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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


  • texanskytexansky Posts: 1,246 Member

    I have updated my Generations of Forsythes blog post as well as the Forsythe Family Tree on Family Echo (link in my signature). My Forsythe Legacy Family Challenge has taken an unexpected turn, so stay tuned to find out what happens next.
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    Adora the Warrior Maiden, Chapter 1: Introduction

    Glimmer was the daughter of an angelic being and a sorcerer. Her father had been missing for years after confronting their enemies in battle. As a result, her mother grew overprotective of her, even when she was old enough to take care of herself. Despite gaining the title of "Commander," she still had to deal with her mother's concern about her safety. One day, after protecting her friends from enemy soldiers and getting injured as a result, an argument took place in the throne room.


    "Glimmer, you're going to be queen someday, and that means not doing whatever you want. Your safety is important!" Angella shouted.

    "How can I be an effective commander if I just watch from a safe distance and let my friends get hurt?" Glimmer retorted.

    "Well, let your friends do the fighting. You could have gotten kidnapped, or worse!"

    Glimmer rolled her eyes. "Way to be dramatic, Mom. I'm still here and alive, not missing and probably dead!"

    Angella sighed. "I let the enemy abduct your father. I don't want you to receive the same fate."

    "What do you expect me to do, stay behind castle walls like you always do?"


    "You're making a scene in front of the royal court! Either drop the attitude, or-"

    "Oh, I'm making a scene? You're the one making a big deal out of things!"

    "That's it, Glimmer. Go to your room!"


    Glimmer stormed into the ballroom, muttering to herself. All she wanted to do was keep the kingdom safe, and to prevent anyone else from dying or going missing. She was sure that if she didn't do anything, more people would lose their lives. Her mother had been overprotective ever since their foes took King Micah. Would the queen ever calm down and see that Glimmer wasn't a helpless little child?

    "Probably not," Glimmer murmured to herself as she reached her bedroom.


    Adora had grown up in Horde Fortress, unaware of her origins or where she came from. Although she heard the story of being found as a baby, something about the story didn't add up. She had also never been outside the fortress. Despite this, she had strange dreams of leaving the fortress and trying to explore the world around her. Each time she had those dreams, she would wake up in her bed and see Shadow Weaver standing nearby.


    After the training session, Adora, Catra, and their friends walked to the lockers. They chatted with Lonnie and Kyle for a few minutes, then stopped when they heard the door open. Shadow Weaver clasped her hands together. Other than the hinges creaking, her entrance was silent, footsteps barely making any sound. People in the fortress considered it a spooky attribute of hers.

    "Adora, you did a wonderful job. You're worthy of being promoted to Force Captain. We shall discuss this with Hordak. As for you, Catra..."

    Catra hissed. "I know what you're going to say. You would criticize me for my efforts and tell me to be more like Adora. I get it. You think she's special."

    "I do not appreciate your interruption!" Shadow Weaver stepped closer. "Your disobedience is not tolerated!"

    Catra backed up, her spine meeting the locker. "I said what I said!"

    Shadow Weaver grimaced. "Adora, let's discuss this in the hallway. I believe your companions are jealous of you."


    "Today, you may go on a mission, if Hordak allows it," Shadow Weaver said. "You'll lead the attack."

    "Can't Catra work alongside me? What about Kyle and Lonnie?" Adora replied.

    "Oh, please. You misunderstand, my dear Adora. They'll only hinder you."


    "They won't. I grew up with them, and we're friends," Adora said. "Catra did great, too. I'm not trying to show any disrespect, but I think you're hard on her." As she finished speaking, she anticipated a hostile reaction. Instead, the old sorceress maintained a stoic composure. There was a gleam of anger in her guardian's eyes, though.

    "I admit, I was harsh on her. But I did this to make her consider working harder," Shadow Weaver replied.

    "I, um..." Adora trailed off.

    "I'll retreat to my alchemy room. You'll see Hordak in a little bit."

    Later on, Adora made her way to the roof and gazed at the horizon. She couldn't wait to see where her promotion would take her. Her thoughts shifted to Catra. They had never been apart. Would this get in the way of their friendship? Catra wouldn't be happy, and she might lash out in anger at the idea of Adora gaining the "Force Captain" title.

    "Hey, Adora," a familiar voice said, interrupting Adora's thoughts.

    "Catra, what is it?" Adora asked.

    "I bet you'll be happy with the promotion. Meanwhile, I got nothing for my hard work."

    "Well, your idea of fighting is the use of claws on everything and everyone. You could always use a weapon."

    Catra clenched her fists, muscles tensing in her arms. "They always work. Also, I got my strength from being a werewolf. Yet nothing I do is good enough for Hordak and Shadow Weaver!"

    "Maybe you could try being respectful?"


    As soon as Adora suggested being respectful, Catra transformed into a werewolf. She regretted saying those words. Perhaps Shadow Weaver was right. The werewolf would hinder Adora out of jealousy. She was frozen to the spot as Catra stood in front of her, glaring into her eyes.


