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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


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    blazerntqblazerntq Posts: 2,409 Member
    @cwaddell It is awesome of you to help your sister move. Looking forward to your updates.
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    CravenLestatCravenLestat Posts: 13,735 Member
    Forgot to add this so people do not think I make these things up or create these beautiful sims. :love:
    I Play Sims 3 On A Potato

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    cwaddellcwaddell Posts: 4,960 Member
    edited December 2016
    Finally caught up. :) Great updates everyone. Keep them coming.

    Here is my first update.

    Nick and Kate's Trip to Egypt

    Nick and Kate started off their trip to Egypt with a bang to fill up their depleted social and fun meters.
    They then visited the local market place and met some locals. Kate bought an incense burner and Nick bought a snake charming basket.

    Kate started reading the cooking book.

    Nick needed to workout for 4 hours for a celebrity challenge so jogged to a fishing spot during the late afternoon.

    Kate went back to base camp to get something to eat and to continue reading the skill cook book.

    Nick continued fishing into the nigh using cheese to catch alley catfish. He reached level 5 then level 6 and could now use live bait.

    The next day after eating and showering Nick and Kate played frisbee. Kate got overheated but since Nick has the "immune to heat" reward he had no problem in spite of being a vampire.

    Nick decided to try a new fishing spot using the alley catfish as bait hoping that the unidentified fish there was an angel fish.

    Although he fished all day and caught various fish, no angelfish. Nick had reached level 7 though.

    Meanwhile Kate had gotten a celebrity opportunity to work out for 4 hours so she jogged to the market place.

    Where she read the cook book until she reached level 10.

    Then she finished out the 4 hours for the celeb challenge.

    And ate some curry for diner. I was too slow to capture the firery smoke shooting out of her ears in reaction.

    Back at base camp Kate and Nick caught up on each other's day, flirted and tried out the tent again.

    The next morning was beautiful.

    Since Kate had finished everything she could do in Egypt toward making the ambrosia she went fishing with Nick.

    Nick wanted to try one more time to catch an angel fish so they went to the other fishing spot.

    They swam and snorkeled their way toward the spot but when Nick realized the unidentified fish was lobster and not angel fish they went back to base camp.

    Nick was still at level 9 of guitar so he played every chance he got to finish out his LTW. Again Kate eventually got overheated but Nick did not.

    Kate seemed quite pleased with herself for reaching level 10 of cooking.

    And still she did not forget about her wish to become a vampire.

    They watched the stars and then got some sleep before it was time to go home.


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    blazerntqblazerntq Posts: 2,409 Member
    @cwaddell Awesome update! Loved all the pictures and gameplay story. Your sims are also both very attractive.
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    cwaddellcwaddell Posts: 4,960 Member
    blazerntq wrote: »
    @cwaddell Awesome update! Loved all the pictures and gameplay story. Your sims are also both very attractive.

    Thank you very much.
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    cwaddellcwaddell Posts: 4,960 Member
    edited December 2016
    The continuing Quest for Ambrosia

    Monday morning Tiffany got up in the early AM hours and identified the 3 special seeds that Nick had gotten before he left for his trip to Egypt with Kate. One was a life fruit and one was a death flower and one was a flame fruit.

    Tiffany harvested and weeded in the garden but did not quite reach level 7 so Andre planted the life fruit and flame fruit in planters in the garage when he got up later.

    Nick reluctantly turned Kate. He warned her it would be a painful process.

    Everyone was apprehensive upon seeing Tiffany in ghost form including the repairman. But the rest of the household eventually got over it.

    Kate called Jeffery Cook to renew their friendship and got back the third celebrity star she lost in traveling.

    After collecting their partnership money Kate bought the Ambrosia recipe and started reading it.

    Tiffany has a mind of her own. She initiated a massage for Andre as soon as he woke up and had eaten.

    Then she proceeded on her own to sneak up behind him and scare him.

    And then did it again. Could be as retaliation for him killing her?

    Tiffany read the paper while Kate continued learning the ambrosia recipe.

