."

    Shortly before the small instrumental part a couple sat down next to Sam while the woman said, "Oh she's singing 'Fly' again. It's such a cute song!"
    "Yeah," the guy agreed. "Is this the one she said she wrote?"*
    "Yeah, I think so."

    Sam's eyes widened at the thought. Emma wrote this? he admired. He ran the lyrics back through his mind. Clearly she's talking about a man in the song. Was it just a romantic story or about someone she once knew? I wonder who she's talking about...

    Then it hit him.

    A sudden warmth showered over him as he contemplated the possibility and his heart began to flutter even more. It certainly made sense! Flattered, his head gradually turned to gaze back up at her, his face beaming, along with a smile that just wouldn't go away.


    He thought it'd been hard to take his eyes off her before. It's like he suddenly began to see her in a whole new light.

    Within seconds she continued.

    "Heaven bound, I'm mystified,
    How with just one kiss he made me,
    Believe in angels.
    Though I've


    Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh.
    Ooh a, ooh a, ooh, ooh."

    As the music concluded, everyone burst out in applause, especially Sam who stood up while doing so. Emma's smile radiated throughout the entire room as she did a little bow. He couldn't wait to tell her how amazing she did.

    He braced himself as she stepped off the platform and started heading in his direction.


    Teeth clenched together with excitement, Emma asked him, "So? What did you think?"


    "You were fantastic!" Sam exclaimed. "Your voice sounded beautiful and you looked great!"


    "Aww, thanks!" Emma blushed.
    Sam couldn't help but envelop her in his arms. "Great job," he whispered near her ear, "I'm so glad I didn't miss it."
    "Me too," she expressed, hugging him a little tighter.


    "So uh," Sam began, moving to break the embrace. "The couple sitting next to me mentioned that you wrote that song? Music and all?"
    "Not the music," she corrected, "but the lyrics, yes. An old friend of mine from my hometown put the music together."
    "Yeah, he's a talented guy. Much like you." That last part she ended while glancing away with a blush.
    "Well," Sam blushed as well. "Have him send me a copy of the music and I'll play it for you next time."
    "I'd love that! In fact that's what I originally wanted, but since you were in a coma and all..."

    The two stood there for a few seconds in a somewhat awkward silence, rocking on their heels, until a couple of folks came over to congratulate Emma on her performance. Sam loved watching how genuinely sweet she was-is-with everyone. So humble too. She'd never admit publicly how great of a singer she is, but she certainly could and no one would disagree with her.

    Once the people left, Emma clasped her hands together and flashed a smile at Sam.
    "So uh," Sam began again, wanting desperately to ask her more about the song, but chickening out. "I was going to tell you that I've discovered that when I leap my cell phone goes with me!"
    "Oh," Emma expressed, not expecting that. "Well, that'"
    "Of course I can't make any calls to anyone, know why."
    "And," he pulled out his phone. "I realized I don't have any pictures of you, which is crazy since you're my best friend and all."
    "Oh Sam..."
    "And I was thinking that," he paused, growing a little more serious. "if heaven forbid I'm gone on this next leap for months or...this Bracelet doesn't work and I never come back--"


    "Don't say that," she placed a hand on his arm. "You will!"
    "That," he continued, "I'd love to have a picture of you...either remember you by."
    With a blushed smile Emma said, "Sure. Definitely. But I warn you I am not very photogenic!"
    "Oh I doubt that."

    In that moment he asked Emma to strike a pose or whatever she wanted to do as he took a picture.
    "Wow," he breathed as he took a glance at it and then showed it to her. "You look beautiful!"


    "Huh," Emma observed. "That one actually didn't turn out too bad." She winked at him.
    "You look so happy. I love it."
    Emma wanted to express her innermost response to that, but kept it to herself.

    "Come on!" Sam exclaimed, moving her to the side a bit for some better light. "Let's take a couple of...what are they called...'selfies' together!"
    Emma laughed.
    "You ready?" he asked, while putting his arm around her and raising his phone up with the other.


    Emma couldn't stop giggling.
    "Ok, one more," Sam chuckled too. "Maybe a normal one this time around." But neither one listened to that.

    As they took a gander at both pictures they shared a few laughs and joked about feeling like teenagers again.


    "They turned out real cute!" Emma expressed.
    "Yeah," Sam breathed, looking upon her once again in that way he really hadn't before. "They really are."



    Once the Cafe closed, Sam offered to take Emma home. She'd gotten a ride over with Helen since her car was being fixed. Needless to say she was more than happy to ride home with him and Helen emphatically agreed that she do so!