    "Catra, I'm so sorry!" Adora said. However, her words had no effect on the angry brunette.

    Catra swung her bent fingers at Adora's face and scratched her cheek. Adora blocked the next blow, then continued parrying. Once Catra was done, the werewolf stormed off. This wasn't the first time Catra attacked her in beastly form. And this certainly wouldn't be the last time.


    Still shaking, Adora rose her fingers to her cheek. All she did was speak to Catra. Their conversation had spiraled into a fight, with the brunette usually being the instigator. Catra had never apologized for treating her this way. Maybe if she remained silent and stuck with being a good friend, Catra wouldn't have lashed out at her.
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    Some more pics from the Enriquez/Keaton fam!!
    So, Prom is coming up for the teens. So far, neither Kristopher nor Mallory has a date yet.
    Kris went over to one of his school mates houses, her name is Anita. As they were chatting, they got hearts for each other. (aww) <3
    (maybe Kris will have a date afterall, :smirk: )
    Mallory is still undecided. She wants to go to prom with Miles, another school mate, but he hasn't asked her.
    The glare she gave me while doing her homework :lol:
    Snowflake day also happened!
    Everyone gathered around and opened presents!
    It was a nice Snowflake day. :blush:
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    edited October 2022
    Hello again people.. I have been having a really hard time pulling my self away from the town building, though I have been thinking I should have made a post on the forums (as well as updating and maintaining the blog I just started..), but.. building a town is so much more fun, apparently. <_< >_>

    @emorill Thank you very much for that comment on the church. ;) Yeah, hmm, I might look into uploading it to the exchange (I haven't really used the exchange all that much one way or another).

    @venusdemilosims Thanks for the comment on the church, from almost two weeks ago. ;)

    @texansky Thanks for the comments on the church and the town. ;)

    Storyline wise I haven't been feeling like doing anything on my story for the time being.. Deepak at the the hospital is starting to bore me, and I want him out of there and recovered as soon as possible now so I can continue with my normal gameplay... :P So that's why there is no update about my sims, but hopefully there will be one soon enough..


    Some more screens of what kept me occupied:

    These are the last buildings I finished. A lot of these buildings have to function mostly as decor buildings, but two of them work like apartment buildings. All of the buildings on the block to the front left are inspired by real life buildings. The tallest brown one in the back is a replica of the Fantoft Student housing. The white and green ones in the front are the Wakadooniherr family apartments (yes, that's what they're called.. in simlish. ;))

    The brown building in the middle to the right (partly covered) is The Fantoft gym, and the white one behind there is a grocery store ("Meny Fantoft").

    To the right of these taller buildings is an area with more regular homes, a school ("Storetveit School") and a few starter homes to the right. The area with the starter homes is a lower value area, because of it being so close to the highway that creates noise and air pollution from the constant traffic....

    This house is "The Cedar Cabin" made by @bekkasan (downloaded from the exchange). Located right opposite to the grocery store in the white building behind. I took some liberties of changing the trees and plants to fit with the local flora, but other than that it is unchanged. However, since I placed it on a lot slightly bigger than what it was intended for it became just a little to expensive to really function as a starter house..

    Also, I will eventually fix the corner tile on the road, it just hasn't been a priority to do so yet. The paint didn't quite align like I thought it would, so I'll probably just remove it.

    Bekkasans house is also located next to Storetveit school. It looks kind of dull from this angle, but also the school building is in part inspired by a real building, so..

    The school from the opposite view. I made a gym area and actual classrooms inside too, even though it will be completely useless, because the actual school is just a rabbit hole door. ;)

    A small park area outside the Fantoft student housing.

    Overview of what I have made so far.
    Sub blogs: #01 Sunset Valley. #02: Lake Onebega #03: Sprottenham #04: Bewickton
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    This post is especially for you @emorrill :)

    I have not been into my game at all for the past 3 weeks thanks to my cold,
    I'm finally much better today so went to a random save to post a few images.

    I opened Sunset Valley a few days back




    Jared Frio decided to call in people for a party


    Connor is a bit skeptical about this ( I can't have him as hot @Charlottesmom
    Connor, it's a bit sad but he's okay for now.)


    Agnes Crumplebottom


    Morgana Wolf


    Thornton Wolf


    Xander Qlavell

    That is all for now

  • Simexpert123Simexpert123 Posts: 809 Member
    The night before Prom..
    Mallory went over to Miles' house to study. She really wanted him to ask her to prom, but he hasn't. So, she decided to ask him.
    Mallory: "Hey... so, um.... Do you want to... go to prom.... with me?..."
    Miles: "Sure!"
    Mallory: "Ok, great! Pick me up at 5:30."
    Miles: "Deal."
    Watcher: "Awwwww." :D lol
    Kristopher asked Anita out on a date at the Rodeo in Starlight Shores.
    Their such a cute couple to me <3
    Kris decided to ride the Mechanical Bull.
    It was so funny to watch :D
    He then asked Anita if she would like to look at the stars. She said yes. :blush:
    Prom Night....
    The teens rushed to prom and they raced each other to the front door.
    It was around 6:30, and Miles asked Mallory to be his girlfriend.
    By 6:45, Anita asked Kris to be her boyfriend. It's only been forty five minutes at the dance :lol: lol
    Mallory became Prom Queen and Kris became Prom King!
    The prom was good overall. Here is their prom pictures.