    Tiffany had a wish to read a charisma book so off to the library for her.

    Andre pumped iron until he reached level 10 athletics.

    Kate finally learned the ambrosia recipe as Nick drank plasma juice after getting home from entertaining the kids at the school and then performing a concert. (Nick kept quite busy performing concerts to improve his work performance and completing celeb opportunities. He also got a celeb opportunity later to entertain the sick kids at the hospital.)

    Nick performed a few songs while Kate ate some ice cream. Nick reached guitar level 10, completed his LTW and got the collection helper as a reward.

    Nick and Kate had some fun cuddling in the hot tub.

    The next day Kate spent her time painting, now that she has done all she can toward making ambrosia at this point.

    But when Nick came home she gave him a massage.

    He reciprocated.

    Refreshed Nick used the collection helper to find a fishing spot with several unidentified fish. He soon caught an angel fish using the catfish as bait. By the time he went home Nick caught 8 angel fish.

    The next day Kate went through her transformation.

    Now she has a coffin next to Nick's in his room.

    Andre's new work outfit. He has chosen the thief branch of the criminal career.

    Tiffany and Andre tried out the hot tub.

    Nick chose the electric rock branch of the music career and he now has his own tour bus.

    He gets driven everywhere in his tour bus, even going to the cemetery.

    Nick reached level 8 of fishing by the time he caught 4 death fish.

    Back home Andre meditated to level up in martial arts.

    Kate chatted with a new friend (she now has the attractive reward and the immune to heat one.)

    Tiffany tended the life fruit and flame fruit in the garage and is now at level 7 of gardening. Everything is set to make ambrosia once the life fruit is produced.

    Nick got back from either his celeb opportunity, concert performance and/or work. He had ideas but needs sleep first.

    Nick fulfilled his wish to make out with Kate in the hot tub.

    Nick meditated.

    The next day while the vampires are sleeping Tiffany took a piano class and then started jamming at home.

    Kate joined her.

    Andre started to wake up as the sun sets. (I took this picture because I like how the setting sun changes the color of his wall.)

    Andre joined Tiffany while Kate painted.

    Fall sunset in Bridgeport

    Nick painted when he got back from work.

    Kate wanted to ask Nick to get married so I fulfill her wish.

    In the mean time Andre initiated a shower woohoo with Tiffany but my shower woohoo is glitched. I was about to intervene when Tiffany initiated a woohoo with him in her bed. I then see it is a try for baby and of course I hear the music.
    As I said Tiffany has a mind of her own.

    What will Andre and Tiffany's baby be? Vampire or part vampire? Ghost? Vampire ghost? If Tiffany gets resurrected before the baby is born (doubtful but maybe) will the baby be ghost or human?

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    blazerntqblazerntq Posts: 2,409 Member
    @cwaddell Amazing update! Kate looks so very pretty as a vampire. Looking forward to finding out about Tiffanys baby.
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    cwaddellcwaddell Posts: 4,960 Member
    blazerntq wrote: »
    @cwaddell Amazing update! Kate looks so very pretty as a vampire. Looking forward to finding out about Tiffanys baby.

    Thank you. Hope your computer is working well again and you are having fun playing sims 3.

    I had problems with my laptop after I fell for a fake "firefox update" from adds on the photobucket site. It installed viruses and trojans that slowed down my system a lot. I used the free malwarebytes and free avast software I already had installed to scan and remove them and now my laptop is working much better.

    Go to go but hope to be back later this after helping my sister today.

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    KarinLKarinL Posts: 3,989 Member
    @cwaddell - Amazing updates! I love Kate as a vampire.

    @PalmArrow - Great update. William is adorable. And wow, there are so many things kids can do, I always forget to do half of them! I'm sad for him that he didn't sell any muffings, though. :disappointed:

    @Mikezumi - I love your Sims boating about their grandchildren when they actually never really interact with them. I guess they're just ornamental candy-suppliers to them? :smile:
    Great family shot1

    @king_of_simcity7 - Lovely update. I love how the girls just stand there as if it's the most natural thing in the world to be up to your bare ankles in snow...

