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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


  • BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 4,690 Member
    Page 4399

    @Puddinroy Yeah, Batman: Arkham Knight is available on PC and several consoles. It's actually the 3rd and final installment of the Arkham series, with Arkham City and Arkham Asylum being the first two. I got a Humble Bundle deal where I got all three of those, plus Arkham Origin and a few Lego Batman games for $10.

    @emorrill Nice picture of Nin.
    I'm not sure where @CravenLestat has been. I checked his page but it says he hasn't been on the forums since March. I also subscribe to his YouTube and he hasn't posted anything since about 4 months ago. Hope he is okay.
    It's been a bit since I've played, but I can't recall shadows under noses. Will have to look again.

    @Karritz Congrats to Carla and James!
    Congrats to Donny and Gary too!

    @Nikkei_Simmer Great post!

    @ZhakiraP Nice photos of the Sunset Valley families.

    Page 4400

    @ZhakiraP Karl's got a huge family there.

    @emorrill Looks like the shadows somewhat disappeared at least.

    @Turjan Nice picture of Marvin fishing.

    Page 4401

    @emorrill Nice pictures of Mami and Hoshi!
    They seem like a married couple, lol
    Great post!

    @Nikkei_Simmer I'm surprised the town even has a newspaper, lol
    Nice pics of the doctors.
    Same here, I'm hoping she stays healthy.

    @GraceyManor So glad you are okay. Everything that was damaged can be replaced, but you can not. It sounded like it got pretty intense.

    @venusdemilosims Great post!

    ***Will get the last page of comments finished at some point.
  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,255 Member
    edited October 2022
    "Mameda...what the hell are you doing in the middle of the street"...
    Mameda: "Interpretive dance."
    Update: Found out what the access violation errors were as a result of. Sims 3 was reaching for more "virtual memory" than the computer had allocated. So I set my virtual memory at 4GB...and it seems to be doing better. I'm not saying I'm out of the woods yet, but it's looking a bit clearer. I might actually set it at 6GBs...just to make sure it doesn't complain ever again of "not having enough memory".
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  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 7,148 Member

    Thank you, I am on the way to better now, colds can be so annoying.
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 20,021 Member
    @emorrill itnwas pretty traumatizing on top of that I sick the day after with strep been out of work for almost a week now.I keep having nightmares about the hurricane :(
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,832 Member
    "Mameda...what the hell are you doing in the middle of the street"...
    Mameda: "Interpretive dance."
    Update: Found out what the access violation errors were as a result of. Sims 3 was reaching for more "virtual memory" than the computer had allocated. So I set my virtual memory at 4GB...and it seems to be doing better. I'm not saying I'm out of the woods yet, but it's looking a bit clearer. I might actually set it at 6GBs...just to make sure it doesn't complain ever again of "not having enough memory".

    That's hilarious. So sad there was no lol button.
  • venusdemilosimsvenusdemilosims Posts: 1,918 Member
    edited October 2022
    @Brandontaylor Thanks for the comments. Enjoy Batman Arkham Knight! Yeah I've been wondering about Craven too. I hope he's okay.

    @GraceyManor A year after Hurricane Ida, my mother and I still have nightmares about that terrible night. We wanted to evacuate but couldn't. Sorry to hear about your strep throat, too. Hope your health improves.

    @Nikkei_Simmer Lol at the ballet-dancing cat! All she needs is a tutu!

    @texansky Congrats to Zhan and Karen on their upcoming baby!

    Yeah, the question is who didn't watch Kaydence's show, lol. That was her risk of going back on campus, everyone knows who she is and what show she was on and who she played on that show. She is who she is and she was raised in show business and she can't totally stay away, hard as she tries.

    Funny thing, when I was in college (longer ago than I care to admit) the girls in my dorm used to schedule their classes around the soap opera "Young and the Restless," which was really popular at the time. If one of the stars of that show had enrolled at my school as a student, I would imagine the reaction would be very much the same as the reaction of everyone at Sims University to Kaydence.