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    Comments pages 4403 to 4405

    @Nikkei_Simmer Well, at least you get to play again. It just stinks you can't play the way you want to yet, but it's better than nothing.
    It didn't take them too long to have kids.
    Poor Haruo, losing sleep like that. Lol
    Great update!

    @texansky Congrats on the engagement of your Sims.

    @venusdemilosims You're welcome.
    Great update!

    @GraceyManor Great updates!

    @Silverofdreams30 I did get a little bit of time to play the other day. Got to post those still.
    Hope you're feeling better.

    @Sims4MagicalTales Great castle!
    Nice cast of characters.

    @emorrill Nice pictures of Malai and Nin.
    She is kind of pretty, even though she is pudding. I might go and add some makeup and change her clothes, just to fix her up a bit. Kind of depends on how close she is to aging up.
    I do use custom eyes. They are BrntWaffles Ephemera Eyes or something like that. I'm just going off what the file says in my mods folder.

    @Emily4331 Great job on your Sim!

    @polrbear Imaginary Friends aren't really that bad except they end up as zero slider Sims when they are turned into humans.
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  • Sims4MagicalTalesSims4MagicalTales Posts: 5,674 Member
    @Brandontaylor Thanks for your comment on my castle and my characters! :)
  • Sims4MagicalTalesSims4MagicalTales Posts: 5,674 Member
    Adora the Warrior Maiden, Chapter 2: Learning the Truth

    Hordak said that there wouldn't be a mission for Adora until tomorrow or the day after. Adora decided to sneak out of the fortress, despite fearing the potential consequences of leaving without alerting anyone. She hoped the walk would clear her head. Yet her mind kept dwelling on the confrontation.


    Several houses came into view as Adora strolled down a hill. There were people outside, chatting with each other. A part of her expected an ambush from a potential foe. Yet they displayed no signs of hostility. Would they be more likely to react if she told them who she worked for? Not that she was interested in striking up conversations.


    Adora found a horse on the side of a road and began riding it to a town square. By the time she dismounted the horse, she saw a pink-haired woman walking down the sidewalk. Would this be a princess? According to Hordak and Shadow Weaver, royalty was evil. The queen was probably the leader of the enemy army.

    "I don't want anything to do with a princess," Adora said. "Or the queen's army."

    "Hold on. Are you a spy? Is there more hiding? Are you part of Hordak's army?" The woman retorted.

    "I'm the only one here. And yes, I'm a part of his army."
    "Hordak's army is evil," the woman said.

    "No. They're trying to better the kingdom," Adora replied.

    "They took my father. People lost their lives. And others went missing!"

    "Maybe they instigated a fight or two."

    "You have no idea what my mother and I went through after my father got captured!" The woman spat as she lowered her brows. "Oh, my friend's coming. If you were to initiate a fight, it'll be two against one. So, you'll end up losing against us."

    "Is your friend royalty, too?" Adora asked as she detected a redhead approaching.

    "No. Bow's a non-royal." The woman turned her attention to the redhead. "Hey, Bow. This blonde is from Hordak's army. We're taking her to the castle. She'll stay in the spare room. It's technically a prison. She won't be able to escape."


    "Glimmer, we don't know if she'll escape or not. I still can't get over the spare room looking comfy for a holding cell," Bow said.

    "So, is it a bedroom of sorts?" Adora asked.
    "A prison is a prison, blondie! Okay, what's your name, so I won't use that nickname?" Glimmer said.


    "Strange name," Bow commented. "It sounds rather pleasant. Reminds me of the word, 'adorable.'"

    Glimmer shrugged. "Maybe they like the name? And she's not adorable."

    "I didn't say she was!"

    The duo led Adora to a cemetery. Didn't the princess say she would take her to the castle? Was Glimmer about to give her some sort of message? What was the reason for visiting a graveyard? As Glimmer and Bow continued their conversation, bordering on bickering, Adora glanced around. Her friends coming for her would be unlikely.

    As they made their way to a headstone, Glimmer's footsteps halted. "This is the result of Hordak's army invading the kingdom."

    "It is?" Adora asked.

    "Don't act like you don't know!"

    Bow crossed his arms. "Adora, you could talk to some people around here. They have strong opinions regarding Hordak and his cronies."


    Once the conversation was over, the duo escorted Adora to a library. She approached a man in a green shirt. "So, about Hordak's army... what do you think about them?"


    "They're awful. They claim they would make things better for our kingdom if they take over. But they hurt people. Those we care about are either dead or kidnapped. Also, taxing the poor, not the rich? It's a nasty thing to do."


    After chatting with several people, Adora returned to the fortress. Before she could find Shadow Weaver, Hordak gave her a lecture on sneaking out. He threatened punishment should she do it again next time. She didn't care, as the "Force Captain" title no longer appealed to her. Catra would gladly accept the title, considering.

