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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,308 Member
    @emorrill & @Turjan -
    Turjan wrote: »
    Evidently Sims 3 Store don't like Firefox. ~grumpy stare~
    I used Firefox to download the file up there, so I guess it has to do with your settings.

    AAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!! I hate messing with my "settings"...I get sooooo confused with computer stuff.
    This is me:
    ...when it comes to computers.

    I had to dig into stuff to find out what Intel's version of VSync was... That took about an hour and a half of searching. Evidently no-one else had the "spike" in fps when they save Sims 3 and exit out. But eventually I found out how to enable monitor syncing with the graphics card (I also found out I have an Intel HD 530 (integrated graphics chip) on my CPU which makes it an APU...yet again.

    Dis computer schtuff is for da boids...
    I wish I could get a good screenshot of one of my sim banging his head on the keyboard (and insert that here).
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 7,163 Member

    Great shots again!
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 8,082 Member
    Ok, so I'm a couple of days late posting this (based on what I said in an earlier post :p ), but it's all good. 👍

    Like I said, I hadn't intended to reveal any of the Characters from my upcoming Christmas story before its debut, but...some things just can't be contained that long. :lol: *I will say that I will not be revealing the 3 sons until the story debuts :smirk: so my apologizes about that.* :kissing_heart: (Especially to you ladies. :mrgreen: ) Gotta have some surprises. ;) Anyhoo!

    So you were already introduced to Hoshi Yamamoto. :blush:


    I wanted to go ahead and introduce his wife, Mami. They are the parents of the 3 sons I mentioned. <3


    This is my first time creating Japanese sims and it's been super fun, even if a little challenging. 😅

    Here's an adorable picture of her and Hoshi kissing. <3 I'm falling in love with them already!


    I do love it when couples sit down together to eat. <3


    Time for some silly dialogue going by the thought bubbles. :lol:

    Hoshi: "I sure wish I was as ripped as our son's are. Unfortunately I've never been..."


    Mami: "That's alright dear. You have 'strengths' in other areas, like with writing."


    Hoshi: *blushes at her sweet words* "You know I'm better at reading than writing."
    Mami: *lightly chuckles*


    Hoshi: "Dear...I was going to get your plate for you..."
    Mami: "Sorry honey. I'm "Neat," you know that."


    *After putting their plates in the dishwasher*

    Mami: "I appreciate the gesture anyway..."


    Hoshi: "Anything for you Mami. Always." <3


    There was a gorgeous sunset that evening:


    So for fun I sent the two out to the beach lot directly across the street from their home and had them play in the water. :blush:
    (I'm still testing out many of these lots)


    I just LOVE Hoshi's smile here!! :love:


    And the way he looks at Mami so... :smirk:<3


    Soon Mami decided to go for a swim while Hoshi fished.


    I was totally surprised by this cool touch Nilxis added to the world. :grin: 👍


    There were some fireflies by the sign and I sent Mami to try and catch them, but no such luck...
    (The option wasn't even there to catch them so I dunno what that was all about? :confused: )


    Early bedtime for the "old" couple. ;)


    Looks like that conversation about not being as "ripped" as he would like got to Hoshi...and into his dreams. :lol: Meanwhile Mami dreams of learning how to paint. :blush: I think I can do that. ;)
    I also love the way he's snuggling with her. <3


    Here's some special pictures for the ladies. :smirk: I might've spied on Hoshi when it was time for him to take a bath...


    <3Sigh <3


    Lastly, I finally came up with a cute name for the Hylewood world for my Christmas story. :blush:

    What the town brochure might look like:

    🍂Welcome to MAPLEWOOD FALLS! 🍁




    Hope y'all enjoyed and Happy Simming!
  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,308 Member

    Chapter Two

    (Part One)