    Kaydence now faces the classic career v. family choice. Career = take the film role, Family = have a child with Terry. It remains to be seen which direction she goes in.

    No I didn't build the house, lol. I'm not that capable a builder. This is an EA house.


    100 O'Connell Heights
    Dragon Valley
    Early Fall


    Late on Saturday evening, little Cailan O'Connell, Seamus and Shauna's fourth child, was born at the house. He got athletic and friendly as traits, same as his brothers.
    *Cailan is named after a Dragon Age character, Cailan Theirin. I almost named him Alistair, but since the other sons are named Aiden and Brien, I wanted to go the A-B-C route.


    On the same evening, his brothers became teenagers. Here's Aiden...


    ...and Brien.


    Brien is a bit of a prankster. Here he is planting a whoopee cushion on one of the throne room chairs.


    It fell to Maudie, the butler, to keep this bustling household in some semblance of order.


    She did find some time to tell jokes with Brien, though.


    Meanwhile, Morida was playing catch out in the yard with one of the boys - they look so much alike, it's often difficult to tell which is which.


    She's happiest when she's doing some sporty activity.


    The next day, Morida decided that she wanted to acquire an elixir, so she went to the elixir shop to see if she could get one. She ended up with a cure elixir. She would need it for something, eventually, so she kept it in her inventory.


    After coming from the elixir shop, Morida went to tend to the chicks and gather the eggs that had been laid.


    The baby chicks caught Morida's attention.


    That evening Aiden, after skipping school, dodged both the falling raindrops and the police, on foot.


    They eventually caught up to him and brought him to the house.


    Seamus was waiting on him. "I'm very disappointed in you," he murmured in his gruff manner. "What were you thinking?"
    Aiden glared at his father and turned away from him.
    "Go to your room," Seamus ordered, "and don't come out! You're grounded!"
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    jpnbanner2_zpscb7d2475.jpg header_zps436f0053.jpg

  • MamaSimTeeMamaSimTee Posts: 923 Member
    Thank you everyone for feedback regarding upgrading to Win 11. Still on the fence about upgrading. My laptop runs fine and I am able to play my games. Why fix what isn't broken, right?

    I haven't settled on anything game wise. I have a couple of challenges/legacies going. I'm thinking of taking a blank world and populating it. Maybe I'll restart my badge hunt again. Who knows!
    <insert inspiring comment here> :)
  • meerkattimemeerkattime Posts: 259 Member
    @MamaSimTee I see you already got replies but just confirming that The Sims 3 runs fine on Windows 11. I'm having other issues with my computer (too much stuff in my cloud for anything to work), but that's another story. On the other hand, you're right: if it's not broken, why fix it, until you need Windows 11 for other reasons.
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 20,021 Member
    Getting ready to start a halloween story.
    I believe since I started roleplaying over on facebook, my writing's
    has gotten to be a little bit better. And I been wanting to do a halloween story.
    Been trying to find a proper haunted mansion for it, but I will probably end up
    falling back to the one I already have from other stories.
  • Simexpert123Simexpert123 Posts: 809 Member
    edited October 2022
    Everyone's households/stories look so cool!! I love going on here and reading it all!
    Nothing much has been happening on my game. I just have been playing around with some families and townies. One of my households, my sim just had a baby boy name Kristopher. On the other household I was playing today, I was playing with my alphabetical food family. Lol :D She had letter R baby named Raspberry. Lol, it's a really fun household :D
  • PuddinroyPuddinroy Posts: 4,424 Member
    @GraceyManor: Glad to hear you're okay. Feel better.

    @Simexpert123: Welcome to the thread. I like the name Raspberry.

    @emorrill: Hello. Love the new sims.

    @Brandontaylor: Hello. I'm looking for another PC game that I can play. Batman: Arkham Knight seems cool and does it run on Windows 10?

    @Karritz: Hello

    @bekkasan: Hello

    @Silverofdreams30: Hello

    @texansky: Hello

    @Nikkei_Simmer: Hello

    @MamaSimTee: Hello

    @venusdemilosims: Hello. Pretty sims in Dragon Valley

    @all: Sorry if I missed anyone. Thanks for letting me read/comment on your pictures/videos and stories. :)
    :) Smile!