    "Where were you?" Shadow Weaver asked.


    "I've talked to people who don't support Hordak. You guys lied to me. What else are you lying to me about? My biological family? My origins? Even my entire life?" Adora retorted.

    "Who have you been spending time with?" Shadow Weaver spat. "If I didn't take you in when you were a baby, you wouldn't be here today!"

    "Stop lying to me! You brainwashed me for years and tried to make me into a ruthless soldier!"

    "You're so rebellious. This blatant display of defiance ends now!"
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    Goth Family - Sunset Valley, Day 334 and 335

    To start this update, I found Rose Langerak's ghost sitting on the couch watching tv.

    In the previous update, I mentioned that a picture of Brandon and Lily as teenagers was in the background. Here is a closer look at that photo.

    Once everyone woke up, I sent them all to eat breakfast.

    After eating, Jacob took Oliver for driving lessons.

    As I was taking their picture, I panned around to see what was happening in the game at a Sims level. I saw Sims hanging around across the street, and one of them was Christa's sister, Belinda Goth. I took this picture of her as the sun was just coming up.

    I also took a random front view of the family home. I have done a few edits to the house, but it is the same layout, with a few extra rooms added to areas already built. It was bought by Emily Jones in either the second or third week of the save, and we are currently in the 40th something week.

    Brandon had a wish to practice martial arts so he did that in the backyard. I had to wait for winter to end to put it back out there.

    Since it was a day off, I had Christa go to the neighbors for a visit. Here, she met Buck Langerak, a born in game Sim. He had a weird haircut so I changed it, and added the facial hair. Christa had an aura going at the time, that's why the picture looks the way it does.

    Belinda was still there, I don't remember if she lives here, or if she was visiting. Either way, Christa had a decent length chat with Belinda.

    I had Christa bestow the Flight of Felicity on her younger sister.

    Then Christa had a bit of a chat with Buck. She is attracted to him, but the only way I let my Sims cheat is if they do it when I'm not watching, or if I want them to. I don't want anyone to right now, but I'm not opposed to it if I feel someones marriage isn't working.

    Oliver went out on a date with this Sim. Technically, it was just a group but it was to see what I think of her as a potential spouse. I'm not sure I like her, especially after I took her into CAS.

    At some point in the playthrough, Brandon and Lily woohooed because Lily had several romantic wishes, including that one.

    Lastly, the band performed at The Grind. I let them all set up where they wanted to, and they just put their instruments down wherever.

    ***Going to try to play for a couple hours before I go to bed. Won't post those updates until early in the week. May end up only taking a few pictures each day and then do an overall update of the days I played. That way, I'm not constantly taking pictures, and I can move the game a little faster. Updates will most likely be like this one, where all pictures consist of at least a couple Sims days.
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    I finally managed to upload the Fantoft Stave Church lot to the exchange (or atleast the launcher said so), after spending a good hour doing the custard check and scratching my head to try to understand why objects that looked just fine after the check would appear to be corrupted next time I reopened the file... and deleting all objects on the lot itself that seemed to corrupt before trying again. All of those objects were miscallanous custom gravestones, part of the graveyard, but not to important for the church itself.

    So I reopened the file with the custard program again, only to find one last object corrupting (a celtic cross object) that is part of the decoration on the church. I didn't remove that one, and it looked fine before my final custard check, but corrupted afterwards again.... don't know why that happens..

    Anyway, I clicked fix on it, saved again and tried to upload to the exchange once more, only to have it fail, because, as the log file said "No packages in file" or something to that effect.. ? I tried again uploading the non-custard checked version (but with previously corrupted objects deleted) and that one uploaded just fine... but now I can't find my own upload on the exchange, but I assume it will show up after a while somewhere..

    Long story short: I managed to upload the Fantoft Stave Church to the exchange after deleting several custom gravestones that seemed to corrupt, but don't know where it is on the exchange.. will get back to you as soon as I have the link....

    *edit: And I just discovered I could click on "Redeem simpoints" and get 1000 free simpoints for some unknown reason. Alright!

    *edit2: @Brandontaylor Forgot to make this comment at first, but the picture of Belindas sister in the sunset turned out really nice. ;)

    Also, well, I replaced the celtic cross from the church and ran the custard check on it again, and there you go, no corrupted files, however.. now it won't upload. Probably because I already uploaded it (but I'm assuming my first upload got rejected because of corrupted custom content..), soo.. for the time being, I give up. Will try again in a few days, but if that doesn't work, then sorry, no church on the exchange... :/
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    Holy crow...there's a population explosion happening in Sunset Valley - The sims are having kids left, right and center. PEtslhY.jpg
    Haruo and River are happily married with three kids.
    Mayumi and Yasunobu are "unhappily married" - they get into arguments every single day.
    Phil is now Haruo's step-father-in-law, River now has a step-sister by the name of Debra McIrish-Burrows and Phil, being insane and not-very-creative has named his son Philip McIrish Burrows (no Junior, just to confuse the you-know-what out of people).