    @blazerntq - Does Roxie have deflatable sofas or something? :smiley: It always cracks me up when burglars come in and steal huge objects while leaving the small expensive deco alone...

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    CharlottesmomCharlottesmom Posts: 7,015 Member
    edited December 2016
    A few patterns I listed today and a tiny update...

    *I might have gone a bit plaid crazy...







    new patterns on bed and rug:


    New plaid on the skirt..


    More non plaid ones

    This looks cute as bathroom tiles:



    Christmas balls:


    Snowflakes! Made this one for a shirt/sweater but it looks nice on beds/walls too.


    Was in game already so I decided to play with Meghan for awhile, I need her to make friends so I sent her to the park, she had a few but I wanted more. I panned over to one side of the park and see Grim, I had Meghan go over and see what was going on...she started crying, come to find out it was...


    BEAU!!!!!!! :weary: What the heck!!?? is this game trying to screw up my lovely plans :angry: ? Beau was one of Megan's friends??? I don't think so.......



    Needless to say I exited w/o saving! I think he may have had a death flower but not positive. I was too shocked to see if he did or not.

    Edited to make it fit with some new plans in the story...
    Post edited by Charlottesmom on
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    lisasc360lisasc360 Posts: 19,447 Member
    Great updates everyone... :)

    @TadOlson, you're welcome... :)

    @Charlottesmom, WoW can be very addicting as I have found out but it is fun to play. Just right before I got into it, I watched my husband play it and kept asking questions about it, so he handed me the book that came with the game so that I could read it. Then afterwards, I started playing it on his PC starting on a non-pvp server so that I could get use to playing without worrying about getting killed by the opposite faction.

    I have 1 non-pvp server that has all horde on it while I have another non-pvp server that has all alliance and 2 pvp servers, 1 with 1 alliance and 11 horde and the other one has 3 horde. The 11 horde on the pvp server are between the levels of 100-110. The lvl 110 character is a troll hunter while the rest of them is still in leveling mode. I got really bored with the new Legion EP that just came out this June so I have been playing around with some of the lowbies on the 2 non-pvp server. Plus I get to missing some of the older areas from the older EP's and decide to try to get one or 2 of my characters leveled up to the level that some of the areas are so that they can go and quest in them... :)

    Here was some pictures that I did take the last time I played earlier this week right before I needed to take a break with TS3... :)

    One of the gnomes inside of the greenhouse. It looks like he's checking out the :)

    Jessica fixing breakfast for everyone... :)

    Fred just made the mini miner machine. Haven't tried it out yet but will be trying it soon... :)

    Everyone with the exception of Jessica is eating at the table. Jessica decided to eat at the counter... :)

    Upgrading the trash compactor... :)

    And that's it for now... :)
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    blazerntqblazerntq Posts: 2,409 Member
    @cwaddell My sons fell for the fake firefox update and it is the reason why our second computer is not working at this time.

    @Charlottesmom Nice patterns. I would have quit without saving also.
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    juncedajunceda Posts: 2,614 Member
    edited December 2016
    Beautifull sunset from the Versailles sporting port bar by the river





    I can play at last TS2 TS3 and TS4 So great that toddlers are here!!!
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    king_of_simcity7king_of_simcity7 Posts: 25,102 Member
    @cwaddell Beautiful pictures :smile:

    @KarinL Thanks for the feedback :smile:

    @Charlottesmom, @lisasc360 and @junceda Great pictures :smiley:

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    XorzhaanXorzhaan Posts: 92 Member
    My sim (Devin Gray) had something really bad happen to him today. He achieved his lifetime wish.

    Having never selected Culinary Librarian Lifetime Wish, I thought it would be a long lasting wish. Having to travel to get the addition recipes to learn every recipe and so on. Apparently not.

    Being only level 2 in the Culinary carrier track, and just finishing all the green level recipe books, he was awarded Menu Maven cooking title (challenge to require your Sim to learn 28 recipes) and this somehow also this completed his life time wish....

