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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


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    KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,942 Member
    @emorrill "waves back" I hope your car is fixed by now and all is good and that you are finally able to relax at home. It is good to get away for a while to see family too.

    I'm doing a bit more on my next video today. I played ahead a bit yesterday to keep it moving along. Then, as I shut down without saving I remembered I didn't save my progress. So I suspect I will have to do that again. Not much happened so it shouldn't take too long to do.
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    misty4mmisty4m Posts: 2,314 Member
    My sim was gone after receiving a blowing kiss 😘🩷💋from this female sim at the dorm (which is a cute interaction), the crush he had on another female sim he didn't care about her anymore, he wanted to date this sim and he wanted to marry her.


    She said yes 💍my sim is really happy.


    His brother was trying to get know this sim, but she got arrested again at the University for streaking again, his brother is dating a different sim now.


    I was scared 🫢🚓 my sim was going to get arrested too that day because I had him do this in front of the movie theatre.


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    BreazonaBreazona Posts: 1,344 Member
    Lately I've just been playing around with cas, even tried upping my textures to 4k (I barely notice a difference so...not sure I did it right or if it's really just that unnoticeable) just made this unnamed gal and adore her DOB9CXt.png
    and did some decades fashion with my favorite born in game sim! my attempt at 60s (ignore the 1970 el camino..) QVacuar.png

    and 70s TKGhjxV.jpeg they're bellbottoms if that helps my case :D
    sims 2&3 my beloved♥
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    emorrillemorrill Posts: 8,155 Member
    Hey y'all! (Short) Comments time! :)

    I'm hoping to get another gameplay update posted soon. I have TONS of pictures to share! :mrgreen: But today is becoming a busy day... Sigh...

    But anyhoo!

    @GraceyManor I enjoyed the latest chapter. And I don't blame Libby for feeling the way she does at all! I like having my privacy and I honestly don't know how celebs handle it with their laundry being aired out all over the internet and tabloids! :confounded: I imagine that Jackson will be very understanding (cause he's a sweetie) and that the music will for sure solidify their relationship and keep them close-knit. <3
    I like that flower shirt Libby is wearing. :blush: Is it from the same site you linked to me?
    I tried the SP mod once and hated it so much I'll never use it again (at least I don't plan to). :grimace: I don't have time to get aquainted with all the tweaks to make it just right for my type of gameplay. (I can be pretty particular.) It ruined ALL the precious relationships I had made in that town for my Sims so I promptly quit without saving. To each their own though, I get why people like it, but it's not my cup of tea. :p

    @lizzielilyy Thanks. :blush: And yes I do! ;) How come you only have 2 months left to write? Are you going back to school?

    @Silverofdreams30 Have fun playing your game today. ;) Sounds like you need a nice break. 👍🏻

    I don't upload my builds because I want to own them.
    ^I totally understand as I'm kind of the same way. ;) But I thought I would ask anyway. There's so much to discover when building in the Sims 3 and I hope you have tons of fun with it. :blush: Please continue to share them on here! :grin:

    @Karritz Thanks sweet lady. 💜 Yes, my car is finally fixed. :relieved::star: And I've been relaxing a bunch since then! :lol: (Maybe a little too much. ;) ) However I gotta get back to all my responsibilities this week. Gotta love being an adult right? ;)

    @misty4m Aww, I love Sim proposals. <3

    @Breazona Nice to see you post again. :) And what a pretty new sim! (Do you use a lot of custom sliders? She looks so real! Or perhaps it's the 4k I am noticing. ;) )
    Your 60's fashion looks on point. 👍🏻 My husband loves El Caminos. :p
    I don't know much about 70's fashion, only what I see on Match Game. lol! Where did you get that top? It's saucy! :smirk: lol!
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    emorrillemorrill Posts: 8,155 Member
    edited June 11
    Alriiiiiighty my friends! Are you ready for another episode of Emorrill's Random Gameplay: Revisiting my Sam Beckett Sim's Hidden Springs World Edition? :mrgreen: The Sims forum is still here so I'm still rollin'! 👍🏻

    🎵 "They see me rollin'..." 🎵 Lol! Anyway! :lol:

    Next household I moved on to - for light makeovers, etc - was the Free Spirit Household. Which consists of Nicholas Riverhawk, Cassidy Earthsong, and Jessica Willow. 🙂 They are a fun bunch.

    (Ok, I need to quit jamming out to the songs from my teenage years and get to typing or I'll never get this done! :pEve 6 - "Inside Out" y'all! It's been FOREVER since I heard it! :lol: )

    Good nelly, the builders sure messed up with proper rain drainage when building the deck on this house... 😮 #simglitches

    ^That deck is sure to rot away soon with all the rain Hidden Springs gets...
    Ask me how I'm familiar with anything like that - you know, living in muggy Arkansas and all... 😜 It might be what's happening to our back deck as I speak... 😶 But in our defense, it was getting like that when we bought the house! And we tried to treat the wood on the deck, didn't help. 😔 Anyway!

