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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


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    SprottenhamSprottenham Posts: 1,154 Member

    Someone is singing, I guess.
    Sub blogs: #01 Sunset Valley. #02: Lake Onebega #03: Sprottenham #04: Bewickton
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    GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 20,094 Member
    Oopsies. Lila was gonna be her name, but I chose Libby instead and forgot to edit that out. XD
    Aww! Glad you think he's handsome. I spent a long time on him. I liked that expression to and thought it fit well.XD
    It did! She's a huge fan!. I'm playing in Twin Towns, with plans on merging to Hawsimoor.

    I was gonna do another update today, but I'm having a hard time finding a recording studio, so I may have to change my chapter a bit.
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    MiataPlayMiataPlay Posts: 6,399 Member
    edited May 18
    Around The Sims 3 on their site you can download a recording studio. You just build a room and decorate with the items. Functional items in this set. :)

    Edit: They also have sims 4 to sims 3 conversions!
    So cool!
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    BuildModeBuildMode Posts: 25 Member
    edited May 19
    My sims got married in Sunlit Tides!

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    emorrillemorrill Posts: 8,146 Member
    edited May 18
    emorrill i was orignally gonna name her Lilah, but liked libby better and forgot to edit that. Lol
    ^I see. No worries. I wondered if that was the case, but had to joke about it a little bit. :p I might jot down the name Lila(h) for a future story. I really like it. :blush:
    I still need to check out Twin Towns... :grimace:
    You're welcome. <3 And thanks for the reply comments. I'm sorry you can't find a recording studio lot...Maybe build your own? Or convert a random community lot into one? :)
    I guess MiataPlay had a suggestion for you. Yay! :grin: Here's a direct link to it if you haven't found it on your own already:

    @Brandontaylor Yeah it was pretty darn scary...I like living out here, but then I really don't. :pensive:
    I'm not sure what level we're going to be in Tuesday night into Wednesday, but I swear I am OVER these night storms!!! The tornado threat has always been at night since the start of Spring! :angry:
    We leave for Colorado Wednesday afternoon and I am really hoping we don't run into some nasty weather on the trip over... 🙏🏻

    @Silverofdreams30 Your Carl looks so lifelike in that picture. <3 He reminds me of someone, but I can't think of who at the moment.
    Ella looks great. 👍🏻
    Yeah you can find gorgeous scenery all around Hidden Springs. Which is why I love the world. That and I love the mountains. :blush: I miss them... Only hills here in AR! :lol: But better than flat land...

    Hmm...Someone is singing, I guess.
    ^So it would seem. ;):p
    Having fun playing? :)

    @BuildMode Cute photos! :blush:
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    misty4mmisty4m Posts: 2,313 Member
    I finished the major busy kitchen area in the new house I build for my sim family, now living room and hallway




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    GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 20,094 Member
    MiataPlay wrote: »
    Around The Sims 3 on their site you can download a recording studio. You just build a room and decorate with the items. Functional items in this set. :)

    Edit: They also have sims 4 to sims 3 conversions!
    So cool!

    Unfortunately, I'm not a builder. I did see that though.
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    KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,937 Member
    MiataPlay wrote: »
    Around The Sims 3 on their site you can download a recording studio. You just build a room and decorate with the items. Functional items in this set. :)

    Edit: They also have sims 4 to sims 3 conversions!
    So cool!

    Unfortunately, I'm not a builder. I did see that though.

    I have so much stuff downloaded from that site and I can't put it all into the game. So I try to stay away from it. But this sounds like a great thing to add to a game. Particularly if you have a singer sim.
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    lizzielilyylizzielilyy Posts: 4,918 Member
    Generation VI Chapter Seventeen: The Mother

    Persephone puts her plans in motion to retire her horses from competition and therefore herself from her esteemed career. Xavier begins school and we bid a fond farewell to one of our most longstanding characters. In the wake of such loss, there is no time to spare as the curse ingredients start to come to light.