    It didn't get any easier. With the advent of a car-less society thanks to EMP. The only ones with cars were the ones that had the least amount of electronics in their vehicle's chassis'. Since there wasn't many who owned a jeep, the denizens of Woeville were on foot and that made life extremely difficult walking a fair distance to get anything done.
    On top of that clear skies were rare and far in between. Going outside was nervewracking because one didn't know exactly what weather system was going to bring what sort of long-lasting problems; the clouds being ominous and threatening. Whether the climate circulation system was bringing in radiation from those cities that were decimated by the nuclear fallout. What Haruo and River tried to do was to restrict their time in any form of precipitation and to shower off well after doing so. Some of the megaton bursts weren't air-bursts - some were targeted to take out ground-targets which meant a surface-detonation that kicked up increased amounts of radioactive dust that went into the stratosphere and started circling the globe.
    One could say though that the community newspaper girl was one hardy little human; she was out in all weather to make her deliveries. No radiation was going to stop her from making her rounds. Hopefully that wouldn't prove to be the death of her.
    Haruo had found a workbench in the abandoned military base, which owing to it being a military detachment site wasn't nuked off the face of the planet. There they were able to start constructing things that would help them get through their life.
    There was a fishing site near the base that Haruo saw was stocked with fish, but unfortunately the skill level required to catch these fish was far too high, he needed to start on the minnows, but unfortunately that meant trekking out to an oasis in the middle of the Watcher-forsaken desert and he wasn't about to suck down precious water resources for that while they had so little. Fishing was going to have to wait, at least until they got water-purification reservoir where they could get drinking water that was not potentially contaminated.
    What Haruo and River had was solace in each other, a comfort and a balm in trying times. And that would prove to be both a blessing and a curse. What rations they had were going to be lessened as interactions of that sort, led to "increases in population". Increases in population meant more mouths to feed - therefore in a restricted food situation, more population means less resources to go around.
    Sometimes "holding off" was better for the sake of their limited resources.

    (end Part One)
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
  • Lucy_HenleyLucy_Henley Posts: 2,792 Member
    Huh, I logged into the Store and it’s coming up fine. I’m on my iPad, with the standard Safari browser.

    The main thing with my old laptop wasn’t/isn’t really temperature (although I do use a cooling stand), it’s the noise. It’s so loud.

    @Nikkei_Simmer wow, River looks beautiful in that screenshot with her baby! She looks so different to standard River :D I’ve never really been one to use CC skins/makeup/sliders etc. Most of my Sims 3 CC is clothing for toddlers and children, and then I have a couple of hairs. The lack of good CC hair for toddlers and children is annoying. Most of it is super long, super shiny, model-type hair that looks cool in preview photos but would look weird in-game.
  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,308 Member
    edited October 2022
    The lack of good CC hair for toddlers and children is annoying. Most of it is super long, super shiny, model-type hair that looks cool in preview photos but would look weird in-game.

    You could try these
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
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    edited October 2022
    Just an update, been without power for 3 days. The eye of Hurricane Ian came within 50 Miles of my home.
    We had winds up to 115 MPH,complete destruction in my neighborhood. My backyard is gone, I have roof damage, door damage.
    It was the most terrifying moment in my life. We huddled in the kitchen as the wind began to crack our windows, the trees began to lift
    out of the ground.I'm okay, but I'm traumatized.


    Some pics of my backyard.

    To keep the post on topic: I liked and awesome everyone's posts.
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 7,163 Member
    edited October 2022

    Lovely characters,
    told you already but Hoshi is very handsome.


    wow that is awful , I have seen clips from the storm,
    glad we do not get hurricanes in Sweden so scary.
  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,308 Member
    edited October 2022
    I'm currently looking for a one-lot world that I can use to create Sims on that's fast loading and doesn't put a lot of strain on the computer - something like a builder's world, but with only one lot. Yeah, yeah, I know, I have a better one now, but I still don't want to put a lot of load on this thing. It's gonna take me a lot of time to get out of the mind-set of playing on a "potato".
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 20,029 Member


    wow that is awful , I have seen clips from the storm,
    glad we do not get hurricanes in Sweden so scary.

    It is, we lost 300.00 worth of food from our power outage and now I lost time from
    work, we've taken a huge financial strain. I'm so stressed.
  • venusdemilosimsvenusdemilosims Posts: 1,918 Member
    edited October 2022
    Hello everyone, I see that you guys have been very busy since I've been gone ;) and that's great! Likes and awesomes given everywhere.

    @ZhakiraP Great family shots!
    @emorrill Those are some lovely characters for your new story. I can't say I'm familiar with nose sliders and all, since I never really used them.
    @GraceyManor Glad to hear you are okay! I went through Hurricane Ida last year, so I know how scary those could be. We lost our roof, our siding, some trees in our backyard, and a lot of our sanity. But we (mostly) recovered, and you will, too, it will just take time.

    Well, I've actually done some *egads* playing. And some interesting things happened. Apologies if I'm all over the place.


    1 Lake View Way, Hidden Springs , the historical home of the Vanderburg royal family. The description of Vanderburg Palace from 'Vanderburg Squared':
    Full of 18th and 19th century décor, with 20th and 21st century additions and conveniences, it has adapted to the changing tastes of its residents.