    First makeover: Nicholas Riverhawk.

    Y'all, sending him into CAS I noticed something that I hadn't ever noticed before.

    An earring on his right ear...


    Now, those of you who are Millenials like myself - yes, I'll own it, but I still consider myself more a Xennial lol! :lol: - y'all know what that means; or used to mean.

    Nicholas is gay. Soooooo that gave me a bit of inspiration when doing his makeover. Not that I have much experience in that department, but... 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Remember y'all, I do not change any genetics during my makeovers. 👍🏻 (Only under extreme circumstances.) But it sure is amazing what cc can do. 😏

    Allow me to present the new Nicholas Riverhawk:


    How'd I do? ;)

    I think he's handsome. 😊


    When he played with the chicks from the pen it was so adorable that I had to snap a couple of pics. 💕 🐥



    Cassidy seemed to liked his new look. 😉


    So I picked on her next. 😄👍🏻

    Second makeover: Cassidy Earthsong.

    Some of y'all may remember that I already kind of gave her a makeover back during Sam's story run (since Sam saved her from an accidental overdose ⭐). And because of that, she no longer takes the sketchy pills Emmaline Rhoen gave to her, and many others in town, which turned their skin green. That's my assumption anyway. 🙃

    But good gosh those EYES of hers! 😳


    This qualifies as an "extreme circumstance" to change one of the genetics! 😂 So I promptly shrunk those eyes of hers...
    (And gave her cc eyes.)


    Better. 👍🏻


    Jessica wasn't too far away so I focused the camera in on her:


    Third makeover: Jessica Willow.

    I had also given her a little makeover previously in Sam's story and loved it so much that I didn't fix a single thing on her now, except give her a custom skin. ⭐

    She's so pretty. 😊


    Nick went right up to her after I exited CAS and flirted with her! 😦


    Umm're gay. But maybe he's Bi? I don't know... 🤷🏻‍♀️😂

    Anyway, Jessica thought it would be fun to play in the giant puddle on their deck. I can't say I blame her. 😆


    Meanwhile, Cassidy fixed them all a righteous dinner of autumn salad. 😄 Nicholas was pleased that she used fresh veggies from his plentiful, organic garden. 👍🏻


    Speaking of, he wanted some dessert after dinner so he hit up the ice cream truck. I'll just leave this picture right here. 😏🤣


    Moving on!

    Ever since fixing Charlottesmom's simself's hair, I was curious how the rest of her family was doing. 🙂 So I checked on them next.

    Here she is (her SS name is Bianca, not Becky. My bad. 😬) with her and Drew's son, Dace:

    ^I remembered why I named him Dace at the time, but if I had also known at the time that Dace is the name of a FISH, I probably would've decided on something else. Oh well. 😂

    His onezie didn't look right... 😕 I quickly realized it was because the pattern I had on there before must've been removed from my game. (Like so many other things...) So I fixed it. 😁 #GoFinalFantasy


    Next thing I knew Drew broke the dishwasher...


    Take it from me new Sims 3 players...always have your sim mop up the puddle(s) around the dishwasher BEFORE having your sim fix it! Just trust me! 👍🏻

    I'm not sure how another puddle formed by the bathroom. 🤷🏻‍♀️ He might've broken the toilet too earlier...I can't remember. Haha! 🤣💩


    Sexy. 🥰


    Bianca felt to reward Drew for fixing the dishwasher. 😏 (Well, as you can see from the picture Drew made the suggestion, and Bianca was more than happy to oblige. 😉)




    ^Just for you Charlottesmom. 💜 Miss ya.

    Why the cowprint bedspread, I'm not sure. 🤷🏻‍♀️😆



    Had to snap some adorable pictures of their cat: Fester. 😻



    Yes, I thought this was cute too. 😜 Lol!



    That's it from the Black-Padalecki Household. 🙂

    Ok, so I did a quick return to the Colby Household because I found the hair that I originally gave Genevieve and had to slap it on her. 👍🏻 😁


    Not long after that her husband wanted her to give him some acupuncture. That just looks painful... 😬

    ^Anyone else think that carpet pattern looks like Triscuits? Like, I can't ever use it anymore because of that. 😆🤷🏻‍♀️

    Next, I had to pick on a man that I've been meaning to for a while: Hector Mendoza. 😊

    Oh my, look at that James Bond stance he gave me upon entering his house. 😏


    Naturally I had to get a close-up of his handsome face. 😍 And that's when...I noticed it... 😮 *gasp* Y'all see it too??


    That's right...ANOTHER RIGHT EARRING!! I'm like, "What is happening!? These dudes that I thought were straight hotties, well, aren't!" (By EA's standards anyway.) Gosh dang I don't know how I never noticed those darn earrings before... 😣

    I just rolled with it. I mean, I don't have to keep a sim as gay if I don't want to, but...I probably won't be playing with him anytime soon so, like I said, I rolled with it.

