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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 20,832 Member
    edited April 6
    Update on what I managed to do today - with great difficulty and frustration.

    I remembered I'd taken all of the inventory items out of the personal inventories of Frank and Felecia and stored them in a box for them to collect before they went on vacation. Then I forgot to get them out of the box when I moved Frank and Felecia to their new home. I still haven't made over their new home.

    I decided to send Wendy to the Great Southern Land to complete her training. Then I decided Wilfred may as well go too. That way then can do their vacation while Wendy reads and studies. She doesn't have much to learn as she was working on it at home but it's too hard to save at home now.

    1. I gave Rachael her makeover
    Rags as she originally appeared
    Rachael after getting new skin and me playing wither her facial sliders.

    Rachael after I gave her a new wardrobe.

    There were several Error 12s and Crashes in the process. In the end I dressed her in her new wardrobe and then saved her to the library.
    Then I relaunched the game and moved Rachael to the clipboard and placed the dressed version of Rachael from the library into the house. Then I made her relationship with Latoya 98%. She had tiny positive relationships with other household members before I kicked her out but I didn't worry about fixing all of them. Latoya had been her original owner and they had a high relationship before Rags was made real.

    2. I got Clara to collect all of the items belonging to Frank and Felecia from their box. Her inventory was almost completely empty so it was going to be easy for her to return their items to them.

    3. I merged the two households and moved Clara, Rachael, Wendy and Wilfred to Frank and Felecia's place.
    I saved successfully after the move.

    4. I moved all of Frank and Felecia's items from Clara's inventory. And saved and it crashed while saving.

    5. Relaunched and moved all of Frank and Felecia's items from Clara's inventory. And saved successfully.

    6. Remembered I had not emptied Wendy's inventory nor had I emptied Wilfred's inventory. I sent Wendy home and she emptied her inventory in the box that had previously held Frank and Felecia's stuff and saved.

    7. Sent Wilfred home and emptied his inventory into the same box as Wendy had used. I also went through the entire household and took all harvestables and a few other items out of their inventories. They didn't have massively full inventories but if I'm having problems with the save it's best to keep inventories down to a minimum.

    8. I managed to save successfully eventually. I did have to empty Wilfred's inventory twice though so it did an error 12 or crash at some point during that process. Wilfred also returned Gerri's car to her. Frank had taken it on vacation and it was in his inventory.

    9. I sent Wilfred, Wendy, Clara and Rachael to the Great Southern Land. They arrived. I saved successfully.


    10. I used the computer at the Base Camp to change their stay as Vacation False.

    11. I merged the two households, the four new arrivals with the 7 potential spouses. They failed to merge. The game crashed.

    10. Relaunched the game and again made their stay as Vacation False.

    11. I activated the potential spouses household and used Master Controller to add each sim from Base Camp to the household. It worked. Much easier than Merge Households.

    12. I now had 11 sims in the household. There were bedrooms for only 9 as originally there were 9 potential spouses. Darryl and Dave moved to Cake Island leaving 7 there were 4 new arrivals from Cake Island to stay with them for a while.

    13. I added two new bedrooms and saved successfully.

    Wendy and Rachael have had a few disagreements and their relationship is in the red zone.

    My plan from here on is to get everyone reading books and learning what they need to learn. Most of the current occupants of the house have no skills at all. I want them to have a few but I don't want to be playing them once I take them back to Cake Island and they are married. They will all have their own homes and live independent lives.

    Wilfred has done all his study and reading. I could let him improve his cooking skill so he can read extra recipes but I'd rather not. I think he can explore the Great Southern Land while the rest of them are working on their skills and recipes and bait books.

    Tomorrow I will probably catch up on some other things as I've been sitting at the computer all day getting these sims to the point where I can move forward with the next video. When they go home to Cake Island I will have to activate Frank and Felecia's house and do it up for them preparing for them having their family. Also, by then Wilfred and Wendy will be married and I'll have to set up their house for them.

    The two new Imaginary Friends made real belonged to Megan and Latoya. There are three sims left in Cake Island with dolls still in their inventories. They are Joni, Constance and Kendall. After Wendy and Wilfred are married I will probably get Joni and Constance to make their IFs real and send them to the Great Southern Land. I suspect the other occupants of that prospective spouse household won't have completed their studies by the time Wilfred and Wendy are ready to get married. I might get Kendall to make his IF real at the same time as Joni and Constance so I don't end up with one brand new untrained sim to train from scratch when the others are all mostly trained.

    So that's it from me. I actually got interrupted in the middle of this post and had to go buy some milk and a few other things with my son. But I managed to get back to it. As I said, tomorrow I will probably do something else.

    Happy Simming All.