    Haruo and River have surpassed the Altos as Sunset Valley's richest family. NRAAS Story Progression Money has been set to $1,500,000 as the threshold for the classification of rich.
    River evidently had other ideas insofar as career and went into the medical field - had to deal with two arguing physicians and she's only a bedpan cleaner - dispute counselling is NOT in her pay-grade. If you want her to counsel two argumentative co-workers, then pay her a pay commensurate with that job classification.
    At least her mornings aren't so frantic - and eating breakfast with hubby is enjoyable.

    NOW...shall we see if adding custom eyes...will break the game. Let's see, shall we? OK... Custom eyes, eyeshadow, eyeliner and lipstick. :D Yeah...go big or go home. :lol: ONE of each.
    I miss the not-so-family-friendly blue-humour in The Sims...
    River: "Is this REALLY what I want to be doing?"
    Could Dexter (Langerak) be a future possible mate for Bree? They seem to be getting pretty chummy.
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    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
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    Adora the Warrior Maiden, Chapter 3: Leaving the Dark Side

    "Are you casting a spell on me?" Adora asked.

    "Yes. I'm using up the rest of my magic. It better work," Shadow Weaver said. "You shall be force captain, and a loyal soldier to our army!"


    Adora fainted, slipping into dreamland. In the dream, she saw herself wielding a sword. Glimmer's face flashed into her mind. So did Bow's. She talked to Glimmer more, though. Thirty minutes passed, and she awakened. As she rose to her height, Shadow Weaver gave her an intense glare.

    "Do you remember sneaking out?" Shadow Weaver asked.

    Adora could still recall such an action. But she'd rather not mention it. Instead, she said, "No. I was in the fortress the whole time."

    "Good. Your place is in Hordak's army."


    Adora made her way to the entertainment room. "Catra, I have to tell you something. Hordak and Shadow Weaver deceived us. They want us to be mindless soldiers who attack innocent people."

    "Suddenly, you no longer want to be Force Captain," Catra replied, scowling.

    "It's for a good reason. You must come with me. There's no reason for you to stay here."


    "I'm staying. If you want to go, just do it," Catra said. "I'm tired of being in your shadow."

    "I never wanted to make you feel jealous of me," Adora replied.

    "Says the girl who is Shadow Weaver's favorite."

    "I'm going."

    Catra scratched Adora's nose. "Then leave. We don't need you here!"


    Adora fled her former home. Not once did she look back. She didn't care if it resulted in Hordak's soldiers pursuing her. It might be a consequence for leaving his army, but nothing would change her mind at this point. She would need a way to defend herself should they confront her at a later time.


    "Looks like you're back," Glimmer said as Adora entered the town square. "Did the people around here open your eyes?"

    "Yeah. My former friends and those who raised me weren't happy about me turning against them," Adora replied. "Where do I go?"


    "You don't have to worry about that part," Glimmer said. "I'll tell Mom that you decided to join our side."

    "Okay," Adora replied. I'm still a little worried, though, she wanted to say.

    Glimmer led Adora into the castle. "Mom, this is Adora. She left Hordak's army. She's gonna join us."

    "An enemy soldier?" The queen asked.

    "She used to be."


    "I'll give you a chance. If you deceive us, there will be consequences," the queen said.

    "Can she live here?" Glimmer asked.

    "Yes. Keep in mind that she was one of Hordak's minions."

    Adora bowed her head. "I won't go back to them. From now on, I'll help you stop his army."


    "Do not sing a shanty about her joining our side," Mermista said.

    "I might," Sea Hawk replied. "I know you like my singing, no matter how much you deny it."

    "Still, don't sing while we're in here."


    "She made a good choice," Bow said.

    "I agree," Perfuma and Frosta replied in unison.
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    I played a bit of the Wan-Goddard household yesterday, since I never play them. I gave them a little bit of a makeover and some of the other townies :blush:
    Sorry for the not-great photos lol :lol: I know the makeovers aren't THAT big, just added a few things, here and there, but I thought they looked pretty good! :blush:
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    I ended up playing the Goth family the last couple nights after work. I will try to get them posted later today and also get comments done at some point. I am thinking of taking a little break from the Goth family to work on something a bit different. I am thinking of starting a brand new town with the original Goth family founding the town. Either Gunther or Victor will be the founder, and we will see familiar faces like Cornelia, Agnes, and several others. The two Alto brothers, Vita, the Landgraabs, and some others will also take part in it, as well as Bella Bachelor, because Mortimer has to have her to end up with. I'll be using the original Sims as bases, but they will get some edits to fit with how I want things. It will definitely be an alternate Sunset Valley, and it may even include some of my own Sims from past saves I've had. I haven't started anything yet, but I do know two of the focuses will be on Mortimer and Bella, and Geoffrey and Nancy (who will be the same age as Mortimer and Bella, kind of like Sims 4.) More on this will come as I start to put my ideas together but this is one story that I plan on continuing and not giving up on. It'll take some work, but I'm going to look forward to putting it all together.
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    Goth Family Day 336 to Day 340, part 1

    When I first started the game up, I found Carly was visiting the house. If you forgot, she was the daughter of Cori Lucas, a Sim @CravenLestat made for me.