    "You know," Emma started while on the drive, changing the subject. "I was thinking that we should come up with some way for me to know when you've leaped."


    "That way your Sixam, fish, and bug aren't suffering from neglect and hunger for too long before I notice."
    "Yeah," he chuckled.
    "Got any ideas?"
    "Well," he paused, thinking fast. "How about I just send you a greeting text every morning and if you don't happen to get one from me the next'll know I've leaped."
    Emma nodded, accepting the idea. "What if you forget to text though?"
    "I won't forget," he flashed a smile at her.
    "Alright!" she declared, clapping her hands together. "Sounds like a plan!"

    When they arrived at Emma's place they shared a lengthy hug while Sam congratulated her once again on her performance and Emma reminded him to really not forget to text her.

    Watching her approach her door safely and turn around to wave, Sam waved back with a long, drawn out sigh.


    The next morning Sam stayed true to his word and sent a text to Emma just as he sat up from the bed.

    Good morning beautiful. ;) How'd you sleep?
    You flatter me. ;) I don't look so beautiful right now.

    I doubt that, he thought.
    But I slept fine. Thank you for asking...and texting. <3
    Of course. I promised you I wouldn't forget.
    We'll see about that...
    Hey! Don't blame me! Blame Quantum Physics!


    The rest of the morning Sam spent grocery shopping and running into a few locals whom he carried on long conversations with. That afternoon he stopped by the Vanderburg's to see how they were faring and to inform them personally of his new "job" in Bridgeport.

    "Well, I sure hope nothing serious happens to us while you're called away," Catarina lightly huffed while sticking up her chin.
    "Nothing will," Sam assured. "Besides I won't be gone too terribly long. A week or two tops!"
    "A lot can happen in a week's time you know Sam."
    Then he placed a comforting hand on hers. "Just have a little faith Catarina ok?" He smiled.
    A smile hinted across her face. "I'll try, but I'm not making any promises."


    That evening after enjoying a play at the theater, Sam came home to find a note taped to his front door. Curiously, he ripped it off and read it underneath the porch light.

    Dear Mr. Beckett,

    Please harvest your money tree or someone else will.

    He flipped the paper over to see if anyone signed it. Nope. Huh, he thought, well, then. I guess I better go harvest it. He chuckled at the note, but more over the fact of how awesome it was that money actually did grow on trees in this world! Granted it wasn't much, but still! Nothing surprised him living here anymore.

    As he began to harvest the simoleons from the tree, he whistled a happy tune.


    Until a familiar bright blue light began to engulf him.


    "Oh you gotta be kidding me!?"

    And he a couple of money bills slowly swirled down to the ground.


    As Sam's being began to reanimate into the next situation he'd been "called" to, he immediately took a look around. He first noticed that the place looked more realistic than cartoonish, unlike in Hidden Springs. It quickly became apparent that he was in another world. This must be a bedroom. Outlined with grey walls and blue sheets on the small bed. Comfortable looking, but not cozy. A light beeping sound greeted his ears, but he couldn't figure out where it was coming from. There was a small window off to the right and when his eyes caught hold of what was outside, he gaped.


    Eyes widened with fascination, the beeping sound ringing again, he rested his hands upon the wall and stared out into the vast expanse; watching the stars fly by with drool nearly coming out of his mouth. Am I on a starship!? He grinned brightly and jumped with excitement. "Oh YEAH!"

    "Captain?" A woman's voice asked behind the door.
    Sam froze in his tracks. Captain? Perhaps that beeping sound was his...doorbell? "Uh...come in?"
    The door slid open to the side as a slim figured woman, wearing an interesting grey and black patterned suit, with short brown hair and raised, pointed eyebrows, stepped in with a rather serious look on her face.
    "Captain," she addressed again. "Your presence is needed in Sick Bay. Doctor Phlox is waiting."

    Is this for real!? Sam couldn't help thinking while staring at her. This feels like Star Trek! But...those stories were never real. Or, he grew bug eyed, were they!?
    "Captain? Are you alright?"
    "Oh uh yes, sorry," Sam expressed. He held up a finger. "Could you just...give me a few minutes here. I need to find a mirror." He began to look and fumble around for one.
    "Captain Archer!"
    The full name definitely got Sam's attention, which meant she meant business. Glancing up at her he did a double take when he noticed her...pointed ears! "No way!" he cried.
    The woman pursed her lips. "Perhaps you're needed in Sick Bay for a reason other than visiting with Phlox."
    "Forgive me. I'm just so excited I--" when the woman's face expression hadn't changed, he stopped right there. Clearing his throat he started again. "Give me one minute please, just one. And I will immediately go to Sick Bay."
    The woman nodded her head suspiciously at him and left the room.