  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 5,849 Member
    Wil do comments later in the week,
    a new week to do stuff here.
  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 7,895 Member
    Poor Bebe, first time that she had happy happy fun time with Haruo, she ended up in the family way. :mrgreen:
    Snogging in front of Moonlight Falls Grocery in the rain.
    Luckily they have a house (not a big one...but a house).

    Yes, this game, I'm just playing for fun. :D
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    "The only conceivable use for a vampire is as a sharpened stick tester." ~ Haruo Chikamori, werewolf
  • TamijoTamijo Posts: 631 Member
    edited April 6
    Episode 42 - Firestarter - May 2727 part 2

    Simon Stones had chosen, to get his house relocated, a little bit outside the centre of the community. At a scenic location at the edge of the forest. But he is not too far from the nearest household, The Merciers.


    Besides the Stone home also another community residential home was constructed in the middle of May. This is meant to stay empty until new students graduated at the age of 22. Norma Dahl next in line but she still got more than two years left. The house is located right behind the Nara family home.


    Brendon Gentry is flirting with his lovely wife, while holding his child at his arm.


    Anders Karlson held his 19 years birthday a few days ago, his roommates gave him the captivating “Adventures of Raymundo” which he enjoy very much.


    The new constellation with Terry, Elea and Anders seems to work out well.


    Norma Dahl is back at work in Shina’s food stand, but the costumers haven’t really got used to the new location, it is quite boring.


    The reason there is not that many people at Shina’s food stand, might be that the Café is crowded even at daytime this month.


    Michiko Vaughan misses winter a little, the house feels so empty when Charles works all day.


    Near the end of May, another community building was constructed, “The Forrest Rescue Centre”. Located in the forest just outside the settlement, behind Simon Stones cottage.


    The “Ent” re-building project came with this new instalment, including two male rescue workers. But also volunteers from the settlement is needed. Any adult can put in some hour and make a little money there.

    The two skilled rescue workers are 34 years old Nicholás Valiente and Norma Dahl’s older brother Harald Dahl.


    The “Ent” re-building project also included quite a nice house for the two rescue workers, located between the Nara and the Scully households, at the far side of “Beach Creative Institution”.


    Nicholás Valiente got a dog called Ariko.


    Marked Sales from this Period:
    Preston household:
    1. A mixed crate wildlife, gems and more 396$
    2. A load of fresh fish 44$
    Richards household:
    1. A load of fresh fish 177$
    Vaughan household:
    1. (stolen) Eggs 9$
    Gentry-Beach household:
    1. A large crate of collectable wildlife 4.689$
    2. A Space Rock $78
    Scully household:
    1. A load of fresh fish 18$
    Nara Household:
    1. Manuscripts 902$
    Mercier household:
    1. A load of fresh fish 147$
    2. Eggs 120$

    General update to Autonome: Previously I have controlled who lives where and what job they had. From now on, I will only fill in empty roles needed (trade station – café – food stands) otherwise they can work or live where they decide to.
    Did intend to only use shelter pets, but when I accidently saw Ariko as a premade, had to (edit a bit and) pick him.
    Had some issues with the rescue station lightning, so had to reset that several times.
    Everything else automated


    Thanks, reply to your update at your place.

    Wonderful picture of that mountain in front of the beautiful clouded sky.

    Lovely shot of that rainy sunset

    Another surprising turn of events, she looks very cool in that outfit.
    Great update, must admit I miss doggy.

    Great pictures in you last few posts, sad with the crashes and stuff.

    Greg and John playing Foosball

    Post edited by Tamijo on
    Want to follow my story - Suggest that you read the Biographies at the first post here:

    Survivors the River

    That should help a lot understanding what is going on.

  • SleepstarSleepstar Posts: 503 Member
    edited April 6
    Dusted down my Starlight Shores Save

    Achilles went on a Field Trip with his cousins Harmonia and Proteus; the teens had no adults with them. Later, I looked at Achilles' Stats and found he is thirty-six days away from aging up, he still has a Wish to Learn To Drive still locked in; my family had a bit of money so I brought them a car. Meanwhile, Daphne invited her cousin Hebe over, and that's when I Saved. I intially wanted to see if High End Loft Stuff and Master Suite was installed, unfortunately, they haven't yet installed. So I will have to go to my Steam Library and install them.

    Edit: It has been two years since I last used Steam.
    Currently aiming to get all harvestables produce in The Sims 3 (On the Store now)

    Aiming to complete a Legacy
    No to European Super League
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 5,849 Member
    some shots from my random save


    Malcolm Harris before got a makeover


    After makeover


    In the game


    pool party my sims was invited to ( their relatives)'


    A babysitter I aged up, edited, and now have married to one of my sims.

  • BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 3,385 Member
    Langerak Family Update

    Daisy cooked pancakes for breakfast so the family would have a good meal to start off their day..