  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 7,148 Member

    I can do upgrade on gaming laptop, but not done yet. My desktop will be windows 10 it cant upgrade 9
  • FaeCatLadyFaeCatLady Posts: 160 Member
    Of course, having to remake all my characters; the JAG ones will have to wait a bit before I tackle them. But of course, I had to make my RL wife as how she is today; still as beautiful as ever. :)
    And yes, I used the "River McIrish" sim as a see she's not that far off my real-life wife. <3.
    Beautiful sim!
  • FaeCatLadyFaeCatLady Posts: 160 Member
    ...and so it reboots again... (The Chikamori Selfacy)

    Amidst the chaos of creation...this is kind of like a prologue to a prologue prior to River's arrival on the planet (Yay, you get a "story" before the real Legacy really starts. ~evil smirk~ This is a setup to give you an idea of where we're at before we start the story off.

    This time around, Torao and Haruo are roughly the same age (Haruo is one year older than Torao). Phil, Micky, Troy and Noel will play a bit in this pre-story as well. Hey, after all, there's play dates...and they all go to school together.
    "In a Little Town called Sunset Valley"
    "I think, house work very well, how ‘bout you?"
    "Yasubo..." Mayumi replied as she looked over at Satoshi with a malicious glare. "The price may be right, but there's only three bedrooms. what happens when the boys are older. You...people are probably going to have to move out." she looked over at Helena who tried not to shudder at the evil witch who was just gloating in the emotional and mental trauma that she could inflict on those around her. "...have you thought about the fact that if my mother wants to come over to the house and look after the boys...then what then? What are we going to do with these two taking up the two spare bedrooms...Yasubo...are you even listening to me?” Yasunobu Chikamori was too busy checking out the rhododendrons that were lining the front of the house. It was what had drawn Yasunobu to Asilomar in the first place. He could enjoy himself doing what he loved which was gardening, partly to get away from the shrew that was harping at him.
    Meanwhile Torao and Haruo, one year apart were just sitting happily on the ground looking around at each other – each were in the midst of being taught how to talk. Both by Mayumi who didn’t have a patient bone in her body for those she thought were her lessers and by Helena Griesen, Satoshi’s girlfriend and mother of Torao, who Mayumi derisively said wasn’t a pure-blood Japanese and expected that Helena would agree to send the little konketsuji would be sent to juku to at least have some knowledge of how to speak fluent Japanese and maybe he could somehow pass for being literate rather than being thought of as 🤔🤔🤔🤔. (author’s note: back during the 70s, there was no political correctness, we called a spade a spade. So since this is set in the 70s – that’s the way I’m going to approach it)
    "We expand house." was Yasunobu's simple explanation.

    "How are we going to do that. You're making $13.00 an hour at your glass-cutting job; and the boss isn't about to give you a raise." Mayumi's eyebrows raised in frustration.

    "We get loan from bank. My credit good. I talk to bank manager and see..."
    "...and what...put house up for collateral. Yasubo, are you even thinking this through?" Mayumi rolled her eyes. She hadn’t wanted kids. But of course, the guilt trip laid on her by her brothers about giving Dad a grandchild before he died had ended up following through, as it was she figured her Dad probably wasn’t going to see the outside of 1972. Hopefully the kid wasn’t an idiot but she wasn’t going to hold her breath – what had she had to give up in terms of the life she wanted just so that she could make someone else happy. What did she get out of the whole deal except for more onerous tasks outside of the teaching job she had raising other people’s spawn, teaching them how to read, write and do arithmetic. She looked over at Satoshi, who was eyeing her warily, “Do you two share a brain or something? Take turns? Have you got it right now?”
    She continued on her rant while Satoshi and Helena rolled their eyes so hard they could probably see the back of the insides of their skulls. “If it wasn’t for Yasubo trying to help his co-worker and his tart out...we’d have an extra room. I swear, money doesn’t grow on trees. And you two don’t have a lick of common sense between the two of you. You too, Helena. Maybe you should get a job!”
    Fiona was evidently counting how many insults Mayumi could spawn in ten minutes. Evidently she was going to break the record.