    Once she did Sam cried, "Mirror, mirror, where are you!?" Eventually he found one playing around with a few buttons on the wall, one of which opened out a sink and mirror hidden behind the wall. Sweet!

    Taking a quick glance at himself he once again had to do a double take.
    "Oh boy."




    Author's Note:

    First off, You know I HAD TO!!! :smiley: There's definitely a wrong that needs to be made right in Star Trek: Enterprise! ;) And many fans of both shows feel the TV Series was just another leap. ;)
    I regret to inform you that I won't be playing or writing out this leap (like the previous one)...sorry. :( I just don't have the time to stage it all, plus...there's other, more important, things I want to have happen in Sam's story then writing out a full leap side story again. :blush:
    Just watch Star Trek: Enterprise to get a feel for it, particularly the Episode in Season 1 titled: "Dear Doctor."

    *I did NOT write this song (that was just for the story) so of course I can't take credit for it. ;)
    All credit and copyright goes to The Wilkinsons for their lovely song. <3 Circa 1998.
    You can listen to it here:
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    Todaaaaay, my sim Antonio went on his second date with Melanie, and the two are now going steady!
    The twins, Joshua and Lisa, aged up to Teens, and had a great party with their friends.
    The eldest son, Luca, has gotten a great job at the local construction site, working weekends as a landscaper. His passion for all things green is beginning to shine through!
    And last but not least, husband Clifton has reached the top of his career track as an Athlete. His wife couldn't be prouder, and the two look forward to spending his bonus on a new en-suite bathroom to the master bedroom. :D
    I can't wait to be able to upload pictures of my sims family. The genetics are inescapable!
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    I think it's awesome (and adorable and...of course!) that Emma tried to steal a kiss when she and Sam were taking a "friendly" picture together!


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    @emorrill Very nice story. When he leapt onto the starship I hoped it'd be the Enterprise. I tried to watch every episode of it but probably missed a few.
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 4,297 Member
    Karritz wrote: »
    @emorrill Very nice story. When he leapt onto the starship I hoped it'd be the Enterprise. I tried to watch every episode of it but probably missed a few.

    Thank you @Karritz <3 Glad you enjoyed it.
    I was a little worried how some people might accept him leaping into the Enterprise world, but you know had to be done and I don't care! It's fun! :smiley:

    Also I loved that you mentioned taping Quantum Leap to watch later. :mrgreen: What would we do without our DVR's huh? I hope you enjoy it. :star:
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    Good morning all :) Thanks for entertaining me over my morning coffee :)

    @emorrill I will read your Sam update in your thread and leave comments there a little later this morning. Looking forward to it :)

    @king_of_simcity7 Love the new hair on Angie! Makes her look meaner than ever! I remember the grief she caused in your earlier save!

    @Charlottesmom Beautiful patterns <3
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    @king_of_simcity7 Mystery sim is Danni Devlin the Zombie girl I posted and uploaded for Emily. :love: Danni is a really cute sim.
    Hilda Bancroft

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    I'm so uber behind on feedback it isn't funny. :confounded: Dang flu!

    @bekkasan Lady, your stories are such a joy to read and have been really GOOD lately! :star: Sorry it's taken me forever to talk about them. {{{Hugs}}}
    Welcome Brian. Two guys and two girls, hmm? ;)
    I agree that there are a bit too many skyscrapers in Bridgeport.
    A & J doing karaoke. <3
    I've always wondered, and I don't know much about this stuff because of my innocent upbringing, but, is the bubble station supposed to symbolize getting High or something?? :lol:
    Jared doing pull ups. :love:
    Poor Alexandra having to dumpster dive, but hey...she's making lots of money. ;) That and the gems of course.
    Whine no more! :lol: Update has been posted! :mrgreen: <3

    @phoebebebe13 Dang photobucket! :confounded: Did you happen to back up your photos onto your desktop/laptop? I hope so.
    Love the pretty kitty in your avatar pic by the way. :)

    @Namaya92 I am really loving your Salmon Woods story! :star:
    I'm so glad Violet has found true love and happiness with Davey! <3 Such a well written chapter! Her new haircut is cute too. :)

    @Silverofdreams30 Yeah. I've been careful downloading CC for years now after a bad experience. But even when you're careful, carp still manages to get through. :confused:
    Cute pic of Lana modeling @coco 's top. :) It's one of those tops I worry about though, where a guy could just pull it down and see b0'0bies! :lol:

    Welcome baby Lily. <3
    Cute updates as always. :)

    @Featherbelle Sounds like hubby needs to help you with that. ;) I'm sure it's already fixed right? :p

    @Nikkei_Simmer Wow...look at all those Sims at attention!
    Jared cleans up well. ;) <3

    @polrbear **Waves** How's it going? :)

    @Karritz And that was one rockin' wedding you had there! :star: ;)
    I need to try watching your new videos.