    Most of the family got up in time to at least eat about the same time. Some lingered at the table after eating to talk with those who had just sat down.

    Melanie went to wash the dishes but the bathroom sink broke on her. She wasn't very happy about it and Robert was waiting for her to finish washing them right before it broke.

    Dwight's got some good skill in handiness so I just had him repair it.

    Daisy called up Hal Breckinridge when Sherman Bagley refused to come over. Daisy was still attracted to Hal and he seemed really receptive to her this time.

    Daisy decided that she'd try another kiss with Hal and this time, he didn't refuse her and they became romantic interests.

    She then asked Hal if he would be her boyfriend and he said yes. Once that was taken care of, I had him move in with the Langeraks. I'm going to have him take the Langerak name when they marry.

    Dwight and Christian played chess together.

    Daisy had an opportunity that required time spent exercising so I just had her use the stereo.

    Shirtless Hal is for all you lady Simmers out there, lol

    ***I've got another update to post a bit later, and I'll also reply to those who tagged me but I don't have the time to actually comment for every post. I will read all of them to get caught up sometime soon, but I just can't comment on five days worth of updates.
  • BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 3,385 Member
    @Karritz You’re welcome. You did a good job with the lights.

    @DivaDoodle @Tamijo @bekkasan Thanks for the comments!

    @venusdemilosims Thanks!

    @Sprottenham You’re welcome.

    @Puddinroy Hello!

    @ZhakiraP Yep, I sure have! Since I got a better laptop, I can actually play longer saves and not have as many issues.

    To everyone, great updates! I’ll read some more after a while.
  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 7,895 Member
    Bebe is thinking about marriage - with Haruo in the bed with her. :mrgreen:
    (Yes, this is a play-for-the-fun-of-it save)
    ah...finally...marriage for both Bebe and Haruo.
    She loves her man... :mrgreen: (pssst... sure hope River doesn't find out. :D )
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    "The only conceivable use for a vampire is as a sharpened stick tester." ~ Haruo Chikamori, werewolf
  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 7,895 Member
    Yeah, Something tells me; wedding night was a bit TOO fun. :mrgreen:
    Nikkei_Simmer's Sims 3 Blog - For more Sims 3 stories...

    "The only conceivable use for a vampire is as a sharpened stick tester." ~ Haruo Chikamori, werewolf
  • ZhakiraPZhakiraP Posts: 1,242 Member
    edited April 7
    Yeah, Something tells me; wedding night was a bit TOO fun. :mrgreen:

    Oopsie indeed.

    bekkasan wrote: »

    @ZhakiraP hehe, I do love that sims have a favorite color, makes dressing them easier for me. :lol: Thanks so much for your comments.

    I know, right :p

    Thank you, I will. And I will have a look at your story when I get the chance!
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 5,849 Member
    edited April 7

    looking forward, hope you enjoy it.


    I always love a shirtless photo haha :D, Hal look


    Congrats to the two, I promise not to tell River.
    And oh oopsie indeed, congrats.
  • Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 5,849 Member
    Silent here today! :*

    A few more random shots


    Cute child Wyll aged up to teen.


    woo Happy birthday


    shower shot heh.

    Good night

  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 7,092 Member
    It has been silent over here today... :open_mouth: Y'all okay? Enjoying Spring Break? ;)

    (I really don't like this new font here in the comments box. :confounded: )

    Anyhoo, I've been busy lately - and giving my free time to my story - so that's why I haven't been around much. Hope to gain a little more normalcy soon and pray that hubby finds a job in the very near future...

    Hope y'all are doing well. :kissing_heart: Keep on simming! :blush:
  • BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 3,385 Member
    edited April 7
    I have decided to do a reboot of the Langerak family save file. The original save is working just fine, but now that I have all the EP's again, there are things the earlier generations can do now that they couldn't before. In the reboot, Emily will still be a witch but will have her adult look instead of her young adult look. She will be married to Chris Steel and will be called Emily Steel now. Chris will be short for Christian instead of Christopher and will look like Christian from the Langerak save. Emily and Christian will be newly married with a toddler named Eric. The only sure thing is that since Claire and Jared always have a daughter in Sunset Valley, Fawn will still be born and Eric will marry her. Other than that, the save will turn out much different from the original. Also, the save will be called the Steel Family Save. As for other differences, you'll have to wait until the first update to see all the changes.
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 20,832 Member
    @Silverofdreams30 @emorrill I was checking a few times yesterday. It was quiet.