    (to be continued)

    This looks good. I love the sims and the story.
  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,255 Member
    edited October 2022
    Big time problems with the computer - am only able to play SWTOR with any good resolution. So my next step will probably be to do a complete rollback at some point and then eventually get a GTX1060, an ATX case and an ATX case compatible LGA1151 architecture motherboard or get an AMD system, sometime next year. Maybe I might even just forgo transplanting the i5-6500T and pick up a i7-6700K CPU and transfer all my 16GB DDR4 RAM sticks (thankfully they're 2133 sticks and are supported by Intel for use with the 6700K) and m2 stick SSD over. I'll probably just run a 7200rpm HDD as my primary C:/ drive and use the m2 stick SSD for a D:/ storage drive for my mods/cc. Because at least, I can manually defrag my HDD drive as opposed to an SSD which is technically meant to be written as few times as possible.

    Now trust me, I'm spouting gibberish to most people and I'm no computer tech geek - all I want to do is play Sims 3 with all mods and cc on ULTRA High settings with a relatively "safe" frame-rate so that I don't burn out my CPU or my graphics card - the HD530 isn't cutting it at all.

    So...I will play a few games of Sims and there, but after having played at med/high resolution on an AMD machine - the thought of playing with this (vanilla) untenable.

    And LOW is just GROSS - I see the neck "framework" - the lined edges where the neck comes together with the head in the mesh.

    Sorry. I just can't play the game that way...

    If it comes back to the fact that me and Intel...just don't get along. I'll go with AMD architecture on my system. At least I haven't had as many problems on an AMD system than an Intel...

    Unfortunately the verdict is in: You can't play Sims 3 on a workstation with any amount of decent resolution. It's time for a gaming system.

    Which frustrates the hell out of me because, I get THIS on my SWTOR.
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    Page 4402

    ***Not a lot going on here. I found out one of my classmates passed away a few days ago, he was only 33. Then I found out that my former pastor passed away, he was a nice guy. Then I heard Loretta Lynn died, so there has been a lot of that going on. Hopefully no one else dies for a bit. I did end up playing one Sims day but I'll have to post it later.

    @Nikkei_Simmer Great picture of your wife's simself.
    Yeah, that's a lot of stuff to track down.
    I kind of think Yasunobu is pretending to not hear her, lol
    Mayumi sure hasn't changed any.
    Boy, she doesn't have high hopes for Haruo.
    Money does too grow on trees, Mayumi. (Although if you're going for realistic, then she's right)
    Great start!
    It's nice to see who is the oldest and who comes after.
    I thought you might have to start over, as much as I was hoping you didn't have to. Oh well, gives you a chance to do things differently.
    I always did kind of like Bebe anyway. I never changed her hair though, but I should. I eventually want to do something with Sunset Valley townies again, but most likely after I get my current family to Moonlight Falls.
    Nice. Having graphics to their highest settings makes the game look awesome.
    I hope you finally got it figured out.

    @texansky Looks like the next generation is almost here.
    Thanks, we are hoping her cancer stays away.
    Yeah, I was, but I'm stuck on one part so I'll have to try it again at some point to hopefully finish the game.

    @venusdemilosims Sounds like Morida doesn't really want to start a legacy.
    I wonder if Morida will even be interested in the lord.
    Congrats to Shauna on the new baby!
    Poor repairwoman.

    @emorrill Thanks, I will. I had to take a break from it for now though, I was getting frustrated with a certain part. Basically, there are these vehicles you have to sneak up on and shoot with the Batmobile in battle mode, but it's hard to sneak up behind them. Then, you have to attack the boss's (Deathstroke/Slade Wilson) vehicle to finish the side mission. I can usually get one but then can't get the other few to even get to Deathstroke.
    Hank eats funny, lol. Wine with waffles?
    It's funny that even if a Sim is muscular, they struggle if they don't have a high athletic skill.
    Looks like a nice neighborhood.
    Great update!