    Out in the nearly perpetually frozen tundra known as Hidden Springs, Prince Andrew, who in his former life was AJ, the oldest biological son of Savannah Jolina-Plumb and her husband Andrew of Sunset Valley, was teaching his son how to walk. Like his father before him, AJ had considered walking away from his high-powered job to devote himself to raising his child.


    Upstairs, AJ's brother-in-law, Lucian, was taking a phone call.


    His agent wanted him to go to the Lodge and promote it. For @Karritz Lucian is an IF turned real, he married Anastasia, the sim he was with.


    The boy represents the fifth generation of the Jolina-Plumb family and, by AJ's marriage to Alexandra Vanderburg, also possesses royal blood. His traits so far are Athletic and Genius.

    : I still don't have an official name for this poor kid, lol. I've been calling him Andreas, but it still doesn't sound right.


    Sims University


    Simland's most infamous newlyweds were slumbering on the campus of Sims University, having chosen to spend their heady post-wedding days at the institution of higher learning. Perhaps it suited the character of this intellectual, writer couple, forgoing a traditional honeymoon for a life of study, or perhaps they might have had a momentary fit of nuttiness, but there they were.


    Make no mistake, though, Terrance Ho and Kaydence Jolina-Plumb were very much in love - both with each other...


    ...and with books. Seriously, every chance they got, they would peruse a volume or two.


    But they had to do things other than read, though. Terry's agent told him he had to work out, so he did, briefly.


    And Kaydence cooked some goopy carbonara. This time, it wasn't burnt.


    Explain to me why Terry and Kaydence's housekeeper, Josh Bluegill, was snacking on brains a la mode...


    When you're as famous as Kaydence Jolina-Plumb around these parts, the former actress, who was now Sims University's most famous coed, cruised around campus in a limousine.


    At Keith's Komics, one of the computers broke.


    Kaydence, as was her wont, leapt into action to repair the machine.


    To be sure, their classmates made sure that they didn't spend all their waking hours with their noses buried in books.


    Kaydence, for her part, was mobbed for autographs by fellow students who had been fans of her TV show.
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  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 7,163 Member

    Lovely update, I have been home sick with a cold ( not covid),
    so not played much the past week because of coughing.
    I have been playing some relaxing Disney dreamlight valley though don't have to think
    too much with that one.
  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,308 Member
    You know, I said I was looking for a "Sim Creation" world. Well... Found one finally. :lol:
    It's "Nikkei_Simmer's Sim Creation Island". :p

    Yeah...decided to make my own instead. Uck Google.
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
  • venusdemilosimsvenusdemilosims Posts: 1,918 Member
    @Nikkei_Simmer Nice! When you want something done right, you got to do it yourself ;)
    @Silverofdreams30 Thanks! Hope you start feeling better soon!


    The next morning, before his class activity, Terry grabbed some leftover pancakes out of the fridge.


    The communications class activity.


    Terry decided to tell Kaydence about his class activity in the quad.



    And they continue to be lovey-dovey as newlyweds should be.


    The next morning, Terry and Kaydence sat at their breakfast table. And Terry dropped a bombshell.


    "I'd like to have a baby," he mused.


    Kaydence didn't seem too thrilled about the proposition, but she kept her reservations to herself.


    Instead she reached for her husband and gave him a loving hug.


    As it was, Terry was feeling a bit under the weather, so he went to the campus hospital and got a shot.


    While Terry was at the hospital, Kaydence was on the phone with her agent.


    Apparently someone had written a biography of her, and her agent wanted her to appear at the campus bookstore to do a signing. She wasn't happy about the idea that someone had written an unauthorized biography of her, but she admitted her life story might be interesting to her fans.

    jpnbanner2_zpscb7d2475.jpg header_zps436f0053.jpg

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    @venusdemilosims - Kaydence is such a pretty sim. :) Is Terry sure what he's getting into with propositioning for a "kid"? Kaydence should make him do ALL the diaper changes. :lol:

    1 Lake View Way, Hidden Springs - in the wintertime. I'm drooling... If there's one thing Sims 3 got right, it's the gorgeous tableau of landscapes possible in the game itself.

    I'm sure I could find one with enough "search parameters" entered into Google. It's just a matter of depreciating time available... and impatience with an uncooperative search engine that prompted me to say, "***k this..." and go "do it myself".