    I had a slightly more active day yesterday but still spent a while on my computer. The thing I did in the morning was go out to buy a crotchet hook. Why do I need a crotchet hook? Well, I started crocheting a table cloth about 20+ years ago. It is/was white and done with fine thread. I found a hook with it but not the pattern so I tried to work out what to do. I think I pretty much worked it out and started work on it. A few days later I found the pattern. I checked and seemed to be on track so continued doing about 4 or 5 hours work on it over a period of a few days. Then I lost the crotchet hook. It was 1mm size. I had access to my car for a few hours yesterday morning and I checked the internet and found a shop reasonably close to me that sold crotchet hooks. When I got there they didn't have the exact size hook I needed. It was very difficult for me to find the size I needed even on the 'net. Anyway, I knew it'd be pot luck if I could even get any sized crotchet hook there but it was an excuse for me to get out of the house. I had to drive about 15km to a place I'd never driven to before. It's a nearby new suburb with new roads. Luckily I had my phone to show me the way. When I got there I found the shop was in the underground car park. It wasn't totally underground, but it was half underground. Luckily I spotted it or I would have gone up to the main part of the huge shopping centre. I would have got more exercise that way though so maybe I should have gone up the escalator. Anyway I found small crotchet hooks but none that were small enough. I purchased the smallest I could find and headed home. Lucky I had my phone giving me directions or I'd still be trying to work out how to get home. A few hours after I finally arrived home I decided to have another look on the internet and found the exact size hook I wanted so I ordered it online from another shop that has a chain of shops that I have often visited in the past but I didn't know if any of the physical shops would have what I wanted and it is difficult for me to get around due to lack of reliable access to my car, so I ordered the correct sized hook on line and decided not to continue work on the table cloth until my order arrived.

    Then I loaded my game and continued working on my next video. I think I've just about got enough video recorded for Episode 29.

    It was a struggle. I got lots of crashes. But I made progress. So in the next video we will see two imaginary friends made real, Kendall graduate, and Wendy, Wilfred, Clara and Rachael arrive in The Great Southern Land. Unfortunately I only got a single screen shot of them arriving at the base camp and no video. Fortunately I do a lot of Save As with a different name and am currently loading up the game where this foursome were in Frank and Felecia's new house before leaving for the GSL. I moved them all in with Frank and Felicia in the hope of easier saving. I got nervous when I launched the game, gave Rachael her new wardrobe and couldn't save. That's why I added her made over version to the library and relaunched the game and replaced the version in the game with the one in the library.

    I had no video or screenshots of Frank and Felecia moving or anything of their new house. I'll get a few minutes of that now when it finally loads. I think I was having so much trouble with crashing that I was just desperate to get my sims to the GSL to get away from all the crashes that I forgot to get any video at all. I'll have to get them to do something worth recording to get some video to add to the story. Unfortunately the move to GSL didn't totally solve my problems, but they did reduce the severity of the problem. I just have to keep adding too many sims to my households.

    As soon as Wilfred, Wendy, Clara and Rachael arrived in the Base Camp I added them to the household of the remaining potential spouses.


    The potential spouses who were in the house at the time the new group arrived are: Mark, Stan, Lionel, Jack, Chris, Clarise and Karen. Daryl and Dave had moved permanently to Cake Island when Frank and Felecia went home.

    By sending four new sims to join them, I extended the size of the household from 9 sims to 11 sims. I was a bit worried about this as I wanted to try to reduce the amount of crashing in my game. I found I do need to take care and save often and reload the game after a few saves. I haven't quite worked out how many yet but I think it might be a limit of 3 or 4 saves before I have to shut down and relaunch.

    There were not enough bedrooms for all four of the new arrivals so I had to add two more bedrooms in the basement. I added more décor and it all is looking nice now.

    I added a grand piano to the big central open area of the bedroom section of the basement. The two new bedrooms are through arches I added because I thought they'd look interesting.

    In this pic Wendy is sitting reading in that extra little room created by adding the arches. The Sims who have bedrooms in that area are Rachel, Clara and Jack. Jack's bedroom was already there.

    Karen is playing the piano, Wendy sitting in the background and Jack standing.

    Good news is Wendy and Wilfred seem to be getting along nicely and are friends. Wendy is doing her reading and making good progress towards completing that. She has a few fishing books to read and also some recipes.

    Wendy and Rachael are not getting along at all and their relationship is in the red and I occasionally find them arguing with lots of negative red icons floating above their heads.

    Clara is unstable and was avant garde, but recently that changed to gatherer. I'm wondering if she stops examining the art works and plants I've added to the lot. She didn't seem to approve of much of it. At the moment, she's also neat, vegetarian and snob. I think I prefer gatherer to avant garde so won't send her to hospital to reverse the change so it'll become permanent soon. I hope she loses the unstable trait soon.