    @MamaSimTee I haven't looked into it, but I've heard that people aren't having an issue. As for me, my computer is a good one, but it's not compatible with Windows 11.

    @GraceyManor Wow, just glad you are okay.
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 20,021 Member
    I forgot how to play sims 3 XD
    How do I place multiple objects down I thought it was ctrl and place.
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 20,021 Member
    edited October 2022
    -comment deleted restarting.-
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  • BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 4,690 Member
    Page 4403

    @Nikkei_Simmer Lol, the cat pic is funny.
    Stinks that things aren't working out for you to play how you want.

    @venusdemilosims You're welcome.
    It has been fun.
    I hope so too.
    Congrats on the birth of Cailan.
    Whoops, Aiden is in trouble.

    @GraceyManor Looking forward to the Halloween story.
    Looks like an old but elegant home.
    The sayings of the gatekeeper almost remind me of a poem from the Spoon River Anthology. The poem was all about the deceased in a small town back in the 1800's.
    Great update!

    @Puddinroy Yeah, I'm playing it on Windows 10.

    ***All caught up now.
  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,255 Member
    edited October 2022
    @Brandontaylor - Looks like I'm going the "transfer the CPU to gaming case, getting an MSI Carbon LGA1151 board and transferring the i5-6500T CPU to it...then pairing it with a non-mining GTX-1060GPU - it'll take about 2 years, but I have to do this on the "cheap" which means getting some components second hand that have been "gently used". Coupled with a cooler, a 650W power supply and case and a 2TB 7200 rpm HDD (as primary c:/ drive)...

    If everyone is OK with my sims looking like this...
    ...and not like this:
    for the next two-maybe three years...and me playing base game...perpetual summer short stories... I'll try and wrack my brain for some amusing stories.
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  • texanskytexansky Posts: 1,214 Member


    I never have my Sims call for repairs until the floor is completely dry. Unfortunately, I had two butlers die that way and had to use move objects on to lock the third one in the library so he didn't die too. Then I replaced the dishwasher with a new one and mopped the floor before letting him out.

    I haven't played much in Dragon Valley. I started a save there a while back but didn't really play it much. I still have the game, maybe I'll dust it off in the future.

    Morida is sporting the hair from Tangled. I love it! Where did you get it?


    It's Shift click to place multiples.

    So that is Daniel Gracey of Gracey Manor? I love the beginning of your story. I can't wait to see if Sarah and Thomas get out alive.


    Mayumi is so rotten, sneaking up on Haruo that way.

    Those are some awesome sliders on Torao! :lol:

    Love Mameda's answer! :lol:
    "Interpretive dance." :lol:

    I'm sorry to hear that your new rig is not living up to your expectations. I always look forward to your stories, regardless of the quality of the graphics. I'm glad you are able to play, even though limited. May your muse provide you with the quality short stories we all love.
  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,255 Member
    edited October 2022
    River: "Oh...For the Love of the Watcher... Hope the bills aren't too high this time. Luckily fiance managed to consign furniture and appliances he found in the dumpster to the consignment store."
    (Ambitions and Supernatural are enabled)

    The Watcher: "Ugh...having to stomach these graphics..." :neutral:

    Update: Oh-oh... River and Haruo were "shacking up". Um...Saturday (they've been shacked up a week together)...and um...uh...she was nauseated from "unknown causes"... :neutral: I think she might be preggers...
    Yup...she's preggers...
    I don't know why SHE'S so happy about it...since the kid is a (bad word that can't be said).