    @CravenLestat Holy huge Harley Quinn doll! :flushed:

    @PalmArrow Aww, you shared pics of some of the characters in Sam's story. <3 (Do you feel like killing Emmaline? :naughty: I see she is a witch in your game? Very fitting! :lol: )
    Laila Al Fahad still lives in your story! ;)
    Yes, Jennifer Sato is very pretty. I need to get her in Sam's story somehow just for Craven's sake. :p
    Cora as a Frog! :lol:
    Hey! Lars Disco Tech! :smiley: I recently adding a bowling alley to it updstairs because no one would hang out on that balcony. I'll share pics later. :)

    @TadOlson You seem so computer savvy. Wish you could come over and clean up my computer...and game. ;)

    @lisasc360 Great story updates, but I still need to know who got your SS pregnant. (And that blood test will tell for sure! :p ) I'm really thinking it's Donny, but...maybe she got frisky with someone else. :p
    Where'd you download the Christmas plates to where sims can place their normal dishes on top of it??? Must have!
    Oh yikes! How did I miss your update! :flushed:
    Don't cry SS. :cry: It will be ok.
    Well Donny took that better than expected. That's awesome!
    Whispers: They should get married. ;)

    @king_of_simcity7 Nice video! :)
    Angie's back! :grimace: And I love it! :lol: A little drama is always fun.

    @Charlottesmom I love the L and DeathNote shirts. <3 Very cute! (The BIG L comment...*snicker* :lol: )
    Love that smile on Connor's face. :blush:
    First two dress patterns are my faves! <3 I also love the first wall pattern!
    Read Sam if you haven't already. ;) <3

    @Emily4331 Can't wait to see the end result of the bikini. ;)
    Lei is beautiful.
    OMGosh Sims 2! Such fond memories of that game. <3
    And I miss that grabbing bu'tt interaction too!!!

    @MamaSimTee Adulting can be so hard and annoying sometimes. :confounded: Many of those moments I'd be like, "It's time for me to be a Unicorn now." ;) :p

    @ZeeGee ! Hey chica! :smiley: I didn't think Craven would comment on your Lolita, but I should've expected it! *facepalm*

    @Mikezumi Sounds good. :) Thanks lady. <3
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    @TadOlson Thank you.

    @T_Mari Nice house. :)

    @RodJohn I enjoyed the update. Love the pillow fighting pics. :)

    @Emily4331 Learning to do animations would be awesome. Not sure if my brain could do that.

    @Charlottesmom Awesome patterns! The one on the bed, can you try a different background color other than white, soft grey or soft beige? I love the designs on it, but the white is a bit glaring.

    @emorrill Just found the story. You made perfect timing, I didn't even get into whining mode yet! I made hubby wait a minute to start machine so I could read it! hehe. Glad I did too. Awesome. I loved that song first time I heard it. Perfect for Emma to sing and for Sam to hear, looks like it helped to wake him up too. Beautiful pics of them taking selfies. They had fun! I just knew, as soon as you said he went grocery shopping he would leap! Groceries gotta go bad. lol That is so cool putting him into Captain Archer! You are brilliant. Don't let that go to your head! :love: Shame it can't be played out, but, that would take a lot of time and downloads to run that scenario.
    I dunno about the bubble station. The bubbles are like chocolate and strawberry and other flavored bubbles, and they do get a moodlet, but, it's not like they are high or gonna fly off the building so just a fun thing.
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    @CravenLestat rec'd

    @TadOlson I don't use MOAR or the carpool mod. Aside from the game overclocking, the computer itself runs fine, and barring randomacy next time we lose power, will likely do so for another few years (at which point, I will beg, plead, and offer to put up money towards a decent gaming computer). I've already been told by the NRaas people it's a minor miracle I can run my game on the system I have. If push comes to shove, I'll go base game only, no extras, mods, or cc.

    @emorrill Glad you're feeling better (or at least I hope you are). Great update!


    Spent yesterday doing basic setup for my new test/hands-off game. Will try to get the other make-over girls made over so I can (finally) post my latest Screenshot Smorgasbord.