    Wilfred has nothing to do. He's just there because of Wendy. But - Wilfred hasn't completed his Lifetime Wish. He wants to adopt a unicorn. I haven't seen a unicorn in this world yet. I don't know if there is one. But apparently Wilfred needs to become BFF with three other pets first. So I thought I'd get him to work towards that. But I'm worried if I will introduce massive crashing if I add 3 new pets to the household. I thought I'd try a cat to start with. Then I might add another cat and a small dog and see how it goes.

    I wanted them to have easy access to fishing. It was Winter when this group arrived and all ponds were frozen over. I decided to add a wishing well to the house. But it is a much smaller lot than usual and I had to extend the basement downwards. They got a second level basement. Now the wishing well needs to go on the bottom basement or ground level or it will 'float' down to levels below it just like some of the plants do. And, the other issue is the fishing rod will poke through the floor above just like the trees grow up through the floor above. That's why I always have my gardens with trees and wishing wells on the 4th level basement with empty space above them for the 3rd level basement. But in this house I decided it wasn't a proper house to be played long term. That has turned out to be not quite true now but I'm currently going with it. I placed the wishing well on the 2nd level basement because there are no current plans to add any more basements below it. I will move it down if I do add a lower basement later on. I don't like to see it poking through the ceiling. I've had Clarice fishing at the wishing well and she is almost up to level 7 in her fishing skill now so she can stop fishing when she hits level 7. She can read all bait books once she gets to that level.

    Most of them household are working on their gardening skill. I'll need to plant more in their small garden but I won't make it any bigger.

    Here is Clara, she's been gardening and her skill is growing. I think Wendy needs to do a bit of gardening too before she is ready to get married.

    I had a couple of crashes and lost some of the progress but did get video of some of it before it crashed. The crashes were happening when I was saving. It'd be saving and suddenly it'd be shut down. No Error 12, just shut down. I have worked out I must save more often to avoid the crashes. But I can save more often before reloading than in Cake Island. I'm not sure what'll happen when I add a cat to the household.

    Last night I turned the game off and shut the computer down and while watching TV I just had to do some work on my table cloth. I found out after two days working on it for about 2 or 3 hours a day, that I had made a pretty big mistake right back at the beginning of where I started off this week. I should have waited until I found the pattern. I know what my mother would have done, she'd have pulled it all out and started that round again. I thought about it. Decided I would continue with the crotchet hook that's a little bit too big. Now I'm wondering if I'll keep working on it for a few more days and then decide I just have to undo all this work and do it right with the correct sized hook. I just got an email saying the hooks I ordered are on the way. The mistake I made was to add one loop when I should have added two loops. But it's about 5 or 6 hours work I'll have to undo and I should undo it but that could lead to me just putting it away and I'll probably never get it finished if I do that.

    Anyway, I won't be working on the crotchet for a few more hours and my game has just loaded. I'll get a bit of video of Frank and Felecia's house. and them foursome leaving for the GSL and then I'll probably have enough to make the next episode. There won't be a wedding, but there are two imaginary friends being made real, Kendall's graduation and the move to GSL with extensions on the house there.

    I have started putting the video together and that's when I found the big gap in what I had recorded.

    While I've been writing this I've been busy. I have added the video I just recorded of them with Frank and Felecia, travelling to the GSL and arriving at the base camp. I won't show them moving into the Potential Spouses household as that was a messy process. I changed the vacation from True to False using Traveller mod, then I activated the destination household and added each of the four travellers one at a time using Master Controller | Intermediate | Add Sim.

    When they arrived at the base camp there was a stray cat waiting for them. I was tempted to add it to the household but resisted. Now I am having problems finding a pet for Wilfred to become BFF with so this time I grabbed the cat and saved it to the library so I will add it to the household for the next episode. I've already got the house set up for cats and dogs.

    I'm also pretty sure I'm going to undo the work I did on the table cloth and use the new crotchet hook when it arrives. I got a message to say it's on its way.

    That's it from me for today. I will try to return at some stage to make comments on some posts, for now I'm just giving out likes and awesomes.

    Happy Simming all
  • BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 3,385 Member
    Did some early work on getting the new Steel save started. I took Christopher and Emily Jones, de-aged them both to young adult and saved them separately to the Sim bin and did some edits on them. Mainly, it was just to give Christopher his new look as Christian and I wanted a CC hair on Emily. I barely tweaked Emily's eyebrows as well because they seemed a bit too high. Once that was complete, I gave them skills that fit with their traits and personality before using mods to put Emily at a 50% pregnancy with Eric. I did this so he'll be closer in age to Fawn when she is born.

    Christian Steel after his makeover. His traits are the same as the original EA Christopher Steel.

    Emily Steel is the same other than the small edits I made. I also gave her better winter clothing as I didn't have Seasons when she was at this stage of her life.