    Starting to make my NPC Sims for their roles in the Legacy. Here's River's Paediatrician.
    Dr. Allison Reynolds.
    Haruo's Paediatrician will be a Dr. Bo Eui "Brenda" Wong - In this legacy, Haruo and River are two years apart in age...and Haruo is the older of the two born in 1970. She's born in 1972 which means that Holly and Bebe are born in 1971. :lol:

    This is the number of Prologue characters alone.
    Since the Prologue only deals with those characters, that's all I'm putting into the game at that point.

    Dr. Bo Eui Wong (Brenda Wong)
    Yeah, she doesn't look too thrilled to be on that island.

    Next up... the absentee father...who in a "flashback..." of River's mother's memory... is going to leave Fiona in the lurch and preggers.
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    @Nikkei_Simmer Thanks :) She's born in game. I have her saved in the bin for future use.
    I think Kaydence is a bit shell-shocked by her husband's request for a baby. I have never had a couple not even roll a want for woohoo after they get married, but they didn't.

    This is a story I was working on before my mom got sick.

    A bespectacled, acne-ridden teen sleuth named Claire Case is the focus of this series.
    I have yet to decide if I'm going to continue it since my time is limited.


    The script arrived the morning she returned to her campus rental.
    Kaydence, who had been semi-retired from acting since she left her hit TV show, was nevertheless intrigued by it, and she couldn't hide that fact from her husband and best friend, Terry, no matter how hard she tried.
    "House of the Llama?" Terry asked, peering over at the embossed letters on the cover.
    "Medieval passion play."
    "You've never done a period piece, right?"
    Kaydence laughed. "Not really. That five second cameo in my dad's Versailles film a few years back doesn't count."
    "So, what role did they send you?"
    "Aerynn, the betrothed of one of the O'Connell sons. She's foreign-born, but she learns the culture quickly, from what I can tell. The other thing is she's also a witch."
    "You'd do good playing a witch," Terry commented. "Then again, you'd do good playing any part."

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  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,308 Member
    Just for ***** and giggles... I had Sim-Dad and Sim-Mom have a kid.
    *mind-blown* I could be looking at a computer version of myself as a toddler - he looks exactly like I did when I was a toddler.
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,853 Member
    @GraceyManor thank you for letting us know you are OK. I saw some of the damage on TV here. It's like what we've had here a few times now over the past 15 years or so. Last one was cyclone Yasi which crosses the coast as a cat5 then dropped to a cat 4 as it crossed so it was powerful and made a mess of things. That was back in 2011. So I was thinking of you as I saw how powerful your hurricane was. Cyclones and hurricanes are the same thing just named differently in different parts of the world. It'll take a few years to recover. Our building codes changed a lot after this one as entire streets of houses vanished into the Pacific ocean back then. It left just empty allotments with some posts that houses used to be sitting on in some streets. And great entaglements of boats piled up. And it took weeks for the electricity to get reconnected due to massive damage to the network so I do understand some of what you have experienced and are going to have to endure for a while.
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    I feel like I'm a little late with posting again.. I went hardcore into build mode, and once I started, it was really hard to pull myself away from it. <_< >_>

    @emorrill Oh, yes, it's a nice building, though I feel like my version isn't doing the original justice, but.. here are the screenshots of it anyway. :P

    Fantoft Stave Church, view from north/northeast, original ca. from 1150, however the one (in real life) that stands there now is from the 1990s, because sadly the original was burnt down.. black metal fans will know what that's about...

    View from east.

    View from south.

    Another view from east, with a very unfinished background.

    Inside view. I have never actually been inside here, so this is based on pictures I could find.



    @Turjan Thanks, I should thinks so, haha. I'm looking forward to when I can put sims into it and playtest it....

    @emorrill Mami looks nice, she looks like the perfect Japanese sim to me. :P

    @GraceyManor It is nice to see you posting after that. 115 mph (~100 knot) winds is pretty crazy...

    @Nikkei_Simmer What? You built an island? :P :P


    More pictures from what kept me occupied... I couldn't make a post until I had the next street/neighbourhood finished... :p
    This road is called Nattlandsveien, and the neighbourhood is called Nattlandslia (in Norwegian). Not sure how to translate that to English in a way that sounds good.. but it means (originally) "Cliffland road" and "Cliffland hill" respectively, though in modern usage, the word "Natt" would directly translate to "Night".

    Paradisalléen (Paradise Avenue) apartments and grocery store.