    Happy Simming, all!!
    I voted for you, Kevin.
    My Sims 3 Exhange Studio
    My Blog // Click me if you dare.
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    @lisasc360 Great story updates, but I still need to know who got your SS pregnant. (And that blood test will tell for sure! :p ) I'm really thinking it's Donny, but...maybe she got frisky with someone else. :p
    Where'd you download the Christmas plates to where sims can place their normal dishes on top of it??? Must have!
    Oh yikes! How did I miss your update! :flushed:
    Don't cry SS. :cry: It will be ok.
    Well Donny took that better than expected. That's awesome!
    Whispers: They should get married. ;)
    Thank you... :) In case you've missed the update where this happened, I've provided the link to the page that it's on in my thread... :)
    The plates came from Around the Sims 3. I've provided the link for the page that they're on for you... :)
    Yeah he did take it pretty well. Now he has his reasoning for why they should live together since he had already asked her twice and has been turned down both times... :)
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    @Mikezumi Thanks for the comments :smile: I will look forward to sharing more with her soon!

    @CravenLestat I agree she is good looking :blush:

    @emorrill Thanks for the comments :smile:
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    @emorrill Awesome update, and that cliffhanger whoa girl haha.

    @T_Mari Thank you, no romance yet in my game as I have my
    yavari save for that atm but my sims like to do what they want so you never know hehe.
    Great update.

    @Emily4331 I need to open sims 2 one of the days and see how it look like on my new computer.

    @king_of_simcity7 Great updates

    @Charlottesmom Lovely patterns

    I have a short Yavari save update

    Time for baby Lily to age up





    such a lil cutie


    Seth and Maggie

    all for today

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    @emorrill, great update on Sam. And I like how you tied in Star Trek: Enterprise to your update. It certainly would make a nice story if you have the Into the Future EP but I understand not wanting to have to set everything up for this next "leap" that he did... :)
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    @bekkasan , Different color backgrounds are impossible with that pattern but I should be able to make it quilt like, I’ll show you examples tomorrow after I get my update posted...I swear this one was the most difficult to play!!


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    Had a little internet connection trouble yesterday. Took until 3:00PM this afternoon to deal with it. And with's the next chapter. :D

    The Mushroom Cloud Chronicles (Reboot)

    Military Bearing

    Captain Harmon Rabb Jr.: Two weeks later, the culling was complete. A lot of the people who were culled to make room, ended up at different bunkers, a few dropped-on-request and rejoined the civilian population to meet their fate should the unthinkable happen. And we were down to seven former civilians including two cadet sergeants who proceeded to make life absolutely H-E- double hockey-sticks for the remainder of the civilians. I'm sure it was done under the auspices of toughening them up for the days to come, but I'm sure it wasn't pleasant. But let's face it, it was certainly a lot easier on them than it was for Animal...who learned his mind-bending craft from the Marine Corps Drill Instructors who practically beat military bearing into ROTC cadets.
    Screenshot%2B%2528197%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%2528198%2529.jpg Hank Goddard was one particular scuzzy looking human being. With a soul-piece under his lip, he looked like a veritable greaseball. I took the opportunity to channel my Gunnery Sergeant Post alter-ego which I had perfected since that time I went undercover in the Marine Corps and went after him with surgical precision. "What the heck is that dead caterpillar curled up under your lip, Cadet?!!" I looked over at Marty Keaton, who was trying his hardest not to snicker. "You'd better not say a word Cadet Keaton."
    Screenshot%2B%2528200%2529.jpg "Are you sure that's not a caterpillar because it looks like one of the lethal ones you find in the Amazon. Maybe I need to smack it off with a two by four before it takes out half the plumming platoon?!!!"

    "It's a soul-piece, sir." Cadet Hank Goddard explained.
    Screenshot%2B%2528199%2529.jpg "I don't give a rats smelly behind what it is, it'd better be off and flushed down the head by the next time this platoon forms up or you will be doing pushups till you throw up."
    Screenshot%2B%2528201%2529.jpg "I'd better see cleanshaven heads and faces in Bravo Platoon or you all will be running the roof. DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR?!!!!" There was a chorus of "Aye, sir!!!" coming from the assembled recruits. Satisfying myself with another glare at Hank Goddard to drive home the fact that I was dead-serious, I about-faced and headed back to line up with the rest of the instructor cadre.
    Screenshot%2B%2528202%2529.jpg Commander Sturgis Turner became the defacto head of Bravo Platoon, while Lieutenant Commander Harriet Beaumont Sims-Roberts became the head of Alpha Platoon. They were the commanding officers of the platoons, to whom the cadet Sergeants would report.
    Screenshot%2B%2528203%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%2528204%2529.jpg As a matter of fact, the whole platoons started looking a whole lot more military as time went on. And considering the fact that they had to do so in as short an amount of time as was possible, they were doing very well.
    Screenshot%2B%2528206%2529.jpg In fact, Cadet Sergeant Jared Frio was looking more and more military with a sharp salute that would have made the Gunny, who I worked with, proud if he was still around. Goodness knows where he is now, but we certainly could have used him to whip these recruits into shape, but Cadet SGT Frio is doing a darned good job at mentally brow-beating his recruits into shape, one of which included his brother.
    Screenshot%2B%2528212%2529.jpg Equally mean and nasty, was Cadet SGT McIrish. With a tongue that could flay iron and a caustic Irish sense of humor that leaned towards the sadistic, she whipped the six remaining cadets in her platoon into military shape.
    Screenshot%2B%2528213%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%2528214%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%2528216%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%2528217%2529.jpg All stood at crisp military attention. And Connor Frio finally shaved that mangy beard of his off his face. They were all, rapidly due to the situation, turning into soldiers that we would be able to count on in dire times...and those dire times would be here sooner than we expected.
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    @emorrill Thank you! There are so many cute animations from TS2 I wish were kept in TS3 :(