    He feels like a fraud, he does not know every recipe. He is keeping a brave face pretending he is happy but he barely has the will to get out of bed. He is so distraught he set the stove on fire and the fire took out the cabinet next to it as well. He wanted to spend money on a new stove anyways but not like this. His clean clean kitchen in such a mess.

    I can't stand to see him like this so I am currently downloading NRaas MasterControler Cheats to change his lifetime wish. Poor little guy, no worries, I will make it all better.
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    emorrillemorrill Posts: 8,155 Member
    Oh my this thread moves FAST on the weekend! :open_mouth:

    Today is busy so in order for me to have time to READ everyone's updates, I won't be able to give individual shout outs, but please know that I throw out Likes and Awesomes to you all. :)

    Ok...ONE shout out because I want it! ;)@Charlottesmom Upload your Christmas patterns (particularly the snowflake one) so I can download them. Pretty please? :blush:
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    MamaSimTeeMamaSimTee Posts: 963 Member
    I am so incredibly far behind. I just skipped to the last page.

    I've been overwhelmed with family issues since before Thanksgiving. First, my Dad became ill and was in the hospital. I was back in NY for two days, when my Dad calls and said I needed to get back to Virginia, because my Aunt was terminally ill. We were in Florida for a week. I didn't have my laptop with me (too much to deal with on airplanes and what not). Sadly, today, my Aunt passed away. I think she waited until most of the family left town (she was in hospice care, we were told that once she was taken off life support it would be over quickly. She held on a week).

    I have nothing ready for the Holidays. I'm okay with that as well. I have a grown son and no grand kids, so I don't feel the need to "holiday it out". Maybe in game I will.

    I'm sorry I didn't throw out the usual likes and awesomes. But I KNOW this community and you all do amazing work and stories so I have every confidence everything you've done to date has been super fantastic. <3
    <insert inspiring comment here> :)
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    blazerntqblazerntq Posts: 2,409 Member
    @MamaSimTee So very sorry for your loss. You have had such a lot happen. Hope that playing the sims helps you through this time.
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    CharlottesmomCharlottesmom Posts: 7,015 Member
    @MoonandStars83 , Kellie is just an alternate spelling of Kelly.

    @emorrill , They are in my studio, under charlottesmom66.

    Gotta get back to shoveling, the F*%^#+**# snowblower won't start!!!! Luckily I have two kids helping.
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    SheepishWitchSheepishWitch Posts: 2 New Member
    Today on my sims game (sims 3) Beverly the child, and Kimberley the toddler's mother died, so they are now being raised at the house of a party animal, child hating slob. And she had a party at 12pm and kept the kids up most of the night. By 3 in the morning, she had had a first kiss rejection,she was exhausted, and she had work, and the kids had school. Great start. Really great. Awesome caretaker.
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    blazerntqblazerntq Posts: 2,409 Member
    @Charlottesmom Hope the snow shoveling goes well and awesome the kids are helping.

    @SheepishWitch Poor kids. Hope things get better for them.
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    MikezumiMikezumi Posts: 49,697 Member
    edited December 2016
    @Zinniavanilla I remember when my son went through his Terraria phase. I never tried it but he seemed to enjoy it. Hope you had fun :)

    @Karritz Nice update. I particular enjoyed the diving pics :)

    @ccarrig_95 Have fun with TS4 :)

    @KarinL Thanks :) Jason and Spike do try to interact with their grandson but mostly to steal his candy. I know that would lead to other interactions so try to intercept them. Now that Emory is a child they play with him all the time :)
    Nice update :) I love seeing the kids play with the costumes :)
    Your cat is adorable <3

    @king_of_simcity7 Thanks :) Nice pics :)

    @AlexPaz Congrats on the new computer ... Have fun :)

    @TadOlson Thanks :) Notchcliffs is coming along well :)

    @RedDestiny92 Looking forward to seeing your pics :)

    @blazerntq Poor Roxie ... I hate burglars!