    ***Not sure when I'll have everything ready because I work the next four days but I'll see.
  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 7,895 Member
    Been having a lot of fun with my muse. Written a 3400 word short story for JAG as well as a 6500 word chapter for another one of my JAG stories. In between writing bits and pieces of The Chikamori Selfacy for later posting once the special part of it is done in terms of screen capture (part of it involves getting a PS2 and a game).

    So I've been coming up with many more fun turns of phrase such as this one. :mrgreen:
    Haruo and River were starting to pack for university. Haruo was vacillating between the offer from the school for a sports scholarship or doing sciences - he was going to stay far away from chemistry. He most certainly did not want to turn the lab into a smoking ruin. And considering the advanced chemicals and reactive elements that university chemistry students worked with, the devastation wreaked on the lab could potentially have a damage radius of up to ten miles with the surrounding area glowing a luminescent green. Needless to say; a little uranium goes a long way.
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    "The only conceivable use for a vampire is as a sharpened stick tester." ~ Haruo Chikamori, werewolf
  • rubyskywalkerrubyskywalker Posts: 733 Member
    Started a new save with a new sim - Maricela Caldwell, and her dog Lakia. Maricela currently lives in Twinbrook and is in the political career. She's currently dating Justin Kayes, who I had to pop into CAS to makeover (smaller nose, sight tweak to the ears. haircut and a shave, and new skin with same skintone) just gotta do clothes and accessories later.
    Maricela wants to do gardening, sewing (thanks to that new mod + the ATS3 sewing machine), possibly inventing (I might let Justin do that), cooking, and blogging. I'm considering moving her to a new town after their marriage. Not quite sure where yet. Possibly Sunset Valley, Appaloosa Plains, or maybe the Mountain Lake world I downloaded.

    It's almost fall in the save - excited to decorate with some TSR Halloween cc.
    Origin ID and TS3 Username: DollyGizzy
    Hoping to complete the Brunch at the Old Mill set for CYS. 16 items left.
    My Sims 3 Store Wishlist:
    My TS3 Blog:
  • ZhakiraPZhakiraP Posts: 1,242 Member

    Moon base Charlie:

    Other than Charlie Browne, there are 3 other human test subjects living on the moon base. They have all been abducted from different save games to populate the moon base with new alien bloodlines.

    Braden Crumplebottom-Helgason too have been abducted multiple times, but has only given birth to one alien child, the pink one - Rosaea.
    The grey alien child, Liqurice Relevart, is the best friend of Rosaea.

    River Relevart gave birth to two aliens so far, Liqurice and Liquor. River was a little accident in the Raggington - Relevart household, a legacy that never got passed gen. 6.

    Benton 033 Bayless was the 33:d child and second heir of my unfinished 100 baby challenge. Benton and Charlie are dating. I suspect Braden and River will be eventually, since there are no other humans on the moon base, and certainly no women.
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    Didn't play today as the "Big Project" has started. Basically, the house I live in with my family is getting an extension built as none of us kids can afford to move out, so my parents decided to build an extension. So far, the outline of the extension is being built.
    Currently aiming to get all harvestables produce in The Sims 3 (On the Store now)

    Aiming to complete a Legacy
    No to European Super League
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    Good afternoon everyone! :smiley: I'm in a happy mood because I have the next part of my story to share. :mrgreen:


    Pelican Town to Sims Town
    Chapter 14

    Sebastian threw open the front doors of the house before going back to the cab to fetch Abigail’s lifeless body.

    “Harvey!” he cried as he breathlessly ascended the steps and skidded to a halt in the foyer, so weary stricken physically and emotionally. In the living room there were gasps from Elliott, Leah and Sam, Sam jumping to his feet at the sight of Abigail looking dead in his best friend’s arms. He intended to run to her side, but froze up from the horrific thought.

    “HARVEY!” Sebastian shouted with a choke in his voice. His arms and knees growing all the more feeble.


    The Doctor and his girlfriend raced down the stairs. Upon witnessing the sight at the base of it, Penny cupped a hand to her mouth as Harvey hurried toward Abigail, his heart racing with fear.
    “What happened!?” he asked Sebastian as he lifted Abigail’s eyelid and then checked to see if she was breathing.
    “Uh--” Sebastian halted, finding himself in a conflict. How could he tell Harvey what happened without revealing Abigail possessed magical powers? No. I can’t, he decided. It wasn’t his place to reveal her deepest secret, even if it would better help the Doctor attend to her needs. “I dunno,” he replied. “I went looking for her and found her passed out on the ground.”
    Knowing that could mean any number of things, Harvey swiftly said, “Let’s get her into the exam room. Easy now.”

    Once there, Sebastian carefully placed Abigail’s body down onto the bed and then stepped back, allowing Harvey to step in and examine her.