    @bekkasan I have tried my hand at it before. The hardest part, obviously, is trying to get all of the little in-between movements. Otherwise they won't look organic...maybe I'll stick with poses :tongue:

    @Silverofdreams30 You should! Make sure to share the pics with us :3
    She sings the songs without words
    Songs that sailors, and blind men, and beggars have heard
    She knows more of love than the poets can say
    And her eyes offer something that won't go away
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    @Silverofdreams30 Thanks for the feedback :smile:
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    edited January 4
    @emorrill thanks. I think, on the whole, the videos are improving.

    The latest Oscar and Louise video I felt didn't have a lot of substance in it, but it is setting up the story for later on.

    Oscar was busy doing different things.

    I sort of showcased my Blue Building savvy seller build in it as he went shopping and bought himself a guitar. I think it's more fun and easier to do that at a savvy seller store than searching through buy mode. He will revisit that store in another episode to buy himself a trampoline. They have a trampoline in the back corner of their lot and they get a lot of use out of it in my original game.

    Louise isn't in the story yet but I'm working on making a special video to introduce her soon.

    I made a special separate game to do that and Louise has 'foster' parents who raised her. I initially was going to make them her parents, but she and Oscar will be having babies and I didn't want her babies to end up looking like their grandparents so I broke the family tree I'd made for them so she has no parents.

    I think she's going to have to have pregnancies in the videos as I didn't record videos of any of their original game. But I do want ALL of those gorgeous babies she and Oscar already have in the videos so I think I'll let her have 4 single pregnancies for the videos - and that'll mean they'll have 19 babies in total. I'll introduce the triplets with the first single pregnancy, thereby making them into quads. And each set of original quads will turn into quins - not sure how I'll explain that in the videos as I don't think quins are possible, even with mods.

    At first I was going to use still pictures of her at each life stage as I did for Oscar. But then I decided to redo that idea and now I do have the still pictures, but there is also a short video of her interacting with her 'mother' for each life stage.

    I got inspired to do a series of videos on Oscar and Louise after they'd had their 15 babies and I aged a few of them up to Young Adult just to see what they'd look like. They are stunning in a variety of different ways. So this story will see the babies grow up and have babies of their own.

    Oscar and Louise only got made because I bought a new computer, installed just the Base Game and made some Base Game only sims to put onto the Exchange. They are both in my studio. For the videos though, I've given them CC Skins. But the version on the Exchange is CC free and loaded to the Exchange BEFORE I put any CC onto my new computer.

    Pics from the original game not the video


    Louise - she experiments with different hairstyles, as does Oscar, so their looks tend to change occasionally

    An early picture of them

    Here are a few of their babies aged up






    I want to play all of these sims and so they will all be transferred (as babies) to the game I've set up for the video. At the moment, in the original save they are all either babies, toddlers or children. I got these pictures just by aging them up for a quick sneak peek.

    They may not be exactly the same as this when they eventually age up in the game. I've found when playing with Louise and aging her down and up again she comes out differently when I age her back up to a young adult after I've aged her down to toddler and then up through the various ages.

    The Isla Paradiso Bunch are still working through the tombs.

    They have been home and we've seen the toddlers and a different group are doing the tombs in the current videos.

    For some reason that I still haven't got to the bottom of, Craig and Muriel recover from travelling much faster than the others. I thought it was because they have the adventurous trait, but Craig doesn't have it and he recovers fastest. They are both ready to travel again while the others still have almost 2 full days to wait.

    Meryl didn't travel with the big group - she stayed home to babysit.