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    SleepstarSleepstar Posts: 819 Member
    My team won, but missed out on the League title again by just two points.
    Currently aiming to get all harvestable produce in The Sims 3 (One EP left)Will complete a Legacy one day (My Wishlist)
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    BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 4,814 Member
    @emorrill As of right now, looks like parts of Arkansas are in a 1 to 2 range. My part of Illinois is in Level 3. Saying hazards could be large hail, winds of 70 and a tornado chance.
    Hopefully your trip goes well.
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    SprottenhamSprottenham Posts: 1,154 Member
    @emorrill Yeah, err, well.. a little bit. ;) I'm not excactly playing, but I'm going in and out of the game frequently to do stuff.

    @Brandontaylor So it's that part of the year again. I'm assuming level 3 is somewhere in the middle of the scale (what is the top level of the scale?). Hoping for the best of course.
    Sub blogs: #01 Sunset Valley. #02: Lake Onebega #03: Sprottenham #04: Bewickton
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    BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 4,814 Member
    @Sprottenham Level 3 is right in the middle. It goes Marginal, Slight, Enhanced, Moderate, and High.
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    Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,443 Member
    edited May 20
    @emorrill Oh, my bad, I didn't catch that they were copies of real people. Well, now I'm a little confused... Can't say I have heard of Scott Bakula, and Emma is.. your simself? Of course, googling Scott Bakula I find that he's an actor from Star Trek which probably explains it, since I have never really cared much for Star Trek and I loathe people who can do that gesture with their fingers and everytime they show it off, because I can't. :P

    I can only do it because I played the piano for 16 years out of my life - developed finger dexterity and flexibility. :mrgreen:

    A little "River and Haruo".


    And yes, this time, I have a "Censored" The Chikamori Legacy for those who are under 18/21 in the US of A. :mrgreen: and for those who like their stories clean.

    This one is 100% clean.
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
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    emorrillemorrill Posts: 8,146 Member
    edited May 20
    Alrighty my friends (I'll get to replies later :kissing_heart: ) it's time for another Emorrill's Random Gameplay: Revisiting Hidden Springs Edition!
    If y'all knew how many times I almost type Hot Springs instead of Hidden Springs. Lol! And I hate this new keyboard with it's tiny keys...

    Anyway! 😜

    I moved on to the Winterly Family. You know: giving them new custom skins and new makeup and clothes if needed. 👍🏻 (I'm gonna be doing that with every family in town.)

    For fun I added a chocolate fountain to their kitchen - they're rich, so they would totally have one 😆 - and here's Adele and the son, Charles, enjoying the heck out of it:



    Charles even pulled out a straw. Heck, that's what I'd be doing! 😁👍🏻


    The three started dancing in the living room together and it was cute to watch. 😊


    I've been trying to move through all the households quickly so I can get back to Sam and Emma. 😉

    On to the Nali Household.

    Ian lives least he did until he took up the community pet adoption responsibility. (Thanks game! 😆) He's the official personal trainer to the stars here in Hidden Springs so I dunno how he has time for 4 CATS!!! 😦 (Once again, thanks a lot game...)


    I don't remember all their names, but that one kitten looks like he's about to murder someone! 🤣

    Seriously, all the kittens look like this:


    But they still look adorable sleeping. 💜

    ^Toe beans! 💕

    Once I was done with Ian, I wished him good luck with that and went on to the next Household. 😆 The Colby Family.

    Last time I played this save while doing Sam's story, I had already given Genevieve a makeover because I hated the hairstyle EA gave her and I found her to be a very pretty lady sim. 👍🏻

    You can see from this dude's thought bubble my original makeover of her. (Not sure what happened to that hair, but if any of y'all are familiar with it and would like to direct me to it, I would very much appreciate it. 😊 TY!)