    Nattlandslia, view from south. The lot called "Paradisleitet" is in the bottom left.

    "Paradisleitet"* lot. Inside there is a restaurant, a café, a gym and a beauty salon/tattoo place.. not sure how this will work in game, but this one is also based on an actual building that has more than one business in it, so I didn't want to make it into just one thing. :P

    * "leitet" is a word from old Norse that means "a place where something is found". In this case I suppose the most literal translation would be "Paradise found".... In modern Norwegian "å leite" means "to search".

    Original from Google maps.

    Picture of "Nattlandslia" and "Sandbrekkevegen".

    "Nattlandslia". Unfinished work in the background to the left...

    Another view of what is mostly finished so far. Note that I started building this only for myself, not intending to actually release it for anyone else, so have just using whatever custom content I have available when building the lots, but if I can finish this and make it good enough I might put it up for download anyway (with a custom content warning! :P) , I don't know... The green spot inbetween there with no trees is a lot that is deliberately left empty in case I share it, so that not every lot will be built on...

    A zoomed out view.. there is still a lot left to do... This is what is to be the city of "Wad Nahadau"... when the map is perfectly done, I'm gonna have to look into making some distant terrain, because yeah, there's not supposed to be ocean behind those mountains.. (I found a tutorial on it, so it should be possible, I hope...)

    Sub blogs: #01 Sunset Valley. #02: Lake Onebega #03: Sprottenham #04: Bewickton
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    Been getting 0xc0000005 access violation errors constantly so I've had to do a complete uninstall of Sims 3 (after yanking my Sims 3 folder on desktop and trying a fresh folder - it still crashes when I'm exiting Create-A-Sim (CAS)) and do a fresh re-install. Hopefully this stops the errors, because the rest of the task to try to correct the crashing is enough to make my head spin (cleaning Registry...tracking down fresh installs of drivers etc all friggin' Greek to me).

    [Instruction data]
    00e5cf7a => DasmX86Dll.dll not found.

    This is getting to be a royal pain in the...
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    @Sprottenham *Gasp* ! :open_mouth: Your version of the church looks amazing! :star: MUCH better than I could ever do! It's beautiful! :love: Great job!!
    Have you thought of uploading it to the Exchange? :smirk:;):blush:

    Thank you for that sweet compliment on Mami. <3 I was very pleasantly surprised at how well she turned out. I love moments like that. It's a real confidence booster.
    Kinda like how it went with building that church for you. :blush:
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 20,029 Member
    Aww, thanks for keeping me in your thoughts. It was on the verge of being a cat 5.
    My area had wind speeds of 115+ mph.
  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 9,308 Member
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    Finally got that problem narrowed down to - NRAAS Master Controller's "Instant Baby" issue - that's what caused my game to crash out of CAS when I was busy trying to age up or down my sim to try and make a toddler Haruo for my Sims legacy who will eventually become baby River's eventual intended when they're both young teens and married when they're young adults. This is going to be one helluva long legacy.

    Now, I have to start re-installing mods. UGH! It's a pain-in-the... you know what, but I like my game modded.
    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
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    I intended on getting caught up with the thread over my four days off but then I got too distracted by Batman: Arkham Knight. I was just trying to finish the game, but had over 100 something Riddler trophies to find, as well as capturing several villains. I'm almost completely finished with the game, I just have one side mission to finish, but I'm having trouble with it so will probably give up on it for several weeks to refocus on the Sims. Other than playing, I went on several walks around town to not be inactive all those days. I ended up calling in on Friday when I was supposed to return due to being sick, but I did feel well enough to watch my towns homecoming parade. This is the first year that our school had to co-op with another school to have enough players, but it sure hasn't helped them any. I'm not entirely sure, but I believe they have lost every single game so far, including homecoming. And since I haven't updated you all on this, my aunts surgery to remove the cancer went fine. It was just a very small lump and she will not need to take chemo or have radiation. They had talked about chemo pills but decided they don't need to give them to her. We are all glad that it wasn't too bad, just praying she never gets cancer again.

    I also did some comic book reading on my days off, and I found a new ongoing series about Batman and Superman's earlier days of being superheroes that I really enjoy. It takes place when both heroes are already established and are members of the Justice League. However, being earlier, Batman has only had his first Robin, Richard Grayson, and Superman has Supergirl, aka his cousin Kara Zor-El. Anyway, I'm hoping to play on one of my days off. I'm not going to tonight because I'm more worried about catching up than playing and posting my family at the moment.