    “I’m not seeing any signs of trauma,” Harvey commented, honestly expecting there would be as she was clearly in a comatose state. The difference in her hair color curiously stood out to him, but he brushed it off to the fact that women are always changing up their looks. He took a careful listen to her heart for any irregular rhythms while asking Sebastian to grab the extra pillows from his bed to elevate her legs with.

    When Sebastian returned and did so, he asked the doctor in a hopeful tone, “Is she gonna be okay?”


    Still intently listening, it took a few seconds for Harvey to answer. “I believe so. Her vitals are fine so that’s good news.” He put away the stethoscope and stood up straight, crossing his arms together while looking down upon the patient. “I wish I had the ability to dig deeper into what caused her to lose consciousness, since it appears that no outside source caused it.”
    Sebastian lowered his head with a light swallow.
    Harvey internally hypothesized a couple of medical conditions that could be the culprit while rubbing at his neck. It was racking his nerves, but he had to keep calm and collected and do everything within his limited power to care for her. He sighed. “We’re just going to have to keep a close eye on her until she wakes up.”


    “No problem there,” Sebastian declared, promptly pulling up a chair, sitting, and taking Abigail’s hand. “I won’t leave her side for anything.”
    Harvey didn’t doubt it. “I’ll get with Maru and see about studying a blood sample, but hopefully she’ll wake up soon and provide us with more answers.”
    “I hope so too,” Sebastian said, caressing her fingers with his thumb. “C’mon Abby...pull through this,” he whispered to her. “I know you can! You’re a strong woman; always have been. I’m not going anywhere. I’ll stay right here beside you. I promise.”


    He began to wonder if her magical powers were helping her heal since he was sure she was near death when he picked her up and now Harvey was saying her vital signs were normal. Knowing how powerful the Wizard was - and Abigail seemingly being just as powerful - it wasn’t out of the realm of possibilities. It fascinated him.

    Back in Pelican Town the Wizard sat on the floor with his legs crossed, surrounded by flickering candles. Closing his eyes and breathing steadily, he created a link with his mind to Abigail’s.

    Hear me Abigail. It’s Rasmodius…

    He could feel that the connection had been made, but obviously Abigail couldn’t respond. That was okay because he had much to teach her.

    It was time.


    All throughout the night and into the morning, Abigail remained unconscious. Harvey came in every couple of hours to make sure her vitals were still good - collected a blood sample at one point - while Sebastian kept constant vigil over her just as he said he would. During that time all the others came in to visit her, curious about her condition, and offered up thoughts and prayers on her behalf.

    Harvey and Maru were able to study Abigail’s small sample of blood using the Science Station in his room and it was pretty incredible all that they could determine about her health with just one drop.


    Nothing abnormal stood out, which got the Doctor feeling even more puzzled, but he thanked the Lord regardless.

    Sebastian read a book to pass the time while waiting for Abigail to wake, throwing out glances at her from time to time. Each time he hoped to see her stunning emerald eyes looking back at his. A couple of times he caught her eyeballs rolling around underneath her eyelids, wondering what she was dreaming about. Could she be dreaming of him? He certainly hoped so; maybe it was helping her to hold on.


    That afternoon Harvey came in to check on Abigail again. He told Sebastian afterward that he felt putting her on an IV drip would be the next reasonable thing to do since they really had no idea when she would wake up and her body needed fluids. Sebastian nodded and Harvey went right to work preparing it.

    As he did so, the two heard a faint moan come out of Abigail and their eyes instantly darted in her direction. Sebastian squeezed her hand anxiously. “Abby?” She moaned again. Harvey placed a hand on her shoulder and the touch from both men was enough to cause her eyes to flicker open. Sebastian then sat on the edge of the bed, wanting him to be the first person she’d see. Harvey respectfully stepped back.

    When their eyes met, Sebastian brightly smiled as Abigail regained consciousness.
    “Yes Abby! Oh thank God you’re awake!”


    She glanced around for a moment, recognizing her surroundings, and caught Harvey looking down on her with a smile as well. “Welcome back kid,” she heard him say and she lightly smiled in return.

    “How did you find me?” she asked Sebastian, knowing he was the one who rescued her. Last thing she remembered was furiously shooting all her magic up into the sky at the barrier. Had he seen what she did - it made her heart thump nervously just thinking about it - or did she pass out from the exertion and he found her later? She couldn’t be sure.
    Sebastian held back responding for a second since Harvey was in the room. “We can talk about that later,” he said, gently patting her hand.
    “How do you feel?” Harvey asked her.
    Abigail turned her head away while pressing her fingers on her forehead. “Okay, I guess,” she answered. “I just have a nasty headache.” Holy information overload Rasmodius!


    Harvey nodded. “I’ll get you something for that. Be right back.” And he exited the room.

    When the door closed, Sebastian looked upon Abigail with a beaming smile again, seeing her in a whole new light. Abigail naturally smiled back while blushing. He looked so incredibly gorgeous giving her those kinds of eyes.