    I changed him back into his Everyday wear before starting my makeover and here's the Before and After pictures:



    For funzies I checked Hector's friends list and found that he's pretty close with this NPC guy named Ricardo Swafford. "?" So I had Hector invite him over.

    He showed up on Hector's doorstep looking like this - unlike what his friend portait looked like. Oh no no no... 😥



    After a major makeover:

    ^He doesn't look like a Ricardo now, but whatevs.

    I think the two were both pleasantly surprised at Ricardo's sudden change in appearance. 😆👍🏻 He's a hottie now! 😍


    Offfff course they got hearts. 💕 And one autonomous flirt from Hector turned their get together into a date...


    Guess Hector is as I suspected (Duh!) because somehow the two got frisky behind my back and when I returned the camera back on them they were playing Foosball in the nude!!! 🤣🤦🏻‍♀️


    I decided then and there to leave them alone and move on to another household. 😛

    I chose another single sim household: Madeline Moore.

    I dunno about the rest of y'all but I hate this hair. I think it's gross. 🤮


    Ok, this is kinda cute...

    ^She actually looks a lot like a lady I go to church with (seriously!) so that's why I couldn't stick with this style. 😆

    ...but I ultimately went with this one:


    It's not a style I use often so I figured what the heck! 👍🏻

    I settled on this outfit for her Everyday look:


    And oh dear gosh y'all look at her kitchen! That linoleum! 🤮😂 #classicSimsstyle


    Maybe I'll change it...maybe I won't. 😜 There are still more households to check out.

    Aaaaaand that's it for this episode of: Emorrill's Random Gameplay: Revisiting Sam's Hidden Springs World Edition. 😁

    My playlist ends on "Slide" by the Goo Goo Dolls. 😉 Feeling the nostalgia y'all. 💗

    Keep Calm and Sim On my friends. 😊
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    lizzielilyylizzielilyy Posts: 4,934 Member
    @emorrill love love LOVE the makeovers, Nicholas and the chicks are so cute as well as Cassidy :love:

    I only have 2 months because Gen VIII is due to launch on 18th August so I need to write it by then otherwise I’m going to be in a sticky situation!! No school for me thankfully, just self-imposed deadlines :joy:
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    Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 7,247 Member

    You did a wonderful job, giving them makeovers, they look
    much better now cc skins do so much with little change.
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    BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 4,827 Member
    Great job, awesome update! @emorrill
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    MiataPlayMiataPlay Posts: 6,657 Member
    Awesome posts everyone! <3

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    BreazonaBreazona Posts: 1,344 Member
    emorrill wrote: »
    Hey y'all! (Short) Comments time! :)

    @Breazona Nice to see you post again. :) And what a pretty new sim! (Do you use a lot of custom sliders? She looks so real! Or perhaps it's the 4k I am noticing. ;) )
    Your 60's fashion looks on point. 👍🏻 My husband loves El Caminos. :p
    I don't know much about 70's fashion, only what I see on Match Game. lol! Where did you get that top? It's saucy! :smirk: lol!

    didn't expect anyone to have recognized me at all aww <3 I do use a lot of sliders and when I play around in cas I use more detailed stuff like sourlemonsimblr skins and makeup. I also love Cassidy and the custom eyes are so pretty! The hair on Sam is one of the best EA hairs. My Mila (the decades girlie up there) also has pretty big eyes (though not at big as cassidy's, she definitely wins this one!) so she's always wearing huge lashes and accessories to balance it out haha. El caminos have always been my absolute favorite and everyone I know bullies me for it :D sweater is here! The first hair on Madeline is definitely not EAs best work when it comes to textured hair. A couple of store hairs in the african inspired collection and the one sam has on are my favs as well as the male dreads from uni life. I love the "church lady" hair on her!
    sims 2&3 my beloved♥
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    cocococo Posts: 2,731 Member
    Hi everyone! I've been enjoying catching up on everyone's gameplay and updates.

    I just wanted to say @ZeeGee holy crap that video was amazing!! I don't know how you do it. I've been watching your videos for a long time and your talent and patience always amazes me.

    @emorrill Thanks for tagging me on fb. You always inspire me to play. I don't think I have Hidden Springs in my game so I'm not too familiar with the townies but I loved your makeovers. A cc skin and new hair makes a huge difference and brings a bit of life into a sim. Nicholas Riverhawk is very hot :love::lol:

    So since I'm not at work today I played for a bit. Kara and Spencer are at university and I moved them into a house. But I just had to go and renovate it. I tried to spend as little as possible so it's good that the game lets you change the texture of walls, floors, objects etc for free. Now that the reno is done and the girls have new outfits I might actually get to play the game. I find I'm always doing makeovers instead of playing :lol:

    Here is the outside. I couldn't resist adding in a nice and colourful garden.

    I put in a cute little hanging chair, because why not?



    The backyard isn't much to see. Just a firepit, bonfire, and the garage has a juicebar.



    The bedrooms are my favourite part of the house.


