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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


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    TGIF! Sorry this is here a little later than usual. It uploaded as planned on Wednesday but I was away for work until today. I hope you enjoy Chapter Fourteen: Wedding Under the Stars

    Francesca's wedding day is upon us and a conversation with her mother and sister highlights some missing parts of the Evergreen puzzle.

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    Tamijo wrote: »
    Found some of your juicy stuff at the www :o

    No comment... :mrgreen:
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
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    Sinful Sisters
    Chapter 1: Childhood
    Part 3: From the soil

    Dan was contacted by a young man named Terry Scully, living in a nearby village, higher up the mountain. Dan was asked to deliver vegetables, eggs, meat and sometimes prepared food to the village. Dan agreed and met the man, seemingly living with his wife or girlfriend in a rather small cottage.


    Fiona worked hard and improved on her painting in this period, this one definitely a keeper.


    There was no nearby school for Laura and no public transport. The family taught her at home and that was fine, but she was missing interaction with kids her own age.


    Sienna loved the pigs, always eager to follow the parent into the pig pen.


    Fiona played small silly children’s songs for the kids, on the piano.


    This was not planned at all, but Fiona got pregnant again. They wanted more children, but had expected to wait a few years, until the twins got a bit older.


    User controlled: Everyone except the strangers

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    Next update posted.. I make no apology for any images this may conjure up if you read the chapter to the end.. :tongue:

    Chapter 5.1 – August 2023 – part II: Plants, planets and pillows.


    This is where the semester really starts again for Oliver Freddy and Inge and they have to go to their lectures.. During breakfast Inge talks about yesterdays party, and how fun it is to be popular for a change...


    When Oliver Freddy is on his lecture, Inge starts writing a science fiction novel after her first basic romance novel flopped.


    Oliver Freddy does more science and continues to ponder about the plantsims...

    Todays artbreeder photo:


    Inge Reppe (21 years old).

    Inge moved to Sunset Valley from the country capitol of Wad Nahadau with her parents, Jarle and Iselin, and her younger sister Kristina as a young teenager, due to some 'unfortunate circumstances' in the city schools.. and because her mom needed to get away from the city too, the bars, the pubs, the nightclubs, the late nights taking a taxi home and sleeping to long the morning after...

    Inge did a little bit better in school after they moved, but was still labeled a loser by some of the other teenagers in town.. Miles better than the city schools though, and with a little bit of help from The Watcher her mom Iselin managed to stay sober too...

    Eventually she fell in love with this handsome young man called Oliver Freddy in her parallell class. She had watched him for several weeks on the school bus to and from school, and one day she took the courage to sneak into his classroom and leave a note on his desk.... ;)

    Eventually after some dates they became a couple, and it was Oliver Freddy that also talked her into going to university to study art, as he wanted to go there to study science/medicine to later get a full time job at the Landgraab Institute where his aunt Monica also works...

    Inges youngest sister Emmy (11 months as of august 2023) was born while she was at university.

    Artbreeder photos of family members:
    Only one is available so far. This is Inges sister Kristina (14 years old).
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    Chapters 31 and 32 are out!

    Chapter 31 excerpt: Zelda and Hilda were now in elementary school. While the dark-skinned brunette was a tomboy with short hair, the raven-haired girl wore gothic clothes and lots of dresses. They made some friends at school, but they didn't invite their classmates over that much.


    Chapter 32 excerpt:

    "...and that's how you get them to stop annoying you," Zelda said.

    "Yeah, sure. I don't want to scare others into not wanting to be friends with me," Hilda said.

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    Appaloosa County
    Chapter 2: River Village Immigrants

    Year 1 – March

    Although we are now getting close to the middle of march, we still got snow from time to time and it is still very cold. Jenny Richards spot celebrity singer Grace Slick Blanco, she is pregnant again, expecting her third child. Her son is already 13 and the daughter almost 7, so quite a late pregnancy. Grace is 37, so might be her last child.


    John Hallett helped Oriole Bird choosing a new dress. Greg was a bit worried on behalf of Myra. Oriole was impressed by John, but he did not take advantage of the situation.


    Kenji and Zac got their mess sorted out, after installing a washing machine and dryer in the spare room. Their home is now rather presentable, and they seem to really enjoy each other’s company. None of them has a girl, as it now seems clear Zac lost Sally to Benjamin.


    Benni visited the Singleton household, but felt neglected and took it out on the interior.


    As always Norma Dahl took care of the children, every time the Nara parents went out.


    Everything autonomously

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    Chapters 33 to 35 are out!

    Chapter 33 excerpt: Meanwhile, at the mansion that once belonged to the Van Goulds, Cronan and his coven gathered to discuss their latest plans. His child, Ganondorf, would someday lead the coven. If no one stood in the way, his son would follow in Cronan's footsteps. At first glance, one would assume that Cronan was trying to be like a typical dark lord. In reality, he wasn't always this way. When he was much younger, Cronan's father decided that his (Cronan's) brother should be the heir of their legacy. To add insult to injury, the woman he had a crush on married his brother. In a fit of rage, Cronan got rid of his father, his brother, and his sister-in-law with a dangerous spell. Afterward, he married Beatrix, a woman with platinum hair.