    So yeah, since I removed it from the game, she's been given the default hairstyle. And ooohh I don't like the way that "cleavage accessory" looks! 😬 She definitely needed my help again! ⭐


    Once I sent Genevieve into CAS, I decided to give her the Freckled Fruit skin. I like having a variety of skintones and types in my saves now. 👍🏻 (I used to only go with Default skintones until I was introduced to the light! 😆😜)


    I tried this hairstyle because it was somewhat similar to the last one I had on her. But I quickly dismissed it with a, "Yeeeeeah, no." 😐 It doesn't look right on her.


    I hardly ever use this hairstyle on my Sims so I thought, "What the heck, let's put it on her." 😉 I'd say it's fitting. 👍🏻


    Now to fix that cleavage accessory. (Sorry folks, I know that was kind of an eyesore. Not sure what I was thinking back then! 😵)

    Much better. 👍🏻


    Now for new eyes and makeup...

    ^Remember y'all, I don't mess with genetics unless it's absolutely necessary: like overly large eyes, ears, noses, or lips!

    I changed up her Everyday wear just a touch and she seems satisfied. 👍🏻😊


    I don't know if I gave her this Formalwear in the past, or if it was the game, (most likely) but it's drab. 😕


    I decided to give it a bit more flair! Tee hee! 😁


    Her houseguest (I'm forgetting his name right now...Cary I think) insulted her new look for some reason 😒 and I was almost as bothered about it as she was.


    She quickly told him to "Behave." Then Christoff came home and after Genevieve told him what happened and shared her feelings with him, he gave her a compassionate hug and kiss. 💗 What a guy!


    I took that moment to throw Christoff into CAS.



    After - with new skin:

    ^Geez, I might have to tweak the color again... That particular skin, while a favorite, has weird color combinations. 😬

    Love his new eyes. 💜


    Y'all, I can't even with his Everday outfit. 😆 I wasn't even sure where to begin or how to even change it...

    53733846532_21a93e7053_b.jpg I didn't. 😆 And moved on to his Formal.

    Oh good LARD! 😳


    That hat!? And the plaid suspenders!? 😬 Is he trying to be Brendon Urie from Panic! At The Disco back in the 2000's!? I HAD to fix it!

    I kept a hat on him, cause he likes hats:


    Back in LIVE mode, this dreamy look he's giving Genevieve. 😍


    Oh dear this is their kitchen wall tile y'all... 🤣


    Would you change it or not? 😜

    For me, I didn't change it because I won't be playing with them again. Most likely.

    Genevieve sure loved the massage chair I added to their house. Lol!


    Moving on...

    I decided to choose a non-townie to fix real quick, Cami Kat, who is the Simself of one of my simming buddies on here and I cannot remember her forum name at the moment. 😑 (I know it will come to me later... She knows who she is. 😛 And I'm sure some of you will remember her.)

    During Sam's story run I placed her into the cutest little cottage home ever!


    ^I don't remember where I downloaded it from and I don't have it in my Library anymore, I just saved her household with the house attached to it. 👍🏻 And I'm SO glad I did! There's a lot of things from this save I'm questioning why I ever got rid of it... 🤔

    Pretty lady, especially with new skin, eyes, and makeup. 💜

    ^And fyi: I NEVER change Simself genetics. Ever. Cause that was the person's precious personal creation of themselves. ⭐

    Here she is playing with her pretty kitty...


    ...and giving her a treat. 😸


    And here's the pretty kitty's kitten. He be like, "This is my food. No one touches my food." 😄


    The rain was coming down hard which brought puddles. So I sent Cami out to play in the one nearest to her cottage. 😊 She was having a blast!



    Then she took notice of all the leaves and decided it was time to rake them. 🍂


    And that's it for now of Emorrill's Random Gameplay: Revisiting Hidden Springs Edition! 😊 More is on the way!

    Hopefully before we leave for Colorado this week (family reunion). 🙂

    But if not, catch y'all later! Happy Simming! 💗
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    Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 7,232 Member

    Loved the update!, I try these days to not edit anything more than a new skin, makeup and hair sometimes change the clothes too if it look terrible.
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    Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 7,232 Member
    edited May 23
    so, I downlaoded lots of sims from Johziii on tumblr ( her blog), and I placed them in Hidden Springs.