    So there is a group of three doing the tombs in the current videos. It is mostly about Craig as he does the adventure chain based on Queen Hatshepsut. The other two do get a bit of action. So far Muriel hasn't self combusted during this visit to Egypt.

    I think, by the time this trip is over Craig will have enough visa points to buy them a home in Egypt. I'm pretty sure it will be a series of 3 videos for the current trip to Egypt. I've done the first 2 videos and I think I've only got enough recorded to do one more video. In any case, I forgot to set the days they could travel for and they can only stay for 3 days.

    I keep them away from Isla Paradiso as much as I can as it lags so much (the household is very overstuffed and it gets worse as surprise pregnancies start popping up as they travel) so they'll be getting all of the tombs done in all of the worlds quite quickly and then once I've finished taking them through the tombs they'll leave Isla Paradiso and move to Sunlit Tides to live permanently - until I move them on to Hidden Springs and beyond as the toddlers grow up into Children and so on.....

    This is one of the family birthdays after they leave Isla Paradiso to live in Sunlit Tides.


    I will have all of this on video already. I won't start recording fresh video until the game moves into Hidden Springs as that's where I stopped recording.

    Caroline is currently working through the Island Paradise badges for me. There are a few she does at the start that require a single sim household.

    Once she has all of the badges that can only be achieved with a single sim household, she will gain a friend and they start on the University Life badges and others.

    This particular series of videos will be fun to do and watch as they are going to be doing all sorts of different activities.

    As required, I'll be adding new Sims to the household depending on requirements of a badge I decide to work on. Some require supernaturals to do. Whether or not those sims stay with the household remains to be seen as I don't want it to get overcrowded - I'll probably try to keep it to no more than 8 sims in the household. There probably won't be any pets for them either, but I could change my mind on that.

    In order to get the badge for discovering 5 islands Caroline needs to do a lot of diving. She's started diving in the video I just put up onto YouTube.


    Caroline at home in a future video.


    Once she finishes all the badges she needs to get as a single sim household her friend, Wilma, moves in. After they finally complete the Island Paradise badges they start working on badges from University Life. I built them a bowling alley and here they are bowling.


    Once I saw them doing this bowling and the things other sims were doing there, I was convinced I needed to tell this story in videos as still shots just don't do it justice.

    Today I'm working on the next McFluff video.

    This video, still to be done, features one of the cats who I noticed running off one night. I followed it and recorded the video.

    Choco, the cat, went all the way across the world to go fishing in a fishing spot. I will probably cut out a lot of her journey as it could be a bit boring watching a dark cat run through the night. I did manage to record her fishing and catching and eating her fish before heading back home again. She was still travelling well into the daylight hours. That's something that wouldn't have happened if I wasn't prepared to let them have free will and only do what I plan for them to do. I would never have considered getting a cat to go fishing and then eating it's catch.

    Gertie's main preoccupation at the moment is earning sufficient simoleans to pay for the extensions to her house and the contents of the house. We see her collecting suns and wildflowers as well as digging and exploring tunnels. I show a little of her doing these activities but I had to keep her doing it for hours to get the cash I needed and I won't be showing all of that in the videos. Boring and will take up several half hour videos of the same thing over and over again. Not happening. I want the videos to show a variety of things and that's what I will make happen.

    With the money Gertie managed to get I did a bit more building as Gertie will need all four basements to handle her indoor garden and other activities.

    I added the rest of the cats but I think that will be seen in the following episode as I suspect the one I've got currently set up to do will be too long otherwise. So that episode will be introducing the final four cats. It depends on how much I cut out of Choco's nocturnal adventure across the world. Choco got her name as she is a chocolate coloured cat. Maybe I should have called her Chocolate.

    While videoing Gertie for the episode she's working on now she got an opportunity to build a Sim Bot. She did that in the original game that I didn't video so in future episodes she will be working towards finding the various items she needs to do that and then she'll build the monster and I'll make sure it is added to the household. I had hoped she'd get that opportunity again but not quite so early in the story. I suppose it'll take a while for her to find the things she needs.

    Later on, quite soon, she'll be getting a small group of sculptors joining her temporarily. You may remember the investigation I did last year on sculpting and that I made a household of sculptors who, between them, can sculpt anything. I'll be adding them to the household and we'll be doing some sculpting. Then they can move out and we probably won't see them again. Gertie will have sculptures though and will probably continue to sculpt occasionally. Money is always going to be difficult for her and I've discovered sculpting is one of the most lucrative activities in the game.

    After the home is comfortable I'll add Iris Green, she's Gertie's best friend, and we'll then be in Generation1. I have plans for Iris to meet a husband and marry him in my Wedding Venue which is placed in Hidden Springs already. Oscar and Louise will use that venue for their wedding too. Both games are currently in Hidden Springs.