    @PalmArrow Nice update! Looks like William had a great day :)

    @MoonandStars83 I use a painting mod. I have had it for years and really can't remember what it is called or where I got it. I will try to look through my mods folder and find its name. It replaces all the EA variations on the same paintings with different filters with individual images so there is a much larger range of images. I can't be sure but I think it's around 1500 different images.

    @cwaddell You can rest those tired muscles over a good simming session :)
    Nice update ... Loved seeing the beautiful Al Simhara pics :)
    Congrats on Kate learning the Ambrosia recipe. She makes a pretty vampire and congrats on the engagement :)

    @Charlottesmom Love your patterns! :D I an quite partial to plaid myself. I downloaded a set of about 20 plaid patterns with several recolourable channels years ago. You did a great job :)
    NOOOOOOO!!!!! I would have backed out of that save quick smart too! Poor Beau :'(
    Have fun with your shovelling! Hope the boys do their share :(

    @lisasc360 Love your Christmas themed sims :)

    @Xorzhaan The reason the wish is completed at 28 recipes is because it is based on the base game only. New recipes have been added with EPs and sets but EA must be trying to keep it possible for people with only the base game.

    @emorrill Have a great day. I know this is a busy time of year for most people. Thankfully I don't bother with Christmas LOL

    @MamaSimTee I am sorry for your loss :( I hope your father is fully recovered and that things start looking up for you.

    @SheepishWitch Those poor kids! I hope you enjoy your game and that things get better for the kids ... or that they get revenge when they grow up LOL

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    CK213CK213 Posts: 20,559 Member
    edited December 2016
    Bridgeport Complete
    I was getting excited to play a new sim in my made over Bridgeport.
    It was time to wrap things up.

    I wanted to get my hands on Lola Bell.
    I only tweaked her outfit. It was her face that made me want to get out the surgeons knife.
    She was just a little to cartoonish for me.

    Speaking of faces, I never really showed a close up of Edna.
    I like her being a mysterious figure. Those glasses help.

    It was perfect that Matty Crewe happened to be at the bowling alley.
    It kind of fits with his style.

    It was here that I decided he would be the first sim I play in a copy of this Bridgeport.



    Another sim of interest appeared at the Simfu Academy.

    I didn't do much to Jun Xu, other than add more day-glo outfits to her wardrobe.

    Well... she's going to get a slight chest reduction.
    Someone pour a glass of water on Craven. He fainted it.

    I like those strappy shoes.
    It's a pity that those who weren't interested in Fast Lane will never get to use them for their sims.

    I still had to establish Edna in that large house across the bay.

    Things needed to be sped up here because I was ready to get on to playing seriously.
    She had enough points to get a genie's lamp.



    Two wishes for wealth and it was moving day.



    I think I will have that house as a goal for Matty Crewe.
    It has a Mid-century Modern interior.


    "Sheesh! More modern."

    And that's the way Edna likes it.

    The grey area used to be a sunken living room, but the lighting was weird in that area and sims always walked around it instead of through it.

    It's a little too white in here.

    That's better.

    I sent them to bed.

    Now that that they are established, I can let Buffy grow up.

    I have no idea what she could be wishing for.
    Vampire slaying has been her focus all this time.

    Wishing for more vampires?


    No surprises here.

    Yeah, you look pretty much the same.
    Her body finally caught up with her head though.

    And that's it.

    My Bridgeport master save is complete.

    What? Hold on a minute here.

    Vladimir Schlick!
    You slick dog, going to ground and escaping Buffy's radar. She got her wish.
    I didn't see him around and forgot about him. I didn't discover him until I started up a game with Matty Crewe.

    Well we will take care of this right now, and no, no second chances for cunning vampires.

    Though I would most likely play him if I were to play a vampire in the game.

    But this is a different scenario.

    Buffy lost her soft touch she had as a teen.
    No vampire is safe now.

    Now Bridgeport is clean...
    Except for that little Belisama Hemlock problem that will pop up in the future.
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    blazerntqblazerntq Posts: 2,409 Member
    @CK213 Pretty sweet update. Your post was lots of fun to read.

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