    The three females I choose to play with house




    Denise and Acacia


    Their cat Jax

    Johzlii is an amazing sims creator, and all cc is included with her sims.

    Post edited by Silverofdreams30 on
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    lizzielilyylizzielilyy Posts: 4,918 Member
    Generation VI Chapter Eighteen: Dreams Come True

    In the wake of Kressida's passing, Persephone watches as her horses reach their golden years, the twins prepare for High School, and her lifetime wish is finally at her fingertips. Can she accept what is to come next?

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    GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 20,094 Member
    edited May 23
    I was gonna do an update today, but my game keeps crashing. So I guess not.
    Edit: Still crashing. :(
    New save: crashed. Keeps saying maxed memory.
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    GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 20,094 Member
    Finally got my chapter

    ackson couldn’t help but smile as he watched Libby disappear into her home, the porch light casting a warm glow around her as she waved one last time before closing the door. The limo glided smoothly back onto the quiet streets, and Jackson leaned back, lost in thought. The night had been an unexpected twist in his life, and he felt a sense of excitement bubbling within him.

    As the city lights grew distant and the landscape turned into the familiar open expanses of the countryside, Jackson found himself replaying the night in his mind. Libby’s voice, her laughter, the way her eyes sparkled when she spoke—all of it lingered with him like a melody he couldn’t shake.

    He pulled out his phone and typed a quick message to his manager: “Find out more about Libby Grey. I think she has something special.”

    Satisfied, he slipped his phone back into his pocket and let his head rest against the cool glass of the window. The rhythmic hum of the road beneath them lulled him into a peaceful state, and before he knew it, the limo was pulling up to his own home.

    “Thanks, Joe,” Jackson said to his chauffeur, who nodded in response.

    “Anytime, Mr. Reid.”

    Inside, his house was quiet, a stark contrast to the vibrant energy of the concert and the lively café. He wandered into his music room, where his guitar rested against a stand. Picking it up, he strummed a few chords, letting the music flow through him.

    He began to hum, the words forming naturally:

    “In the glow of the stage lights, found a voice so true, She sang of dusty roads and skies of blue, A night of chance, a dream in flight, In her eyes, saw the stars so bright.”

    The melody was sweet and simple, much like the moment he had shared with Libby. As the song took shape, Jackson felt a renewed sense of purpose. This was why he loved music—its power to connect, to inspire, to bring people together in the most unexpected ways.

    Days turned into weeks, and Jackson couldn’t shake the thought of Libby from his mind. He found himself looking forward to every moment he could spend working on the new song, hoping it would capture the magic of that night. Finally, his manager called with the news he had been waiting for.

    “Jackson, I found her. Libby Grey. Turns out she’s got quite a following online. She’s been posting her own music for years. I think you should invite her to the studio.”

    When the day arrived, Jackson was at the studio early, his nerves a mixture of excitement and anticipation. When Libby walked in, her presence seemed to light up the room. She looked around, taking in the space with wide-eyed wonder.

    “Jackson,” she greeted, her smile as bright as he remembered.

    “Libby,” he replied, unable to hide his grin. “Welcome. Ready to make some music?”

    She nodded, her eyes sparkling with excitement. “Absolutely.”

    hey spent the next few hours immersed in the creative process, their voices blending seamlessly as they worked on the song together. Jackson was struck by Libby’s talent and passion, each note she sang resonating with the truth of her experiences. It was like rediscovering the joy of music all over again.

    As they finished the final take, Jackson leaned back, his heart full. “Libby, you’re amazing. This is going to be something special.”

    She blushed, looking down at her hands. “I couldn’t have done it without you, Jackson.”

    He shook his head. “No, this was all you. I’m just lucky to be a part of it.”

    Their eyes met, and for a moment, the world outside the studio faded away. There was something undeniable between them, something that went beyond music.

    Jackson broke the silence, his voice soft. “Libby, would you like to go out to dinner? Celebrate our new song?”