    Chapter 34 excerpt:

    "According to rumors, you already have children. I have a son about their age," Cronan said. "Where's your husband?"

    "Why does my family life matter to you so much? Worry about your own family!" Elena spat. "You came here uninvited, and I want you to leave us alone!"

    "You mean, left to your own devices? Continuing your legacy? Ha. The thing about legacies is that there are winners and losers. You win the heir title, you inherit the family fortune and the fancy mansion. You wind up as the spare, and you get kicked out to a smaller house with plain furnishings. My whole life, I've been overlooked in favor of my brother. Everyone thought he was special! Even my former crush thought he was. And guess what happened? I destroyed my family and inherited the money."


    Chapter 35 excerpt:

    Elena awakened, and upon rising to her height, she saw Ichiro on the floor. The Grim Reaper had decided to pay a visit. Cronan gave in to fits of deranged laughter. The door swung open, revealing Hilda and Zelda.

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    Allison Decided to do a little Tomb Raiding while in France ... :D


    I eat pickles on my hamburgers ... MWWAHAHAHAHA
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    Happy Sunday! I hope you enjoy Chapter Fifteen: The Next Generation

    Francesca and Gigi celebrate their coincidental news while Gigi and Joseph continue to conquer their ambitions. A series of losses begins at Evergreen House...

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    Currently playing out a Bachelor challenge in my game and just finished the first group date! Typing it out now and will soon post it onto my blog! Check out my previous posts and check back soon for the new episode!
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    Chapters 1 and 2 are out!

    Chapter 1 excerpt:

    Elena still worked as a firefighter. She rose to the top of the career. As soon as she did, a few men left the job because they couldn't handle working under a female boss. She was a fire chief. There were days when she responded to emergencies. There was one thing that stayed in her mind; as long as Cronan and his coven were hurting specific people in Moonlight Falls, there would be trouble. The coven still attacked innocent victims by using the fire spell.


    Chapter 2 excerpt:

    "I still don't get how you got homework done so quickly," Zelda said.

    "I guess I'm just super-smart," Hilda replied in a light-hearted tone.

    "It could be magic."

    "It's not."

    "It is!"

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    I got a Stiles... again :p

    'Here, while you're napping watch this baby.'

    Disney princess Charlie.
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    Chapters 3 and 4 are out!

    Chapter 3 excerpt: The girls went to school. Afterward, Hilda watched a movie at the theater. Zelda played with the rocking horse at home. Both girls couldn't help but wonder if they would face some challenges in the future. For now, they would enjoy their final year of middle school.


    Chapter 4 excerpt: Soon, Zelda and Hilda started high school. Zelda remained a tomboy, and Hilda kept the gothic style. While Zelda kept her hair short, Hilda got a different hairstyle. Their mother continued fighting fires around town.

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    Getting used to France and Les Sims ... :D
    The Nectary Keeps Allison busy in the mornings, but the afternoons allow for different things,
    If she isn't on a Tomb Raiding trip, she can often be found Playing her guitar and socializing in the town's center.




    In attempts to better get to know the townspeople, Allison also threw a party in the pool house at the estate.
    grilled some steaks and made plenty of beverages ... Everyone said it was an awesome party.


    However ... She had a hard time figuring out why the French guys were more interested in watching television ...
    Than they were interested in hanging out or dancing with the ladies ... A cultural thing I guess ... :D


    Allison is almost looking forward to heading back home this time for some rest and relaxation.
    Happy Simming and Have A Lovely Day!


    I eat pickles on my hamburgers ... MWWAHAHAHAHA
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    Chapters 5 and 6 are out!

    Chapter 5 excerpt: Meanwhile, Beatrix Dragmire ran into Elissa Villareal at the gym. According to some sources, Elissa was Raymond Villareal's daughter. The dark-haired woman never married anyone or had children. Beatrix began casting a spell. Despite possessing magical powers, Elissa didn't fight back.


    Chapter 6 excerpt: One day, Hilda went to the library, made her way into the basement, and worked on her homework. Apparently the people who made the assignments thought it would be a good idea to include hard-to-solve math problems and a requirement to write a ten-paragraph essay about one topic in her own words. An hour dragged on. Eventually, she finished homework and put the papers into her bag. She walked to the park. As soon as she did, she saw two familiar faces standing on the sidewalk.

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    New update! I hope you enjoy Chapter Sixteen: The Beginning of the End

    Francesca and Gigi deliver their children together while their brother conquers his lifelong dream. The second in a series of losses strikes Evergreen House.

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    Chapters 7 and 8 are out!

    Chapter 7 excerpt: Remi visited Yuna while the older woman was alone at the Victorian manor. While Cronan's son was shouting at a raven-haired girl, Remi had an assignment - to eliminate more members of the lineage. By the way, Cronan had expressed concern at Ganondorf being all bark and no bite. Maybe the teenager could prove the leader wrong, but Ganondorf hadn't done anything useful other than intimidate other kids.