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    Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 7,247 Member

    I reckognize you aswell, that is a pretty si.
    I think we can see the 4k relativy good.


    Hi girl!, that a lovely house.
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    SprottenhamSprottenham Posts: 1,168 Member
    edited June 29
    Phew... well now so finally the music video is done.. I've been stuck in my cave for about a month now trying to make this, most of the time spent making animations and trying to make them sync. ;) There are still a few issues that I can't figure out such as when I play my animations in a loop they just get more and more out of sync, as if they are in game playing faster then they are in Blender... which is a little impractical for doing repeated takes of the same scene. ;)

    Anyway, the song I made the video for is not by any real known established artist. It's of course a song by my fictional Sims 3 band, 'The Bushweeds' (a,k.a the song is AI generated by my input). Also, this song, like many of the songs I have made for this band does deviate from the style of music I originally thought they had (before I discovered this AI music thing...), but hey... maybe they just wanted to do something different... :P

    So.. here's the song. It's called 'Nightmare Lullaby'. Captions are available.


    Now, the topic of the song (which I'm sure you'll figure out as I think it's pretty straightforward) was inspired by one of the early chapters from my Sims 3 story, from when the band had their first concert at the Summer Festival.


    Back then they were a very inexperienced band with live shows, and it soon became clear that their front woman suffered from some stage fright as she played the first half of their concert with her back against the audience.. but of course, she has since learnt to deal with her fears there and they have become a little better as a band now after releasing their first album and going on tour to support it. ;)

    Hope you enjoyed the video, even though I probably should have figured out a way to record it with higher quality video settings (something which didn't occur to me until I was more than halfway through the project and saw ZeeGee posting her video and how much nicer it looked.... but anyway...)
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    Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,453 Member
    River and Haruo are headed to Ward Music. :D

    The Chikamori Legacy - (Excerpt)

    Haruo looked over at the syllabus and showed her. “I think the best ones to select from would be the 9 thru ARCT/Performance. That’s the level that they want out of us and since we’re both going into this with no prior experience other than singing in the high-school choir.” He pointed out a selection in the Grade 9 section of the syllabus. Bist du bei mir. “This one’s a nice one…pitched for soprano.” he said. “And Bach is always a good selection.” then Haruo got an evil look on his face and pointed out another one. “This one’s from L’Allegro, Il Penseroso...It’s Or Let the Merry Bells Ring Round”.
    River looked for the piece in the Handel section of the music scores. “Found it…” she said as she picked up the score and looked at it. Haruo smiled evilly as River’s eyes grew wider and wider at the notes...on the page and the vocal gymnastics that she would have to do in order to sing this.
    “Are you kidding me?” was her perturbed question.
    “I’m going to be doing Total Eclipse from Samson and Comfort Ye from the Messiah, you know, Comfort ye, co-om-fort ye my-y-y pe-ee-ople...saith y-ou-ou-r God...Saith yo-o-our God...Speak ye comfortably to-oo Jerusalem..., he briefly sung a partial passage for the entertainment of some of the shoppers as well as to demonstrate to River, "...for my baroque selections, I’m still at a loss as to what I’m going to do for the classical, romantic and modern genres. If you do the two that I suggested, it’ll give them a good idea of what you can do as a baroque performer and of course we have to do modern stuff too which is enough to give me a headache and a half. I was thinking about doing a Schubert Lieder for the romantic period and something from one of Mozart’s operas, and of course. I was thinking of doing Puccini’s Nessun Dorma. I’m sure the adjudicators will probably be absolutely sick of that. Every tenor probably does some version of that and I don’t want to disappoint.” Haruo laughed as he said this.
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
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    emorrillemorrill Posts: 8,155 Member
    edited June 15
    love love LOVE the makeovers, Nicholas and the chicks are so cute as well as Cassidy :love:
    ^Thank you. :blush: It's nice to see Cassidy get some love as well. ;)
    Self-imposed deadlines are not always a bad thing. I think I need to set some of those for myself. 👍🏻

    @Silverofdreams30 Thank you. 🥰 You gonna share some more pics soon? ;)

    @Brandontaylor Thank you my friend. :blush: And for checking it out. I'd love to see some updates from you too soon. ;) (If you feel like it.)

    @MiataPlay Thank you. :blush:

    didn't expect anyone to have recognized me at all aww <3
    ^Aww, of course. :blush: It's funny how much I remember people on here, and their forum names, more than I do people and their names in real life! :joy:
    I used to use a TON more cc sliders in my game, but then it got to be too taxing for me when creating sims. Lol! So I only use a few now. ;)
    The hair on Sam is one of the best EA hairs.
    ^Sam? I didn't show him in the update. :p Did you mean Hector? Cause I used cc hair on Nicholas.
    Aww, people bully you for liking El Caminos? That's silly! Well, now you know there's another lover of them out there. ;) (My husband.)
    Thanks for the link to the shirt. :)
    Yeah the "church lady" hair :lol: did look pretty great on Madeline, but gosh it was just too uncanny of a look to the real lady I know that I just couldn't keep it on her. However...I might change that someday. Just for memories. :blush:

    @coco Yay you're here!! :smiley: Always nice to see you pop in. :blush:
    Thanks for tagging me on fb. You always inspire me to play.
    ^You're welcome and awwwww. <3 Bekkasan says my posts have been inspiring her to play too, but sadly she still can't because her computer is dead. :(
    Nicholas Riverhawk is very hot :love::lol:
    ^Hee hee, thanks. :mrgreen: I really went out on a limb with his style and was afraid folks wouldn't like it, but I was proven wrong. :blush:
    Girl your home renovation and landscaping are just stunning! :star: To me you are one of the queens of decorating on the Sims. 👑
    Don't be a stranger, ok? ;) I'd love to see more pics from your game. And I hope life is treating you well. :kissing_heart:

    Also, this song, like many of the songs I have made for this band does deviate from the style of music I originally thought they had (before I discovered this AI music thing...), but hey... maybe they just wanted to do something different... :P
    ^Well there ya go! :smiley: 👍🏻 Lots of bands do that with new albums and such.
    That video was VERY well done!! :star: Great job! :smiley: I was impressed! Pat yourself on the back. 👏🏻 Pretty song too, especially with the flute. :blush: And then they're all talking about the video afterward, that was cute. 😄

    @Nikkei_Simmer Hee hee that was a cute little update of River and Haruo. :blush: 🎵
    Post edited by emorrill on
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    Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 7,247 Member
    edited June 15

    Funny you asked ,
    cause I indeed have two photos to share hehe.

    I created a sim today


    Caroline before


    Caroline after with cc added, no change to the base sims features.

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    emorrillemorrill Posts: 8,155 Member
    Alrighty my friends! Here's some more of my gameplay from Sam's Hidden Springs World! :mrgreen: I'm having a lot of fun playing lately, so y'all will see a few updates from me for a while here. I'm just happy that I have time to play again. :blush:

    The next family I moved on to was the Kwon Household. :)

    They are not EA made Hidden Springs townies, they are from Sam's story. Evelyn was his cute little papergirl friend remember? ;) I wanted her and her mom to attend Sam and Emma's wedding so I saved Evelyn to the Sim bin (as a child) and then aged her up to a teen - since time passed - and created a mother for her (Meina), and then plopped the two of them down into an afforable home in HS. At the time I just did some basic decorating in their home, making sure there were two beds. 👍🏻 And I also dressed them up. 😊

    However when I was fixing up other townies currently, I saw Evelyn in public NOT wearing the cc hair I had originally given her. :unamused: (I'm like, "Good grief emorrill! Great job on making sure to not get rid of the hairs that were on your favorite sims from Sam's story!!! :confounded: I'm usually pretty good at not doing that, but I had to do a major cc purge not long after Sam's story run and I thought I saved all the good hairs, but apparently not. *Sigh* It's worse than I thought. But anyway!!!) So, I made a mental note to hit up the Kwon household after I was done with the Free Spirit Household.

    Once the Active Household had been changed, I tracked down Evelyn, in some public place, sporting that signature EA, stay-at-home mom hair, 😆 that replaces cc hairs that have been removed from the game...


    Maybe in 20 years that might be a nice hairstyle for Evelyn, but not while she's a teen!

    I immediately sent her into CAS.

    After slapping on a new skin, new cute hairstyle, and a little more make-up, viola!



    She's a cutie. 💗

    I can't remember why I took this picture of her Sleepwear, but I think it's because I'd forgotten how cute I made it back then. I like the pattern on the top. :blush:


    There we go! Much better. :blush:


    Seriously y'all, I think she's a real beauty. :star: And will be breaking hearts all over the place at YA! ;)


    And she was EA created! :grin: A random generated papergirl in Hidden Springs: Evelyn Kwon. Catch her and save her to the Sim bin if you wish. 👍🏻

    Anyway, I wanted to get the ball rolling on something. :smirk: In Sam's story, she mentioned to Emma that she had a crush on someone and it was alluded that it was Charles Winterly. :mrgreen:

    He and Evelyn were already friends in the game, yay, and so to get things rolling I had her send him a Love Letter. 💗


    Not long after that, she texted Sam to see how he and Emma are doing. 😊


    When Meina got home from work, I had to immediately throw her into CAS too for a makeover:


    Not a big makeover, just gave her a new skin and make some slight changes to her clothing.


    She's a pretty lady too. 👍🏻

    That night, in the pouring rain, a stray cat meowed for refuge at their door. And since no one answered, it decided to go to sleep on their outdoor bench.