    When everyone got up, I had them eat breakfast together.

    Brandon had a wish to max the cooking skill, so I had him watch TV.

    Jacob took Oliver to finish learning to drive.

    One of the random Sims in town, Joesph Langerak.

    This lady asked Brandon for an autograph, so he gave her one.

    Then this guy kept causing Brandon to quit playing keyboard. I struck him with lightning, but since I accidentally hit it twice, the second shock killed him. A ton of people showed up to watch as the Grim Reaper sent him to the afterlife.

    Later on, I found these two on the Goth family's front porch. I had Lily teleport them away with her burrowing powers from the Plantsim mod I downloaded. It basically burrows them into the ground, then teleports them to a random location in town.

    At some point, something happened to cause Christa not to be friends with Belinda anymore. I sent Christa out to chat with her and they are now friends again.

    Oliver wasn't having much luck with any of the teenaged girls, so he ended up hanging out with Elizabeth. It ended with him kissing her, which she reciprocated. The relationship is kind of a forbidden one, but it didn't go any further than kissing. Someone else is going to come along in the next update, though, so this relationship won't last long anyway.

    The two adult couples woohooed before going to bed.

    ***I will do comments and post part 2 sometime later. Right now, I am going to start a bit of work on the new save I'm wanting to do.
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    Adora the Warrior Maiden, Chapter 4: Changes

    "Where are we going?" Adora asked as they explored the hallway.

    "To your new bedroom. You'll be sleeping in there each night for as long as you live here," Glimmer explained.


    Eventually, they entered a bedroom. A room divider idled in front of a wardrobe. Another set of doors garnered Adora's attention. Would it lead her into a restroom? Back in her old place, her room was right next to a restroom. But she shared that space with the people she grew up with. A part of her wondered how Catra was doing. Not that it mattered; they were now on opposite sides of the war.


    "Adora, what do you think of this room?" Glimmer asked, interrupting Adora's thoughts.

    Adora turned to face the pink-haired princess. "It's nice. I haven't slept by myself, so hopefully I won't feel bothered about it when I sleep. Back at my old home, I shared my room with others."

    "My room's nearby, in case you need something."

    "I'll be fine."


    "Okay. Can I show you the restroom?" Glimmer asked.

    "What's special about it?" Adora replied, furrowing her brows. "Isn't the restroom for relieving oneself and taking showers?"

    The two women entered a large restroom. Adora saw a massage table and two bathtubs. Also, there was a sauna area. Why were there two bathtubs, though? Was one of them for extra pampering? And what was a set of doors doing in here? Would it lead her into a hallway?

    "Two bathtubs?" Adora asked.

    "One of them is for mud baths and hydrotherapy," Glimmer said.

    "Oh, okay. Aren't those tubs the same?"

    "They're different."


    Glimmer led Adora to the rooftop, where they could see the courtyard from a higher vantage point. In the distance, mountains reached the skies. Clouds glided across the blue expanse. A gentle breeze rippled into Glimmer's cape. The roof's fencing reminded Adora of the one at Horde Fortress, as it wasn't as tall as a yard fence would be.

    "Sometimes I come up here to clear my head," Glimmer said. "Whenever I teleport to the roof at night, I would gaze at the stars."

    "Stars?" Adora asked.

    "Were you ever outside at night?"

    "I don't think so. We were told to go to bed as soon as the sun went down, so we would wake up early and train."

    "You would enjoy stargazing."

    "Maybe one night, I'll try it, if I stay up long enough."



    Shadow Weaver couldn't believe it when the soldiers informed her of Adora's sudden departure. Did the blonde trick her? The young woman had so much potential. Her spell must have been weak. She had been raising Adora ever since the girl was a baby. The older soldiers had found Adora in a kingdom not too different from Dragon Valley. According to them, the girl had a twin and came from a royal family. Although the king and queen fought back, they ended up dying. The nursemaid had taken the other baby to some unmentioned place, never to be seen again.

    "Show me where Adora is," Shadow Weaver said.

    The crystal ball revealed Adora exploring a castle with a pink-haired girl. Something about the girl's face reminded Shadow Weaver of King Micah. Her mind was transported to the day the soldiers locked him in a prison cell. He had been resistant, attempting to fight back. If she hadn't restrained his magic with a spell, he would have fled as soon as he came.


    Shadow Weaver strode into the hallway. "Hordak, I know where Adora went."

    "Let me guess. She rebelled against us," Hordak said.

    "Funny you should say that. I always thought Catra would. But instead, Adora betrayed us and joined Dragon Valley's royal family!" Shadow Weaver spat. "You better not consider making Catra a force captain. I'll bring Adora back."


    "Adora will face consequences. Did you forget what I said about what happens to traitors?" Hordak shouted, his voice booming off the walls. "If they return, they'll lose their lives!"