    Page 4394

    @venusdemilosims Thanks! Belinda's good looks came from her ancestors.
    Neat name, Jazz Lyric.
    Happy birthday to Sonata.
    Great update!

    @Sprottenham Thanks!
    She's a special Sim to me. I just like her personality.

    @ButterWafflesAR Sorry to hear that your save wouldn't load. I'm hoping that you eventually got it, though. I'm way behind at the moment so I haven't seen if you had yet.
    Great update!

    @GraceyManor Sorry to hear that you were sick around the early part of September.

    @texansky You're welcome.

    @emorrill Sorry to hear about your friends passing.
    Yeah, cashiering can be a pain in the rear. I don't mind doing it to help out, but I'd hate to be a full time cashier.
    Exactly. The other day, a lady was like "Where's the charcoal?" I told her it was out in Lawn and Garden and she's like "No, it's all Christmas stuff!" It was out there, but she just didn't see it. I can't blame her though because when we first started to get Christmas stuff, it was still pretty warm and a lot of people were grilling.
    I haven't been hearing about people getting COVID as much anymore. Although, one of my coworkers just had it.
    You're welcome.
    You might have a time or two, but I appreciate it. :smile:
    Yeah, it made it where he doesn't really get out anymore. Dad said he only gets out to go the doctor anymore.
    Great post with Pauline and Hank.

    @Silverofdreams30 Great job on Shawn's teenage look.

    Page 4395

    @bekkasan You're welcome.
    He did get the good looks. I think my later generations actually are better looking than the earlier ones. Not that they were bad, just that they mixed in some other good looking Sims to be even better.
    They did get good gifts.
    Nice pic of Bekka testing out the shirt.

    @Sprottenham Purple is my grandma's favorite color.
    Looks like everyone was having fun.

    @ButterWafflesAR Yeah, I've had that a few times. I think it is to simulate that the family surname changed sometime between the "present" and the "future".

    @Nikkei_Simmer I saw a bit about what you've got going on with your PC, looking forward to reading the full post to see what happened.
    Nice reposts!
    Glad you got a PC to play your games on at least until you get your gaming PC!

    @texansky Yeah, I think I'm going to shut off the celebrity system in Moonlight Falls. I'm just keeping it until they move.
    Hopefully the relationship develops between the two sisters. I'm going to keep working on it.

    ***Not going to get caught up tonight since it is just about 8 pm and I have some things I want to do before bed, but I'll try to get caught up in the next couple of days.
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    @Brandontaylor - If you're using NRAAS Master Controller, don't use Instant Baby and take it into CAS to age it up. "Clone your adult"...and age him down if you're looking for a kid and don't wanna wait to turn him into a teenager. The process produces an exception error/Input Access Violation and crashes the game. NRAAS still hasn't found the solution to the problem yet. I finally managed to figure out that confounded futzy "MSI Afterburner" - which is the only thing that I can use for an Intel HD 530 integrated graphics "card"/chip, whatever to lock the frames down to 60fps and I managed to find the VSync control with Intel Graphics Control Center - I found out they got rid of Intel Graphics "Control Panel" and went with "Control Center" I don't know why, because it offers less CONTROL over the dang thing anyways.

    All in the name of progress (read that as sarcastic), I suspect.

    So wonderful to find out after seeing gas prices at $9.01/gal CDN. ~rolling eyes~ This is one day I should have just pulled the blanket over my head and went back to sleep.

    @Brandontaylor - I'm so glad that they caught the cancer in enough time that they were able to get it out without having to resort to chemo/radiation treatments. Hoping that she stays healthy...and that the cancer doesn't return.
    The new Haruo looks like his father this time around. You should all see what he looks like when he gets to full adult.
    2GA7qSa.jpg...and he actually looks Asian this time. :D:lol: ~snicker~ he actually bears a passing resemblance to me when I was young. Maybe if I made him a little more like Bruce Lee which people used to love to call me back in the Permian...
    Oh...look, my school photo. :p

    ...and here are the all-new Chikamoris (with using the LFB Asian Skin base).
    ...and of course, I'm going to drag Haruo's friends in there.
    ...all teenagers... :D

    This rewrite is going to be even bigger... I may actually spend two full chapters as "children" in the story...and I'm wondering if I should have River and Haruo immediately..."fall in love" or make it a gradual think. :p Yeah...lots of writer things to think about here.
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    Always "River McIrish" ...and maybe some Bebe Hart. ~innocent expression~
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