    She smiled, her answer clear in her eyes before she even spoke. “I’d love to.”

    And so, their story continued, a duet of hearts bound by the magic of music and the promise of new beginnings.

    Story is also here:
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    MiataPlayMiataPlay Posts: 6,399 Member

    I have been busy finishing builds in my game that I started years ago. Right now, I'm working on the Redder Apartments. I installed a new garden shop and opened up the vampire bar downstairs on the first floor. The garden shop has the alchemy register in it so sims can buy and sell elixirs and herbs.



    Sims can grow ingredients for alchemy and cooking. The shop is located next to a vampire bar.



    Tracie Parrish enjoying the first week of Summer in Bridgeport.



    Tracie Parrish lives on the top floor of the Redder apartment building. The space is raw, unfinished and industrial. Eventually this will be a two-bedroom apartment.





    Catalina and Darnell's unit is on the right. They plan on moving as soon as they finish remodeling and renting out the building.


    The second floor above them is an unfinished unit and a unit that has just been rented out by a new sim Janel Walsh.


    Catalina and Darnell's living room space.


    New Sim. Janel Walsh. She's an ocean biologist interning at the science lab in Bridgeport. She lives on the second floor.


    Happy Simming. :)

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    lizzielilyylizzielilyy Posts: 4,918 Member
    At popular request I finally got round to creating a timeline for The Evergreen Legacy prior to the beginning of Generation I Chapter One. If you want a refresher on all of the secrets Aurora and her descendants have unraveled about the Evergreens, Goths, and how Sunset Valley came to be you can check it out here
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    MiataPlayMiataPlay Posts: 6,399 Member
    edited May 24
    More New Sims! My sims love the new change going down in the hood! They are celebrating new local flavor in the neighborhood! I love making new sims when a situation or scenario in game pops up for storytelling.

    Trent Conley pouring drinks, he's a newly made chef in my game. Darnell my favorite fairy is next to him. Darnell is the lead singer and guitarist of a popular grunge band here in Bridgeport. Still working on a name for the band, their last manager hated the name Salty Nuts...


    This guy Kelcey Ravis, was made into one of my sims because he kept hanging out on their lot. He's a local sim that is in the music industry. I'm auditioning him for lead bass in Darnell's band.


    I got my boy DeAndre Wolf in game. This guy is another hardcore musician transplanted from Twinbrook. He is also trying out for a position as drummer in Darnell's grunge band. Tracie Parrish is in the foreground chatting it up with Kelcey. She's not available dude. She got eyes for Trent <3


    DeAndre Wolf: Looking Smexy Good!


    Janel Walsh hanging with the Wolf!


    just figuring out how to play with text in my game! :)


    Happy Simming :)

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    ButterWafflesARButterWafflesAR Posts: 114 Member
    edited May 24
    I have come unprepared with pictures today, but I will try to be descriptive as I possibly can. Not much simming was done due to life reasons I rather not get into. I want to come here to get away from all of that. :smile:
    For the little bit I have played, I made a new sim and named her Winnie. (Definitely didn't have Winnie the pooh in the background or anything :wink: ) Well, I made her and her parents, but I didn't put much detail into the parents, just Winnie. For Winnie, I have it planned for her to become a private investigator, but I wanted to start off from when she's a child. Right now, she's taking ballet and her grades are amazing. And she made one best friend already (I can't ever remember their name for the life of me.) I have her living in the same town as Emily and Ben Schmidt, because its kind of nice to see the other sim family I love playing just wandering around and going on about their daily lives without me for a little bit. I'm not sure what other plans for Winnie's future I have other than the career part, so I might kind of let her pick for me from time to time, get a feel for what she wants too and not just what I want for her.
    It feels really good to come to a community that I know I can count on for some real positive vibes. Sorry for the random unsim related moment. Its just been a really bad past two months for me and I just really need some good energy.

    happy simming everyone
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    Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 7,232 Member
    Great updates everyone!, I will post another later today.

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