    Thunder crashed and woke up the poor kitty. He meowed in lament at his misfortunes. Poor baby! 😥


    And then when he jumped off the bench, he ended up slipping in the process and fell on his chin. 🙁


    My heart ached! I felt so bad (and sad) for this poor kitty that I instantly decided to add him to the household. ⭐ I took him into animal CAS for a little grooming! 😆

    He was quite the puffball:



    I mean, makes sense when he's grown up in the wild and hasn't been groomed properly. Props to EA for realism. 👍🏻😆

    There we go. 😊


    I wanted to name him Tiger, but he's got more spots than stripes...😕 And I didn't wanna go with Cheetah, so I just ultimately went with Dragon! 😂 Don't judge me! I'm terrible coming up with names! Do y'all know how long it takes me to come up with good names for my stories!? 😛 Anyway...

    Naturally I had to put out cat necessities on the lot. Since the house is so small he has to be an outside cat, but that's ok because he's used to that anyway. 👍🏻 He just needs some loving humans to love and care for him. 💗

    That morning - very early - Evelyn got up to check the mail to see if Charles had written her a love letter in return. Nope. But she did end up getting a creepy letter from Sam which I blame the game!!! 😐 Ugh!


    Ewww Sam! You are not creepy like that!

    And what's even worse? The game made Sam send Meina a "secret admirer" letter as well!!! 😮😒


    BAD GAME! Bad bad bad!! 😡 We'll just pretend that never happened because I sure did!

    Anyway, Evelyn went back inside and decided to cook pancakes for breakfast and ended up causing a stove fire. 🤦🏻‍♀️ The fire alarm went off, but it was taking forever for the firefighters to arrive. And Evelyn just kept standing there and screaming. So Meina, being Brave and all, whipped out the fire extinguisher and took care of the matter herself! #GoQueen! 👑


    "Whew, that was close..."

    I mean those flames almost devoured her baby. 😥

    ^Poor Evelyn looks so ashamed... 😆😘

    Insurance didn't give crap to cover the cost of a new stove - sounds accurate - and it was already replaced by the time the firefighter finally showed up. 🙄


    And then that Queen goes in and scolds Meina for not being careful enough in preventing house fires! I'm like, "WHAAAT!?" :angry: I tell y'all, if it had given me the option to allow Meina to cat fight with that Firefighter 🐸🐸🐸🐸 I would've done it! Rude! Especially when Meina was the one who did her job FOR her!!!

    Sorry, calming down now. 😛 Let's move on to happier things:

    Like adorable pictures of Dragon. 😻

    Sprinting in the wet grass:


    Playing in the big puddle. Awwww!!! 💕 That's one happy kitty!




    And trying to catch a bug in the big puddle. 🥰


    Guess that got him a little thirsty. ;) Although his mouth is missing the water by a few centimeters. :lol:


    Evelyn soon joined him to play in the puddle.


    Meanwhile, Meina tried on a new top and "gussied up." She's still a single lady working to find a new, lifelong companion to spend the rest of her life with. 💗


    The Goddess has not determined who that will be just yet. 😏

    Later, Evelyn just had to go see Charles so she went over to his house. She was greeted warmly by his mother and not long after that, Charles welcomed her with a fond look on his face before inviting her inside. 😊


    They went up to his room and talked and laughed about all the stuff teenage kids do. ;) Then she started a pillow fight with him!


    Charles: Hey take it easy on me will ya...I'm a sick person you know?
    Evelyn: Yeah, yeah I'm not falling for that. If you were THAT sick, you'd be bedridden!


    Charles would admit she made a fair point, but not outloud. 😛

    After being goofy, Evelyn knew it wasn't customary for the girl to do the asking in this case, but her heart was so desperate that she did it anyway. 😁

    She bravely asked Charles to Prom:


    Charles was quite surprised...mostly because no one ever asked him to anything and he never had enough courage to ask a girl to anything, for fear he might have a flare up and not make it. 😔

    But he knew it would work out with Evelyn. She had always been a friend to him, and was indeed something special.

    He said Yes! 💗


    "How could I not go being asked by a pretty girl like you..." were his exact words. ;)

    Evelyn very much liked that response...


    At this point I had to keep playing with the Kwons because I really wanted to see how Prom would turn out for these two! 😀 It would be happening in three sim days. 👍🏻 (I have Relativity set to 19 or something like that so those days were going by slooooow! I should've changed it to normal speed for this light gameplay, but it's all good. 😊 I had fun playing.)

    Here's some random things that happened during that time:

    Evelyn loving up on Dragon:


    And her roasting marshmallows by the fire and warming her bottom! 😆 It's Fall in HS now, so it's cold.



    Dragon asking Meina to give him some attention. ;)


    Evelyn and her kicky-bag:


    This unamused bus driver clearly hates her job. 😂

    ^Even though the bus is empty! 🤣 I wish EA would've added some kids in there when the bus comes to pick up your sims.

    On Meina's day off, I sent her to the Spa to get a tan and for some reason - being the Queen that she is ;) - she decided to book it on FOOT over there in the rain! (At least she had an umbrella. :p ) How she's running on those heels, I'll never know! 😳


    Oh hey, there's another rainbow. 🌈



    That long commute on foot, in heels, in the rain, was all in vain. 😔 Meina got an uneven tan from the spray tanning booth. I dunno how well you can see it in the picture. Poor gal...