    Catra approached the bickering duo. "Shadow Weaver, face it. Adora isn't coming back. Hordak, if you want me to be the Force Captain, just say the word."

    "Catra, don't steal what isn't yours," Shadow Weaver said.


    "Silence, Shadow Weaver." Hordak crossed his arms. "Catra, I have underestimated you. I never thought I would give the title to you instead of the traitor. You are now Force Captain."

    Catra smiled. Then, she wore an evil grin. "I accept the title, and I will do my best."

    Shadow Weaver sighed. "Catra, let's talk about this."

    Hordak grimaced. "I'm the leader here. I decide things. Don't object to anything I say."

    Catra snorted. "Get over it, old witch."
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    Adriana: Mommy, is it OK if I skip school tomorrow?
    River: Do you want Daddy to yell at you?
    Adriana: Probably not...maybe I shouldn't skip school.
    River: Good choice.

    Looks like Geoffrey's been a bad boy. He's trying to cheat on Nancy...and Tamara is trying to cheat on Noel. What is it with these sims. Never satisfied with their spouses.

    Riding home from school after dropping off permission slips and doing homework on the steps of city hall. Chris is a genius so his homework is always done before four o'clock.

    River, happy about their new home with what will soon become the tone-y Summerhill Court neighbourhood - where the wealthy and soon to be wealthy live.

    River: "Yes, honey, I think I may end up with a promotion tomorrow...I think the boss wants me to start crewing on EMT..."
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
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    Adora the Warrior Maiden, Chapter 5: Swords and Sleeping Habits

    Adora decided to try out her personal sauna. As she inhaled the warm steam, she leaned back and closed her eyes. Today was an interesting day. She had ran into Glimmer and Bow. The latter had suggested speaking to the locals regarding Hordak's army. It was eye-opening, and even though she knew the risk of leaving the wicked army, she chose to join the right side. She had a feeling she would enjoy being friends with Glimmer and Bow.


    Thirty minutes whizzed by, and Adora decided to explore the rest of the castle. The only place she wasn't allowed to enter was Queen Angella's suite. According to the guards, only the queen could enter that room. She checked out the weapon room, where she could find something to defend herself with. A sword with a golden hilt garnered her attention.

    There was something different about that blade. Adora grabbed the hilt, then took the sword off the rack. The blade shone in the light. It could have been the sword that legendary knights wielded in the past. Suddenly, a vision flooded her mind. In the vision, she saw a pillar of bright light. A feminine silhouette materialized.

    "Adora, Dragon Valley is in need of a hero. As She-Ra, you shall battle the forces of evil. Will you accept your calling?"

    "I just left Hordak's army. They'll outnumber me if I face them by myself," Adora said.


    "The blade shall grant you its power."

    Adora sighed, lifting the sword upward. Golden light enveloped her, transforming her appearance. In place of her usual uniform, she wore a white and gold outfit. The transformation made her feel powerful. Whoever the speaker was, they were right.


    Adora walked into the magic room. "Glimmer, look at me. I transformed into She-Ra."

    "She-Ra? Wasn't that name from myths and legends of female knights?" Glimmer asked.

    "There were stories?" Adora replied.

    "Yeah. According to the storytellers, they took place many centuries ago."


    Adora reverted to her normal form, the blade disappearing as a result. "I found the sword in the weapon room, by the way."


    "I think you could help us," Glimmer said.

    "So, what were you doing in here just now?" Adora replied.

    "Learning spells and practicing magic."

    "Speaking of practice, I'll train myself in the morning."


    Night surrounded the land. The room was eerily silent, but that was to be expected. This castle was bigger than Horde Fortress, with tons of rooms and several hallways. There had been a few times when Adora accidentally entered the wrong room.

    Adora turned off the lights and drifted into dreamland. As she slumbered, she tossed back and forth. The temperature in the room dropped, and she sensed an ominous presence watching her. Her breaths came in short gasps. Her pulse raced with no indication of slowing down anytime soon. An all-too-familiar voice whispered into her ear.


    A scream erupted from Adora's throat as she sat up. Her eyes were slow to take in her surroundings. The furniture resembled strange shadows in the darkness. Out of the corner of her eye, she detected a figure that seemed to be wearing a long gown, or perhaps a cloak. The figure vanished. Inhaling deeply, she swung her legs over the edge of the bed.


    Adora tip-toed into the hallway, careful not to make any noise. Due to her sudden awakening, her legs and hands trembled. She wouldn't feel safe if she tried to sleep in her room by herself. Maybe she could sleep in another room. A winged figure stopped in front of her, prompting her to freeze.

    "Oh! I didn't realize you were in here, Your Majesty..." Adora's voice trailed off.

    "I heard someone screaming. Did something bad happen? Were you doing something?" Angella asked.

    "No. I, uh... had a nightmare. I think."

    "I'll tell you this. You better not disappoint the royal family and the rest of Dragon Valley. Understand?"

    "I understand."


    After the conversation, Adora entered Glimmer's bedroom. She tip-toed to the bedside and nudged the pink-haired woman's shoulder. Glimmer's eyes fluttered open. She felt bad for waking up the princess, but she wanted to know if she could probably spend the night somewhere in here.