    Pictures from the original game - the videos may not have exactly the same things in the exact same places.


    Choco and a gnome of sculpting someone made on a sculpting station

    Remember all these sculptures? They sprang from the original Gertie McFluff game.

    They'll be back. Or at least some of them will reappear.

    I want to play with lighting and other special effects in the McFluff videos

    The final three sculptors who will be joining Gertie's household shortly.

    I suspect the house will eventually get too small for them all and I might end up moving them all somewhere else. Eventually they'll arrive in Cake Island where the real story will begin. All of this that I'm doing now is really just the back story.

    I'm tempted to make another video series on the route to finding these sculptors as I discovered some interesting sims along the way. I'll see how things pan out. I'm currently trying to do one video for each of the 4 stories in order. I'll see how I go with that before starting another one. I possibly won't do it. Maybe I can add the characters into other stories as things go along. I'd particularly like to see more of these sims.

    Toni is married but I'm most interested in her. I'd include her husband too if I add her to something. She's an old sim I got from my library and hasn't been played much as I stopped playing families early on due to broken family trees and I had planned them to have a family. Now I have NRAAS to fix my family tree problems.


    Banjo was unexpectedly born to one of the sculptors. I made his dad really fast as he was just a throw away sim. Now I want to keep them both for future games.


    And there are others.

    Because I'm doing two videos based in Hidden Springs, I have placed Gertie and her cats into the game about Oscar and Louise and I've placed Oscar in Gertie's game. We might see them around town occasionally. I'll only be playing one household in each game. The others will just be townies that we might see occasionally. If Oscar and Louise and/or Gertie are still in Hidden Springs when the Isla Paradiso Bunch move to Hidden Springs (and I've already recorded video of them in Hidden Springs) I might add all three households into each of the various versions of Hidden Springs just for the fun of seeing familiar sims around town.

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  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 4,327 Member
    The Mushroom Cloud Chronicles (Reboot)

    The Abyss Looks Back

    Captain Meg Austin : It was about a week later that we got the unwelcome news...that something bad had gone down in the Pacific. Evidently a flotilla of Chinese Destroyers had encountered the Navy's 7th Fleet. Three US destroyers had been torpedoed, and the Russians had launched a their super-secret nuclear torpedo which had put the George Washington Carrier Battle Group at the bottom of the ocean. This had sparked a retaliatory action: complete, total war with nuclear warheads being readied for launch in a pre-emptive strike against the hearts of Communist China and the Soviet Union.
    Screenshot%2B%2528220%2529.jpg I knew that my husband was shocked beyond belief because I saw him cross himself and pray. This was the news that we all didn't want to hear. Because it would mean that missiles were in the air.
    Screenshot%2B%2528219%2529.jpg "Yes, sir...I understand, sir." My husband stated as he talked to the Chief of Naval Operations. "God speed, sir... May we live to regret this. May our God forgive what we have wrought upon his Creation." A fervent wish that we would survive the aftermath to come. As my husband got off the phone, he was pale. Everyone was dead silent as he said solemnly intoning... "We are at war..." There were murmured prayers, crying and from the men, just aghast silence as if they didn't believe what was going on...
    Screenshot%2B%2528222%2529.jpg "Ladies and Gentlemen, we are restricted to barracks here...the missiles are in the air...May God have mercy on us..."
    Screenshot%2B%2528224%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%2528225%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%2528226%2529.jpg I couldn't help it, I needed the arms of my husband. I broke ranks...and rushed into his arms. He wouldn't let go and I didn't want him to. If we were to die here...we would die together in each other's arms.
    Screenshot%2B%2528227%2529.jpg Author's Note: May this be a warning to all hawks...that the road that we are on, the posturing and foolish bravado that we are engaging in, in real life right now, could very well lead to apocalypse.
    Screenshot%2B%2528228%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%2528230%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%2528231%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%2528232%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%2528233%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%2528234%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%2528235%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%2528236%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%2528237%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%2528239%2529.jpgScreenshot%2B%2528240%2529.jpg SunsetValleyNuked2.jpg SunsetValleyNuked4.jpgSunsetValleyNuked7.jpgSunsetValleyNuked8.jpgSunsetValleyNuked9.jpgSunsetValleyNuked10.jpg SunsetValleyNuked5.jpgSunsetValleyNuked6.jpgSunsetValleyNuked11.jpgSunsetValleyNuked3.jpg SunsetValleyNuked6.jpg SunsetValleyNuked.jpg Screenshot-9-3-3.jpg
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