    And for some reason she wished to get a flu shot after that. 😆🤷🏻‍♀️ So I sent her over to the hospital to get one. This time she actually used her car!

    Upon exiting the Hospital she found that someone else in town had a Renault Twizzy like she does! :grin: Drew Padalecki. (Actually I think it's his wife's car. 😛 )

    It doesn't surprise me that they got hearts. 💕 (And he didn't seem bothered by her uneven tan like she was worried about! Lol!)


    But sorry Meina, he's taken.

    Next Meina went over to Mick's and that one gal was performing again... Candy? I think? Like I said before, I'm bad with names. :p

    ^I see Sam! 🥰

    Meina was enjoying the heck out of the concert!


    Even into the sunset hours...


    Did I mention that Meina is a celebrity now? (Since she knows Sam, Emma, and a couple of other celebs. I'm not too happy about it, mostly because I think people climb the celeb ranks way too easily in the game. I may just have to disable it...)

    So she was approached by Han Chang and they got the hearts. 💕


    Hmm, Goddness might be considering something now... 🤔😛

    Anyway, her Agent told her she needs to get in better shape so I sent her to the gym. Found this hottie working out:


    His name is Cary Evans. 🥰 He's one of Charlottesmom's sims that she shared with me. I had to send him into CAS and give him a new skin before taking that picture, but yeah his household is another one I will have to hit up soon. 👍🏻

    The next morning I sent Meina out on a jog to finish up her 4 hours of exercising ordered by her Agent 🙄 and she happened upon this barn, windmill, and silo out in the middle of nowhere which looks really nice. 😊

    ^I hadn't ever noticed it while playing HS before. And it turns out it's across the street from the Chesterfield home 😛 so they must be the owners.

    Dragon sure was happy to have Meina home after her jog.


    Look at the way he's loving up on her shoe. 💗


    FINALLY it was Prom day! 🎉⭐ Woop woop!

    Evelyn picked out her dress for the evening:


    And she got some false eyelashes to wear too:

    ^Pretty pretty little lady.

    Her nerves were really getting the best of her, mostly nervousness, so she ended up throwing up.


    Watching her favorite sitcom on TV while waiting for Charles to pick her up certainly helped to calm her nerves.


    Charles arrived in a Limo! Which made Evelyn squeal with joy! :smiley: (I mean, heck yeah!) And off to the Prom they went.

    Not long after arriving this pop up appeared:


    Now it was I - the Goddess - who squealed! 😀😁🎉

    All these other cute dialogues popped up which I will just type out for you as I didn't feel like sharing 5 more "print screen" photos:

    --"Evelyn and Charles are inseparable. They are definitely hitting it off and are quite possibly the cutest couple at the dance!"--

    --"Wow! Evelyn really made a good impression on Charles with some epic dance moves!"--
    (I'm sure Sam taught her some of those moves as he's an excellent dancer. :smirk: )

    --Charles revealed that he likes Evelyn a lot. Evelyn was so happy that she couldn't wipe that smile off her face...--

    --Evelyn was the envy of all her friends! She was named Prom Queen! Careful, a catfight might break out!--
    (I was greatly hoping one wouldn't because her evening was going SO perfectly! ⭐💗 And I didn't want the game's stupid antics to mess that up... 😒 )

    Thankfully, it didn't. 🙏🏻

    --Charles convinced Evelyn that a meteorite was coming soon and that they needed to kiss ASAP. Evelyn decided to just go for it and was pleasantly surprised.--
    YAY! 💕
    That one was my favorite. 😊

    I mean, your crush asking you to go steady and having your first kiss all in ONE night!? That couldn't have gone more perfectly if I'd planned it myself! 😏 So I was very happy for Evelyn. 🎉🥰

    It was humorous watching this deer prance on by the school during the Prom festivities:


    It was truly a beautiful night. 🌟


    In closing I just wanted to share another beautiful picture of Evelyn.

    So while I was playing, my imagination went a little wild 😛 , and I decided to pursue the idea and did a whole separate save for it. An Alternate Reality if you will. ;)

    I won't go into all the details, but Evelyn ended up getting pregnant and I think she is just glowing in this picture. 💗


    Now before any of you ask, No, I will not be sharing or writing out a story with pregnant Evelyn. Sorry. 😘 It was mostly just me being silly and wanting to try something out.

    Anyway, I hope y'all enjoyed this episode of: Emorrill's Random Gameplay: Revisiting Sam's Hidden Springs Edition!