    Chapter 8 excerpt: Ganondorf stood behind the theater. His parents and the rest of the coven had been in the criminal hangout all evening. They had jobs at night, after all. Scowling, he thought about the confrontation at the park. He could try attacking the Nightblaze twins while the Fukuhara sisters weren't around. He made his way to the street, mounted his broom, and traveled to the mansion where Shawn and Rhydian lived.

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    I've been keeping an eye on my sims that are taking part in the Bachelor Challenge and have posted how the first group date went on my blog, please give it a read! Even look at the images if you're not an avid reader haha:

    (Also, still a new member here so every like and awesome is highly appreciated!!! Would love to start my own thread for my blog posts asap <3 Thanks and I hope you enjoy!)
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    Sinful Sisters
    Chapter 1: Childhood
    Part 4: Life and Death

    Dan was doing most of the repair and maintenance work, the first electrical application to break down was the dishwasher, he fixed it without getting electrocuted.


    Fiona playing with Annabella


    The relationship between Dan and his oldest daughter, had suffered some after the twins was born. Now that they could do more themselves, he spent more time with her.


    At the same time training his own brain.


    Fiona was carrying twins again. First another daughter came.


    Sadly 25 minutes later, Fiona delivered a very week baby, she died within the next hour. The family buried her in the front yard. Post-mortem they named her Mona. They called the surviving twin Léa.


    It was hard, but with four children to feed and care for, life just had to go on right away.


    User controlled: Most of the time

    Rainy days, in every sense of the word

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    Chapters 9 and 10 are out!

    Chapter 9 excerpt: While Ganondorf slept after a long bath, Cronan visited the graveyard. Multiple ghosts floated back and forth. One of them, a woman, fainted. He chuckled at the sight. It was funny to see a ghost react that way to other ones.


    Chapter 10 excerpt: As time went on, Hilda practiced her guitar skill. She would play it in her free time, and as for charisma, she had been working on that too. When it came to the future, she hadn't decided whether she wanted to be a musician or a politician. Her grandmother, Raven Villareal, was a politician. That woman was the leader of the free world. (And still is.) It wasn't as though one of the descendants had to inherit the job. Besides, this nation's government wasn't a monarchy.

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    Update comes late again, because I was busy with work (to tired) to really play and make an update for the first part of this week, and even yesterday... but here it is.

    Trigger warning:
    Substance abuse, vertigo

    Chapter 5.2 – September 2023 – I'll let you sample my DNA anytime..


    Inge is so excited about todays lecture, that she actually reads the curriculum all on her own for a change. ;)


    Oliver Freddy remembers some plants in their yard that he has neglected for to long..


    Samantha enters a relationship.


    Inge keeps thinking about having children more and more, and invites Oliver Freddy to a date by the Senior Lake...


    Then Oliver Freddy gets a party invitation from Miles Forthright, and Inge hears talk about a challenge that should make her more popular if she can complete it and still stay on her feet...

    Todays artbreeder photo:


    Karoliiná Onébegajávrre (23 years old).

    A sophomore technology student and native of the Lake Onebega area, as her last name suggests. Her family and the Grey family are not on good terms with each other, as they haven't been for many generations now, and as such she's not excactly best friends with Samantha either. She's only a very distant acquaintance of Inge and Oliver Freddy, unlike Samantha, which actually is a friend of the couple. I'm showing her for the artbreeder photo though, simply because she's a sim that I made, and they will always take priority over EA made sims. ;)
    She is based on a Sámi person, the native population of northern Norway, Sweden, Finland and northwestern russia.

    Jávrre is the Lule Sámi word for lake. Onebega or Onébega is a made up name based on real world Lake Onega in western russia, an area said to be important for the early formation of Sámi language. However the origins of the Sámi may be further east than that, as they are said to be descendants of a people that once crossed the Ural mountains from Siberia, sometime around 1800 BC...
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    Returning from France after working in the shade with her easel and brush perfecting her skills ...
    Allison quickly went to work as an Art Appraiser.

    Working hard, and spending a good deal of her free time painting ...
    She was quickly promoted to Master Authenticator and a respected member of the Art Community for restoring paintings.


    I eat pickles on my hamburgers ... MWWAHAHAHAHA
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    Chapters 11 and 12 are out!

    Chapter 11 excerpt: Elena proceeded to train the Nightblaze twins for thirty minutes. Later on, the twins went downstairs to take a shower. She returned to the treadmill and continued running until it was time for her own shower.


    Chapter 12 excerpt: Hilda approached the shady group. A platinum-haired woman sat next to a redhead wearing sunglasses. Another woman wore a wide hat with a large flower on it, concealing her face. How did Ganondorf know them? Were they criminals? Should she speak up or remain silent? For all she knew, they could be spellcasters who were more experienced.

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    Nothing has happened so far, got whammied with a respiratory infection that I’ve been trying to fight through. My legacy muse went AWOL and I’m trying to fight through it but everything I’ve written so far stinks.

    Translation: two complete deletes and re-writes of Chapter 2.

    How far to press River before she says “no way, he’s not worth the pain.”
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
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    Feel better!
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