    ...her status is "fiancee". I think Fiona's getting the shotgun out. 😳😐🥺

    Haruo's gonna be scared pee-less.
    Let him sleep while he still can...(gonna be the last time he's gonna be sleeping for a long-while...if Mama Fiona doesn't make him a eunuch.)
    Touching the "stomach"... :D
    Haruo: "River, Sweetie, I'm so glad you're the mother of our child..." (even if they're not married yet...)
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  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 20,021 Member
    Yes, Mr. Gracey from Gracey Manor.
    Normally I use the name William or Edward. But I decided to change it.
    I also decided to use a completely different mansion from my previous stories.
    But its still based on HM.
  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,255 Member
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    These thought bubbles are hysterical:
    River (nee McIrish, now Chikamori): "I really love Haruo. Mom, Even though he got me pregnant out of wedlock, he did the right thing and we're now married. Isn't that great?"
    Fiona: (thinking) I should have really shown him the door the first time he walked in...
    ...and the game made Haruo meet up with Fiona...when he went to the "elixir" shop. Yep, now he stepped in it.

    Parents don't like it when you make their offspring preggers. Probably because the fairer half knows just how painful it is to bring someone into the world...and the grumpier, more violent half with Paleolithic tendencies (women can be just as violent...however they tend to be more creative and artistic in the infliction of said pain)...tends to hate anyone that inflicts pain on their offspring after seeing just how much pain their fairer half was in giving birth to said offspring. Luckily Haruo didn't end up a eunuch, though Fiona did wish that he didn't live so far across town - easier to bring the pain to someone when you don't have to travel so far. :p

    Have you ever sat in traffic while wanting to "make someone regret their existence"?

    The traffic just doesn't move quick enough.
    4tB2ou7.jpg Haruo and River Chikamori moved closer to Mama Fiona McIrish...just down the street and are neighbours to Agnes Crumplebottom. Haruo always did have masochistic tendencies. And River was always happy to be close to her mother.
    Looks like Dorie's having a histrionic episode.
    After a long six hour birth process, River is wiped out... and has now crashed. Hopefully she gets a good night of sleep because the businesses want their paintings... all ten of ' now now. Geez, capitalism. can't you see that River just gave birth? You really wanna push her?
    Lil'Chris is conked out too.
    Y'know...the garburetor's sparking and smoking. Y'might wanna take a look at that, eh... 'cause if ya don't, it might just solve all your problems by sending 'em up in flames.
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  • texanskytexansky Posts: 1,214 Member

    Forsythe Legacy Family Challenge Sneak Peek Coming Soon to The Legacy Report

    Well, folks, we're getting closer! Jacob was finally able to pop the question.
    (I think she resembles someone famous. Visit The Legacy Report to find out who.

    Just in time too, as she ran off to work right afterward.

    And then my game crashed with Error 12 again!!! :angry::angry::angry::angry:

    I have been using Regul's Save Cleaner, which did help, but not for long. I finally resorted to the s3pe hack and slash, deleting every image except for the legacy portraits, prom pics, selfies, etc. I did a total purge of the thousands of SNAP images as well. I forgot to check to see if all of the portraits are still there, but the game runs much better without the bloat of thousands of "memories" and other snapshots from who knows where.

    It took about 4 minutes from the game selection screen to fully load the game. And YAY! The portraits are there! All 30 of them. I don't think I have missed anyone that has ever lived in the Forsythe Legacy House. :blush:

    So I relived the moment over again right down to her running off. I will be using pictures from both scenarios, so when I publish the blog post, don't let the slight shift in location confuse you.

    There are currently ten Sims and a dog in my Legacy House, so Tamara and baby Hagen-Forsythe will make a baker's dozen, counting the dog.

    Now I'm off to work on the blog posts before the big proposal, so I can have a real wedding for a change. I have completely remodeled the "Community Lot, Visitors Allowed" which had an outdoor wedding setup and quite a number of Zen massage tables.

    Here is the venue now (I did a lot of recoloring and retexturing to match the wedding theme better):

    Front (no changes here):

    Back (I recolored the benches, lounge chairs, and the carpet as well as the massage table on the right):

    Main Floor (I added a dining area and dance floor complete with DJ):

    Upstairs (I changed the private massage rooms into his and hers changing rooms and added tables to the bar):

    The top floor, overlooking the bar, is for lounging and massages:
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