    Keep on sharing pics of your gameplay too. 👍🏻 Happy Simming! 😊
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    Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 7,247 Member

    Hidden springs is such a pretty world and it also has pretty
    residents just like Bridgeport but different style hehe.
    Great job.
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    cocococo Posts: 2,731 Member
    @Sprottenham I wouldn't have guessed that the song was AI. It was really well done :smile:
    @Silverofdreams30 Your new sim is gorgeous. I love Caroline's hair :blush:
    @Nikkei_Simmer Haruo can't resist being evil can he? :lol:
    @emorrill I remember Evelyn the paper girl! She grew up really cute. I like her earrings. Meina is quite pretty. Not many people can rock the baby bangs :lol: Aw poor wet kitty.. he's so fluffy! Haha the game is really evil when it wants to be. I hate it when it tries to get second cousins etc in relationships. Evelyn was lucky that Meina was there to put the fire out. At least nothing else got burnt. I think sometimes when I've had a fire and put it out before the firefighters arrived, they told me off for calling when it's not an emergency :tired_face:
    Dragon is a unique kitty that's for sure, especially since he actually likes playing in water :lol:
    I hope Meina can find someone that makes her happy. Aww Evelyn and Charles are sweet. Imagine if the school bus went around to each house that has a child sim. It would take foreverrrr to get to the school :lol:
    I don't think I've ever had an uneven tan in my game. It looks so funny! I'm also not a fan of the celebrity system. It's too easy so I have it completely disabled in my game. Cary is super handsome. How are Charlottesmom and Bekkasan going? I miss them :smile:
    Ooh I like Evelyn's falsies. Do you know where you got them from? Wooohoo go Charles! :sunglasses:
    Aw now I want to see what their baby would look like :lol:

    As for me, I did play a bit today but I didn't get many pictures.

    Kara and Spencer are just about to start their classes. I think I have Kara doing Science and Spencer doing Technology. Kara's lifetime wish is to have 20 friends. She's already got like 15 so she's almost there. She has always been the wild twin and got up to a lot of mischief when she was a teen. So I'm hoping to have a lot of fun doing crazy stuff with her. I signed her up for online dating and gave some of the better guys a makeover. Hopefully she will get some dates soon.
    "Woooo skinny dipping!"
    "Hey boys... over here" :mrgreen:
    Spencer is more sensible and is getting a headstart on her coursework.
    Kara is a night owl so I'm going to try to get her in with the rebel crowd. She's also a kleptomaniac so some stuff might go missing around the town :lol:
    Spencer's first class starts at 8am so she has to get up really early.

    Sorry not a very exciting update, but I'm having fun anyway. I've been looking back at all my old screenshots. It makes me remember how much I love my sims. These twins are my 10th generation and were born way back in 2016. I started playing the family I think in 2010 so they have been on my mind for a long time :smile:
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    Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 7,247 Member
    edited June 16

    Thank you, nice to see you back gaming again,
    sometimes a break is needed and the game is fun again.
    Those two seem like a fun pair of sims to play with.
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    BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 4,827 Member
    @emorrill Yeah, I need to do something to post one day. I’m on three back to back 40 hour weeks at work, due to inventory and the Fourth of July.
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    MiataPlayMiataPlay Posts: 6,657 Member
    edited June 18
    Ms. Tracie Parish has decided to quit her job as a teacher's assistant and follow her foundry dream with Jewlery making. She wants to give the art world a go and sell jewelry for a living. A tiny gallery downtown is interested in consigning some of her work. She's super excited to explore this new opportunity.




    Trent is super excited to explore her opportunities too. :p Something is definitely going on with these two. Trent moved in with her and DeAndre is in Trent's old unit. Spicy.. ;)

    Serena got in trouble for dying her hair over the weekend. Dad was not cool with it. Mom didn't care.

    She's just trying to figure herself out and didn't think too much about it.


    Can't wait to move 3 years and live with my sister..or one my brothers..

    Catalina and Darnell went for a long drive in the hills to discuss their future together. They're getting pretty serious. He wants her to go on tour with him for a year. She's been busy in her dad's science lab making a bot to replace her as landlord at the apartments so she can hang out with Darnell on tour. Catalina aways finds a way to get out of work.


    New Sim Vivian Stark. She's a nurse at a clinic downtown that I am still remodeling. It has a rabbit hole hospital rug so it's a playable hospital. I was going to make her a fairy, but I like her coloring more as a vampire. I love Nraas mods <3



    Awesome posts everyone! :)

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    PalmArrowPalmArrow Posts: 4,330 Member
    Just dropped by to say hello - I'm not playing the Sims now but I'm planning do do so soon. I mainly just wanted to check where everybody was - here or on the new forum.

    ( @emorrill , I remember your Sam in Hidden Springs gameplay! I didn't remember Evelyn Kwan, but she is an adorable Sim!)
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    Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 7,247 Member
    I went to play a bit in Bridgeport using my sim Caroline.


    so beautiful view


    Matty Creawe got a lil make over


    Two of the other reality lot people infront of Caroline, them too got a
    lil bit makeover.


    Devin Ashton decided to play a lil concert


    Caroline added her a roomate aswell


    forgot his name now, but I made this sim.
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    Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,453 Member
    Evidently my Tumblr blog just got terminated by Tumblr. Evidently that's been happening to a lot of people. Just sent a terse response that they have three days to resolve it.
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~

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