    They stayed like that for a good minute until Harvey came back into the room with a pill and a glass of water. After Abigail took them Sebastian kindly asked Harvey if he could be alone with her. The Doctor complied and left the room again.

    Abigail looked upon Sebastian curiously as she watched him rub at the palms of her hands, studying them intently. “What are you doing?”
    “Just looking at your beautiful hands,” he replied, then paused to look her in the eye, “wondering how such immense power could come out of them, without so much as a scratch on your skin.”

    Abigail’s eyes widened instantly and an enormous pit developed in her stomach. “You did see it then,” she gulped. “My magic…” Her heart pounded against her chest.
    “I did.”


    “I’m so sorry Seb. I,” she choked, the tears forming, “I wanted to tell you. I tried to, it’s just--”
    “It’s okay,” he soothed, caressing her arm. “I know why you couldn’t and I don’t blame you for it.” Sensing more of her feelings on the matter he added, “And I’m not upset that you kept it from me.”
    Surprised, a smile of relief played across her lips. “Really?”
    “Of course. I always knew there was something special about you Abby...I just couldn’t pinpoint it.” He lifted her hand to kiss it. “Until now.”
    Abigail broadly smiled, expressing rapid breaths of happiness, like all the weight that had been weighing on her chest for years had just been obliterated and she could properly breathe again. “You don’t think differently of me then?”
    “H*** no!" he exclaimed. "I think it’s RAD you have magical powers! I’m honestly kinda jealous that you’re the one that has them and not me,” he winked.
    She laughed as the tears escaped her eyes. “Oh Seb,” she beamed, reaching up and stroking his cheek. “I never should have doubted you, my bestest friend…


    ...A big part of me didn’t, but...with everything that happened to the Wizard when the town found out about his magic just got me so scared that I--”
    “Shhh, I know. You don’t have to explain.” He stroked her cheek now. “And you don’t have to worry anymore Abby, I promise you that. Your secret is safe with me...and I’ll stand by you forever; protect you from anyone who might try to harm you or take you away. Because my heart belongs to you.” He gripped her hand with both hands now. “Together we’ll show the world that magic isn’t something to fear, nor is it always evil. I mean, how could it be when it’s been given to someone with a heart as pure as yours?”
    Abigail blushed, her heart singing with joy at his words.
    “And if everyone in Pelican Town still refuses to believe that, and they cast you out, then they’ll have to cast me out too, because I love you Abigail,” he choked, “and nothing and no one could ever tear me away from you. I should’ve told you this so much sooner and I apologize for being such a fool. Watching you get struck by that beam and fall to the ground, fearing you were dead, made me regret the h*** out of not saying it sooner, so I’m saying it now. I love you. I never wanna feel like I’ve lost you ever again.”
    “I love you too Seb!” Abigail instantly expressed in return, meeting his lips eagerly as he leaned in to kiss her, tenderly, yet passionately.


    As they kissed, Abigail could sense magic forming in the room. She opened her eyes briefly and watched as something bright swirled around their heads, leaving a trail of sparkles.


    Then it shot through the glass window and ascended into the sky. “Did you see that?” she asked with a gasp, propping herself up to watch.
    Sebastian looked out the window with her. “No. What?”
    “There was a star, like the ones in the night sky, swirling above our heads for a moment as we kissed. Then it went out the window and disappeared…”
    He arched an eyebrow at her. “A star? I think you may have bumped your head a little too hard when you hit the ground Abby,” he said as a joke.
    “No! It was magic!” She lowered her eyes in thought. “The question is why? And what does it mean?”
    Sebastian kissed her forehead and then said, “Maybe it’s true what they say, that sparks really do fly when people kiss for the first time.”
    She couldn’t help smiling at that and thought it was an adorable response. “Yeah,” she simply agreed, gazing out the window again. Just what’re you up to Rasmodius?

    She didn’t wish to think about the Wizard right now. All she wanted to do was bask in the deliciousness of Sebastian’s kisses and the joy and relief that his true love had brought to her soul.


    Finally she didn’t feel hopelessly alone anymore.

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    I agree it has been a little quiet.I been brainstorming new story ideas and I got like 3 that I want to do and don't know which to do.
    One is a reboot of an old story I started but never finished.
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    I loaded up my game today, and I didn't get any "missing objects" warning.But when I went into CAS I feel like clothing is missing, like I literally have no pajamas or sleepwear in the full outfit catagory for men.Just the base game items.All expansions are I'm not sure whats up, it seems each day my CAS is losing items.

    Edit: Figured it out, something to do with Master Controller, for some reason it hides some of the different styles.:/
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    Will You Quit Having a Freak-out and Drive Me to the Hospital?!
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