    "Glimmer... is there a place to sleep in this room? I couldn't sleep in my own bedroom," Adora whispered.

    "Sure. You can sleep on the couch," Glimmer replied. "Why did you have trouble sleeping?"

    "I got scared. Anyways, sorry for waking you."

    "It's okay. I'm not mad."


    Adora reclined on the couch. It wasn't the same as a bed, but it was better than nothing. She hoped that whatever scared her would leave her alone. Or was it a certain person who used an apparition to spy on her? This time, however, she winded up having a peaceful slumber.
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    @Silverofdreams30 Ooooohhh! :smiley: What a lovely surprise to find a post of your gorgeous versions of SV men (and pretty ladies) just for me. :love: Thank you. :kissing_heart:
    Xander, wow! :love:

    @Brandontaylor Thanks for the compliments on Malai and Nin. <3
    Your new SV story idea sounds great! :star:
    Enjoyed your posts as always. :blush: I love your Goth family.

    @Sprottenham I am so so sorry to hear you're having such trouble uploading the church to the Exchange. :( Is it because you have some cc attached to it? (Used in the building of it?) If so, I'd completely remove all cc and upload it. Then when you share the link to the download on here you can also share links to the missing cc. 👍 If that's not the case, then I would try uploading again another day because the Exchange has been real finicky these days unfortunately. :pensive: It can be hit or miss with successful uploads. Good luck! I hope you can figure it out because I'll definitely be downloading. :blush:

    @Sims4MagicalTales You're such a good writer. :) I'm really enjoying your story.

    @Nikkei_Simmer How do you get all the sims icons to show up like that in Map view? :open_mouth:
    Adriana: Mommy, is it OK if I skip school tomorrow?
    River: Do you want Daddy to yell at you?
    Adriana: Probably not...maybe I shouldn't skip school.
    River: Good choice.
    ^Lol! That's pretty much what my mom would've said to me if I asked that kind of silly question as a kid. Although the words "yell at," would be replaced with "spank." :naughty::lol:

    @MissClaus Welcome to the thread. :) Yeah sim's reactions to fires generally make me roll my eyes... :lol: Silly sims! :p

    *Well, I've been busy writing my Christmas story y'all; that's where I've been. :blush: I keep telling myself to keep it brief, because it's supposed to be a short story, but...y'all know how hard that is for me to do sometimes. :smirk::lol::p I'll get it.

    Happy Simming! <3
  • Sims4MagicalTalesSims4MagicalTales Posts: 5,674 Member
    @emorrill Thanks for your comment!
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 7,163 Member
    you are welcome!
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    Hi, I sometimes look at this thread, but I'm still playing that other game at the moment. I hope everyone's okay (did anyone hear anything from bekkasan?).
    As it was a extraordinarily pleasant October day, I finally visited the Roman town of Carnuntum today, or better what's left of it and what got reconstructed. Much of it is still buried below the fields and only known from modern ground radar. It's supposed to have had around 50k inhabitants.
    Here's a model of most of the civil town. There's also a military town, some more legion camps, a palace center, etc.
    Some of the reconstructions are quite nice, here a dining room.
    They also had baths (thermae), here one next to a private villa. This is a pic of the Caldarium (the hot bath).
    The water was actually hot, heated the original way. The rooms also had functioning Roman floor heatings, that were in use. In this pic, you can see how it works.
    The firewood gets added through small outside hatches. Anyway, that's enough of this.
    I should probably add some pics from my game.
    Marvin was playing guitar near the bookstore in order to make some more friend the easy way.
    Of course that meant that half the town was coming to watch :lol: .
    As the crowd grew, the inevitable happened, and one from the crowd went into labor. The expectant mother calmly made her way to a taxi, while the crowd was screaming at the now empty space. Sims...
    See you some other day.
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    edited October 2022
    @emorrill - NRAAS Tagger - you have to enable tags so you can see where everyone is. Of course when there's a population boom though it obscures the whole town.

    Adriana did skip school and got promptly yelled at by her daddy. Oh, the memories... (I skipped school once and got yelled at by my dad too; as well as being the disciplinarian of my own RL kids (who had skipped school - don't worry, they graduated - they learned that school is a necessary part of one's development as a functioning adult)

    Hopefully, everyone is amused by the snippets from my test game, since I'm still aiming to get this thing fully functional again before I start the reboot of the legacy.

    Right now, however, I'm downloading Update 7.1.1 for Star Wars The Old Republic - I'm trying to finish my class mission on Corellia with my Republic Trooper Dava Rix. And guess who is wanting to sit beside me and obstruct my view of my monitor. He does this when I'm playing Sims 3 too. Who says cats can't be attached to their humans.
    ...and on top of that, I'm a (to use a Navy term) plankowner (founding member) of a new SWTOR guild. There's four of us including my wife @Featherbelle so yeah, the SWTOR side is trying to draw me in and spend more time with them.

    But I'll always have time for Sims 3. :D
    Will never leave these two.
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    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
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